27 Influential Bloggers You Need to Follow eBook


27 Influential Bloggers You Need to Follow


“I have no time to network Ryan?”


“Where do I find bloggers to befriend Ryan?”


After receiving both questions/problems more than once during my decade long online career I wrote an eBook to introduce you to bloggers of all levels.


27 Influential Bloggers You Need to Follow



What’s in the eBook?


27 influential bloggers from a wide range of niches – and of different levels of experience – for you to:


  • meet
  • greet
  • connect with
  • promote
  • befriend
  • comment on their blogs in genuine fashion


Robert Kiyosaki rightly notes; the richest people on earth build friend networks while all other folks look for work. Or something like that.


This eBook saves your time networking because versus doing legwork to find folks through Google, social media and niche forums, I lay out a list of well known bloggers and lesser known bloggers but all influential bloggers from varied niches to offer to you.


What if You Fear Networking with Top Bloggers?


I got ya covered guys.


I know reaching out to top bloggers scares some of you. Old RB sat in the same boat a decade ago.


Lesser known, lower profile, bloggers on the rise appear in my eBook. Giving them props for a job well done and offering you blogging buddies with varying levels of experience and exposure is a win-win for both of us.


You befriend bloggers whom you feel comfortable connecting with while I give these rocking folks greater exposure through appearing in the eBook.


Win-win-win, actually. You, the other blogger and me.




Time Saver


I also saved you a ton of time scouring lists, vetting folks and feeling out matches.


Use that saved time to engage in:


  • authentic blog commenting
  • authentic promotion
  • authentic featuring
  • genuine whatever you can do to help these folks


Blogging success finds connected bloggers.


Connected bloggers build friend networks by helping other bloggers without looking for anything in return.


This eBook is filled with those other bloggers for you to serve, assist, generously help and befriend.


Eventually, over days, weeks and months, more and more bloggers from this list will:


  • befriend you
  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • hire you
  • invite you to guest post on their blog
  • join your team
  • inspire you
  • support you
  • help you in as many ways as possible


That’s how friends do it.






This eBook rocks because you have a list of heart-centered, inspired blogging buddies waiting for you inside. 27 of these rocking folks. Right inside your Kindle. After you buy the eBook.


The Networking Part Is Easier and Easier if You Have Friends to Connect with


Researching heart-centered, generous, helpful bloggers is a bitch.


This is why I took the research aspect of blogging out of the equation for you by writing the eBook.


Networking with these blogger’s readers – who see your authentic comments on their blogs – opens you up to even more possibilities because when you connect with one blogger you connect with their tribe too.


If you haven’t pondered that one, give it a little thought.


Each friend you make potentially expands your reach to a whole new corner of cyber space.


Pretty sweet deal, I’d say.


All of your success flows through your blogger friend network.


Grow your blogging buddy network today.


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