13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

February 8, 2018
blogger outreach tips
I had never heard of Bangkok Ham until I saw Bangkok Ham in Chiang Mai the other day. What a ham.


As I chill out after birthday celebrations in Thailand I dive into the save Ryan’s fingers campaign again.


Code for; podcast day.


I also spotted some lame blogger outreach strategies recently that need to be addressed.


OK; I spotted lame blogger outreach strategies over the past decade.


No fronting though. I was in the same lame boat for eons. Or for a few months 10 years ago. Which felt like eons.


You may feel lost about how to build blogging friendships. Maybe hazy on how to impress influencers.


I wrote an eBook for you titled:


13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle


and listed each chapter via today’s super short, 150 second podcast.


Grab the eBook my little sweet robbins for the full, beefy, souped up version of the podcast.


The podcast is like the appetizer. Like feeding a hapless human to a T Rex from the Jurassic Park movie series.


The eBook is like a full sized brontosaurus waiting for a T Rex with mammoth-sized fork and knife in hand (would T Rex arms be too short to use fork and knife?).


Vegetarians; if you like my wife are a vegetarian, think of eating 4 French fries versus feasting on a cauldron of mashed potatoes dripping with butter, cream cheese and chives.


Guys, if you want to make friends and promote your blogging success, the best way to cover both bases is to build your outreach campaign on solid, proven fundamentals.


These 13 tips are the fundamentals.


Click the play button:



Your Turn


Are you following these tips for your blogger outreach campaign?


What tips can you add to this list?


Outreach eBook


Buy my eBook to make your blogger outreach campaign sizzle:


13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle eBook


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  1. Thanks so much for shouting me out Israel 😉 Excellent point on blogging not being as hard as folks say; they are just doing silly stuff backed with a fear-based energy. Following networking fundamentals makes blogging easier. Have a fab weekend my friend 🙂

  2. Thanks Jerry!

  3. Doing things from love makes life SO much easier Freddy. It is the most powerful energy we have and a must cultivate vibe to do outreach right. Thanks bro!

  4. Thanks Sara! I said Hi to Yoda too 😉 Your comment sums it up perfectly. Being aligned is oh so key; gotta pick stars who do blogging from a heart-centered energy. Thanks for the fabulous comment 🙂

  5. Sara Duggan Says:

    Hi, Ryan. Happy Birthday and say hi to Yoda. ^_^

    I think at the heart of blogging is true blogger outreach. It’s what blogging was founded on.

    I often look back at my crochet blogging days, way before I even knew about SEO, writing viral headlines, and all sorts of other stuff that bogs my mind now AND find the reason I enjoyed it so much was the community I built.

    It wasn’t intentional (per se) but I grew a little crochet community of like-minded yarn nerds. I was found by others bloggers not because of all the stuff I did but because of the friendships I built. I still have many of those friends today and I don’t even crochet anymore.

    As Freddy said in his comment, stick to your heart and focus on making the world (even a virtual one) a better place. That’s where my gut is telling me to go back too as well.

    I did listen but now that I’m commenting I can’t recall whether you mentioned – to focus on your niche rockstars. Meaning if you’re a mom blogger go to the mom rockstars. Find the yoga or nutrition rockstars, go to the rockstars in your area of expertise.

    BUT, don’t hook up with them just because they’re rockstars, ask yourself if you align with their blog, teachings, ways of doing and saying things because it’s important for the long game.

    You don’t want to align with someone who is going to drain the positive energy (work) you’re doing nor do you want to send people their way if you feel they’ll get some negative stuff from it.

    Always great visiting your virtual space. ^_^

  6. Hey Ryan!

    Yoda wants to be on the podcast show!!

    My favorite tip is to just have fun helping others and being of genuine service to your niche audience.

    If you blog and help others in your niche audience, and have a lot of fun doing it, it is contagious and people can feel your energy. All of a sudden you become a magnet and success will follow you.

    Just do things from the energy of love and truly have the intention to help this world become a better place for all of us. One person at a time. One blog post a time. One ebook at a time. One video tutorial at a time. One podcast show at a time. Just do what you can with more love and light in every moment! 😉

    Thank you for sharing this man!

    Keep on rocking!

    Best regards! 😀

  7. Jerry Peri Says:

    So yesterday, the 8th is actually your birthday? Happy birthday to you, Ryan! Thanks for the awesome tips.

  8. Hello Ryan,

    Kudos to you for teaching that in order to make friends and promote blogging success, one must build outreach campaigns on solid, proven fundamentals. This sounds so great and it’s instrumental to ultimate success in blogging.

    I always think about newbie bloggers who don’t have access to blogging tips like these because they haven’t come across them yet, though I’ve begun recommending pages of this blog to my audience through my blog posts, pages and comments to limit the extent to which people make common blogging mistakes.

    It was recently I noticed that blogging isn’t as difficult as some people handle it. Since I have been sheepishly following tips on this blog, I have started seeing blogging in a different way entirely and I am happy about that.

    I discovered recently that I was building site trust already and I could trace that progress to the tips I have been receiving and following here. Thanks a lot, Ryan! You are building lives already.

  9. I left a thought.