16 Reasons Why I Will Trash Your Blog Comment (and 16 Corrections To Create Sweet Blog Comments)

June 27, 2017
From Granada, Nicaragua.


This is not a rant post.


This is a clarity post.


After receiving a tsunami-like wave of spam comments recently I want to help you understand why I am trashing your blog comments.


So you don’t waste your time.


So I don’t waste my time.


Reading this post gives you the clarity, the confidence and courage to build an online empire through blog commentingΒ (buy that eBook). Versus winding up in the trash queue, only to be tossed into the oblivion of cyber space.


Guys, I love you. I love your comments. I invite your comments.


*But* commenting here is a privilege. It is a gift to you. Because I spent nearly 10 years honing my blogging craft to create a one of a kind, authentic, world-renowned blog.


This is code for: “I busted my ass for the past 10 years to build this blog and will not let you come along to shit on it.”


That’s the nice, warm and tingly, fuzzy, happy version of the point I want to convey. You don’t want to see the other version.


Here’s a travel-themed version of my message:


4 months ago I visited Doha, Qatar. The wealthiest nation on earth. Most households housed 15 – 30 cars. Not Fiats, either. Lambos, Porches, Ferraris, Rolls Royce Phantoms, Pagani Zondas, some of these cars costing millions of dollars.


I saw *three* royal palaces of the ruling Al Thai family. Each palace spanned roughly 1-2 city blocks. Please re-read that. 1-2 BLOCKS. The driveway leading to each palace stretched about a quarter of a mile.


This royal family made Scrooge McDuck look piss poor. Made Bruce Wayne look like Oliver Twist. Made Tony Stark look like Tiny Tim.


Imagine if I walked into these opulent, gold encrusted palaces worth tens of millions of dollars in my crappiest wife-beater, wearing Speedos, no shoes, stinking it up like I just crawled out of the Okefenokee Swamp?


I would likely be shot on sight 2 miles away from the palace. As I should be. Because a bum don’t belong in a Qatari royal palace.


And spammers (either intentional, or accidental) will not be allowed on Blogging From Paradise.


Without further adieu…..let’s address the blogging doodoo.


1: Keyword Name


Maybe your ma and pa named you “Cribs and Bibs Tallahassee Florida”.


But I doubt it.


Typing in a keyword versus a real human name is one quick way to get your comment trashed.


I prefer to befriend a meat suit. Not a keyword.


Use your real first and last name. Network like a champion. Avoid spam queues.


2: No Relevance To Post


One driver to write this post: seeing “Hey Rayan great article!” (with typo of course)Β  in response to one of my many eBook posts. Especially when said article consists of 10 sentences and a 2 minute long video.


Avoid looking like an a-hole should your irrelevant comment slip through. Comment on topic. Create value. Bond with your fellow blogger. Look competent, and helpful and you may just drive traffic through my blog.


3: Do Not Use My Name (For First Time Commentors)


Imagine meeting someone at a summer picnic.


30 seconds after meeting, on wandering away, the person you just met screams “Hey you!” at you to get your attention.


Seems a bit rude, eh? Especially because you just introduced yourself by name 30 seconds earlier.


I see it as doubly rude when it takes you literally 2 seconds – not 30 – to find out who wrote the post to address them by name, and you refuse to do that.


Become memorable. On your virgin commenting foray to any blog, address your fellow blogger by name. No need to do so on every return visit but do so frequently enough to leave a personal touch.


4: 1 Line Comments


“Hey Rye great job BYE!” = Spam.




“Hey Ryan,


Fabulous post. I especially enjoyed your reference to the Okefenokee Swamp, which surely doesn’t get enough pub these days.


Were the palaces in Qatar really *that* big?


When commenting on blogs I see myself as having a fireside chat with my fellow blogger. Not just an ode to FDR, this strategy builds my friend network, boosts my traffic and is just plain a fun way to connect with other human beings.


Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚




Other than me speaking to myself in first person, this is how you should comment. To make an impact.


5: 2 Line Comments


2 line commentors, ya ain’t exempt from getting the spam smack down.


Minimum 3-4 sentences. Be freaking mindful and thoughtful and caring enough to share 4 sentences on the topic at hand.


6: Different Name Than Email Name


Red flag; 9 out of 10 times, if the comment name does not match the name in the email address provided, it is spam.


From Inle Lake, Myanmar.


If you are legit, use a free email account to match commentor name with the name in your email to avoid seeing your comment dumped into the cyber trash.


7: No Avatar


The Man Without A Face may have been a hit movie but ya ain’t being seen in my comment field.


Mel sold that role, but something smells fishy when a faceless avatar pops up in my backoffice.


Get a gravatar so we can see your smiling, toothy, personable head shot. And so folks will actually see your comment on my blog.


Here’s how to create a gravatar.


8: Combative Comments


If you want to brawl go look up Connor McGregor.


Some people are looking for a fight. Other people write 20 paragraph long comments debating my post.


Nothing is as weak as the person who so lacks what they are FOR that they spend precious minutes being AGAINST.


Unclear, unconfident, silly little people give way too much attention to what they hate. I ignore these lower energies by deleting their comments.


If you really want to get ahead in life, be in harmony, spread love, have fun and share supportive thoughts through your blog comments.


9: Disrespectful Comments


Name-calling, finger-pointing and overall blowhard-ing are not tolerated here.


I have deleted my fair share of disrespectful comments created by unhappy, unclear folks designed to get a rise of out of me.


That rise consisted of my index finger rising into the air, striking a key and watching said comment land in the trash basket.


Be nice. Be friendly. Be respectful. Be seen on Blogging From Paradise.


10: Bloated Comments


99.9999999999% of long comments on Blogging From Paradise are thoughtful, thorough, valuable, engaging numbers.


A wee few are long-winded, bloated comments obviously created with attention-grabbing in mind.


Less bloat. More meat. Or to the spam queue you shall go.


11: Link Pointing To Any Squeeze Page


If your comment links to a squeeze page I shall squeeze the comment into an ever growing spam queue.


Show off your knowledge. Not a slick squeeze page.


Link to your blog.


12: Link Pointing To Blogspot Blog


Nothing personal against Blogspot bloggers.


But I will almost always trash Blogspot bloggers’ comments because almost all such comments deliver little value.


I also noted a disturbing trend; many Blogspot bloggers ask non sequitir questions through comments like:


“Hey how to get Adsense approved on Blogspot blog?!”


Since commenting is not for cro magnons, I delete the comment.


Get on WordPress dot org. Immediately.


13: Link Points To Blog On Any Free Platform


I know. The freebie crowd shudders in their cyber boots.


But it is a privilege for big boy and big girl bloggers to comment on Blogging From Paradise.


Which is why I delete comments from bloggers blogging on free platforms.


Oh yeah; 99.99999% of comments from bloggers blogging on free platforms are low value, drive-by specials. Putting 1 and 1 together on this one.


Step it up, blogging pup. Buy your domain and hosting. Make an impression, versus just trying to make ends meet with your free blogging platform blog.


14: Promoting Your Products And Services


Hi John Doe. Hi Jane Doe-her.


I know your post centers on how to drive blog traffic. Which is why I want to share my blog consulting services. And my blogging courses. Did you know I am a freelance writer for hire, too?


Comment to elaborate on the blog post. Not to make a shillish ass out of yourself.


15: Linking To Your Blog Within Comment


You are already supplied with a URL field.


Use it.


Don’t add links to comments. Spam City. Amateur Hour.


16: Obviously Fictitious Names


I sincerely apologize to all the “Flossy Swedbergs” out there but….get the f*ck outta here!


Please use your real name. The Real McCoy gets da real traffic and real profits through blog commenting.


Your Turn


What say you? Are you commenting mainly to make friends? Or are you swaying some to the blog commenting dark side, spamming and weasel-ing your way into spam and trash folders everywhere?


How can you reap the fun, sweet, happiness-inducing blogging nectar of writing helpful, connection-building blog comments?


Suggested Resources for Successful Blog Commenting and Networking


For more in depth tutorials I hand picked a few of my audiobooks and eBooks for you to buy and use to become a skilled, persuasive, memorable blogger.


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Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. LOL Andrew happy to entertain while dropping the blog commenting 411 πŸ™‚

  2. LMAO, Although I do not have much time, I still read through all of this article because it not only gives me more experience to comment on blogs but also quite entertaining
    By the time I comment on your blog, I do not think you so prissy like this haha
    And again, i wish i could success like you and i will… Dear Ryan

  3. Do you mean through comments Ben? All links on all blogs are NoFollow, no? Most of my readers feel grateful that I have comments open, and that their comments appear on a blog with some serious branding; power of association when people read your helpful comment, look to the sidebar, and see some heady sites.

    I do link in to folks who build a friendship with me, for years, through my blog at times. Gotta earn that one though πŸ˜‰ Most folks who I link in to, via posts, spent 2, 3 or 5 years or more building a relationship to me. Leaving hundreds of comments on my blog. Hiring me, working with me, buying my eBooks, and of course these folks are incredibly skilled at what they do. To the loyal and loving go the DoFollow spoils LOL. I’d never give DoFollow links for comments though; that is a gift reserved for some big dawg bloggers and awesome friends who earned it, via my blog post mentions.

    Good question! Thanks much for asking πŸ™‚

  4. Ben Says:

    Ryan, why don’t you offer your regular posters the ability to gain a dofollow link? Wouldn’t that be a great incentive to keep people actively engaged, while rewarding them for their loyalty to your blog? Not trying to be snarky, its a genuine question.

  5. I found Norman that when I commented on other blogs, sharing 2-3 paragraphs of my thoughts, personalizing comments, and being nice, I made friends with fellow bloggers who were genuine, authentic,and who shared lovely comments like yours. Definitely keep comments open. Just comment like you did here on other blogs. Also, delete all blog comments that are not uplifting and helpful. Someone just left a comment on one of my posts asking if this was a racist blog. Dude has some problems. Not uplifting. Deleted. We are about love and harmony here, not fear and anger, so we ignore lower energies and attract higher energies to us.

  6. Norman Says:

    In a way I started to believe the days of blog comments are long gone. It used to be a way to say “Hi, I read your content and liked it”, or simply to ask questions or add relevant notes. Now, with the advent of GSA and other such spammer tools (but also social media in general), I only get two kind of comments these days:
    a) rando spam that really makes no sense (I don’t even look at the name, I just look at the url they provided)
    b) I’m too lazy to do my own research, and even too lazy to read your article and click through the links – just spoon feed me the answer!
    made me wonder if I should close down comments on my sites altogether.

  7. Boy is it ever Geoff. I just deleted 5 comments that although were not out and out spam, lacked that genuine, authentic nature. Like someone fishing for a link. Using your name and being real are 2 cornerstones to successful blog commenting.

  8. Geoff Talbot Says:

    Commenting is really about genuinely connecting to the content and having a response and I think you nailed it here Ryan. It is easy to spot irrelevance from a million miles away.

    I think using your name and genuinely responding to the post is key.

  9. Nice Blogs! I must say here that personally, I love your post because this is exactly what I feel. I even have a comment policy written and I don’t think that anyone takes the time to read it.

  10. No way SM all looking good here. Glad to help and thanks for the comment!

  11. SMN Zaman Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    You’ve done an amazing work by warning your commenters. In fact, most bloggers try to check these factors before approving blog comments. The list made us clear why some of our comments don’t get approved online.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought with us.

    Hope my comment won’t be trashed!

  12. It sure is a waste of both party’s times. So silly too. Thanks for the valued comment Talha.

  13. Talha Says:

    I must say that spam commenting is actually a headache for every professional blogger. Every day looking at the pending comments and seeing a flood of spam comments always make you kill the people who are wasting their time and your time.
    There is no use of such comments other than trashing them into the very bin.
    I always say that appreciate what you like. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. That is a good point on #12 Prince. I do approve helpful BlogSpot blogger comments for sure. But if the comment is borderline, between super spammy and average, I tend to delete because so many BlogSpot bloggers are trying to get exposure coming from the wrong energy. Also, since they are getting a sweet link here I want to make sure that my blog looks good too, linking out to authority sites. Just a big fan of everybody upping their blogging game πŸ˜‰ Great comment!

  15. Hi Ryan,

    The very first time we met online was on Twitter, I think. You’ve always being and remained fabulous. I have been a ‘ghost reader’ for a while now, sorry. Well, I’m fully back now!

    One of the mistakes some bloggers make is forgetting the fact that building good relationships can travel far than building Spam back-links. Also, some forget to note that commenting on blogs is as relevant as practicing “mini blogging”. Unlike leaving stuff like “Wonderful posts”, “Nice posts” and the brothers. This is something else when it comes to authoritative blogs. You dare not spam the comment sections.

    The writing style of this post is freaking awesome, but, there is one of the points I don’t fancy though. That’s point 12: Link pointing to BlogSpot Blogs. Not every one will always have WP Installed on their site. I hope you know this? Yeah.

    To be honest, I enjoyed reading the post while the lines is well spaced. Leaving to put to practice what I learn from studying this great piece. Have a great day, Ryan!

    ~ Prince.

  16. It can feel disheartening Naomi to see folks who appear to be preying on others when they can use a loving presence, and loving guidance. I will delete every “great tip” comment going forward. I promise LOL. Because it adds little value and usually is folks just fishing for links. We are community-builders here, not link fishers.


  17. Naomi Willis Says:

    Ha! I find it great that you’ve done this! I still wonder how many people will bother with a “great tip” of “thanks” instead?

    I’ve seen very similar issues with inappropriate comments left. For instance, I’ve seen on blogs about being in debt and talking about very personal issue relating to money, struggles and how being trapped in pay day loans was behind a lot of it. Can you guess who the first comments were from? “I can help with you money worries, email me at XXXX for a quick paying loan”. These people are commenting to prey on people who are at their lowest points and are vulnerable! I find it sickening to be honest.

    So, again, thank you for putting this out there – I just hope people take your advice!!

  18. It’s weird Bobbi; it wasn’t until about a year ago when I was alerted to this tendency of undervaluing my blog. I let just about anybody comment here and sometimes linked to bloggers out of a sense of loyalty versus being from an authentic, genuine, helpful space. Yes; sometimes I use humor or potty-mouth to make a point LOL. But it is always in good fun, even if I sound way fired up. So happy to see you commenting like a champion. Get to Qatar! Really interesting place to see and experience in person.


  19. Bobbi Moore Says:

    Thank you Ryan! Definitely enjoyed the post. I comment on posts that strike me as interesting or funny that day. I’ve stopped by a blog and I like to let the blogger know I found their site and posts interesting.

    I liked your code: “I busted my ass for the past 10 years to build this blog and will not let you come along to shit on it.” Really subtle! But definitely clear! lol It’s a fine line and can take a TON of time sorting out real comments from those that are spamming. Not hard to tell the difference, just clear out the junk.

    And if you’ve worked hard to create a quality blog with interesting content, you have the right to say what and how you want things. I just love the humor thrown into the post.

    You’ve also got me wanting to go to Qutar

  20. πŸ˜‰ Sonam.


  21. Sonam Kapoor Says:

    After all, it’s not just me who gets spam.

  22. Agreed on that avatar Prosper; if the person is genuine I definitely approve those comments. Big league way to share your thoughts brother; loving your comment and tweet. Our commenting field is so useful and valuable because of generous commentors and bloggers like you πŸ™‚


  23. Prosper Noah Says:

    Hi Ryan!

    Great Post you have up here, really you’ve opened many eyes as to how commenting is done the right way!

    The one-problem with most commentors is they are only interested ln the link they’d be getting to their website, blog, or products.

    I’ve taken this non-serious for sometimes on my blog now but would definitely start taking action right away!

    Your suggestions are cool, that’s what make up a Blog Commenting section interactive and meaningful!

    In the case of gravatar, I think it’s not so recommended you trash (for first time commenters) many might not know how to get one especially those on the blogspot platforms though you have mentioned here a link to set it up!

    But I beieve any blogger who really observes an environment should get used to how a Blog handles it’s comment section on first visit.

    The One Line comment is what I definitely don’t tolerate at all (not even in a minutes because it goes straight to the spam Note)

    Thanks for the wonderful post once more. I’d be giving a tweet ☺

  24. Me too Ismail, me too. I wondered why for months only a few of my comments seemed to be approved. Then I gave up commenting. Thought it was a waste of time. But Adrienne Smith and Donna Merrill put me on the straight and narrow. Each blogger showed me smart blog commenting was commenting mainly to make friends. What a dramatic shift for me. So happy you’re in the blog commenting game.


  25. Will do πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend.


  26. Hello Ryan,

    i was wondering why my comments on other blogs were not getting approved, after reading your post i was enlighten. I couldn’t imagine how much work and effort it takes to run a blog and write high quality articles before i started my own. Now after knowing how hard it is its just understandable that many blog owners only approve quality comments. For myself i have learned something new here and i want to thank you for that.

    Warm regards

  27. MamaRed (Jerilynne) Says:

    Hi Ryan! Thanks oodles and bunches for replying (another tip for bloggers, eh?). Yup, cherry coffee is my daily dose of numminess. And thanks for the cyber meet…I dearly love meeting new people!

    If there is anything I can do to support you, do reach out and say “howdy” or let me know what I can do for you.


    P.S. Definitely need to tackle the blog thing. It’s been forever!

  28. Yum, Cherry Coffee Jerilynne, sounds delightful! I know how important it is to be transparent and figured why not help some bloggers understand a few basics behind open, genuine blog commenting. So happy to cyber meet you πŸ™‚ Enjoy the reads and if you have any questions or just want to drop me a cyber line do send me an email. Thanks a bunch!


  29. MamaRed (Jerilynne) Knight Says:

    Absotively posolutely killer post Ryan. I’ve made all these mistakes at one time or another (especially when I was doing this blog exchange thingy). I confess I haven’t written enough posts over the years and part of it was just feeling like I was writing to the air and, oh wait, butterfly, I have an addiction to reading and learning. Combine that with a case of ADD and boy, it can be ridiculous.

    I love that you included some suggestions, like Gravatar, because SOMETIMES there are things newbies just don’t know. Other times they’re hiding behind some rule or guideline or whatever that some big whig somewhere “told” them they must do.

    Thanks for reminding readers that there are people behind the keyboard…and they deserve respect!

    I love your honesty and this post actually has me jonesing to read more of what you write (I had never “met” you before this one). So off I go to get more Cherry Coffee and my reading glasses!

    Hugs&Blessings. MamaRed.

  30. This is exactly why I wrote this post Kimani; like a Comments 101 class for genuine folks who know not what they do, comment-wise. Like a basic course for clarity and for more effective blog commenting.


  31. The support point really makes your blog comments pop and stand out Aakash. Because when you are blogging for the right reasons, and commenting for the right reasons, you seek less link juice and more friends, which is where successful blogging begins.

  32. Go for it Ashutosh. I am sure your avatar image looks A-OK. I would love to see it and know our community would dig seeing your face too, so we can connect a face with your comments.


  33. I love the double mention buddy; you know the drill. Agreed on the publishing of non valuable comments. This reflects poorly on us as blog owners and the slimy spammers see an opportunity and try to sneak their cyber feet in the door, seeing an inch and trying to take a spam mile. If I let one through or get lax I swear 10 more similar spam comments pop up. Like roaches, they multiply.

  34. I will approve it Hernando. I see you are the real deal πŸ™‚ Good to ask that question before I approved anything because if the value is lacking no need to share thin or weak comments for our community. Beef ’em up and you will be good to go. Thanks much.

  35. Hi, I am a looking for a place where I could learn more about blogging, and how to really use my website as a stream of income. You have a lot of good information here, and the list you put together also helps me to know how to comment on your website. I want to use this comment though to build a network with you, because I see you do a lot of work here on your website and your information is valuable. I do agree with you too, if the comments are not adding value to your blog, why approve it, I understand, because spams can bring the value of your blog down. Thank you for the information.

  36. Andrew M. Warner Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Absolute great stuff here. This has been a probelm for years and continues to be a problem. I especially like/loathe the ones that have a completely different name from the email address. Makes me automatically hit the spam button.

    I’m semi ok with the ones that doesn’t have an avatar — as long as their comment is more than 3 lines.

    The bottom line for any blog owner is that we should all only accept comments that add value. Because if you’re just publishing comments that don’t add anything, it looks bad on you as the blog owner. And the more you allow it, the more others will try to follow.

    Great “non-rant” here, Ryan.

    – Andrew

    P.S. I used your name twice πŸ˜‰

  37. Seriously I have thought about it many times but whenever I search my gallery I always end up with saying that I will get a better picture clicked soon.

    I personally think comments are good to build relationship between bloggers and their readers so I totally agree with you as we don’t feel connected to our readers if we can’t see their face. I’ll be soon adding my personal image as I don’t want my comments to go in your trash.

  38. hello ryan brother
    i am totallyagree with you many peoples just visit yours and my website and comment only for valuable backlinks and they don’t even give time to read article they just come to any blog and comment on with understanding what the blog is all about, bdw all of you i just want to say you guys that just don’t go for backlinks support them by valuable comment and needful questions and answer
    keep it up brother for your hard work you do god bless you!

  39. Kimani J. M Says:

    Very interesting, sometimes you may not have the intention to spam a blog but the way your comments come along will look like not genuine. I like blogging and reading interesting blogs. This is nice bro.

  40. I used to have the blog comment acceptance posture of an earthworm Arvind πŸ˜‰ but changed my tune after thinking of the hard work I put into my blogging career over nearly a decade.


  41. If they see the value in making friends Pronob that backlink driver goes out the window and making friends becomes A1.


  42. This may feel *SSOOOOO* tough as a new blogger Janice but I advise newbies to have posture. To turn down bad comments, in order to make room for good comments. BE the successful blogger and do as they do. Even if appearances say, you’re a total newb. This is the best way to succeed quickly. Having posture. Having confidence.


  43. Janice Wald Says:

    Wow Ryan, you sure tell it like it is! You sure call ’em as you see ’em. What can I say but “gutsy!”
    Look, after 10 years, you have confidence and a solid foundation. You are popular in the blogging community. I hear you saying you don’t have to settle.
    What would you say to new bloggers? Should they be so happy to receive a comment or two that “great post” should suffice?
    Should new bloggers be okay with WordPress.com bloggers or Blogspot bloggers as they grow to your level?

  44. Pronob Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I am very happy to see it that you are only accepting comments that can add value to your blog.
    I was accepting all types of comments in my blog.
    Nowadays People commenting only for a backlink. They should realize that their comment should be helpful according to the post.
    Have a Good Day.

  45. Arvind Kumar Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    This issue is really a headache for high traffic blogs…..just for getting backlinks many bloggers leave irrelevant comment without reading the post….But Ryan You have really mention each and every point very clearly here…..10 years of blogging journey and hard work should be maintained with some meaningful and relevant comments…this will help all the readers of your blog as well…..even I would now love to write a post on spam comments on my blog after reading this post…!!


  46. I am one of the worst blog commenting stalkers on earth Cori LOL! Always trawling around, commenting and signing off. But really I love doing it and hope to get the nameless, faceless folks some help because many of these guys and gals have no idea how they are mucking up this comment bit. A little guidance will right their direction methinks.


  47. Cori Ramos Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I’m with you here! For me, it’s no pic, no comment. πŸ˜‰ That’s always a red flag that’s it’s a spammy comment.

    I picture these folks going click crazy trying to land a comment somewhere in hopes of having their backlink seen.

    I know they have to be tired by now and it’s sad. They are missing out on what blogging really is.

    No doubt I’m commenting to connect with other bloggers. I want to leave a lasting impression, LOL. πŸ˜‰

    Just kidding – but I do want to be recognized like ‘hey that’s that crazy lady who’s always commenting on my blog posts.’ Hehe. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for always telling it like it is!


  48. They really do not understand the benefits of thoughtful conversation Vishwajeet, which is an absolute crying shame. Folks are so scared of running out of time. Hurry through commenting. Then they miss an opportunity to make a strong, business-building connection. When you understand how a 3-5 minute comment will change your world, endless possibilities open up for you.


  49. This is it Laiq. This is the difference maker. When you see humans behind traffic, and list subscribers and profits, this humanizing of the whole process makes all easier to grasp, in terms of doing the right stuff, comment-wise. When you see humans on the other end of comments you’d never do like 12 or 13 of these things. Maybe an error in judgment here and there but you would add value, big-time value, and make strong connections.

    You could never add a silly question Laiq; too smart πŸ˜‰


  50. Oh yes Navin; goodness knows I made all these boo boos at one time or another. Most of us have, until we learn from the pros how to share our thoughts in a helpful, warm manner. This takes time to build both the blog itself and to learn how to do blog commenting right. But it is so worth it. My pleasure, and thank you for the guest posting opportunity πŸ™‚


  51. I have an inkling about said reader you speak of πŸ˜‰ Exactly Lisa; having a helpful, fun discussion on the topic at hand makes for a good commenting section. I dig amicable, peaceful, thoughtful debates. Sometimes it seems that my tribe vibes with what I am sharing and even if they share a different viewpoint they are really really nice, and polite, so fights never break out here. If they do, in the spam basket they go πŸ˜‰


  52. No problems with your comment Edgar. I feel when I don’t see an avatar, and a spammy 2 line comment, then the email situation is a red flag. Many of these problems are about combinations of each versus a single one that comes off as spam. Not much at all to do with “Great Article.” Cool avatar BTW πŸ˜‰


  53. Hey Ryan,

    I definitely understand what you mean when people just comment “Great article”. What do I do with that? Also, when you talk about using my real name but using an email with my name in it; I usually use my email for my blog when I comment. Definitely not spamming and not trying not to put my blog name where my actual name should go. What do you think?


  54. Hi Ryan,
    Sometimes I find it hard to dinstinguish spam from real comments. But I like you do not accept faceless comments, or very short comments. I’ve been keeping a file of funny ones for a future post and I’ll share one with you here:
    The admin is doing a great job by posting these awesome articles. i just had an awesome moment by reading such an article which provided me such awareness about all the stuff.”
    Really? What article were they referring to?
    Comments can be so educational for me, either reading them on my blog or at yours or anyone elses. It’s good to know what others are questioning.
    I don’t mind someone who disagrees and shares their point of view. I have one reader that does it regularly. At first I was upset but I know he means well.
    Thanks for sharing Ryan and have a great day!

  55. Navin Rao Says:

    I would like to admit that, even I was doing those one or two liners earlier, when I was not sure, the power of blog commenting. And I am pretty much sure everyone might have done so in their initial days of blogging. Just guessing! πŸ™‚

    I approved few of the liners comments initially. But not now, as it’s not adding any value to the post.

    But, sad part is getting valuable comments are like want to have a glass of juice in a deserted area πŸ˜€
    until the blog is not well authorized..which obviously takes time. πŸ™

    Thanks Ryan! for the Interview and Guest post on my blog and providing some pro tips. Was helpful!

    You are right Ryan, some of them even links to their shitty anchor text…which would be a big no for approving it..

    Thanks for sharing Ryan! Enjoyed reading it..

  56. Laiq zada Says:

    Hey, Ryan, remember, I have told you we called humans “traffic”, and that’s what the traffic does on our blogs. I have simple words for them ” they are not humans but “traffic”.

    I laughed to tears and it was an emotional, funny and sad post too. — where you learned, to write posts like this dude.

    You may have noticed on Quora people ask ” Now I wrote my first post — how to get traffic”.

    They think money is hanging on the internet/blog just like bananas, and they are well-trained monkeys to pluck.

    Thanks, Ryan for the laugh, — I am thinking a funny/stupid question to make you angry, but it is not coming to my mind right now, however i will ask ” how to make millions of views on my stupid . blogspot. com” LOL…..

  57. Hello Ryan,

    Same problem here. I have also receiving hundreds of spam comments on my blog. This is really annoying too. People don’t understand the effect of a thoughtful conversations. I think they just commenting to increase their backlink score and nothing else. I am also put these comments in trash and delete them. Thanks for this post. You have really done a great job here.

    Have a great day:)

  58. I know Gaurav. I just deleted 3 more before reading your comment LOL. Drives you mad. Because it is a flat out dumb way to drive traffic, or to get known, or to try to grab people’s attention. So much easier to build friendships, to add value and to build your blog the right way.


  59. Gaurav Kumar Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I must say that spam commenting is actually a headache for every professional blogger. Every day looking at the pending comments and seeing a flood of spam comments always make you kill the people who are wasting their time and your time.

    There is no use of such comments other than trashing them into the very bin.

    I always say that appreciate what you like. Thanks for sharing this.


  60. You are doing an awesome job wherever you show up Judy. Facebook and blogging are a wee bit different, especially for us community building bloggers. I even let a few 1 liners thru here and there in my weaker moments πŸ˜‰ But overall I am huge on sharing at least a few thoughts to build bonds, to make friends and to add value. You are doing A-OK, please keep being long-winded πŸ™‚


  61. Judy Roberts Says:

    Ryan, this is a useful post for newbies. Educational, in the sense of teaching us about the “etiquette” of blog posting, if you will.

    I take your point that there are a lot of spammers, and I certainly don’t condone them. But, until you pointed this out, I didn’t actually realize that a one liner — if it was complimentary — was spam.

    I think my confusion arises from a lack of understanding of the difference between blogs and, say, Facebook posts. On the less formal social media sites, it’s common for people to pay brief compliments, like, “Brilliant” or “Spot on.”

    But, as you say, a blogger has way more blood, sweat and tears (figuratively speaking) invested in his or her online real estate. A blogger deserves respect.

    Luckily for me, I have rarely left a very brief comment on a blog. But that’s because I tend to have a long winded communication style — which I’m constantly working on to trim down, LOL — rather than because I knew that was rude.

    But, thanks to your explanation, I’ll know, going forward.


  62. Haha you are *in* Zaira! You always share value in an authentic way. Building friendships is flat out the way to go when you are talking comments. Doha was crazy. Opulent, mysterious, fascinating. I loved the place. Thanks as always.


  63. Yep Ana we are all getting spammed to death LOL. Glad to see you are learning, earning and swatting down spammers left and right. I too love the idea of accelerated learning. Learn on the run, help, prosper.


  64. I don’t get it Monna; we all know these celebs yet folks feel Tom Cruise would stop by and comment as a Flossy Swedberg? Seriously. Nuts. I cannot understand why human beings thru bots, or their own fingers, waste countless years spamming. When making friends would make their lives much easier.


  65. That is a fabulous add Diana. Most of these folks are spamming too if all they do is offer feedback. Just a generic few lines fishing for some link juice. Offering feedback in private is the way to go; especially when you are offering suggestions and maybe, when someone may be picking something apart a little bit. Will keep writing and promoting those eBooks!


  66. Kelli and I were talking about this a few moments ago Jeannie. Sometimes we forget we own these blogs, these domains, and set the rules. LOL I SO recall those days when I allowed spam through because at least someone commented on my blog. Said comments were like my spam buddies. I cared for them. Until I realized they were problem child reincarnated πŸ˜‰


  67. Yep we have earned some decent revenue to pay for those beach bungalow nightly rentals πŸ˜‰ Your comment is excellent Tom. Why comment if you want to hide behind a pen name or behind a silly avatar. Adrienne Smith required all commentors on her blog to use real names and real head shots for avatars or else comments were deleted. She wanted and did build a community of human beings who connected and lifted each other up.


  68. Funny Tanmay; 5 seconds after approving Susan’s comment someone literally asked me via comment how to get backlinks. No avatar. 1 line. Obviously did not read the post and yep, they was a fishing for links. Oh well, Spam Slap Down.


  69. I do manually approve all comments Chris but mainly because traditional spam plug ins do not work with my blog. Also because clever bloggers who create crap comments seem to have IP addresses, names, avatars and email addresses down cold. Meaning these folks are getting through and actually landing comments on my blog before I can spam ’em, unless I do manual. I do see why many top bloggers close comments. Nowhere near top blog comment volume but it gets time consuming for sure.


  70. Hello Ryan,
    Thanks for the reminder about “how not to comment on blogs.”

    On my blog, I am seeing a rash of comments that are not relevant to the post. Like you, I eject them into the spam folder.

    I love to hear from people who genuinely like what I write and take the time to make thoughtful and relevant comments. It enhances the discussion and adds to the knowledge base.

    Thanks for the making me a better blog commenter.


  71. That is a fab way to put it Ben. Hold your tongue if you feel the need to fight, or to be nasty. But so share your thoughts in a helpful, constructive, positive fashion. Mom always knows, right? πŸ˜‰


  72. Ben Killoy Says:

    Comment like you would like to be commented on and if your don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Good advice from our moms and its still applies as adults.

    Maybe in the future AI will automatically generate blog posts, but in the now … its still real people and we want our work to be appreciated.

  73. Hi Ryan.

    Excellent post, as always.

    I haven’t reached the level of visitors that you get so most of my comments get approved. I am, however, becoming more diligent in what gets approved. I have one waiting now which doesn’t have an gravatar and is the old “Hi. Very nice article.” Not approving it, due to those plus the email address is, although a gmail account, a variation of the name of the website, not the commenter.

    I haven’t had to deal with any negative comments, yet.

    I will be looking out for those who are on free blogging platforms. I always look at the link before I decide to approve or not and may click over to see exactly what the site is. If it’s a business site with all kinds of products on the front page, I know right then and there that it’s not getting approved.

    One question, do you manually approve every comment? I have my blog set so that I only need to approve those who have never commented on my blog before.

    Thanks for these tips. They will help me going forward.

    Have a good one…….Chris

  74. Tanmay Arora Says:

    hi ryan
    i agree to you sometimes people just comment for backlinks and they don’t even read your article they just comment on your blog
    keep it up for the hard work you do!

  75. Tom Mariner Says:


    Informative post. Have always wondered what got blog posts deleted or promoted. All 16 baddies make sense.

    I even got a gravatar at your suggestion.

    Aside from my jealousy that you can hop around the globe and still maintain a vibrant Internet presence (that hopefully pays for a few nights in beach bungalows) the advice from “boots on the ground” is invaluable.

    Interesting with the “real name”. I post on lots of news places and virtually everyone else uses their names to express a political rant — me, same name as here. If they’re not proud of who they are, why post?

    Hope I have steered clear of the 16.


  76. Jeannie Hall Says:

    I actually love this subject, Ryan. On my old blog – which I trashed Ryan Biddulph style – I used to get those “Great article” spammy posts all the time.

    At first I was reluctant to delete them – after all someone actually complimented me on my blog! But eventually I realized they were spam.

    I now take your advice about having posture. If it doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t what I need on my blog anyway. You’ve given me the confidence to know I have the right to control what appears on my blog, and I’m so grateful for that!

    As always, you’re completely awesome!

    ? Jeannie

  77. Hey Ryan,

    Awesome video!


    Seriously though, I’m a huge fan of your blog because you tell it like it is. I may have also learned a thing or two from you about blog commenting.

    You forgot to mention those bloggers that leave feedback in the form of comments. As in: “I love your blog’s theme and menu. Some posts could use a few more pictures, and other than your color choice, it’s really cool.”

    Umm… thanks.

    While I have no problem with feedback, I just feel like it should be addressed privately via email; unless it affects the content i.e. broken links.

    I feel privileged that you allow me to comment on your wonderful blog; and I thank you for returning the favor.

    Keep writing those eBooks please!


  78. Hi Ryan,
    Whoa, but I agree with you 100%. I cannot for the life of me figure out why they still do “sneaky” things like that. They should know by now that any blogger who is serious is going to watch out for their types of comments.

    I’ve trashed quite a few pretty good comments myself just because of no photo. Sometimes I would email them and tell them why but I stopped doing that too. Lately, I’ve been getting the Captain Hook pictures or some other celebrity. Do they not think we’ll recognize Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise?

    Have a wonderful day.

  79. After all, it’s not just me who gets spam. It’s what we have every day,
    Following your recommendations is easy, I still do not apply them every day. Simple and Easy to follow! Accelerated Learning – Fantastic Techniques! Learn to study faster and remember what you studied!! And Learn More! Thanks for the tips! With so many blog sites nowadays its great to know the top ways to increase traffic and keeping your blog up-to-date and interesting!

  80. zaira afzal Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Little nervous to even write dude! However you know me and I know you! WOW on the doha front looked it up what a beautiful place.

    Pretty great content can use it to my own advantage too. Comments is definitely a way to build friendships by the way you taught me that! I’ve started to enjoy building a network and it started with good honest comments and promoting my fellow bloggers.

    Love Zaira

  81. Susan I so appreciate this awesome comment and the eBook shout out.

    For folks who are curious, the eBook Susan mentions is available for purchase here:

    How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

    I may break my rules here and there, allowing avatar-less comments through or shorter sentences but only if I know deep down the individual is genuinely trying to connect.But for this post, especially if the individuals do not read the tips, and follow the advice, in the spam queue they go. Perfect timing; someone with no avatar just asked me how to get back links. Spammy spamming going on here LOL.

    Thanks for the fabulous comment πŸ™‚


  82. Susan Velez Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I love it, I get tons of comments as well and while I will approve them if they are NOT spam, I am like you. I love seeing a person’s face and I have approved several that don’t have a gravatar. I can’t understand why bloggers don’t take the time to set up a gravatar, it’s not hard and you only have to do it once.

    In my opinion, it looks a lot better when you can see a picture of the person who is commenting. Like you said, it’s about building relationships. It’s not possible to build a relationship with someone who’s face you can’t see.

    I’ve often thought about not approving them, however, I really didn’t want to be mean. After reading your post though, you’re definitely correct. It is a privilege for people to comment on your blog.

    As you said, it’s taken you 10 years to hone your craft. So why would you want people to disrespect your blog and try to post spam comments.

    Personally, I love your post because this is exactly how I feel on my blog. I even have a comment policy written and I don’t think that anyone takes the time to read it.

    If someone is struggling to get their comments approved on your blog, they really need to invest in your eBook. It’s done wonders for me and has helped me land 5 guest posts.

    Thanks for sharing and I am going to stop allowing “the mystery man” to post on my blog as well. You’ve opened my eyes and realized that my blog is my domain and I can run it anyway I want.

    Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚


  83. I left a thought.