2 Reasons for Blogging Struggles

  May 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Mountain and clouds El Valle de Anton Panama

Mountain and clouds El Valle de Anton Panama


Blogging gets easier if you own and release reasons why you struggle.


Making blogging easier demands you to see yourself in the light of truth.


Are you ready to succeed?


Look at yourself honestly. Review your blogging campaign honestly.


Identify and release each reason….if each applies.


1: Comment Irrelevance


I frequently publish:


  • videos
  • blog posts
  • podcasts
  • text-only updates


across my blog and social media.


Some bloggers publish comments completely unrelated to the update topic. Publishing irrelevant comments deprives you of the chance to make a meaningful connection because if you do not care enough to comment on topic why would bloggers care about you or what you have to say?


Common Off Topic Errors


Bloggers comment about their:


  • business
  • religion
  • blog


If you make your comment all bout you no one will care about your comment or you because selfish, childish bloggers get ignored for their obnoxious ways.


Get out of your own mind. Get into the world. Pay attention to fellow bloggers. Chat about their life. Comment about their updates. Keep all comments on topic. Form a strong bond. Develop a deeper connection.


Frankly, I could care less if someone drops a comment not related to content I create because if they do not chat about what I published why should I care about a selfish person intending to talk only about themselves?


Build strong blogging bonds. Thrive as a connected blogger. Comment on topic. Be mindful. Care about fellow bloggers. Succeed.


2: Trying to Get Other Bloggers to Do YOUR Required Work


I chuckle a wee bit anytime a blogger asks me to:


  • retweet their post
  • exchange links
  • share their post on Facebook
  • drop a comment on their blog


Why would you ask a fellow blogger to do YOUR required work?


YOU need to do that stuff on other blogs to succeed. No one can or will do that work for you because you need to pay your blogging dues to go pro.


Professional bloggers work for 1000’s of hours spanning years as amateurs to eventually go pro. Working means helping people freely. Helping people freely never involves trying to hand off blogging work unless you hire someone to do work for you. If you pay someone money to handle your work you outsourced tasks intelligently. However, if you try to get someone to do your work for you, for free, you are guaranteed to fail because something for nothing does not exist.


Anytime you ask a fellow blogger to do your required work it is like asking a fellow employee to do all of your work. Of course, employers fire lazy employees who try to get other folks to do their work. Bloggers who try to push their work off on fellow bloggers struggle, fail and quit.


You need to do the blogging work for a long time to go pro. You need to publish content. You need to comment genuinely on blogs to make friends, to share value and to build your friend network. You need to promote fellow bloggers on:


  • your blog
  • your social media


to gain their trust.


You need to help people for free until the paycheck arrives.


You need to do all of the work that you try to hand off to fellow bloggers or else you will struggle, fail or quit.




Bloggers make each error for a sense of delusion in mind.


For example, irrelevant commentors delude themselves into believing that people want to talk about them, their interests and their off topic comments, not about the update topic. Off topic commentors get ignored and eventually blocked if the off topic comments become frequent enough.


Asking someone to do your work for you is a particularly batty form of delusion because bloggers actually con themselves into believing that getting something for nothing is possible. However, bloggers ignore and block lazy bloggers who try to get something for nothing because the world has no room for someone who tries to get ahead by manipulating other people.




Comment on topic.


Put in the work.


Bond with bloggers.


Earn trust.


Go pro.

  1. Randall Magwood says:
    at 5:11 pm

    One of my earliest reasons for blogging struggles was not writing SEO focused content. I’ve heard that you should write for search engines, and i’ve heard other people say write for humans. But whenever i wrote for search engines i got the rankings and traffic that i was looking for. I try to do my part on my blog to keep it relevant and do the work like backlinking and sharing, but i’m not lazy one bit. I definitely put in the work and earn the trust from my readers and associates within my niche.

  2. Ayush Mishra says:
    at 2:11 am

    Hi Ryan,

    Exactly amateur bloggers often make the comment mistake. Instead of sharing their genuine thoughts they talk about their own business and religion and try to get some traction doing the spammy work. As you said newbies often ask others to do their work which is correct, they should build a connection or relations with other fellow bloggers in their niche to grow but they focus on shortcuts that push them to struggle. Btw thanks for sharing this valuable post.

    Your Friend

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