Blog Commenting Tips: 3 Attention Snagging Tactics

  October 6, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
What a boss-looking cat, eh? Loved seeing this guy at the Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar.

Doha, Qatar


Have I gone Hollywood with my blog commenting tips?


Did I Big Time blog commenting?


Not really.


I typically publish 2-3 sentence long comments these days. Sometimes I publish a few paragraphs. I used to publish 2-3 paragraph long comments, or longer. Why the change in strategy? As you become more well known, your duties shift. You have greater fun and render more service along different channels as you grow as a blogger.


Blog Commenting Tips


Posting to my blog, video creation and some guest posting tossed in gobbles up most of my energy these days. Blog commenting? A little bit these days.


But I still snag attention spans. Even though I publish a mix of shorter and medium length comments these days.


NOTE; if you are a new or struggling blogger, publish 2-3 paragraph long comments. Why? You need to get clearer on connecting. Publishing longer comments promotes that clarity.


Why would you snare attention spans with genuine blog comments?


  • blog comments build blogging friendships
  • blog comments draw readers to you
  • blog comments draw customers to you
  • publishing blog comments generates good blogging karma; each comment adds content to a blog post


Flat out; executing a genuine blog commenting campaign is the best way for new bloggers to begin an authentic blogger outreach campaign. Picture every blogger blindly pitching influencers via email today. Virtually every single one of those lame, blind pitches go unanswered. But a beginner blogger engaged in a genuine blog commenting campaign gradually befriends influencers and lesser known bloggers alike. Newbie bloggers with buddies in high places accelerate their growth because pro blogging buddies teach you, inspire you and some may even promote you when you show off ample blogging skills, down the road.


Follow these tips to arrest attention spans via blog comments.


1: Personalize Every Comment


Amazing how a personalized, 3 sentence, genuine comment inspires someone to visit your blog. Keeps you out of spam folders too.


Your name is likely the best sounding word in your native tongue. Call bloggers by name. Snag their attention. Build deeper connections. Show you care. Show you are paying attention.


Visit About pages if names are not present on the post itself. 10 seconds of leg work lays the foundation for a genuine bond leading to increased blogging success for both parties.


I scanned the Blogging From Paradise spam folder a few moments ago. One commentor used my name. Even though he dropped some spam I simply removed a spammy sentence and link and decided to publish the comment. He increases his positive exposure. I receive more blog content for the post via his largely genuine blog comment. But I only noted the comment because I noticed the name Ryan.


On a deeper level, using names frequently strengthens bonds between friends. Even though name-dropping is not necessary for every blog comment it hurts not to address a friend by name each time out in the cyber world. Add warmth to blog comments. Name drop. Help people feel special. Allow bonds to grow organically by mentioning blogging buddies and new bloggers by name.


2: Expound on a Specific Point Made in the Blog Post


Bloggers love commentors who read their posts and comment specifically on a point made in the post. Even a 3 line comment filled with a specific reference to some point discussed in the post makes a serious impact. Bloggers process you using their name and the specific reference, and your point made on the reference, and a light bulb goes off in their mind:


“Hey! This is a real human being, digging my post, and sharing their genuine thoughts on the post.”


Instant connection. More often than not, you will see a visit to your blog, a retweet and maybe an eBook purchase. Sweet. All because you spent a few moments reading the post, discussing a specific point and using the blogger’s name in the comment.


Be relevant. Fleshing out a key point counts but expounding in relevant fashion makes a real impact. I may pick one point to comment about but dive a bit deeper into the topic via a meatier comment in some cases, time-permitting.


Bloggers appreciate someone who take a few moments out of their busy day to have a genuine, relevant conversation concerning some topic. Be that blogger to arrest attention spans of bloggers in your blogging niche.


3: Launch a Comment RPG


Peaceful Ryan does not advise launching a rocket propelled grenade. You cannot befriend bloggers you blow up.


But a comment RPG consists of:


  • commenting primarily on blogs Related to your blogging niche
  • blog commenting Persistently on blogs
  • commenting Generously on blogs


OK, the breakdown.


Related Blogs


People perk up the moment they click through to your blog and see you blog in the same niche. Instant connection. Potential friendship brewing there. Attention grabbing moment.


Comment mainly on blogs 100% aligned with your blogging niche. Spend your time and energy wisely. Connect with like-minded people.


Persistently Comment


Grow on bloggers. Persistently comment on blogs today, tomorrow, and every day for the next 3 years.


Just do it.


Snag some attention spans today, more tomorrow, even more next week, and even more over the course of a year. Grow on folks. Be persistent. Be patient. Draw people to you through your persistence.


Comment Generously


1 blog comment daily ain’t gonna cut it.


Spend at least 30-60 minutes commenting on blogs daily.  Be generous with your time because where your blog commenting attention and energy goes, grows.


Give blog commenting a full commitment. Blog commenting will be good to you. Plus the blogging friends whose attention spans you snare with your persistent generosity will make your blogging life so much easier.


See blog commenting as a simple if not fairly easy way to be seen online. Anyone can set aside 30-60 minutes daily to read a handful of blog posts. Anyone can spend a few minutes typing a genuine blog comment in response to the blog post. What is the challenge? Where is the difficulty? Perhaps facing fears stirring up discomfort (does blog commenting work? am I wasting my time commenting?…..and other doubts) feels not entirely pleasant but a few moments of feeling uncomfortable emotions is worth the freeing, sweet benefits of following a genuine blog commenting campaign.


Share your authentic thoughts. Make blogging buddies. Expand your presence online by following these attention-snaring blog commenting tips.


Wrap Up


Comment to help people.


Comment to make friends.






Check out this video to blog comment effectively:


How to Blog Comment Effectively



  1. Erika Mohssen-Beyk says:
    at 10:50 pm

    Helpful tips, Ryan
    These days blog commenting is often not taken seriously as in the past. Often we see also spam. Newbie bloggers can benefit a lot by genuine blog commenting and make connections that will help them succeed. Thank you for sharing your tactics.

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