13 Sensational Bloggers Who Have Helped Me Blog from Paradise (Plus Delicious Fiji Pictures) – Part 2

October 23, 2014
I had to say the coconut was good...look at the guy's machete! Seriously though, the coconut juice tasted delicious. From Naginagi, Fiji, on the beach.
I had to say the coconut was good…look at the guy’s machete! Seriously though, the coconut juice tasted delicious. From Naginagi, Fiji, on the beach.


OK, on to part 2. If you’ve yet to read Part 1, just click here.


I am honored and grateful to know so many fab blogging buddies. Really, I could only do what I’m doing because I’m supported by kind, loving, caring pros, who’ve expanded my presence, who’ve extended my reach, and who’ve inspired me to totally rock out this blogging thing.


I am writing a diary without the help, inspiration and love my friends show me.


Each one of these folks has taught me how to blog, or how to network, or how to flat out become successful. Some have interviewed me, others have reviewed my eBooks, some have invited me to publish guest posts on their blogs and I have a few eBook customers, freelance writing clients and blog coaching clients listed below as well….MORE than a few…..


They rock! Follow them.


On to the rocking bloggers.


Jane Sheeba


Jane is another old skool buddy who I’ve known for years. She shares easy to embrace, powerful blogging tips at Pro Blogging Success.  Jane has been able to balance so many tasks at once, building her blogging businesses while launching other online ventures.


She’s highly skilled at formatting her posts. Check out the layout, the design, and the ample use of spacing. Brilliant. Thanks Jane, for your support over the years.


Adrienne Smith


Other than Kelli, I’ve known Adrienne Smith longer than I’ve known anybody on this list. She’s the Engagement Maven, the Queen of Networking, and a commenting machine.


Adrienne’s talent especial is forming strong friendships with an ever growing legion of bloggers. She’s highly adept at writing impactful, thoughtful comments. She publishes clear, simple, powerful posts, that get the point across, and she speaks in her own voice (rarity these days). Adrienne is a networking consultant and she can also help you set up your WordPress blog.


She’s really helped me to become a mindful networker, and I’m looking so forward to when her product comes out soon.


Phillip Dews


Phillip Dews designs my Blogging from Paradise eBook covers, my blog, and he puts out the backoffice fires that sometimes plague me. He’s highly motivated, generous, creative, and he delivers his work in prompt fashion.


More than anything, Phillip is dependable. He’s there when you need him, and that’s always been a quality in folks whom I decided to partner with.


PD’s funny, quirky, and a wonderful friend, too. A skilled, trustworthy designer, and a fun dude. I’m deeply grateful to him for all of the work he’s done for me over the years, because without him, I’d be rocking the old skool Kubrick theme, and my Blogging from Paradise eBooks would be in mothballs.


Adam Connell


Adam Connell is the owner of Blogging Wizard. He’s in the mold of a Glen Alsop or Neil Patel, as the guy writes REALLY in-depth, insightful, detailed posts which I absolutely love.


Adam also employs a layout with plenty of whitespace. Again, up my alley.


He’s a networking pro too, freely sharing his platform with other talented bloggers.


If you need blogging tips, Adam’s your guy.


Marc Andre


Marc is a wonderfully talented blogger who runs the website ProfitBlitz. He’s quite adept at creating in-depth, thoughtful, generous posts teaching you how to effectively prosper through your blog, or business site, for that matter.


Marc has sold websites for handsome sums of money. He’s definitely a guy you want to get to know better.


He’s also active on the commenting scene and you’ll spot him on social networking sites too. Marc generously provided a warm testimonial for one of my eBooks. Super nice guy, ultra knowledgeable, and yep, he’s helped me blog from paradise.


Rob Cubbon


Rob Cubbon is a guy I’m jealous of. I admit it. No, not because of his stunning success with selling courses through Udemy, or through selling is eBooks. He’s living in Chiang Mai, Thailand now, one of my favorite spots on earth. I love living in Fiji, and I’ll dig living in Bali in a few days, but Chiang Mai will always just about be #1 in my heart.


Rob is super talented at creating helpful instructional videos and like I said, he can crank out successful eBooks too. Rob also gave me a nudge to publish more eBooks and videos, which I greatly appreciate…..and of course I took his advice to heart.


Matthew Capala


Mattew Capala has opened so many doors for me. He’s worked with me on a handful of projects, he’s taught me blogger outreach and he’s also invited me to speak to his NYU class in early December. I’m so humbled and grateful to have met Matt a while back.


Our 'hood in Savusavu, Fiji. Not a bad beach down the street from our place.
Our ‘hood in Savusavu, Fiji. Not a bad beach down the street from our place.


He’s an SEO wizard and outreach dynamo. If you check out the reviews for his eBook, SEO Like I’m 5, you’ll see an absolute flood of positive feedback from a crew of incredibly talented, genuine SEO authorities.


He’s as good as anyone at building prospering bonds and he’s a generous dude to boot.


Catherine Holt


Catherine Holt is a kind, talented blogger who runs BloggingTips101. She first caught my eye because I vibed with her content and I absolutely loved the fact that she was able to snag that domain name. Good move!


Catherine creates super practical, helpful blogging tips themed posts, and she also networks aggressively to build bonds and prosper.


She’s often spotted on social networks and the nearest authority blog commenting field, and she runs a successful blogger interview series as well.


Erik Emanuelli


Erik Emanuelli is a fun-loving, daring dude and a value-sharing blogger who is probably sky-diving as I write these words. He runs a few sites, one of which is NoPassiveIncome. Erik is wonderfully skilled at creating simple, powerful blog posts full of practical tips that you can use to your benefit immediately.


Erik is kind, generous and oh so supportive too. He’s been a good friend and inspiring person to follow, and I feel grateful that our paths crossed.


Lauren Reliford


Lauren Reliford  is an inspiring, generous, supportive blogger who I’ve known for years. She keeps the wisdom flowing through her Facebook feed and as I know by now, if you’re having problems forgiving yourself, or others, she’s The Queen of Forgiveness, and she’ll have you releasing in no time.


Lauren does a wonderful job living from the inside out and she freely teaches her readers and followers to do the same. She’s also been one of my more supportive friends for many years.  Get to know her.


Kerry Russell


Kerry Russell is a talented blogger from the UK who networks like a champion. She places an emphasis on technology but also shares blogging tips and social media themed posts. Kerry is a wonderful person and she’s oh so supportive too.


She has awesome energy and she’s also a tenaciously persistent gal. Kerry creates some of the more thoughtful, generous comments out there and is one of the blogging outreach dynamos I learn so much from.


Richard Martin


Richard Martin shares tips on how to prosper online over at Smart Income Detective. He’s thoughtful, supportive and a darn knowledgeable blogger who inspired many folks to build a freeing lifestyle online.


Richard writes value-packed posts and he also generously features other bloggers on his blog.


He creates absolutely whopper-sized comments here which I deeply appreciate, as I know how much value he’s adding to my blog when he shares his thoughts.


Richard’s had serious success selling eBooks so he’s a guy you need to listen to if you’re going down that road.


Andrew Warner


Andrew over delivers in all he does. He creates some of the more in-depth, thoughtful comments that you’ll ever see and then he turns around and does the same thing with his blog posts.


Me watching the sunrise from the back deck in Koh Lanta, Thailand. A rare non selfie. Thanks Kelli.
Me watching the sunrise from the back deck in Koh Lanta, Thailand. A rare non selfie. Thanks Kelli.


If one word describes Andrew it’s “thorough.” He puts deep thought and great detail into each one of his creations and I can feel the impacts he makes online.


Follow them All


I suggest bookmarking or subscribing to each one of these blogger’s blogs. Every one of them has supported me in a number of ways: eBook customers, freelance writing clients and blog coaching clients litter this list.


They are inspirational, value-sharing, generous bloggers who will teach you how to do this online thing right and proper.


Each one of my eBooks frees you in some way, shape or form. If you want to retire to a life of successful professional blogging, my library can help you reach that goal.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


Follow Ryan

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. 😉

  2. Dexter Roona Says:

    You left me off the list :-))

  3. Andrew, you’re doing such an awesome job of networking! Between that and your fab posts, onward and upward. You are fulfilling your potential which is an awesome thing to behold. Thanks Andrew!

  4. Andrew Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    First off, thanks so much for the mention. Truly appreciate it. I’m also humbled to be on this list with so many great bloggers. Many of them I know, but even the ones I don’t know, I know they’re good based on the fact they made your list here.

    Building connections in blogging is really the only way to true success and you, my friend, has been doing a stand-up job in doing so. Evidence of that can only be shown by your success of your eBooks and your entrance into the next level of blogging. You’re truly carving your way into popular blogger status and I applaud you for that.

    My hopes is that next year, I’ll be able to build even more relationships with other great bloggers and get to that level you’re currently in. Thanks again for the mention, Ryan. You’re truly a great guy and I’m glad to have connected with you and be able to have this friendship.

    Hope you and Kelli have an awesome week.

    – Andrew

  5. Adrienne, you are the truest testament to the power of connections. I’ve been so blessed to meet you, and to learn from you, over all of these years. I too have been moved by the wonderful group of people I’ve met online. What a neat medium the internet is! Thanks SO much for your generous comment, and you do the same 🙂

  6. Sherman, so happy to introduce you to some new awesome folks. Thanks, and you too!

  7. Hey Ryan,

    As your list of inspirational people grow, you grow! You can tell what type of person you are becoming with the type of people you are associating with. I see more and more genuine people you become friends with each year.

    I know about half of the people you mentioned, but i will definitely have to stop by the real estate of the other bloggers you mentioned. Thanks for the list and I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Adrienne Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    You’ve known me the longest out of this group! That’s so cool and see, we are STILL connected even though I wasn’t into what you were back then I could still tell that you were someone special. We all learn, grow and evolve… We find our own place here in the big old world wide web and I’m glad that we both saw something in each other and had to keep hanging around.

    I have to tell you Ryan, if people only truly understood the meaning of how powerful it is making connections with other bloggers. As you know, I’m in the process of getting my own product ready to launch next month.

    I have literally sat here at my computer crying like a baby so touched and feeling so blessed by the number of people who were willing to help me with this. I know what it feels like to need help and support and not have anyone there. But the outpouring of true love that has been shown me, I just wish everyone could experience it as well but I know it’s within their grasp.

    Because of those connections we have truly come to know, appreciate, like and genuinely want to help our friends. That’s what they’ve become, that’s what you’ve become; my friend! Who doesn’t want to help and support someone like that when they know what they have to offer is SO valuable and can help SO many people.

    I’m just thrilled that you and I have stayed connected and it’s taken us to this place. Thank you so much for the mention again, I just feel so honored because I know what a genuinely great guy you are and you definitely deserve everything that’s happening in your life right now.

    Thanks Ryan and of course you know I’m sharing this with my friends too!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  9. Awesome Sue Anne, definitely get to meet and meet some new folks. So many cool bloggers who I know you’ll enjoy connecting with. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  10. Yep Jane, putting in the effort and persisting really makes this blogging thing work. My pleasure! You’ve been so supportive over the years and I appreciate you for it 🙂

  11. Dennis Says:

    All of a sudden, my feedly just got a lot more crowded.

    Ill have to check their blogs out!

    Thanks for the recommendations Ryan!

  12. Marc, thank you! And it’s my absolute pleasure. I love noticing folks who have helped me create this neat life, and I know you and many other bloggers are doing really neat things too.

  13. Marc Says:

    Thank you very much for including me and for your kind words. Building a strong network requires an attitude of being genuinely helpful to others and you definitely exemplify that.

  14. Jane Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks SO much for the feature – it’s an honor, seriously! And I am so happy to see many of my buddies featured here too. Another thing that makes me truly happy is to know that I’ve been a part of your success (hope I can say that, after being featured in this post here) – love how relationships develop over time if we take enough efforts to nurture it 🙂

    Thanks once again Ryan!


  15. Hi, Ryan,

    I know half of these great bloggers – now I need to go and check out the blogs of the other super bloggers you just introduced me too!


  16. Way col Sherryl 😉 They’re all wonderful folks and I know you’ll dig Phil, Matt and Lauren. Appreciate it and have a fun weekend 🙂

  17. Lauren, you’re doing so well! Love your Facebook updates, and the fact that you’ve been so diligent. Thanks for your support 🙂

  18. Thanks for the mega shout out on your blog. OMG! I am so excited to be featured on this amazing list!

    You’re my favorite mentor. I read more these days than I comment. Life is ultra busy around here, but I was just thinking about carrying my laptop with me, so I can work while I am out. I spend hours in public transit everyday!

    Or maybe I need a bigger phone. lol Thanks again!

  19. As always, it’s nice to see so many deserving bloggers get the recognition that they deserve. While I was happy to see that I’m already connected with the majority of the bloggers that you highlighted here, I found three new bloggers to follow (Phillip, Matthew and Lauren). Thanks.

  20. PD you rock! Thanks so much for sharing the video and your wisdom, and yep; the riches are in relationships and when you build ’em, the money follows.

  21. Reginald, you are too! Thanks so much for your support and keep on growing my man 🙂

  22. Richard thanks SO much! I knew not you were a Brummie too; Phil’s a great friend, a talented designer and he’s just so helpful and timely. I think he nailed it, and I feel so grateful for our relationship. Always my pleasure Richard, I’m uber inspired by your success and appreciate your support 🙂

  23. Rob, I am SO happy for you! For your success, your travels and for being in Chiang Mai. It’s maybe my fave place on earth…enjoy it!

  24. It’s so true Shafee, we really pick each other up along the way. Thanks!

  25. Thank you so much for the mention, Ryan.
    What an honor to be placed with 12 other amazing bloggers.

    There are a couple of names in your list I still need to connect with.
    What a nice chance to meet them and visit their blogs.

    It’s great to have you as my friend, your positivity and work is inspiring.
    I really believe it.

    Keep rocking, mate.
    Enjoy your friday in Fiji! 🙂

    Tweeting the post right now.

  26. Phillip Dews Says:

    Hey Richard,

    Hows it going? Wow a fellow Brummie I see. Had no idea and just wondering if Ryan did as well? Wher abouts are you as Im based in Sutton Coldfield well minwirth to be exact but I work a lot in Victoria Square!

    Would be worth meeting up for a pint or two hey dude?
    Chat soon!

    – PD

  27. Shafee Says:

    By blogging from about 2 years, I have heard many of them helping others although they are much popular. I’m really delightful for their helping face.

    I really admire that no one can be successful without the helps of others. As you have mentioned, they have helped you in many ways as you always do for others. 🙂

  28. Rob Cubbon Says:

    You’ve helped me, buddy, more than you’ll know. More than I’ll know. I’ve seen your friendly face smiling at me in this blog (and the last one) framed by exotic locations week after week, month after month and year after year. And I knew that I could be doing that one day. It was a dream I’d had for a long time – at least two and a half years, actually. I knew I could do it. But I had to wait.

    I’m here now (in Chiang Mai) who know where I’ll be next year. But, for now, I’m happy.

    I hope you continue inspiring people, Ryan. You do it better than anyone!

    Two words: thank you!

  29. Hello Ryan.

    Awesome list. I know and connect with about 50% of them already, but will need to check out your other recommendations.

    Adrienne, Kerry, Andrew, Erik, Adam. Yep, all known names to me, and some have become really good friends in the blogosphere.

    Phillip Dews – absolutely love the graphic he has designed for your eBooks (and on your blog). The palm tree and use of colour capture you and your brand just perfectly. And as a fellow Brummy (I used to live in Birmingham, UK at one point in my life), I really should be going to him for designs on my next project.

    Colour is something I need to work on. My homepage is too bland – black and grey. Boring. And it’s something I missed when changing the theme at the start of the year; how colour impacts the mindset and the feeling you get when you land somewhere.

    Like I say, the colours and images on your blog capture your lifestyle and go hand in hand with your messages perfectly. They lend themselves to hope and inspiration, but also to a feel good factor. It’s almost feels like I am in Paradise 🙂

    Thanks for the mention Ryan. I appreciate it a lot buddy.

    Have a mega inspired day.

  30. Ryan.

    Every time I see you, you are just growing and you seems to be forever growing!

    Man, I really envy you for the job well done! The ones you listed are awesome man. These are GREAT people!

    Thanks for sharing them and have a blessed day buddy.

  31. Phillip Dews Says:

    Wow dude yet Again I am humbled buddy, I am not worthy! BTW I just delivered the latest and hope that it’s cool, sure it will be!

    First that video (thats now pride of place on my endoresments page) and now this and to be amongst some awesome bloggers as well!
    I know that a lot of web developers and designers out there do what they do for the money!

    Well money for me is just a by-product and a tool to be used, you taught me that buddy! For me though the real wealth comes in the relationships that i have developed and what my clients say about me.

    There worth more to me than just money. People should learn to stop chasing after the money and focus more on helping others become more valuable because due to the nature of Karma we become valuable as well!

    It’s not often I do this and post links in comments but I came across this video by Earl Nightingale that I think everyone here will enjoy especially KC. so do please have a listen…


    Thanks again dude for the wonderful mention. Till next time..