4 Blogging Excuses to Release Now

  March 8, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
The Andes, Cusco, Peru

The Andes, Cusco, Peru


(Updated 3/8/2022)


Increasing your blogging success is more about releasing fear-based thoughts, feelings and habits than acquiring or doing anything.


Rewind your mind for a moment. Think that one through. Bloggers trip over themselves with working hard, pushing themselves and trying to succeed based on their own steam. But what if succeeding for you is a matter of releasing excuses versus trying to work hard while spinning your wheels? Bloggers usually struggle because excuses held in mind block their success no matter how hard these folks work.


For example, I clung to excuses regarding updating and re-publishing old content for quite a long time. I prided myself on publishing new content; why revisit the past to spiffy it up when you can just keep churning out new content? This mindset led to blogger burnout mixed with diminished growth. I had to let go updating and republishing excuses to pump the brakes on creating new content, to update old posts and to republish old posts. Increased success found me through this intelligent form of leveraging. But I had to release excuses to get the job done.


Excuses handcuff bloggers terribly. How can you do the right things with the right energy if excuses scare you into not doing these things with the right energy? Making matters worse, you will do the wrong things with the wrong energy, being burdened by excuses.


Face, own and release these 4 common blogging excuses today to accelerate your success.


1: I Have No Time to Blog


Yes you do have time to blog. 24 hours of time greet you daily. If you have time to live you have time to blog.


Change your values. Value fun, freedom and fulfillment. Choose to blog for 1-3 hours daily if you work a full time job or raise a family; or both.


Time is time. Time is always there. Humans choose how to spend time based on what they value. Remember this before you cling to any excuse about not having time to blog. 24 hours exist daily. Choose to spend 1-3 of those 24 hours creating and connecting. Open income streams too. Money comes in handy for those living a worldly life.


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2: I Have No Connections


15 years ago when I slowly edged into blogging, ditto for me. I had no connections because I was new to blogging. Virtually every human being new to any discipline or niche has no connections because people make connections based on common interests.


New bloggers have no connections because they are just beginning to meet humans with a fellow interest in blogging. Even struggling blogging veterans have no connections because struggling vets have not learned how to network effectively or resisted networking effectively.


Getting connected is not a passive activity but an active endeavor. Comment genuinely on blogs in your niche. Promote other bloggers through social media and through your blog. Engage bloggers in your niche on social media, through email and wherever folks meet and greet online.


Connect yourself to successful bloggers in your niche. Be generous and genuine. Put in the time and energy to build a large, loyal network of generous, loving, warm bloggers who support you, endorse you and grow your traffic and profits through their generosity.


3: I Have No Blog Post Ideas


Nor did I for many years. I could not think of much to write for my readers. Blog post ideas seemed scarce until I realized blog post ideas are problems in the minds of my readers. Pay close attention to reader problems. Listen to their complaints. Observe their hopes and dreams, too. Blog post ideas are in:


  • reader comments on your blog
  • reader replies on social media
  • forum posts related to your niche
  • reader comments on respected blogs in your niche


In truth, a conveyor belt of blog post ideas connects to your mind 24-7, 365 because readers freely share their pressing problems through each channel listed above.


Heighten your powers of observation. Become hyper aware of readers sharing problems, mine a blog post title and write the blog post. Publish the post. Move on to spotting more reader problems.


4: I Cannot Write


Me neither, 15 years and 10,000 to 15,000 blogging work-hours ago. Now I write OK because I wrote millions upon millions of words over a decade.


Practice writing 500-1000 words daily in a Word document. Trash the document after you finish hitting your daily word count. Writing gets easier if you practice writing daily. Writing gets harder if you do not practice writing. Like any skill, the more attention and energy you give to it, the more expansion you see.




Own each excuse that applies to you.


Release these mental handcuffs.


Thrive as a blogger.

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