2 Reasons Why I Retired to Paradise (1080 HD Video in Bali)

May 9, 2015


Kelli and I arrived in paradise with a quick 1-2 punch. No, we didn’t sucker smack a travel agent, nor did we accost Air Asia flight attendants. How could I ever do that? They are too cute!

Anyway, we retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging AND through these 2 little secrets.

Benefits of Watching this Video

  • see a guy chatting from a luxury villa in Bali in 1080 HD, camera setting, crystal clear video…this one’s sick guys
  • learn the 1-2 reasons/sucker punch approach that will help you make the jump from the 9-5, or amateur blogging, to the professional, full time income earning, internet lifestyle that we live
  • watch Jackie the Jackal and Foxy Roxy in the background, doing what they do best….chilling!
  • get a taste of the Bale, a tiny little sight of the pool, and the lower tier of a stunning villa in paradise (yes, this is ONLY the lower tier)
  • you get to watch me shadow box

Click the play button up top.


Your Turn


Are you doing the 1-2 punch?

Why have you retired to become a full time income earning boss? At home, or on the road?

Are you having a helluva time making the quantum leap from amateur to pro blogger?

If you haven’t commented before, drop one today. I’ll be around to respond. In a day or 2. Promise.

Call to Action


If you want to learn how to retire to a life of island hopping buy my new eBook on Amazon. This is my 25th Blogging from Paradise eBook. I am at a quarter century dudes and dudettes, which is damn exciting!

Buy the book and leave me a review to get your online money making skills down cold. And read a funny, colorful, entertaining travel story or 2.

It’ll probably be the best $2.99 you spend ever, unless you REALLY like coffee.

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Until next time..enjoy paradise!

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  1. Will do Jo 😉

  2. oh that’s a shame. I actually need it for teaching online. I actually need an ethernet cable, which I got here in Thailand without a problem. If you hear anything, let me know 🙂

  3. Jo it may be in some spots but if you need a super fast Wi-Fi for day trading or uploading tons of pictures I don’t know of any guaranteed service in Bali. At least from my experience.

  4. I actually have a question about living in Bali. I am thinking of moving there, but I either need a super fast wi fi or a ethernet – the latter would be the best. Is it possible to have that there?

  5. Haha that taxi driver one was classic 😉 Thanks PD!

  6. Jens, appreciated!

  7. Thanks Monica! Come on down 😉

  8. Monica Gray Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Awesome video!! You are so inspiring.

    Bali sounds so beautiful, I’ll have to add it to my never ending list, haha! 😀

  9. Hey Ryan,

    It looks awesome in Paradise and I understand why you did what you did. I’m not doing the 1-2 quick punch yet. I am happy doing what I’m doing, but I’d love to travel more. And, Bali looks like the perfect place to go. I’m impressed with how much you are accomplishing.


  10. Phillip Dews Says:

    Crazyness, Dude you look really happy there!
    Weird actually that I was jus thinking the same things about my new blog and why I have started it back up!

    Same reasons as you RB. In fact I was just reading one of your books that I downloaded and the little tweety bird from my mailbird email client notified myself of this blog post!

    My why basically is becasue I too want to be free and enjoy paradise but I also want to be building and developing websites for people but toning it down a little. Anyway having two blogs is great as I can now seperate my geekyness posts on web dev and my business building, or career building or retiment living inspiring ones on my main one!

    Going to take me a while to build it up but Im 90% finished with the development and I am loving my design for it! Anyway enought about me! I’m reading the book on blogger outreach and just wanted to thank you for including me on the first page RB, man do I love you for that (I did notice a broken link to my old brum.pw site on it, just a heads up), But I wanted to mention that I loved your piece on the money grabbing taxi driver, that really did resonate with me.

    Anyway Just wanted to say that I loved the vid and heres to giving back.
    – PD