2 Things Bloggers Rarely Seem to Get Right

  March 18, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Treats and Blogging From Paradise in Thailand.


Most bloggers take, take, take and rarely if ever give. We know who they are. Always asking a favor; they pop in once every 6 months to retweet your latest post.


Most bloggers do link swaps, which turns into a shit show. Links swapped are pure garbage. No value. Imagine how desperate bloggers are to give you a freaking link without you earning it, or without them vetting you, or without you building a relationship with them?


As I settle in to lovely Chiang Mai, Thailand, and its toasty but welcome 101 degree temps, let’s dive in, my Young Blogging Padawans.


1: TAKERS Who Care Little of Giving


Select bloggers run solid blogs. Check. Nice enough humans. Check. But said bloggers only seem to connect with you only when they want something from you. Maybe a retweet. Maybe a Facebook Share. Maybe a blog comment. Maybe a link. Maybe a feature.


Enough, “Hey, can you help me out here?'” ‘s, and I tune you out 100% of the time. I may feign help. But I am being subtle, if I do not show up and help. Friends help friends:


  • generously
  • patiently
  • persistently


As a rule of thumb, all of my dear blogging buddies help me and ask for nothing once weekly. Or, if less frequent, said bloggers went above and beyond helping me with no strings attached for years. Anybody else I ignore because they have no genuine interesting in ME; they just want my INFLUENCE, my clout, my name, my platform.


Buh Bye.


Guys; help top bloggers. Ask for nothing. Many will help you back without you even asking. If you always find yourself begging bloggers for help you are too greedy or desperate. Focus on serving others. Ask for nothing. Move up in blogging circles. We gladly and generously serve people who generously serve us. Simple equation.


2: Link Exchanges


Good God. Amazed how I still need to write this. But not amazed because scores of new bloggers hop online sans any solid blogging information. Folks ignorant of blogging basics do link swaps. Ignorant of their error, said folks actually advise other bloggers to do the link swap thing.


Give this strategy 10 seconds of thought: if someone places your link on their blog without vetting you, without knowing you or without trusting you, the link is bad. Garbage. You’re better off placing your link in a toilet. Why? The blogger runs a low quality blog. Low quality blogs spew out low quality links. Low quality links waste your time and your fellow blogger’s time. If the blog were a high quality blog, it’d be incredibly difficult to land a link in ‘dem parts….because you’d have to earn the freaking link.


Imagine for 5 seconds how terrible my blog would be if I linked to anybody who asked? Thousands of low quality links would instantly pull down my blog value, damage my reputation and violate the trust of my readers. Imagine me tossing away 10 years of hard work just to be nice to a desperate blogger?


All quality, reputable links are earned through years of writing practice, generous creating and generous networking.


All quality, reputable links are earned through years of writing practice, generous creating and generous networking.Click To Tweet


Anil Agarwal has become a hyper successful blogging leader. He generously and patiently earned all of the quality backlink juice flowing to his blog, by building friendships with top bloggers. Anil would set aside 5-10 minutes to read my Blogging Tips posts and to create a 2-4 paragraph comment on my posts. He knows that influential bloggers never give out links like candy to babies. Quality links from top bloggers are earned by generously creating and connecting.


Thailand calls me.


Gotta go!