2 Big Changes on Blogging From Paradise

  February 28, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Savusavu Fiji


As I journey deeper into my mind I seem to be allowing in ideas to better help you.


Each idea lead to recent changes on Blogging From Paradise.


Perhaps you noticed these changes.


But if you did not spot the important updates I can sum them up as:


Speed. Comments. 


Again guys; I made each update to better help you thrive as a blogger. My web developer Phillip Dews brought me each of the ideas as a suggestion. After listening to my intuition I agreed with him on making each change. If you have development or design needs, reach out to him. He’s a real pro who knows his stuff inside-out and is fabulous about keeping in touch with you.


1: Lightning Fast Loading Speed


Phill suggested getting Blogging From Paradise on http/3 & Quic. I agreed. He just wrapped up his work today.


The speed jump from http/2 to http/3 is remarkable. Everything loads virtually instantly. I love being able to publish posts and share my old posts knowing readers will be able to get their content immediately.


Blogging From Paradise was no speed slouch before. But now it is really fast.


2: No Follow Links for Commentors


Phill remarked about not being able to find blogger’s links since we had removed links from comments a while back.


After considering the pro’s and con’s of no links versus No Follow links for bloggers in the comments field, I told him to go ahead and give commentors the option to add No Follow links to comments. Of course, I instantly saw an increase in comments. Bloggers tend to drop more comments on blogs if the individuals get a No Follow link. In a way, this is free blog promotion for you.


But based on Phill’s observation I wanted to make it easier for finding blogs to comment on. Frankly, finding blogs for reading and commenting proves to be a big pain in the butt for most bloggers. Bloggers can now simply click through links via comments on Blogging From Paradise to:


  • network
  • connect
  • build relationships
  • engage in genuine blogger outreach


Blogger outreach plays a strong role in becoming a professional blogger. Pro bloggers get connected by building relationships with bloggers in their niche. Simply scanning through the 4,000 plus comments published by bloggers on this blog gives you a rich source of bloggers to befriend.


Other Changes


eBook Store Embed on Sidebar


As noted a while back, I changed up my sidebar by adding a popular posts widget. I also added a Selz store embed on my sidebar for easier buying over the past week. Scrolling down to my eBook store and clicking a cover brings you to the checkout via a pop-up form. I intend to make it easy for you to get premium blogging resources quickly. Now you can access in-depth eBooks filled with practical blogging tips in 1 click.


Also, people tend to notice my eBooks if I notice my eBooks. Does that make sense? Making it easy for me to see the eBooks makes it easy for you to see the eBooks. Mirror effect.


Click this link to check out all Blogging From Paradise eBooks for sale:




Weekly Emails


I now send one email weekly on either Saturday or Sunday.


Some weeks I may send a text-only email. On other weeks I will send either a new blog post or updated old blog post.


I seem to have a love-despise relationship with list-building. My list has always been small but highly responsive. Pulling back seemed most helpful to my readers and also feels good to me, intuitively. List-building always felt heavy to me. But emailing weekly instantly felt like I released a leaden weight from my shoulders.


Note; I still publish daily posts but readers who want daily updates prefer to bookmark and visit my blog manually or put my blog in their Feedly. Use either strategy to keep current on a daily basis. Or simply stop by whenever it works for you. Either way, daily emails for a small list did not work for either you or me in terms of metrics but more importantly, on an intuitive level.


If you want to sign up for my weekly emails do so here: Sign Up for Emails


Why the Changes?


Journeying deeper into my mind recently revealed fears negatively influencing my blogging campaign. Letting go these fears allowed in these ideas, both through Phill and my intuition.


Speeding up the blog improves the UX. Adding No Follow links boosts engagement. Embedding the eBook store gives you easy access to premium resources. Emailing my list weekly allows everyone to see my emails. Plus email opens went from 1-4 per subscriber to 15 opens for some subscribers. You seem to be reading, re-reading and studying email content I publish weekly. Ultimately, following that strategy lets you put these tips into practice which provides you with the greatest blogging benefits.


Your Turn


Did you notice any of these updates?


Do you have any suggestions for me to better help our community?


  1. Phillip Dews says:
    at 1:17 am


    Thank you so much for the kind mention, it’s greatly appreciated. I got to say it was not the easiest day moving the blogs over to the new host. Your original database was 250plus MB and I had to export just a few tables at a time as most hosting providers only allow .SQL files of 50MB or less. This just shows how prolific you are as a blogger. I also noticed a lot of database tables that are no longer in use so were just adding weight to the blog and bloating it out.

    Some plugins create their own database tables automatically and when we remove those plugins said plugin should also remove their DB table/s as well, unfortunately, most do not and it’s down to us developers to remove them ourselves, After all of that work I got your DB down to a little over 110MB.

    I did have one or two issues with the move yesterday and at one point BFP was showing a page that the blog had been disconnected. it took fifteen updates of a support ticket to get it back online. fifteen years of being a freelance web developer you do learn the value of patience, unfortunately, a lot of my clients are not and are on my back demanding why their website/blog is down. As a freelancer, we are on the front line and when support is slow to respond it can be quite galling.

    One other thing I added was the read time indicator at the top of the post next to the date and the category, did you notice that? One last thing I changed was the background image and favicon and converted them from jpg/png to the next generation .avif format. not many will know what avif is but they can find out by visiting avif.io and see what a difference it makes to one’s blog.

    Finally, people can check to see if a blog or website is on HTTP/1.1 (which is now 20plus years old), HTTP/2 (5 years old) or HTTP/3 by adding the HTTP3 indicator extension in chrome, it looks like a little lightning bolt that changes colour to indicate if it’s on one of the three, Grey for 1.1, Blue for 2 and bright orange for 3. I just ran another speed test on GTMetrix and of course, it’s showing as a Grade A with a load speed time of one hundred and fifty-five milliseconds.BFP Certainly is no slouch now.

    Thank you once again Ryan for the kind mention and link back to my post on QUIC and HTTP3

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:05 am

      Phill, thank you so much for your help and the detailed breakdown with this comment. Yes I did note the read time indicator; this is also helpful for our community to get an idea of how much time they need to spend reading the post. Great idea. As for the database stuff it makes sense on the bloat note. I deleted over 1000 thin blog posts recently since I know I cannot update all of these blog posts within this lifetime. I may delete older posts going forward that simply miss the mark on quality, clarity and brand-building. Not many; just a few here and there.

      As for the speed, it feels good to see BFP load lightning fast. Seeing this gives me confidence to publish content and to network freely because knowing my readers won’t suffer with a slow-loading blog goads me to keep creating and connecting freely.

      Even if I did notice the blog being down PD I have done enough work on my mind where being patient is my natural state for virtually all aspects of my life. I cleared deep fears fueling impatience over the years to where if the blog was offline for 24 hours I simply would accept how the event needed to unfold for my mindset training. Being a web developer taught you the value of patience, too. Most bloggers rarely dig deep into the mind to face the fears feeding their impatience but eventually these folks do the inner work….or slam into so many life problems that they are forced to do the work or in some cases, literally, die. The mind is that powerful. Suppressed, deep, pulsating fears buried for decades create some hairy situations.

      Thank you once again for all of your help, insight and care. I appreciate you.

  2. Eri says:
    at 3:07 am

    I love the design of your blog Rayan and I did notice that it is super fast! I also just noticed the change you mentioned in comments. Thank you for this change. I believe it will be helpful to lots of bloggers.
    Keep on the amazing work!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:58 am

      Eri I really appreciate that. I am fascinated how listening to these nudges and being open changes things in a way that helps all of us. Win-win scenario methinks. The speed is fabulous. I happily offer commentors links. My eBooks are easier to see. Emailing my list weekly feels right.

  3. Juwel Rana says:
    at 9:22 am

    The best information in this thread is the warning about redirecting URLs. I wish I read this when I was working on a website and lost a lot of page juice from redirecting a page. Thanks for the great info!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:04 pm

      Redirects are definitely something to keep in mind Juwel. We want to use this feature wisely. For me, I try to spruce up pages and posts as much as possible to avoid trashing posts and also to avoid any redirect scenario. I feel many bloggers lack clarity as newbies. Naturally, being unclear, these folks need to delete posts as they eventually get clearer and clearer on their blog, brand and overall direction. Thanks for stopping by and chatting!

  4. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 2:48 pm

    Hi Ryan, I did notice the website became available in the comment section so people could check out our sites when reading comments, nice! I like how fast your site is and clean too. The minimalist feel to it is really nice 🙂
    I’ve also noticed you have posted on the side and related posts to help your interlinks work more efficiently.
    Phillip did a great job with it!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:58 pm

      Lisa thanks for the feedback! Good to see that my intuitive nudge seems to be working out for everybody. Cool. Adding links lets us all connect more easily. After you publish a comment I can click right through to read, comment on and share your latest blog post. This benefits all of us. We all win. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Mudassir says:
    at 12:38 am

    Hi Ryan,

    I vote for the fact that most bloggers tend to drop more comments when they get the easy link opportunity – as it drives quality traffic, naturalizes their link profile, and does the promotion. Besides your blog being authoritative in the industry, everyone grabs the chance.
    A great change indeed, I always love your minimalist blog design!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:38 am

      Mudassir thanks brother! I am feeling clearer on the design for sure. This gives me greater confidence in publishing often, sharing detailed content and also networking. Wonderful how all seems to be working together for all of us. As for comments, the number increased the moment I added No Follow links for commentors again. Each reason you share is spot on my friend.

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