Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


19 Spectacular Photos from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


I attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City for the first time live and in person this year.


Brilliant experience.


Even better?


The place where I was house sitting was located on the street that marked the starting point of the parade.


The Day


I moseyed on down to Central Park West at about 8:40 AM, 20 minutes pre start time. Being 2 rows in at such a late hour stunned me. I figured folks lined up hours before.


Anyway, after bundling up with my scarf, ski cap and layered clothing – chilly air and light breezes on this fine autumn day – I began to enjoy the day’s festivities.


The weather was brilliant. Picture cloudless, bright blue skies. Peep the crispness through the photos below.


Celebrities spotted (one in the crowd, one hosting the parade and the rest in the parade):


  • Jimmy Fallon
  • The Roots
  • Common
  • Flo Rida
  • Bill DeBlasio
  • Smokey Robinson
  • Al Roker
  • Santa Claus (as always, the last dude in the parade, marking the beginning of the Christmas Season)


Jimmy Fallon got more pop than Santa Claus; no joke. But the man in red came in a strong second.


As for the balloons, Charlie Brown and the Pillsbury Doughboy could have used a little more inflating. Or Botox.


The Character Next to Me


A 60’ish New Yawka stood beside me.


Her accent was somewhere between My Cousin Vinny, Gilbert Gottfried and Margot Robbie from The Wolf of Wall Street.


She routinely screamed at celebs she knew not, telling them how much she loved them, as a gag. I found this funny.


She also called entertainer “Flo Rida” by the name “Florida”, but with ample New York Accent coloring the state name.


The Aflac Duck making its appearance inspired this colorful character to scream “Aflac” about 20 times, not unlike Gilbert Gottfriend, the voice of the Aflac Duck.


As folks filed out after the parade a few people in our area asked the woman if she planned on returning next year, with a laugh, saying they’d be back next year if she’d be back.


Special Seating/Standing


76th Street was fully closed for security reasons. NBC set up shop on this block, with cameras high, low and all over the place on 76th and Central Park West.


Since this street was closed off to anybody not living on 76th – save NBC employees working the parade – I enjoyed special seating aka special standing, because the only folks watching the parade in this spot lived on the small block.


A healthy chunk of these folks were out of town. 60 to 100 folks peppered the corner. Not bad.


The Parade










Marching bands from all over the United States.




The Air Force.


The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is 90 minutes of fun, pageantry and overall good cheer.


I would love for folks to bottle up the loving, enthusiastic, caring energy felt parade-side for the rest of the year. Adults act like kids. Kids act like….kids. Everybody feels happy.


My Favorite Moments


  • The moment I realized that 76th was the parade start point, and that I’d have a bird’s eye view of this spectacular event
  • seeing the various celebs, including Jimmy Fallon
  • Scrat from Ice Age was bananas; incredibly life-like, and expressive
  • the Power Ranger Balloon, the Charlie Brown Balloon, the Hello Kitty Balloon and the Olaf Balloon; for whatever reason, these balloons seem to stand out from the crowd


Enjoy the photos guys!




Scrat from Ice Age was my favorite balloon by far.


He looked most life-like, with his bug eyes and prying paws begging for the acorn balloon in front of him


Tom Turkey


I vividly recall seeing Tom Turkey as a kid, noting the facial expression on this dude.


His look has not changed in decades.


Good to see he has not been on the chopping block yet.




Olaf from Frozen led off the festivities from a balloon perspective, being the first inflatable to make his way through the start point.


Happy Dude. As you can see.


Starting Point at 76th and Central Park West.


I was 20 feet from the starting point at 76th and Central Park West.


This was one of the best viewing points for the parade.


Ronald McDonald


The Ronald McDonald balloon had approximately 470,000 calories.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Got it down cold.


I felt his wimpy-ness.


Hello Kitty


Who doesn’t like Hello Kitty?


Seeing this balloon – the cutest one of the day – reminded me of my beloved SE Asia. Although Hello Kitty is popular in Japan she has quite the cult following in SE Asia too.


Red Power Ranger


The Red Power Ranger was one of the more intense balloons.


Seemed ready to throw down.


Until I remembered he was a balloon.




This was the 3rd version of Pikachu.


Or so I am told.


Dreamworks Trolls


How’s that for branding?


Trolls named after a major motion picture studio?


Works….for Dreamworks.


Charlie Brown


A time honored classic, Charlie Brown looked a little wrinkly in the face area.


Could it have been age-related? He has been in the parade for quite a while.


Super Wings Jett


True to his name, Super Wings Jett floated through the air with ease.


Paw Patrol’s Chase


Paw Patrol’s Chase was up there for cutest float.


But I am also an animal lover.


Sponge Bob


Sponge Bob.


He of the buck teef.


Rex the Happy Dragon Balloon


A bit bloodshot in the eyes, Rex the Happy Dragon was.


Maybe out putting a few back on the Wednesday before Turkey day.


The Grinch


The award for the sternest looking balloon went to the Grinch.


The Pillsbury Doughboy.


The Pillsbury Doughboy.


This was how I looked before I stared running 6 miles to 10 miles every other day.


Elf on the Shelf


TheĀ Elf on the Shelf looks ready for a cannonball, no?


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