2 Tips for Part Time Bloggers

August 23, 2018

tips for part time bloggers


Even though I work full time hours virtually every day, things come to a grind – in moments – when my niece stops by the crib.


Helping to care for a 2 year old intent on questioning the world and all sentient beings in it is enlightening, joy-expanding, fun, freeing and fascinating.


Of course, a wee challenging too as a full time blogger. I even work part time blogging hours some days we’re with niece.


Take this morning. I woke at 6 AM. Did 1 hour of deep yin yoga. Usually I film 3 videos and network for 1-2 hours before another human soul wakes here.


Tips for Part Time Bloggers


Anyway, today my niece began chatting in the crib about 3 minutes into my first video. Meaning I drop everything to care for the child. Which also means I work a lot less this morning.


So….being a bit more inĀ part time blogger shoes these days, peep and use these 2 ideas to become a successful blogger on a part time basis. If you are a full time mom or full time employee each tip works beautifully…..if you work it.


1: Treat Part Time Blogging Like a Part Time Job


During college days I roasted coffee beans. I also worked the counter in the same coffee shop. Part time job.


Imagine if I didn’t show up for work for 3 days in a row as a newbie roaster and barrister? I’d be fired. For a few reasons….like:


  • I’d be undependable
  • I’d not be developing critical skills to meet job requirements
  • no way would I be putting in time and energy to earn my wages


Imagine if you don’t show up to blog part time for 3 days in a row, this week? I’d fire you because you’d be:


  • undependable
  • ignoring critical skill-building sessions
  • avoiding the time and energy you need to put in to blogging to earn blogging profits


Part time blogging sweetlings; you have so much potential and can live your dreams through blogging but if you treat part time blogging like a casual hobby you are deluded to believe you developed the skills and earned the right to make a dime through blogging.


Show up 5-7 days week. Work your part time blog. Learn how to blog from top pros. Buy their eBooks. Buy their courses.


Practice writing. Create helpful content. Build strong friendships.


In time, with patience, and with persistent, generous, smart work, you will become a full time blogger. But 5-7 days of blogging work. No excuses.


Remember too; showing up does not count. I mean spend 5-7 days weekly:


  • writing helpful content (2-3 posts weekly)
  • reading and genuinely commenting on 5-10 posts daily
  • promoting other bloggers on social media
  • studying blogging


This is an incredibly fun and freeing journey but ain’t no cakewalk either. You can do it! But you need to do it.


Which brings us to tip #2.


2: Focus on Developing Skills Over Channels


I get questions from some new bloggers.


Said bloggers blame “blogging” for their failures after putting minimal, misguided, poorly energized efforts into blogging, and look for the golden grail of podcasting or video marketing to accelerate their success.


All online channels are absolutely useless until you patiently practice to develop skills through these channels. My first blog post was shit. Did I blame blogging? Hell no. Blogging is always fine. I hadn’t practiced writing millions of words yet. The poor quality blog post reflected my lack of skills and lack of writing practice and was no indictment of blogging.


I explain in this video.


Full Time Employees Who Blog Part Time Focus on the Skills Not the Channels


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:



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