14 Things I Dig About Savusavu Fiji

  November 1, 2020 travel posts 🕑 11 minutes read
Savusavu Bay, Fiji

Savusavu Bay, Fiji


(Published August 2014 updated November 1, 2020)


(Note: I lived in Savusavu, Fiji from June to October in 2014)


Savusavu, Fiji has been about the most beautiful, breathtaking location I’ve seen during my 10 year trip around the world.


The beaches? Stunning. The mountain views? Majestic.


Kelli and I are living in a place nestled on a jungle cliff, some 50 meters above the bay. We see the bay to our right and have an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean to our left.


This place has embodied paradise more than any spot I’ve seen on earth.


The only downside I see is 2 pronged; getting around is more challenging as motorbike renting is not as common a thing here, and there’s not a ton to do in town, or around the island.


Hey, that’s not the point in Savusavu.


We’re here to chill for the next 3 months.


Blogging from Paradise


My Fiji trip should inspire you to live your blogging dreams. Whatever drives you, use it, to push yourself through uncomfortable but freeing conditions.


5 years ago I spent my nights looking out on Newark Bay, in New Jersey, working as a pier guard.


Now I spend my nights looking out on the mighty Pacific Ocean, being blessed with a million dollar view.


Why? What prompted my change? I wanted to be free. I dreamed of being free, and did what it took, to be free.


Benefits of Reading this Post


Why are you blogging? What drives you? Your success or failure roots itself in your driver. Maybe you believe in your writing skills. Maybe you believe in your blog.


All well and good, but if you’re not inspired to be free you’ll turn around when things get tough.


We all face blogging obstacles but the retirees, the pro bloggers, the island hopping set, these folks know why they’re blogging.


They know why, and the why reason is more powerful than any fear, doubt, worry or other negative emotions they may experience. When the why emotion overpowers the fear emotion, you win. You succeed.


If you see me traveling all over the world you’ve likely dreamed yourself in the same scenario. Maybe you’ve pictured yourself lazing on the beach here in Fiji. Maybe you’ve seen yourself living in this crib, perched on a dramatic jungle cliff/hill, overlooking the water.


The emotions you generate during visualization feed into your why. Seeing me all around Fiji, and sharing why it rocks, can put your dreaming into overdrive.


You may snap out of a malaise, or simply take it up 10 notches, to retire, to island hop, and to follow a proven blogging strategy to fund your world travels.


Inspiration set it all in motion.


This blog post may be the spark you need to:


  • Make retirement plans
  • Start blogging
  • Ramp up your blogging efforts 5 notches
  • Create your own product


I intend to inspire you. Hence, seeing my mug all over paradise.


What do I love about Savusavu, Fiji?


Million Dollar View from this Place


Kelli and I are chilling up on a cliff, some 50 meters above the ocean. Our view is a million dollar deal. We’ve been told by locals that our view far surpasses the views from down the block, at the world renowned Jean Michel Cousteau Resort.


The resort rates run from $800 to $3600 a night, by the way. We have a better view. Amazing, jaw-dropping view from here, and you can look back through each Fiji themed post to see at least 1 shot from our front deck.


We wake to this view each morning.


Another gorgeous day from the front deck in Savusavu, Fiji.

Another gorgeous day from the front deck in Savusavu, Fiji.

Something else, right?


The Friendly People


Fijian people are genuinely friendly. You will receive a “bula”, along with a cheery smile, when passing a local on the way into town, or when heading anywhere for that matter.


Fijans are kind, generous, and pretty much the nicest people I’ve come across during my world travels. They care. They are authentically interested in you, and will wave at ya, or smile, or “Bula” you, at the drop of a hat.


The thing is, the people here are really, really friendly. They aren’t looking for business, or to be hired, with a smile on their faces hiding a strong, not-too-well-hidden, agenda.


I can appreciate people who are struggling financially who use such approaches. Let’s face it; you struggle financially for a reason, and usually, it’s because you’re trying too hard to get something from someone, that you cease treating them like people and see them as dollar signs.


Here in Fiji they are treating Kelli and I like people in a warm, genuine way. They are kind.


Low Cost of Living


Kelli and I just noshed on lunch; chicken teriyaki with fries, a vegetarian quesadilla, a Fiji water and bottle of coke for FJD $31, which is roughly $15, USD.


Not bad at all.


The low cost of living combined with the stunning scenery and exclusive nature of Savusavu makes this quite the place to visit for 4 months.


We usually don’t spend more than $10 to $15 bucks between our trips to the market and the supermarket each day. Hey, we can afford more, but why spend more when you can save money, invest, and multiply your bankroll, so you can spend on what you truly value?


I don’t mind paying a few bucks for food and shelter but if I can capitalize on a strong exchange rate – USD terms – why not?


House Location


It’s not just the million dollar view we have here in the crib, it’s the fact that a few locals told us we’re living on the best real estate in Savusavu. Factor in that many Fijians told us – both on the main island, and here – that Savusavu is about the best spot in all of Fiji, and Kelli and I are sitting on about the most prime real estate, on perhaps the most desirable chain of tropical islands on earth.


You need to walk up a good 50 meters of winding driveway to reach the backyard. We are situated on a jungle cliff, with the right side of the property dominated by a jungle canopy of 3 or 4 monstrous trees.


The front yard is decorated with flowers, papaya trees, coconut trees and banana trees, spreading far and wide to the street.


Across the street – literally – is the bay. We fall asleep to the sound of Savusavu Bay gently lapping at the black, volcanic Fiji sands.


Again, we’ve been told many times by our neighbors that this is one of the better located houses in the community, let alone on the whole island. It’s exclusive, quiet, and set back.


This Is a House Sitting Gig


Did I mention we’re living here rent-free?


This is a house sitting job.


Savusavu Fiji


The Universe has some really neat ways and means of delivering you some pretty neat gifts.


A million dollar view for free…OK, save the airline tickets.


Part of living the blogging from paradise lifestyle involves manifesting stuff without having to pay a dime.


Kelli and I are not minimalists, but shoot; if you could live somewhere for free, with that somewhere being a place that would cost an appreciable amount of money each month, you may as well live there for free, right?


Healthy Fresh Produce


Savusavu town market offers you peppers, tomatoes, taro, bananas, papaya, and all manner of fresh, healthy, organic produce.


Kelli and I pick up fresh produce daily.


Keeps us healthy, and youthful looking.


We’ve also met a handful of friendly people selling produce at the market. We’re scheduled to visit one market lady’s village – on a stunning, gorgeous white sand beach – soon.


You have variety, freshness, and you can’t beat the price. 50 cents – USD – for a pretty darn big bag of tomatoes.


That’s good money.


We’ve noticed nice, fresh food in the local MH Supermarkets too. We buy our potatoes there, as well as rice and tasty snacks, canned goods and water. All prices are reasonable and the food quite tasty.


I pick dessert from the front yard. Papaya most of the time, but I’ll snag passion fruit too. There are hundreds of papaya just waiting to ripen. I see about another 5 to 10 turning each day. Dessert awaits folks.

Savusavu, Fiji

Savusavu, Fiji


Coconut trees, regular banana trees and red banana trees are also on the premises. Each of these is still coming into season. When they’re ripe, or they fall, I’m harvesting. As for now I’m putting down 1 to 2 papaya each day, fresh picked.


The Fruit Bats by the Crib


The Fruit Bats – or Flying Foxes – cruise in from the jungle each night at dusk. Imagine a bat with a 4 to 5 foot wingspan, gliding in to raid the papaya, passion fruit and mango trees each night.


Watching these fascinating creatures and hearing them fight, trying to get the prime papaya-picking spot, is quite the experience.


I recall seeing some fruit bats in Nepal but these guys seem much more active and much more vocal too.


Sometimes they wake me in the middle of the night as they squawk but I don’t mind.


I’m visiting their home; they run the show. I’m cool with that. The fruit bats are my only competition for my fruit harvest, and really, we live in abundance. So nope, they are no competition at all when you think about it.


Solid Internet Connection


Without a good, dependable internet connection, we’d be in trouble.


I recall a harrowing month in Kerouatan, Bali, where we had access to the internet for only 15 minutes some days.


Not good, for people who make a living online.


Even though we’re working off a WiFi stick/device the internet has been outstanding. Most times, it’s up, and pretty darn quick too.


Internet connectivity is a big factor in whether or not we can visit a spot; we love doing stuff away from the computer but need at least a handful of hours daily for accessing the internet to get work done.


So far, so good, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which is amazing to me.




OK I admit it; I watch a bit of TV each night. Even in paradise. I’ve been treated to shows like:


  • The Dukes of Hazard
  • Glee
  • Burn Notice
  • And a ton of Rugby matches


For having only 3 channels, not bad at all. I also watched every World Cup match from the quarterfinals on in, here in Fiji, live.


I spend more time admiring the beauty around us but it’s nice to unwind with some entertainment here and there, and Fiji has delivered.


We are treated to many different shows as well as Fiji news, New Zealand news, and Al Jazeera news. I deem Al Jazeera to be the top news site on earth, personally, even though I’m not a news hound at all. I pop in and watch 5 or 10 minutes to keep abreast of the world and to also focus on positive stories.


The Interesting Locals


I spoke to our neighbor Raja the other day. We’ll be meeting for Kava this Saturday on our front porch, which should be a real treat.


Anyway, he told the story of how he did the tech work for Tony Robbins at his world-famous Namale Resort here in Savusavu. I’ll flesh out the details later; needless to say, it was a way cool story about Tony Robbins’ generosity, and it gives a glimpse into why the guy is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


We’ve also heard from locals that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sandra Bullock have paid visits to Savusavu over the years, as well as a handful of over movie stars and prominent business people.


The Kitties


Hazey, Tom, Sophie, Peggy Sue, and former resident Mady are the local kitties here. We love feeding them and showering them with and affection.


The kitties gladly soak up the love and gobble down the mackerel.


Mady was adopted by a local couple, so she’s now in a loving home.


I also sleep more at ease knowing when the kitties head out at night, they’re doing the killing.


In places like Koh Lanta, Thailand, or Bali, cats are often killed by cobras or other venomous snakes, or eaten by 5 foot long monitor lizards or monstrous pythons. No venomous snakes exist on land here, nor do any larger lizards.


Also, other than centipedes – and we saw a fierce one on the road by the crib a few days ago, unfortunately, as road pizza – there are no aggressive insects here either. No scorpions, or venomous spiders.


The Cool Temperatures


We’re here during the high season. This means plenty of cool, relaxing temps, and dry air. If you’re an East Coast guy or gal in the US imagine Autumn-time.


We knew it’d be cool but on some nights, it drops into the low 60s, and feels like the 50s when the winds whip up.


Although I prefer hot and humid this has been a nice break from sweltering, humid spots like Pak Nam Pran and Koh Lanta in Thailand.


My Blog


Hey, Blogging from Paradise was launched here, as was my eBook.


Gotta add that one to the list.


We Are in Shape!


Kelli and I walk everywhere. That means 5 miles a day minimum, going into and back from town. On some days we do it twice. 10 miles of walking.


Factor in the 50 meter trudge up a steep grade when we hike up the driveway, usually carrying a bunch of groceries, and you can see why I’m getting both more ripped and packing on mass here in Savusavu.


Now, this can be inconvenient at times, but we’re doing justice to our tickers, and the fat is melting away, I must say.


Your Turn


I’m enjoying my time here in Savusavu so much.


Blogging from paradise has been the most thrilling period of my life. Fiji ranks right at the top of my most cherished destinations.


I derive great inspiration from living in a pristine, clean, uplifting environment, and hope to pass this energy on to you through my images, posts and blog.


Share this post with your friends if you found it to be valuable.

  1. Ken Kai says:
    at 10:56 am

    Damn, love the shots you get over there in Savusavu. I tell you, one part of me really just wants to leap over to Fiji for a few months as well. Same for Hawaii – Heaps of fresh produce to eat, to as you say, look younger. Not only that though, but living a whole lot longer without all those processed foods we ram down our throats without many alternatives apart from overpriced organic stores.

    And that deck you got there Ryan – Brilliant! That aqua blue color is great. House sitting looks neat, I should consider it in my European travels.

    Might add it up to the list I think. Will give the partner a chat about it soon.

    I like it Ryan. Tweeting now.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:17 pm

      Awesome Ken, thanks my man. he aqua blue color is something I haven’t seen during my world travels. I mean, I’ve seen clear, aqua blue water, but never so clean. I read Fiji’s waters are clear to 40 meters – or 120 feet – in depth, during the best weather in high season. Amazing! As for house sitting, it’s perfect in places like Europe, where the cost of living is higher. Thanks again Ken, and enjoy your awesome crib in Bali 😉

  2. Harleena Singh says:
    at 1:51 am

    Hi Ryan,

    You ARE living in paradise 🙂

    Would you ever want to get away from Fiji? I wonder why! Loved all the pictures you shared, and I was glued to your post right through…made me think it’s the kind of life anyone would love. How is the schooling there, if they do have schools, or perhaps the local schools have some other education system. I asked as there are those of us with a family and school going kids, so it might not be possible to stay in such a place, unless you go for a little break.

    The scenic beauty is awesome, and I think you must’ve enjoyed the untouched beauty of Kovalam too, though it’s getting populated now, unlike Fiji and the place your are located presently.

    Even the rates seem fair enough and I loved the organic fruits and vegetables, as well as the little kitties around. I think anything that makes your life peaceful and brings you happiness, should be done, though I wish it was easier for all of us 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend (I know Kelli and you have all your days similar to a weekend already!) 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:57 am

      Hi Harleena, well we’d love to stay but we only have 3 months left 😉 Then off to Bali, then to the States. Schools are OK, I think. Fiji is remote, but things are coming along on the development and modernizing front. There’s not many people here and they certainly aren’t overbuilding but it seems technology, schooling and government are progressing steadily. Oh we really loved Kovalam Beach. A bit crowded on weekends compared to how it used to be, I’m sure, but it was my favorite place in India. Thanks so much Harleena, you too 🙂

  3. YourFriend says:
    at 2:24 am

    Nice Article 🙂
    I am happy that you got Internet Access there and what about your workout routine?You do that in the morning?

    I got some brothers in Fiji, you can find them on trees 🙂

    Thanks for Sharing your Paradise xD

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:53 am

      YF, I do that morning, afternoon or night. Oh really? I’ll look up 😉 Thanks much, will do and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Lisa & Cheryl (What Boundaries) says:
    at 5:16 am

    This brings back lots of wonderful memories – we house sat for 3 months in Savusavu in 2012 and returned in 2013 to deliver a computer to the school library. The people, the food, and the breathtaking scenery – just awesome! If you’re interested, the Savusavu Rotary Club is very active in doing things for the community (building bus shelters, painting the hospital, building a school library) and they love to have extra pairs of hands to help. I can send you a contact email if you’d like. It’s a fun way to really get immersed in the local feel.

    Have a great time!!

    Cheryl and Lisa

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:10 pm

      Lisa and Cheryl, that’s awesome. I wonder if the house witting was for the same people? It doesn’t seem like many people do it here. Anyway, yes, please forward me the email I’d like so much to learn more. Thanks, will do, and you have a fun day!

  5. Kerry Russell says:
    at 7:10 am

    Hi Ryan.

    What a beautiful place you live in. Must be a dream come true. 🙂

    This is totally off topic but I do have a question for you…

    How do you manage to work without a table to lean on 🙂 Every picture I see of you you’re always resting the laptop on your knee, or a bed, etc (lol). Is it not uncomfortable?

    Going back to your post. I’ve never been to FiJi, but you’ve definitely inspired me to go there one day.

    My true inspiration for blogging is so I can move to madeira next year. I just love the Portuguese culture. At the moment I live in the busy City of Manchester and just like you, a desire for freedom is what drives me.

    Keep sharing your wonderful pictures and inspiring us to keep pushing forward when times get tough.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:31 am

      Kerry, I call that, “Paradise Evolution” 😉 Seriously, 5 years ago I could never have done it but most of these spots have nothing but a couch or bed, and the desks are too high for me, so through meditating, I’ve learned to either assume the lotus position and type away, or simply work from the lap on a chair. Wow awesome! We’d love to visit Portugal; have heard many great things about the country. Manchester? a Man U fan, or City? Will do Kerry, thanks so much for your support.

  6. Phillip Dews says:
    at 10:56 am

    Wow you using an internet stick dude!

    I naturally assumed you had wired internet there! Come to think of it your in the middle of the pacific right. Still it’s awesome that you can still use it though, no wonder our Skype calls get cut short at times hey dude!

    The place still looks amazing! We had a series of programs here a few months ago that was called simply ‘The South Pacific’ that was telling all about the islands and the ocean itself. It’s a shame though as a lot of the natural life are becoming endangered by all the flotsam we throw in the mighty pacific!

    I loved how you used the design of favicon I designed for this blog buddy, Nice touch indeed I am just glad I saved it at the size I did. normally I make them at 70X70 and then shrink it down to 16 or 8px, Just fate I was having a lazy day when I designed it!

    Great post buddy and have stumbled and tweeted via triber.
    All the best dude!
    – PD

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:07 pm

      Thanks so much PD. Yep, all sticks here. No cable, or anything via land. In the middle of nowhere for sure. I love that favicon it fits my blog and brand perfectly. Thanks goodness much of Fiji and the surrounding waters are clear but the people and government are really strict about garbage and pollution to keep it that away. Thanks again dude and have a fun day.

  7. Kelli says:
    at 1:09 am

    You did a wonderful job of describing our life here and what it is like to live in this part of Fiji….the Fiji tourism board should hire you to write content to boost Savusasu tourism!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:34 am

      KC, I received a RT from a non-official but pretty well followed Fijian tourist site so I guess I’m on the way 😉 Thanks so much, and hey, the power’s back on! Woohoo….

      • George Lanyon says:
        at 5:05 pm

        Hi Ryan. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about this hidden paradise and am really glad that you and Kelli are having the time of your life’s. Being born and raised in Savusavu myself I took everything for granted and now that I’m living in Australia makes me appreciate savusavu even more. Australia has been good to my family and I don’t get me wrong butI missed the smell of copra, burning coconut leafs and that roaring and smell of reef.Bless you both and have a great time in Savusavu for me ??

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 11:46 am

        Hi George,

        Your home town is stunning. Most gorgeous place I’ve seen in person and the people are SO friendly. Thanks for stopping by and commenting my friend 🙂


  8. Catherine Holt says:
    at 6:20 am

    I’ve not made it to Fiji yet, but it’s on my hit list. I love those relaxed islands, the people are beautiful and the scenery is amazing. It certainly is where you can work from Paradise!

    And yeah, if you can do it, then why not. Sure beats the 9-5 office grind!!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:31 pm

      Catherine, not exactly sure where you are in Aussie-land but it’s a hop skip jump from Sydney. We flew in from Sydney and it took under 4 hours. It’s close, the flight tickets were reasonably priced and it’s paradise. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  9. Carol Amato says:
    at 10:47 am

    Hi Ryan,

    Savusavu is so beautiful and seems untouched, which is rare these days. I like your downsides… LOL At least you have Internet connection to be conneted to everything, right? 🙂

    The example you set by looking at where you were (New Jersey, pier guard) and where you wanted to be – free, traveling, and then going after your dream with passionate drive until it happened, is inspiring to all who read about you. 🙂

     I think you’re smart to capitalize on the exchange-rate there.

    What a wonderful way to fall asleep, maybe you can record the bay and make your own sound machine app for when you’re in and environment that is noisy. LOL

    I figured it was a housesitting gig because I never see any pictures of the house…

     I have never eate papaya, my son has on the different trips he took to Honduras. He liked it.

    Our family did not miss one game of the World Cup even after USA and Italy went out.

    It’s wonderful that you’re in shape, Walking everywhere and are fit and healthy.

    When I lived in Italy I had to walk everywhere to buy daily food at the different shops, and most of them were uphill. So, even though I ate two large meals a day, made from local fresh organic ingredients, I ended up losing weight because of the activity and quality of food.

    I do enjoy Italy but haven’t really traveled throughout the country because when I was there it was mainly to help family.

    Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring post, it was a delightful read.

    Have a wonderful afternoon.

    – Carol

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:30 pm

      Carol, those uphill jaunts are something else! They’ll burn calories like crazy, and give you so much leeway when it comes to your diet. I can imagine what it was like in Italy; I’ve seen many images and videos depicting quite hilly areas. I also imagine the food was out of this world. Awesome, awesome stuff. Yep, I really am grateful to have the internet, stick or not, which helps me chat with you and everybody. No real downsides here. Thanks SO much for the awesome comment Carol, I do appreciate it. Enjoy your week 🙂

  10. Lisa says:
    at 5:37 am

    Ryan, how inspiring from New Jersey to Fiji – I’ve never been there but it sure looks beautiful and such a healthy lifestyle to live in too. Interesting that you picked a place with great internet service -excellent point that not all of us would have considered. And living rent FREE, what could be better than that. How long did you take to plan it out?
    My favorite vacation spot to date is Sedona in AZ and the Block Island beaches of RI.
    Enjoy your day Ryan, how can you not there?

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:50 pm

      Sedona is awesome from what I’ve heard Lisa, gotta visit one day as my cousin lives a few hours South, in Maricopa. Actually, we started planning this in November when we were in India. After 3 interviews over Skype we were offered the job. Yep, after being burned in 1 spot – where we had 15 minutes of internet access on rough days – we always take the internet thing into account. Thanks again for sharing Lisa, and thanks for buying my eBook too!

  11. Sand In My Suitcase says:
    at 9:14 pm

    Well, you’ve got a great “office” for the next little while! And with no dangerous critters, you needn’t worry about much (except maybe a mosquito bite?) Enjoy!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:25 pm

      Hi Guys, yep, just the mosquito is affecting me now, here and there. No creepy crawlies in Fiji by a longshot. Thanks so much for reading.

  12. kareim says:
    at 10:12 am

    Hey Ryan,
    Nice blog!
    I am planning travelling with my son an wife while working online.
    Were there any particular countries you have visited on your travels, that you thought were most family friendly?
    What are your recommendations?

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:26 pm

      Wow, awesome Kareim. That sounds like a fun time with the family. Hmmm…..I’d say certain parts of countries. Like: Ubud in Bali, Seminyak in Bali, Chiang Mai in Thailand, the biggest island in Fiji…..off hand, I’ll think about a few others and will add to this list as the ideas hit me, for family travel. Thanks so much for reading, and see you soon!

      • linda@aswesawit.com says:
        at 10:19 pm

        Speaking of Bali, we lived on Bali for a while – in both Seminyak and Sanur, each on opposite sides of Denpasar. The water on the Sanur side of the island is calmer and more kid-friendly. It’s also a little less touristy.

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 11:35 pm

        Yep Linda, we loved it in both spots, but Sanur….or as my friend from Jakarta calls it…..”Snore” ;)….is much more low key. Thanks much.

  13. Linda Bibb says:
    at 10:11 pm

    Oh, my, I was in Fiji ages ago as a young kid and have wanted ever since to return and experience the country as an adult. I was so excited to find the hotel we stayed at in Suva (Grand Pacific Hotel); still remember walking out on the balcony overlooking the park.


    Back then – way before anyone was environmentally conscious – we took a glass-bottom boat out to a coral reef. The diver on board went down to grab some coral and when he surfaced he filled a pan with water and shook out the fish that were hiding in there. Boy, does that date me, lol. But it did make me want to be a diver. Now that we both are certified, we can enjoy both the culture and the nature, and yes, Fiji is on our short list. I can hardly wait.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:37 pm

      Hi Linda, Wow, how cool is that? Being here a while back, it must have been such a different place. No you’re not dating yourself too much……congrats on your diving careers….must be so much fun, and rewarding, to see some of the world’s beautiful spots, down below. Thanks for sharing Linda.

  14. Alex says:
    at 8:59 pm

    Hey man,

    Great stuff, enjoyed reading it. Heading out to down the road from you guys I suspect in movement for a couple of months after four months of travels. Your blogs confirmed what I was hoping!

      • Alex says:
        at 7:39 am

        Yep were coming mid November to savasavu, well excited! Sounds like it’s going to be a dream. When you guys leaving?

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 2:28 pm

        Awesome Alex enjoy! We’re leaving October 27th we’re out….just miss ya 😉

  15. Sandra & Garry says:
    at 1:24 am

    Hi Ryan, I just bumped into your blog and remembered who you were and that we have met in Savusavu before. Not sure if you remember us (older couple), but we met you at the bottom of the drive way. We were walking home, well walking, waiting for the bus and you were just walking down to the bottom of the steep drive. We stopped and chatted to you and you said you had an internet business and we said, so did we! You were about to leave in about 3 days.

    We’re still here in Fiji and loving it. Now based in Nadi with a new website to help visitors get better deals on trips and activities in Fiji. In our research we discovered there is a monopoly with one company doing most of the bookings for trips, activities etc and take between 25% & 30% for making a sale. We thought this was massively expensive so we only take 10% and give the other 10% back as a discount to visitors. Just getting going, but so far so good. It would be awesome if you could like our facebook page – no pressure though. Next time you’re back in Fiji, as you must come back, we should get together.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:21 am

      Sandra and Garry, I remember you SO well! Yes, we chatted when you were waiting for you bus. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 I like that % breakdown and I like your creative mindset too. Really neat 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing and we’ll chat soon!

  16. Renard Moreau says:
    at 5:55 pm

    [ Smiles ] Ryan, I love the cats.

    From the looks of things, you are having the time of your life in Fiji.

    I am not so much into television; so I will not miss it if I were to go Fiji for a vacation.

    The turn off for me is: not having any sort of easy internet access in Fiji.

    I am accustomed to having a very reliable internet feed in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:05 pm

      Renard, I really, really loved Fiji. Missing it a bit but here in Bali I’m having a blast too. Amen on the TV thing. We were supposed to do a house sit in your beautiful country but it didn’t align. For now at least. The connection thing got to us after a while. One of the downsides in Fiji, or at least, in Savusavu. Thanks much 🙂

  17. Hester says:
    at 2:06 am

    LOVE this post about Savusavu!!! I was only there for 1 day :'( but loved every moment!! Thanks xxx

  18. Hannah says:
    at 11:28 am

    Loved reading this – Fiji is pretty high on my list of favourite places, too. I went there 2 years ago to travel and work. It’s such a beautiful and interesting country and everyone there is so so nice. Would love to go back, maybe I’ll look into house sitting next time 🙂


  19. Milly Claudia says:
    at 7:43 am

    hii, i read this blog and thanks sharing blog with me. a blog this reading is very easy and smooth language.


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