2 S Words for New Bloggers

October 11, 2018
Phuket, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand


Hairy, muscular arms grabbed Biddulph.


I was lassoed in by a lady boy. In Bangkok.


Which teaches you a successful blogging lesson…….


I am apt to tell a travel story or 2 guys. Said story teaching you blogging tips. All ’bout ‘dem analogies.


You may never have evaded an aggressive lady boy prostitute in Bangkok at 6 AM as fat expats with guts looking like basketballs shoved under shirts stumble by in drunken stupors. But you have 5 to 10 stories from your life today to observe, to mine and to turn into a lesson aligned with your blogging niche.


Converting the story into a blog post serves your readers. Meaning you render generous service through the process.


New bloggers with eyes as big as Gollum, chasing bright, shiny ATM MACHINE EASY objects, wake the eff up; if blogging were as easy as using a certain tool or following an easy hack, every blogger would be a millionaire. Have you pondered that, guys?


Seriously. I mean, think this one through, my blogging sweetlings. If new to blogging, desperate or greedy folks may try to sell you on magic tricks, secrets, bullshit hacks and strategies, techniques and horse shit shortcuts that promise quick, easy success.  But I assure you; following this road creates a vice grip of blogging struggle and failure that holds you as tightly as that rugged lady boy grabbed me, that fateful morning in Bangkok.


Trash the hacks. Deep six the short cuts.


New bloggers; focus on 2 S words to begin your blogging career from a successful, abundant energy, to build your blog on a rock solid foundation.




We all love a good story.


Novels fly off of shelves. Netflix has a gazillion subscribers. Movies net $100,000,000 over one freaking weekend.


Begin blogging intelligently by mastering the art of story telling.


Henneke at Enchanting Marketing is a skilled story teller. Follow here. Learn from her.


By writing your tuckus off – 500 words daily, offline – and by reading master story tellers you too begin to weave your own newbie blogging tales.


Practice, read, practice and read some more. Cut your story telling teeth by sharing how an experience from your life benefits your readers. Stand out from the masses of new bloggers who publish 3rd person, dry accounts, masquerading as blog posts.




Here is how it works guys: you make money blogging by persistently and generously helping people for free.


Helping people for free – over years – is like planting a whole forest’s worth of content seeds around your niche. Seedling in the beginning. Nobody notices. But by patiently and generously serving other humans – creating helpful content and promoting other bloggers – the hidden seed grows and sprouts above the surface. Onward and upward from there….until folks in your niche are surrounded by a freaking forest of your helpful content, your premium products and your premium services.


Follow Alonzo Pichardo. He patiently, generously and persistently served people for years. Now he gets tens of thousands of listens on his podcasts, plays on his YouTube videos and followers on Instagram. Why all the big numbers and online success? He has helped people freely for over a decade online. He served freely, and over time, he has been served freely.


The Universe is a mirror. New bloggers who give freely note how over time, traffic increases. New bloggers who open income streams note how money eventually flows in, increasing over months and years. New bloggers who freely serve folks don’t panic if no money or not much traffic flows in after 3-6 months of generously helping folks. Money and traffic are on the way. No sense being a dingbat, digging up the seed and watching it die as the sun bakes the life out of it, as most new bloggers do when they panic and ditch a generous, service-based strategy for chasing bright, shiny objects.


Here’s how a newbie blogger serves folks: learn, then teach. New bloggers have little or no experience blogging and may have limited experience in their niche. Learn from pros in your niche. Turn around and teach your readers. Your generous service lays a granite-like foundation for your blog.


Tell stories guys.


Serve people.


Keep these 2 S words in mind to accelerate your success as a new blogger.


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