14 Online Places Where I’ve Been Featured (and Why You Should Make Blogger Outreach Your #1 Marketing Strategy)

August 22, 2014
I snapped this image through a dirty bus window...seriously....is it the prettiest beach in the world? I think so. It's the south side of Vanua Levu, Fiji.
I snapped this image through a dirty bus window…seriously….is it the prettiest beach in the world? I think so. It’s the south side of Vanua Levu, Fiji.


Who knew my new blog would open up so many neat opportunities for me?


I did, I guess. On some level I felt so clear on Blogging from Paradise – both the eBooks and blog – that I knew moving in this direction would bring me success. It wasn’t so much the success thing; my intent was, and is, to take you with me.


But to folks who are looking from the outside-in I may appear to be some type of machine.


More than any time in my career I’ve been “all over the place”, through guest posts, interviews, blog commenting, and a few mini-features/mentions.


Blogging from Paradise: The Secret


Here’s the secret: I didn’t try to be all over the place. I put effort into writing in-depth, 2500-3000 word posts. I mindfully put effort into posting in-depth, 5 or 6 paragraph comments, on authority blogs, but I didn’t try that much at all.


Typing these words from Savusavu, Fiji, I’m looking at the bay across the street. I’ve noted how the tide effortlessly flows in and out according to the tidal cycle.


The water doesn’t “try” to flow in and out based on the tidal cycle. The water just flows in and out, effortlessly.


The sun does not “will” itself to rise or set, daily. The sun effortlessly rises and sets.


You get the picture here, right? I didn’t try to influence Chris Brogan to tweet my eBook to his following nor did I beg and plead for Adrienne Smith to write a review of my new eBook.


Blogging From Paradise Travel Page


I didn’t ask Carol Amato to submit a guest post to her blog.


As a matter of fact, the only feature involving me reaching out to the blog owner was my guest post on Daily Blog Tips. At that, Daniel Scocco offered a guest posting invitation to his audience 2 days before. I simply took him up on his invitation.


The secret of this outreach blitz was my intent; I want to take you with me. I want to inspire as many people as possible to blog from paradise, each time I:


  • Publish a blog post
  • Post a comment
  • Interact on social media sites


I carried the same intent when I wrote the eBook. Since most of my energy was devoted to creating helpful content, posting helpful comments on authority blogs and promoting other bloggers aggressively I had little energy left to think about outcomes.


Nailing down guest posts, getting interviewed and being the recipient of tweets from New York Times Best Selling Author Chris Brogan was the furthest thing from my mind. I devoted no energy to any of these exploits because, how could I?


I was so heavily focused on creating and connecting that I largely detached from outcomes.


*I was not TRYING to make any of these things happen.*


I focused my energy on bringing you with me. So naturally, I devoted almost all of my energy on purer intents, like creating rocking posts, comments, and promoting others, and naturally, all these neat things happened relatively quickly, on a time scale.


During the Past 3 Days…..


My guest posts went live on Carol Amato’s site and on Daily Blog Tips, and I was interviewed by Sue Anne Dunlevie from Successful Blogging.


How? Carol asked me to write a guest post for her wonderful blog. Sue Anne reached out to interview me for her awesome blog. Daniel offered the guest post invitation; I accepted, to publish a guest post on a serious authority blog.


There’s nothing wrong with reaching out and asking folks to submit guest posts, or asking to be interviewed. But when you’ve got your stuff down, when you’re devoting virtually all of your thoughts, feelings, attention, energy and focus, to creating epic content, and to posting epic comments on authority blogs, and when you’re aggressively promoting others…..most of these opportunities will fall into your lap.


You may reach out here and there but more often than not the Universe will bring these opportunities to you.


Think of the bay here in Savusavu, Fiji. The tide flows by itself. You may have to put effort into creating and connecting but if you don’t try too hard to make things happen, and focusing on getting super clear with your purpose, your intent, neat opportunities will fall into your lap too.


The Purpose of this Post


I want to share the power of working with a pure-ish intent, the leveraging potential of blogger outreach, and yep, I want to put the spotlight on many kind, inspiring bloggers who allowed me in to their home.


Hey, all of my blogging friends….and you’re ALL my buddies, from Chris Brogan, to Adrienne, to Daniel, to all of you…..


Thank You!! I can’t tell you how honored and humbled I am to have you bless me with the opportunities you provided me with.


On to the list….


Chris Brogan’s Twitter Feed


When a guy who gives business advice to Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Paulo Coelho tweets out your eBook link, you’re freaking floored. When he also happens to be a New York Times Best Selling Author, you’re even more floored.


Thanks Chris….you’re the most humble uber successful person I know.


New book by my buddy @RyanBiddulph


Adrienne Smith’s Blog


Adrienne Smith wrote a rocking testimonial for my eBook. She proof read my eBook. Then she went and wrote a thoughtful, kind, inspired review of my eBook for her blog. I never asked her; she did it because she vibes with my style, and because she’s a heartfelt, warm, kind, genuine human being.


I sure hope I make it to Houston to see her on my world tour….I would love for that to happen.


Here’s Adrienne’s review of Blogging from Paradise the eBook


Pssst….Adrienne closed down her blog. Sorry. But I was featured there. Promise.


Sylviane Nuccio’s Blog


Sylviane Nuccio graciously asked me if I could write a guest post for her audience. I was happy to do so.


Since Sylviane’s a fellow freelance writer I felt covering a topic which would directly benefit her audience was the way to go…..so….I wrote.


3 Freelancing Limiting Beliefs Guaranteed To Destroy Your Career And How To Conquer These Mental Blocks


Daily Blog Tips


Daniel Scocco runs a seriously authority, blogging tips themed blog at Daily Blog Tips. By the way, check out his super helpful recent post – including a powerful free giveaway – for folks who are stumped on blog title ideas.


Check out this Report with 212 Blog Post Ideas


After reading about his invitation to submit guest posts – he opened things up again – I took him up on his offer.


2 days later he wrote me back that he liked my guestie.


I felt that explaining my strategy for getting a load of endorsements in a few scant weeks through blog commenting would vibe with his audience.


So here you go….


5 Tips for Writing Comments that Build Your Blogging Brand


Carol Amato’s Blog


What can I say? Carol, like Adrienne, and Sylviane, and Chris, and Daniel, and everybody on this list, is just an awesomely kind person. She asked if I’d submit a guest post; I was all in immediately.


My post on her blog went live a few short days ago.


Here’s the kicker; she had these super neat, pretty darn accurate caricatures of me designed for the guest post.


Unbelievably cool.

Then she went ahead and had a way neat, creative resource box made up for me.


I felt humbled, honored and beyond grateful for the royal treatment I received at Carol’s blog.


I decided to write a guest post about how my blogging world travels taught me a few helpful lessons as an entrepreneur.


Psst….Carol has since moved away from blogging.


Successful Blogging


Sue Anne Dunlevie runs a first class blogging-themed blog at Successful Blogging.


Naturally, I took her up on her interview offer, no hesitating of course.


Again, I was so humbled that she’d ask to interview me – there goes that “humble” word again – because she runs an authority blog.


OK, here’s the interview for you.


How to Start a Blog: A Success Story with Ryan Biddulph


Blogging Tips 101


Catherine Holt runs a smart, visually appealing blog named Blogging Tips 101.


You get – you guessed it – a ton of helpful, valuable blogging tips on her blog.


I had to take her up on her interview offer pronto.


She’s a networking machine and darn persistent gal too.


I was uber humbled that she’d interview me.


Click through to check out her post.


Blogging Tips from Ryan Biddulph at Blogging from Paradise


On to the features…..


I was also featured along with a bunch of super successful bloggers in some uber helpful posts.


I wanted to include these features because I want to put the spotlight on these kind, talented bloggers, all of whom are good friends of mine.


Andrew Spence’s Blog


Andrew kindly mentioned me on his uber successful blog a while back.


He is a master at engagement; I’ve never anybody receive that many Likes and Shares and Comments through organic marketing methods on Facebook.


Here’s Andrew’s kind post mentioning me.




Traffic Generation: Quality Traffic Without Google?


Adam Connell’s Blog


Adam Connell may just be the master of thorough, in-depth, pillar type posts. The really smart thing I’ve learned from Adam is this; if you mention a ton of successful bloggers in your post, you will:


  • Generate a ton of shares
  • Create a beyond valuable resource for your friends and readers
  • Make a ton of friends in high places along the way


He’s brilliant, clever and always over delivers.


OK, you can click through to Adam’s post here….


16 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog: Starting Today


Kevin Duncan


I cyber met Kevin Duncan a few months ago.


I feel like I’ve known him for years.


He’s a funny, intelligent, entertaining blogger who makes his points in such a humorous, light, delightful way.


Kevin mentioned me in an epic, epic post. Check it out. It’s a WINNER.


 How to write a blog post: The definitive 8,317-word guide your mom will understand


Don Purdum


Don Purdum, like Kevin, is someone who I’ve made quick friends with over the past few months.


He’s a highly successful mentor who also happens to run a huge, loyal, flat out rabid community of readers and fans on his blog. He’s also one of the kinder guys I know.


Psst…Don has since stopped blogging.


Ya get the hint a lot changes in 4 years.


Erik Emmanueli’s Blog


Erik is a like-minded travel junkie and blogger who’s quite the thrill seeker too.


While I’m petting 400 pound tigers inside of their cage he’s jumping out of airplanes and doing other crazy, inspired stuff.


Erik is also one of the kinder, more generous guys I know.


He runs a few successful blogs which help you live the internet lifestyle.


He mentioned me in a post a little while back.


Click through to read:


8 Amazing Bloggers You Should Follow




Amal Rafeeq – yep, the guy who initially designed my old blog and came up with a gem similar to this blog’s design – interviewed me for Darnell Jackson’s blog.


It was a hoot.


Darnell is a way cool guy who has a one-of-a-kind blogging style which I admire.


Amal is a bright young blogger with an equally bright future.


Check out the interview below.


What I Learned from Ryan Biddulph about Blogging from Paradise


Bonus Site: Amazon.Com


After some serious grunt/leg work I’m live on Amazon.com…how exciting, right?


5 years ago I was counting numbers off of shipping containers in Newark, NJ.


Now I have my own author page on Amazon. Crazy, where life can take us to, if we’re willing to go along for the ride.


After I really busted my tail to get my eBook kindle ready I had to add this page to my list.




Ryan Biddulph Author Page on Amazon


2nd Bonus Appearance: The AA Social Media Abstinence Show


Wow! I just found this Google Hangout; didn’t know it was live.


Ola Agbaimoni asked me to do a Hangout. My first one, I may add. I’m SO grateful to her for the offer.


What a blast! Since we’re in the jungles of Fiji and working off of a stick, the volume goes in and out here and there….but my enthusiasm and tidbits make up for it. At least that’s what I think.



Why Should You Make Blogging Outreach Your Number 1 Task?


Look up. Isn’t my post proof enough?


How in the heck could I attract readers, generate eBook sales, and most importantly, touch as many lives as humanly possible without the backing of these pros?


If Catherine, Don and Kevin don’t feature me, I’m a stranger. I’m a diary writer.


Robert Kiyosaki once noted how rich people build networks and everybody else looks for work. I took his quote to heart after I scrapped my old blog and went live with Blogging from Paradise.


Beach time in Fiji.
Beach time in Fiji.

Folks, all of these tweets/guest posts/interviews/features occurred within a 2 month time frame. Most happened in the last 6 weeks.


How could you not think blogging outreach was important?


Your blogging buddies will:


  • Promote the living stuffing out of you
  • Increase your eBook sales
  • Boost your brand
  • Leverage your online presence
  • Make positive suggestions for your growth
  • Support you
  • Inspire you
  • Help you reach new heights


Outreach, my kiddies. Reaching out, posting in-depth comments on authority blogs, promoting pros aggressively and doing so on a daily basis just flat out works.


Call it paying it forward, or sowing and reaping, or just flat out how most of the uber successful people on earth built their empires.


Richard Branson surrounded himself with super smart, positive, focused people to build the Virgin Empire.


Bill Gates did the same to build the Microsoft Empire.


You’ll go as far as your network takes you, because your network reaches into new markets, and new networks, that you couldn’t reach into without their help.


Blogger outreach works.


The evidence is up top….and below too….


On Deck


OK, now for what’s on deck.


In early December I’m scheduled to speak at NYU. OK, I’ll be doing a Google Hangout for a marketing class at NYU.


My good friend and NYU adjunct professor Matthew Capella – pick up his new eBook, SEO Like I’m 5, immediately, because it’s the gem of gems – has asked me to speak to his class, cyber style.


Ummm…..how could I say “No” to speaking to an NYU class?


Matt also interviewed me and is lining it up for his blog, Search Decoder. Publish date soon.


I also have 2 other interviews which I did, but which haven’t materialized yet….Methinks that they’ll come to fruition soon. Of course, I’ll add to my As Seen on Page.


I’ll be featured on The Guy Who Flies’ super popular travel blog, Flights and Frustrations, soon too.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


Follow Ryan

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. No worries Chantell! Always appreciate the offer for help! I pulled a few of those books but need to get ’em back on the market. Focused on promoting eBooks with some audio books too but I can add products on top of the audio and Kindle versions.


  2. Same. Sorry I had a look to see if they were in Paperback before mentioning it but must have clicked on the wrong ones, or Amazon was doing it’s funny thing where in some regions it doesn’t display all formats! Not to worry then. I just always think it’s such a shame when people have good ebooks and don’t turn them into paperbacks so wanted to help if I could.

  3. Hi Chantell,

    Blog comments open wonderful doors! Been beating that drum ’til folks puke LOL but I swear, it’s a simple way to gain serious traction online. Easy too. A few minutes here and there.

    Awesome, thanks for the offer 🙂 I’ve turned about 20 of mine to paperback, via Create Space. Which service do you use Chantell?


    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hahahaha you commented on my blog last week. In fact, that’s how I heard of you and I wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t!

    Great work Ryan. You’re killing it.


    P.S. If you ever want any tips on how to turn that e-book into a paperback let me know. Always more than happy to have a quick chat and help out a fellow blogger/nomad.

  5. Deborah thanks so much for the kind comment and the thoughtful mention on your blog! Heading over now to check out your post 😉

  6. Hey Ryan!

    I see you wrote this back initially in the summer! Glad it reappeared, as it’s a fantastic post detailing the beauty of intention and focus. In the Grateful Beginnings blog post I wrote and posted yesterday, you are one of the highlighted entrepreneurs, because of your consistent attention to clarity of intent and “who you are!!”..

    This post here is a great example and I know from having followed you since shortly after it was written, that your focus has only intensified, as have your results!

    In just the short time I’ve focused my energy more on writing in depth articles and comments, I too have seen a measurable shift in my business connections, referrals and community!

    I’m loving this one Ryan!
    Best to you as always,

  7. Hi Gail! So true….whether on ComLuv or Triberr or any well-traveled platform you can get your guesties on the radar and accepted, and your reach will expand exponentially. You are a known commodity Gail! A real study in building a large, thriving blogging community over there on GrowMap. Such a powerful and simple way to do it too. Get those quick hitters on twitter then take it over to Skype and strengthen the bond. Makes sense to me. I’ve grossly underutilized Skype but intend to get my Skype game up going forward, because it’s a power tool to build bonds. Oh really? Lil ole me? Neat! Yep I love me some commenting, lol 🙂 I appreciate that offer Gail and will let you know! Thanks so much for sharing your insight 🙂

  8. Gail Gardner Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Being known in the CommentLuv community or on at least one social media platform really helps get guest posts accepted. More bloggers should focus on contributing content to related sites. I wonder if they know to look on the contact or about pages to find out how bloggers want to be reached?

    Twitter is a great place to reach out. When bloggers contact me on Twitter we often then connect on Skype. Using the same username on Skype as you do on social media makes you easy to recognize and reach.

    You’ve been mentioned by other bloggers in content on my site and you’ve commented. (Another great way to connect.) I’d love to have you contribute content for GrowMap. If you or any of your readers wants to reach me, Skype and Twitter are best. My username is growmap everywhere including Skype.

  9. Ryan,
    How do you find time to do so much outreach and still enjoy the benefits of paradise?

  10. Oh I am trying Ryan! Pat is da man. I bow to him and his stupendous smart, passive income 😉 Seriously though, you’re doing a fine job yourself reaching out, commenting and being all over the place. This gig gets easier for the guy or gal who wants to be social, right? Thanks Rye for reading and commenting!

  11. Ryan Says:

    You’re killing it, man. Congrats, you deserve it since you’re everywhere (that whole Pat Flynn be everywhere strategy?). Makes me think you’ve got some awesome doppleganger or killer VA out there at work for you.

    I gotta get better at the whole blogger outreach and networking thing.

  12. Hi Dave, Dude I was thinking the same about you! Everywhere I look, or show up, you’re there. Again and again. What a job well done. Actually, I just released Blogging from Paradise the eBook: https://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/ebook/ I so appreciate the offer and would be honored if you shared it. Thanks so much Dave, likewise 🙂

  13. Dave Says:

    I consider myself to be reasonably good at blogger outreach and making connection.

    But I look at you and say – man, this guy is taking it to an insane level.

    I feel like you’re everywhere, whether I’m guest posting, writing an article on my blog, or being featured somewhere.

    And yet you probably make lots of people feel that way – it’s insane!

    Congrats to all your success – well deserved!

    PS – if you launch a product like an ebook let me know, I’m happy to share it, just not always in the loop!

  14. Hi Kerry, Yep we really are working with the basics. Stick to them, day after day, and you’ll keep reaping the goodness of things. Thanks so much.

  15. WoW Ryan,

    You’re on fire lately. Congrats for everything you’ve achieved so far.

    I have no doubt that a lot more success is heading your way.

    Read the interview on Sue’s blog the other day – job well done!

    I was studying your eBook again last night for the 7th or 8th time. Making sure I soak up every word.

    You know, it’s kind of ironic. Everything you recommend in your eBook and here on your blog is no magic formula, or secret solution.

    And I was taught most of it many years back, but never gave it my full commitment. And now, here I am going back to basics after seeing your success.

    Just goes to show that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There is no easy button, secret sauce or magic formula. Just evergreen, ethical tactics that flat out work – IF we actually take action and do the WORK.

    I’ll be sharing a little later today! 🙂


  16. Awesome Vernon, looking forward to it. Keep on writing….I know your book will rock.

  17. Vernon Says:

    Ah, thanks for the 12 lessons link.

    I am writing like mad right now (getting 17 years experience down onto paper is a challenge), but I’ll read it and bookmark for when I’m promoting it.

  18. Hi Sherman, Dude, you are spot on. You’re one of my few friends who’ve been there from the beginning pretty much. It’s just feeling inspired, surrounding yourself with positive folks and keeping at this game day after you. You’re doing an awesome job yourself Sherman. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  19. Hey Ryan,

    The magic is really happening!

    But is it really magic? No, it’s you work your a%$ off doing what you love to do. It’s that simple and it’s really paying off! All the haters need to recognize this.

    I remember 3 years ago, I use to see you in a couple of groups. But then that following year, I started seeing you everywhere Literally! You doing videos, in different groups, and it seem like every blog I got on I saw your face LOL… I have to say that you well earned it bruh!

    Some of the people you mentioned here I am very familiar with. I have to say that I’ve learned a lot, and I mean a lot from them. And the rule of reciprocity is well known amongst them. If you scratch their back, they will definitely scratch yourself as well! With that being said, that makes us one humongous family in the blogosphere!

    Thanks for sharing and I know you’re having a great week! Keep up the good work my friend!

  20. Awesome Rob, Asia is so fun. You are reading my mind….just started another book yesterday 😉

  21. Rob Cubbon Says:

    Awesome, Ryan, I’ve got a feeling this is only the beginning. You should do another book now (if you aren’t already). You deserve it! I may be going out to Asia myself soon 🙂

  22. Hi Catherine, Oh my full pleasure, it was a blast doing the interview. The more folks we make friends with the better I say. Just makes our jobs much easier. Thanks so much Catherine, enjoy your holiday 🙂

  23. Hi Karl, Awesome man. Keep on keeping on, and you’ll be here. Thanks for letting me know about FB too.

  24. Karl Ace Says:

    Wow. You’re living the good life, something that I’ve been aspiring for. I just stumbled upon this on a Facebook group page. Keep up the travels!

  25. Oh wow, thanks so much for mentioning me here Ryan. Lol….you summed me up I think…persistent!! Ha…in a good way I hope!

    You know what, I have seen you in a lot of these places. I always think to myself “Ryan, he is that guy that manages to be everywhere”. Surely you are not a blogger if you have not heard of Ryan??? Lol.

    Seriously tho, it is a great lesson for us all. Connect, engage and build meaningful relationships and others will WANT to help you along in your journey.

    BTW…it was an absolute pleasure having you on my site!!!

  26. Hi Metz, I have to thank you for your non-stop support! You, Sunday and Rohan commented on so many of my posts when it felt like nobody was listening. I am forever grateful to you for that Metx. Thanks again for your kind words, and please do the same 🙂

  27. Hi Zachary, Going super in depth on your About Me page is awesome…really helps people get to know you. Keep up the great work, and thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.

  28. metz Says:

    Hi Ryan!

    First things first. Congratulations for your successful career and for being productive in your blogger outreach strategy. For 2 months, 15 blogging websites featured you and that’s so awesome to hear! I know how great you are and you never fail to amaze me with your stories and experiences that you always share with us.

    Well, I knew some blogging places and bloggers in your list Ryan, like Carol and Addrienne. I’ve also read your post there.

    Well Blogging outreach works well for you and you also explained the benefits, which proves that this should be a number 1 marketing strategy.

    Thanks for the shared tips, encouragement and stories Ryan! Have a great day!

  29. Thanks man, and I agree with improving clarity and message as I continue. Finishing and About Me page right now because although I do occasionally mention myself, it seems that people really want to know who is behind what I’m reading right now. Definitely one thing that’s very clear on your and Adrienne’s pages for example.

    I appreciate the encouragement! I think especially for me with a full-time job, I just need to focus on being patient and consistent. I’ll get there, it just won’t be tomorrow. Although I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about quitting my job and dedicating time to networking, writing, and creating. Maybe soon. I’ll let you know. Take care!

  30. Hi Adrienne, Aww shucks 🙂 I feel so good after hearing your kindness, and really, friends like you have inspired me to be my best, and to give as freely as possible, and to promote others, since you do such a wonderful job in these departments yourself. I know your product will be amazingly successful Adrienne because you’re real, authentic, genuine and honest. You have such an inspiring story to tell, and have the most tight knit network of friends I know of online, and its all because you’re so darn generous. Thanks so much Adrienne, I’m so happy and grateful to have met you as we both take this journey onward. Have a great week.

  31. Hi Ann, Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you; Carol is such a wonderful person and as you’re meeting some super neat folks, you know she has you on the right track. Nicaragua? Way cool….we plan to do central America soon….we’ll let you know if we’re in town. Thanks so much Ann.

  32. Ann Moore Says:


    Thanks so much for this post. Nothing like an attitude of gratitude. I really appreciate how you are sharing the blessing everyone is to you that you spotlight here.

    I can totally resound with what you shared in your second video.
    “Give freely to receive easily.”

    Although, I have been blogging for years, I have only recently learned to come out of my shell. I would say it has been just a little over a year ago.

    As I have given freely of myself be it on blog post, chatting, emails, phone calls etc. I am certainly getting to meet some really neat people now that I get more involved with them.

    And I am so glad you mentioned Carol Amato. She is my hero and mentor who lovingly zoned in on my weakness and has done nothing but lift me up ever since with her encouraging attitude. She is truly a very caring and compassionate friend. And I totally trust her judgment.

    I have been out of pocket the last few weeks then I saw on my email she featured your guest post. And I thought I will have to go check this out but got busy.

    Can’t remember what distracted me. Either one of my seven kiddos still living at home, I have 8 total so far. Or maybe the power went out that day. Common thing here in Nicaragua.

    Regardless what it was. Lesson learned. Putting off valuable action only delays you from success and motivation.

    I will certainly go check out your post on Carol’s site as soon as I jump off from here. Which I will admit is looking pretty difficult. You have some excellent content.

    This is my first time visiting and I can say, I am extremely inspired. Thanks for blogging.

    It sure is nice meet you,
    ~Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

  33. Adrienne Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    That my friend is exactly how it’s done. Just good old connections.

    That’s why I’ve had a hard time moving forward with my product. People ask me how did you get to where you are? How are you everywhere? Why do so many people resonate with you? Why do you have so many comments? I just started making those connections and building those relationships and the next thing you know everyone is curious about you.

    I want to say it’s really that easy but let’s face it. If you don’t have a giving spirit about you then it’s going to be very hard to do. People can tell a mile away whether you really are who you say you are.

    You just strike everyone as being very open and honest Ryan and people want to learn from someone like you. So of course all of these people were eager to help you, including me. Why wouldn’t I, it’s the right thing to do because we are all like that as well. We care about you and want to help you not expecting anything in return. That’s the giving spirit you have to have in order for things to come to you. That’s the true gift.

    I applaud you and knew your eBook would be a success. I knew you would have this type of support because this is the type of guy you are. I wish you all the best and I’m so excited for you. There are only great things still to come for you Ryan. I’m happy to be on this journey with you too!


  34. Hi PD, Oops, forgot about that one….time to mention it in my next one methinks. Yep we will certainly catch up soon and thanks so much for watching the Hangout; I had so much fun creating it. Thanks much dude appreciate it.

  35. Hi Zac, You’re doing great, especially considering the fact that you have an 8-6 job. Keep true to the fundamentals, be patient, and in time, you’ll draw in more and more folks as your clarity improves, and as you keep on creating and connecting with leaders. Thanks so much Zac.

  36. Another great post. It’s definitely inspiring to see the community that’s been built through blogging and which I’m slowly meeting the members. I’ve been starting to follow and interact with you, Adrienne, Phil, Ken and Donna, and I’m just in the beginning phases.

    I think one thing I learned about this whole journey is to put effort into it all – writing, appearance of site, networking, commenting, etc. etc. but not to be overzealous in expecting returns on my time. It will come.

    In my 7 months doing this I’ve clicked on a lot of blogs… and seen a lot of dead ones. I think this happens when people expect to have a lot of success in very little time. Sure there will always be the cases of a new blog getting good interaction (Ken Kai’s 3 monther is doing well), but I don’t think that’s the norm. I’ve learned that patience, commenting, linking, networking, and a genuine voice in your original work all go a long way.

    As I said, I’m just getting my feet under me (have a 8-6 full-time job), but I’ll be around for a while, and watch out, I may be on one of your future lists.

    Keep up the great work!

  37. Phillip Dews Says:

    Awesome post as usual Ryan, i just been watching the Hangout and that was epic buddy!
    I’m surprised though as I also wrote a blog post about you and this Blog in July buddy; no worries though dude! No doubt I will be making another one in due course!
    Seems to me you have been uber busy as I have missed our Skype chats!
    Have a great week anyway dude!
    – PD

  38. Hi Pavan, Thanks so much. Kelli and I use a stick that we work off of. Digicell is the provider. It’s pretty darn good; not super strong for videos and podcasts but very good. Thanks again.

  39. Hi Mandie, Well put! Our intentions create our reality. Focus on taking people with you, through freeing them in some way. Help others, inspire others, and think, “How can I help?”, instead of “How can I get?”….that simple rephrasing changed my life dramatically. Thanks so much Mandie.

  40. Hey Ryan!

    I really love the message of this post: the focus needs to be on creating excellent content and building a network of relationships, not just trying to get noticed.

    I think a lot of bloggers get stuck on the wrong questions – ‘How can I get people to read my blog? How can I get them to comment? How can I get shared/featured?” – instead of asking the right one. “Is my content something that helps other people; something that inspires a positive change in their lives?”

    It’s all about intentions. If you network just trying to get people to share your stuff, people are going to see through you. But if you network in order to learn from others and bring value to a community, people will WANT to feature you.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. pavan deshpande Says:

    Online Success depends on how well you contact and build a bound with the people of likely minded , truly you deserve to be featured on those places
    Your way of writing is just wow ,keeping blogging all the best for your future , one think i want to know how do you get access to internet there.

  42. Hi Enstine, Thanks so much….I’d be honored 😉 Yep, you know how it works as you’ve developed such a huge community at your blog. Thanks again.

  43. Enstine Muki Says:

    That’s what you get when you give out value. You become a real point of attraction.

    The journey continues for you as I’ll be happy to feature you so soon

    Have a wonderful week

  44. Wow Sherryl thanks so much for those kind words. I feel so grateful to have met so many wonderful bloggers like yourself as I keep on creating and connecting. Thanks again, and I’ll see you soon.

  45. My goodness, you have been busy Ryan! Has it really only been two months since you launched your new blog? Not only does it seem that you’ve been “everywhere” but you’re also being featured on some excellent blogs with large followings and strong communities. You really are an inspiration. It’s well deserved! I’ll try to make the rounds soon and visit the blogs that I haven’t been to yet. No wonder you’re getting so well known!

  46. Hi Don, My absolute pleasure. I feel that this gig gets much more fun when we help, comment, share, inspire and assist others along the journey. Spotlighting other bloggers is something I learned from you, and your awesome blog, and community. Thanks so much for your support Don 🙂

  47. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    WOW! Thank you so much for the mention and for the encouragement. I can’t tell you how much that means to me!!!!!!

    You list of folks is absolutely amazing. I have connected with a few them and have even had a few conversations over the phone with a couple of them. What an amazing community of people I’ve been blessed to stumble into over the last few months.

    It just goes to show you the power of connecting, contributing, commenting, sharing, inviting and getting to one another will do!

    I’m blessed to have gotten the opportunity to know you through your writing and through your journeys. It’s always a treat for me!!!!!

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    ~ Don

  48. Hi Sue Anne, Jon is a master, as is Danny Inny. I’ve learned and continue to learn so much from the top pros, and from bloggers like yourself, that I’m deeply appreciate for all of these lessons. Thanks so much for the kind words Sue Anne and have a fun week 🙂

  49. Hi, Ryan,

    One of my mentors, Jon Morrow, says “Connections are more important than expertise or talent”. And, as I used to tell the sales reps that worked for me, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

    The blog comments on this post are a mini “who’s who” of the blogging industry. You have done something I’ve only seen others like Danny Iny and Jon Morrow write about – you successfully made so many connections over the last few months that it looked like “you were everywhere at once”.

    But, as you say, the secret is to just kept focused and concentrated on your writing and the connections came because of that focus.

    Congratulations! You are now an official blogging case study!

  50. Hi Carol, Wow you did that yourself? Awesome! I so appreciate it, and thanks so much for listening to the Hangout. I felt so much fun flowing through me as I did it….the more I can get, I’m gobble them up, because I feel really natural on video…can’t really explain it. You’re doing awesome yourself Carol, your comments are epic and I’m learning so much from you each day. Thanks so much, Likewise.

  51. Carol Amato Says:


    What an awesome post! You’re a smart cookie to document what’s happening to you to uncover and expose the golden nuggets for others to follow in your footsteps – fantastic! Absolutely right – the proof is up above, folks so if you’ve doubted about how to do it up to this point, you can stop doubting and start taking the right action.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    I watched both videos – great short video of you checking in – love your warmth and friendliness, and just being real – loved it.

    The hang out – Awesome energy… – Relative wealth – absolute wealth – what a concept – blog post material just on this specific topic maybe? 😉

    I’d been taught to reach out to those in my industry, but I didn’t really start focusing on it until Kim Roach taught me more about it (shout out to my friend, Kim!)

    Amazingly awesome stuff comes from blogger outreach, connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs, or however you want to phrase it – it’s POWERFUL. Period.

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the mention in your post, Ryan, and I know they were heart-felt and sincere.

    I enjoyed having you as a featured writer/blogger in my guest writing series and had a lot of fun getting the post ready with the graphics.

    I made the resource box myself but hired a professional to do the digital photo art. Hope you use them in the future.

    You’re a ball of energy, and it’s a bit tough to keep up with you these days, but I’m gonna try! 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend and talk to you soon,
    – Carol

  52. Hi Sunday, thanks so much my friend. People love value, and just helping folks out through commenting, and sharing value, reels folks in with ease….of course in a good way. I figure, if you have a story to tell it may as well be your own, right? Thanks much Sunday, enjoy your weekend.

  53. Hi Andrew, Awesome, I’m so happy you received inspiration from the eBook and look forward to your read 🙂 Actually, I’ll be doing the NYU gig via Google Hangout. The thing is, we’re arriving back in New Jersey on November 30, and the speech is December 1. Matt thought I’d be in some exotic locale, so we’ll be doing it via the web anyway. I’ll be so whacked out from jet lag I’ll probably roll out of bed and do it lol….the connection will be awesome though, so I can definitely record via Youtube and place on my author page on Amazon, and on my eBook page here. Thanks Andrew have a great weekend.

  54. Hey Ryan,

    Really great stuff that you’re doing online and especially with your blogger outreach. It’s really amazing stuff. For those that think it’s not important then they really need to reread this entire blog post again.

    I guess I’m slowly and steadily building my blogger outreach. I’m engaging with people and building relationships and all that … and thankfully 3 – 4 months ago was when I finally learned that was the true way to go.

    That that was the ONLY way to go.

    Congrats on your success (you put in and continue to put in alot of hard work, so you definitely deserve it) and congrats on the eBook once again. Hey, you should see if you could tape or record the speaking session in December. Depending on what you’re talking about, you could definitely re-purpose that.

    I can’t remember if I mentioned this in one of my past comments but it inspired me to write an eBook for my blog so I’m actively working on that.

    Anyway, thanks for the great post once again.

    Have a great weekend.

  55. Sunday Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Congratulations to you for all the websites and blogs you have featured in the last couple of months. Its an indication that you provide value to each of these places with blogger outreach. I am not in anyway surprised because you blog in a unique style “from Paradise”.

    You have been featured in Kingged so many times where you shared valuable posts and comments.

    The key takeaway is that when we promote value it becomes easier for others to recognize and align with us. I think this is just the summary of your experience!
    Congratulations once again in the 15 online places! More power to your blogging adventure!

  56. Hi BB, thanks so much! Really appreciate that, and it’s just so darn humbling to be popping up in so many awesome spots. Thanks again Brittany, you rock.

  57. Ryan,

    Make that 16, because I definitely gave a shoutout to your last post in the one I just published tonight! It’s called “11 Awesome/Funny Things You Miss While You Sleep” and it was inspired by your efforts to get personal with your readers, so thanks!

    Seriously dude, you’re my inspiration. I really owe you a lot.


  58. Hi KC, Cool, I never thought about the mindset thing. I do it naturally because I want to share insights into how I’m able to do what I’m doing; the thinking process precedes the actions. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  59. Hi Adam, I know, right? Honestly the old me didn’t buy in fully but the new me knew this was the way to go. Outreach is simply the quickest way to get the word out by connecting with a bunch of awesome folks. My pleasure Adam, and thank you.

  60. Adam Connell Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    If anyone is having reservations about whether blogger outreach works – they need to read this.

    The proof is in the pudding – seeing first hand how fast your new blog has grown since you changed things up has been incredible.

    And it’s really great to see your author page finally up on Amazon. Awesome stuff.

    Thanks so much for the kind words and mentioning my post here. I’m honored!

    Talk soon,

  61. kelli Says:

    Hi Ryan
    Having been with you all these years, I can testify to the truth of your outreach efforts, and it truly does work. In the last week or so, I have really been focusing on doing outreach on a consistent basis, and in this short time, I have seen great results–more invites to tribes, more twitter followers, comments and retweets.

    One of the best things about your blog is not only the actionable tips you give for blogging, but the glimpse you give into your mindset and why you do what you do–this is very valuable and if people work on thinking the way you do, they can see great success as well.

  62. Hi Harshajyoti, Wow thanks so much! I knew the release date was coming soon as I recalled our email exchange a few weeks back. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

  63. Hi Erik, 13K feet? Wow….you are a brave one. Kelli once did skydiving but me, I’m a fraidy cat with heights 😉 My pleasure Erik, you really do rock on so many levels. Thanks for helping me so much and enjoy your jump!

  64. Hi Tinu, Thanks so much…..really, helping, reaching out and simply enjoying the heck out of it opens doors I never knew existed. Thanks again Tinu.

  65. Hi Vernon, Wow, congrats! Persistent, smart work pays off in the present and in the long run. I agree on commenting; sharing your thoughts and helping to add value is enjoyable. Excellent, all the best on your book release and that sounds great. I share a few eBook promoting lessons here Vernon:


    Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

  66. Sorry, I forgot to mention. I was planning to tell you after launching the book. You were also featured in my book: “Be The Genius You Were Born To Be”. You might want to add that to the list. 🙂

  67. Vernon Says:

    Wow, Ryan, that’s really inspiring. I was feeling good because the Namibian Tourism Expo posted a post of mine on their blog.

    So I’ve started to see a tiny benefit, but more than that, it really is good fun reading widely and leaving meaningful comments.

    I’m busy writing a book (probably without the ‘e’), so I’m keenly interested in how you’re promoting yours (which I promise I’ll pick up soon).

  68. Tinu Says:

    I’ve always believed the best marketing comes from the activities one doesn’t think of as marketing. It’s amazing how much sincere interest in spreading joy can bring you the people you need. It sounds corny, but you’re proof that it works.

  69. Hi Ryan,
    you are doing such a fantastic job with your online presence,
    that you deserve to be featured in all these places in just 2 months.

    Thank you so much for including me in this post,
    I really appreciate you mentioned also my skydiving passion!
    Heading to jump from 13k feet tomorrow…

    I am very close to become a licensed skydiver. 🙂
    That’s awesome!

    Have a great weekend over there at Savusavu!