14 Reasons Why I Love Savusavu Fiji eBook


Right now I am looking at blizzard like conditions here in New Jersey.


Winds about 20-30 MPH and gaining steam.


7 degree Fahrenheit wind chill factors.


Blowing snow drifts.


Goodness, I miss Savusavu Fiji.


One reason why I love Savusavu Fiji; the brilliant weather during the dry season and hey, the hot, humid weather during the wet season. I love ’em. Both. Sure as heck beats the cold and snow of the Northeast USA. For me at least.


I decided to write an eBook for you, to help you see if Savusavu, Fiji is an ideal travel location for you:


14 Reasons Why I Love Savusavu Fiji eBook



This is a fun read guys.


Aspiring South Pacific travelers, you have a blueprint for adding Savusavu to your travel list.


If you are hopping around, say, the Cook Islands, or maybe Samoa, and wanted to find the sweetest little slice of paradise among a whole lotta paradise, Savusavu may just be for you.


Benefits of Reading this eBook


  • read a first person account of day to day life in Savusavu from someone who spent 4 months there as a digital nomad
  • learn about the charm, peace, generosity and loving-kindness of the jolly local Fijians in this Hidden Paradise of Fiji
  • get the 411 on the low cost of living there
  • live vicariously through me as I share the spectacular details of our house sit, including the location of the home, which offered us one of the best views on Vanua Levu, and perhaps, in all of Fiji
  • enjoy my recounts of walks into town for the freshest produce, my encounters with pterodactyl-sized fruit bats who swooped onto the property nightly, bickering over the juiciest bits of papaya, and my legendary workouts that involved some rugged terrain and fantastic resistance training, courtesy of the volcanic activity in the area




1: Million Dollar View from the Place
2: The Friendly People
3: Low Cost of Living
4: House Location
5: House Sitting Gig
6: Healthy Fresh Produce
7: The Fruit Bats by the Crib
8: Solid Internet Connection
9: TV
10: The Interesting Locals
11: The Kitties
12: The Cool Temperatures
13: My Blog
14: Great Place for Getting in Shape!


The eBook Cover


I snapped the eBook cover selfie image beside the bay in Savusavu.


Pretty crystal clear waters there, eh?


14 reasons why I love savusavu fiji ebook


Love the Place


I admit it; I am biased. Sure as hell knew that one, didn’t ya?


One scan of the eBook title tells you I love Savusavu, Fiji,


But this eBook is more about giving you a crystal clear, vivid, life-like experience of the small, sleepy town on Vanua Levu so you can decide whether or not you want to add it to your travel list.


Savusavu is paradise. The paradise of tropical paradises, being the most clean, pristine place I have ever seen in person.


Clear evenings treated me with planetarium-worthy views of the skies. Were those low-hanging clouds? Nope; just the Milky Way.


We also feasted on a few dramatic views during rainy days quite reminiscent of Skull Island.



Insane views, Kelli and I enjoyed. Especially from the deck at night, as the fiery ball of a sun quickly crept below the towering mountains in the distance, sprinting below the horizon as jungle darkness overtook us.


I snapped one such sunset as the featured image for this post.


Fruit bats hovered like harrier jets, alighting on the papaya trees in the front yard.


Said front yard was basically a jungle cliff positioned 200 meters above Savusavu Bay.


Fiji eBook


If you want to step inside Fiji, to get a feel for this South Pacific gem, buy the eBook.


14 Reasons Why I Love Savusavu Fiji eBook