13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle eBook


Loving my time in Chiang Mai Thailand.


You’re disgusted.


Sick of blogging in a cyber cave.


Tired of blogging for a chorus of crickets.


Turns out, you have a connection problem.


Or more accurately; you ain’t get connected.


But you don’t get connected by asking strangers for the favor to help them get connected. This asinine approach gets abused too often by aspiring, struggling bloggers.


I get emails daily asking me to either connect struggling bloggers with successful bloggers or the same lame stranger pitches to appear on Blogging From Paradise.


If you feel like a blogging longer I wrote an eBook to help you become connected.


Here it is:


13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle



How the eBook Benefits You


All your blogging success flows through your network.


If you have a large, engaged network of friends you will succeed online.


This eBook helps you by giving you 13 practical tips for building a large, loyal, supportive friend network.


A tribe.


We all want a tribe.


We all want to be heard.


We all want to succeed.


This eBook is your success manual for getting super connected.


eBook Benefits


  • learn the tremendously profitable Blogging Golden Rule
  • uncover the secret to help you work your way into the hearts of top bloggers
  • tap into an underused connecting medium for building strong friendships with rocking bloggers




Time to dive into the nuts and bolts of what’s in this eBook.



What’s in the eBook?


Here are the chapters my kiddies.


Chapter 1: Embrace the Golden Rule
Chapter 2: Promote Authority Bloggers Generously
Chapter 3: Comment Freely on Authority Blogs
Chapter 4: Respond to Each Comment on Your Blog
Chapter 5: Be Authentic
Chapter 6: Hop on Outreach Opportunities Quickly
Chapter 7: Learn from Outreach Dynamos/Masters/Jedi’s
Chapter 8: Detach from Your Own Needs
Chapter 9: Have More Fun and Work Less
Chapter 10: Make Email Your Best Buddy
Chapter 11: Impressions Are Made Over Time….So Be Persistent!
Chapter 12: Park Your Ego at the Front Door
Chapter 13: On to the Next One…..


I wrote the eBook to help you feel a sense of relief.


Networking is not easy. But gets easier when you have proven practical networking tips in your arsenal.


As evidenced by my email inbox, most bloggers have no clue in hell how to network.


Enter this eBook.


I wrote it to give you 13 actionable tips you can seize and use today to begin networking like a champion.


You really can become a connected blogger – no matter where you start off – by following simple tips for months, then years.


Anybody can get connected guys. I was a fired security guard 10 years ago. I had no idea what a blog was, nor did I have any blogging buddies. I was as far away from being a connected blogger as you could be yet here I am today, writing these words from beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Grab this eBook for a helpful networking manual.


Make your blogger outreach campaign sizzle.


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