23 of the most spectacular places on earth
Nueva Arenal Costa Rica


23 of the Most Spectacular Places on Earth eBook






Costa Rica.




Do you want to live vicariously through me?


Perhaps you prefer to make me your travel guinea pig?


Jimbaran Bali


No need to almost die from dehydration due to giardia.


You do not need to face down and help dispatch of spitting cobras in Bali.


No need to sit with three, 400 pound tigers in Thailand.


If you want to see, feel and experience 23 of the most spectacular places on earth buy my eBook:


23 of the Most Spectacular Places on Earth eBook



Why Buy the eBook?


Build your travel aka bucket list.


You may be like me as a newbie traveler, wondering where in the heck to go.


Or perhaps you are an experienced traveler begging to see new posts.


Kelli and I started our trip in Bali with no onward destination planned.


We began picking places in Southeast Asia from there, island hopping and country skipping our way around that region, then through different areas of the world.



Playa Espadilla Costa Rica


I wrote this eBook to give you a list of 23 of the most awesome-sauce places on earth I have visited personally and why each makes the awesome-sauce list.


Note; I have lived in many of these places for weeks or even months at a time. Ain’t blowing through for a day or weekend then offering my professional travel advice.




I am talking about long term, digital nomad style, slow travel living here guys.


This eBook is for you if you:


  • love circling the globe
  • have no idea where to go next
  • have a particular affinity for the tropics
  • never hit the road before and need some ideas for your travel list
  • wish to chill in your hometown but want to live vicariously through old RB


The eBook is a simple, fun, inspired read that gives you a collection of spots I have personally tried out and vetted as bucket list worthy travel experiences.


Being a 7 year digital nomad I have a little bit of experience in filtering out the best places for you to enjoy your globe trotting.


I ain’t gonna lie; even though I have some sense of contrast I have literally loved every place we have visited. All spots have their strong points.


But I decided to choose my 23 favorite spots to give you a hand-picked list of places to explore, to enjoy and to fully experience if you are ready to hit the road.


A Nudge in the Booty


Sometimes, all you need is a little nudge in the rear end to travel the world.


Or even if you book a trip to a local haunt, just seeing someone change time zones like most folks change their minds gives you an intuitive push, or that little energetic boost, to see the world.


I for one love to see my fellow travelers report on their latest destinations. Fuels my wanderlust.


Buying and reading this eBook gives you a blueprint, or travel guide, to have handy when it’s getting a little too damn cold in your hometown.


Or perhaps you have been looking for an excuse to travel but have exhausted your list of options and need an eBook to Kindle your Fire 🙂


Travel eBook


Are you ready to fill up your travel list?


Buy the eBook here:


23 of the Most Spectacular Places on Earth eBook