2 Clearly Simple Ways to Make Money through Your Blog Sooner than Later

  March 3, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

From one of my many trips to Bali.


Note most bloggers.


Most trip over themselves trying to build a bigger email list. A few absolutely go overboard in attempting to deliver more value. But how many bloggers take the simple step of charging more money for products and services offered? Think about it; charging more money lets you make more money through your blog. Charge more. Earn more. Unfortunately, you may be entirely stunned at how most bloggers cling to a litany of money-fears seemingly preventing this lot from increasing their rates.


I always found this concept to be odd. Bloggers sit in front of a laptop for 8 hours to write and publish a masterpiece of a long-form blog post to position themselves to make more money. But an iota’s worth of these bloggers have the courage to spend 5 seconds raising prices on one of their Amazon Kindles. What makes more sense? Spending 8 hours trying to prove the worth of a $7 eBook via a 7000 word, SEO-optimized blog post? Or facing fears to spend 5 seconds raising prices from $4 to $7 per Kindle?


Don’t get it twisted. Bloggers need to earn credibility to charge 99 cents, 4 bucks or 7 bucks per eBook. But I estimate that 9 out of 10 bloggers woefully undercharge for their products and services. Bloggers bend over backwards writing in-depth eBooks dripping with value only to charge 99 cents. Why would you acquire 10 years of blogging experience to spend 8 hours writing an eBook only to charge 99 cents for the eBook? Imagine selling the eBook through Amazon as a Kindle. Based on earning a lesser cut, does earning 30 to 40 cents for 10 years of experience and 8 hours of writing seem like a profitable decision? Do lawyers earn 35 cents per transaction after giving years of their lives to practicing law? Nope; lawyers charge handsomely for their commitment to law.


Follow their lead. Develop blogging posture. Raise your rates to earn more money through your blog.


2 Exceptions


  1. New bloggers with no credibility should not raise rates until gaining credibility over months of generous creating and connecting
  2. Premium rates seem to possess a reasonable ceiling; if you charge $5000 for an in-depth blogging course you will not raise the rate to $50,000


However, one quick glance reveals few bloggers reside in either of these categories. I never observed a new blogger who charged too much. Most seasoned pros can likely charge a bit more. Some should charge tons more.


Do not undercharge. Err towards over-charging. At best, you’ll boost blogging profits considerably. At worst, you’ll make a bunch more money while attracting some cheap haters who wish they had your blogging balls. I rarely come across struggling bloggers who charge too much of a premium but regularly come across bloggers who do not charge enough for products and services. Do a thorough review of your rates to assess if you are cheating yourself. If so, bump up your rates immediately.


As for the 2nd way to make more money blogging simply click the link below to check out the video.


Watch the video here:


2 Simple and Easy Ways to Make Money through Your Blog


Migrate out of less prospering blogging circles. Leave folks who whine about dropping 10 bucks on an eBook in the dust. No one needs poverty conscious individuals infecting their mind. Move towards people who freely invest $20 in an eBook, $4000 on coaching and hundreds of dollars on blogging courses. Surround yourself with serious, prospering individuals to gain confidence in elevating your prices for products and services.


One easy albeit uncomfortable way to increase profits is to raise the profits earned per sale. Bloggers play stupid mind games with themselves by spending weeks trying to find the proper price point. Cut the shit. Charge a premium. Get so lost in helping people, in meeting people and in bonding with people that increased sales and profits flow to you organically.


Blogging is not as hard as people say. But blogging feels highly uncomfortable here and there for the sole reason of probing deep fears in your mind. Money fears usually qualify as being a deep fear in most human minds.


Charge more.


Make more.


This ain’t rocket science.

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