2 Ways for New Bloggers to Hit the Ground Running

  January 4, 2022 blogging tips đź•‘ 3 minutes read

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New bloggers have a fun, freeing, challenging journey in front of them. Doing two clear things smooths out the journey. Why make blogging harder when you can make blogging easier, eventually?


Blogging is simple but blogging becomes highly uncomfortable sometimes. Such is life.


However, nudging outside of your new blogger comfort zone leads to traffic gains. Worldly success awaits you a bit outside of your comfort zone.


Creating helpful content and building friendships with top bloggers seem to be the two best ways to hit the ground running for newbies because creating and connecting lays the foundation for blogging success. Creative bloggers who publish content frequently gain skills, trust and credibility to succeed. Connected bloggers who network generously amplify their reach to succeed.


1: Create Content


Content drives your blogging career. New bloggers have no credibility; nobody knows who you are and nobody trusts you because you have not proven yourself, your skills and your knowledge through free content. Creating content makes you appealing to readers. Readers only follow bloggers who share value, who benefit them, who solve their problems and who teach them freely. How do you fulfill these ends? Create helpful content frequently.


Publishing content helps you stand out as a new blogger because few new bloggers publish content frequently. Most beginner bloggers publish one post every 2 weeks or every month, rarely popping up on the radar screen, making no real impact. Be creative and you instantly become more respected, more credible and more trusted, even as a new blogger.


Exit your comfort zone. Publishing content as a new blogger feels uncomfortable because you face fears about your worth and skills as a blogger. Most new bloggers feel like frauds. Why would anybody listen to you? Simple; because you create content that proves you know what you are blogging about. Creating and publishing content is the only way to get over Imposter Syndrome because going live gives you the confidence and clarity to leave this fear in your rear view mirror.


2: Connect


Connect with top bloggers. Even as a beginner blogger, make inroads by patiently commenting on blogs, by promoting top bloggers on your blog and by promoting top bloggers on social media. Bonds form. Bloggers gradually befriend each other. But you better be creating content routinely because top bloggers need to know, like and trust you to befriend you. Trust grows if you frequently publish helpful content to gain credibility.


Influential bloggers flock toward influential bloggers and budding influencers. Beginning bloggers become budding influencers by building generous bonds with top bloggers. Nobody accelerates this process by being stingy. Be helpful. Serve top bloggers in your niche by helping them and by asking for nothing. Never expect anything from top bloggers. Earn the right to gain their attention by being helpful and by asking for nothing from them.


New bloggers have zero leverage in asking for favors, anyway. How do you entice a pro blogger to promote your new blog, by trying to convince them that a new blogger with 1 post and 2 readers deserves a spot on the pro blogger’s famous blog? New bloggers have nothing to offer to established, pro bloggers. Relax. Ask for nothing. Help. Pay your dues. Pay your online tuition.


Top bloggers educate you, inspire you and teach new bloggers how to succeed the right way. Listen to pros in your niche. Observe them. Study their ways. Position yourself to succeed by learning from the best.


In time, with generous effort on your part, some top pros begin to promote you, endorse you and some may even buy your stuff or hire you. Expect traffic and profits increases but accept the fact that good things take time, effort and generosity.




Create and connect. Every single new blogger can create and connect their way to blogging success by hitting the ground running with each strategy. The secret is to overcome fears associated with creating content and building connections. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

  1. Unwanted Life says:
    at 1:14 pm

    Although new bloggers don’t really have the leverage to ask for favours, I often help new bloggers if they ask for help, if it’s within my abilities to do so. So don’t be afraid to ask questions of other bloggers

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:23 pm

      The best way to get someone’s attention is not to ask for it but to give it without asking for anything in return. Minus the leveraging point you note, this is a basic law of success, life and happiness. Give freely. Help people freely…..and you will never even need to ask for help as a new blogger. But most new bloggers do not offer help freely so they ask for help of pros who already have thousands of newbies who ask for the same help…..then get ignored. However, helping pros freely allows an endless flow of help to flow to you.

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