12 Tips for New Bloggers

  May 19, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
tips for new bloggers

From my trip to Oman.


(Published 1/16/2020 Updated 5/19/2022)


Blogging is a fun ride but these tips for new bloggers nudge you through newbie fears we all face.


I faced these fears. You face these fears. All beginner bloggers feel the fear of failure, the fear of criticism and the fear of wasting their time. Toss in a blanket anxiety of not knowing who to trust and you have a pretty strong fear cocktail, crippling newbies.


Tips for New Bloggers


Time to turn your fear into faith, guys. I believe in you. I know you can do successful, smart, effective blogging stuff from day 1 of your online career. How? Follow these tips.


1: Blog Mainly for Fun


Blog mainly for fun. Money and popularity ain’t coming for a while so keep your motivator as a newb to see the journey through.


Have fun. Enjoy the ride. Get lost in loving the process of helping people. Love the process to detach from outcomes. Feeling detached from traffic and profits outcomes puts you in the proper frame of mind for a long blogging journey.


2: Bring People Along for the Ride


Look down; see how I promote other bloggers here, on my blog? I bring friends along for the ride who then promote me, endorse me, hire me and even create courses with me. Wow, right!? Bring folks along for the ride, new bloggers. Build your friend network now, NOT when you really need it, down the road.


Think in terms of community. Do with others. Work for others. Be with. Never be against. Never blog solo. Lone wolves fail. Competitors fight an imagined enemy.


Help as many bloggers as possible on a daily basis. Let go expectations. Ask people for nothing in return. Earn trust. Make friends. Blogging buddies will take you places that you never could imagine.


3: Invest in a Trusted Resource


Have oodles of fun getting the best blogging information from the best bloggers and cut years off of your learning curve.


Invest in:



Resources offer you complete solutions for getting the job done. By investing in blogging resources you have step by step manuals to enjoy and follow in order to succeed.


4: Invest in Your Domain and Hosting


Just buy it, OK guys? Own your new blogger online real estate. Maximize your branding and earning potential.


Never blog on free platforms because ceding ownership, losing control and lacking branding potential cripples your blogging campaign.


Start off on the right blogging foot. Invest in your domain and hosting. Customize your blog. Open virtually unlimited income channels.


5: Resist the Urge to Take Shortcuts


No shortcuts or hacks exist. If a shortcut existed, don’t ya think we pros would have discovered it by now? DUH! LOL….relax, and blog with integrity. Take your time. Blog the right way. Set yourself up for stunning long term success by blogging the right way from day #1.


Mount Cook, New Zealand


Taking shortcuts seems like a quick way to succeed. But all attempts at shortcuts add years to your learning curve in addition to adding years of work to your blogging campaign. Each short cut attempt puts you back hours, days and months.


Be patient. Relax. Expect to be here for a while. Take your time. Develop the proper frame of mind for thriving as a blogger.


6: Put Yourself in Your Reader’s Shoes


New bloggers often think of themselves when they should be thinking about their readers, right? Reader make up your traffic, and, pad your profits, by buying your stuff and hiring you. Listen to readers. Spot their problems. Solve their problems through your content.


7: Treat Blogging Like a Serious Business


Blogging is no passing, casual habit or an afterthought. Treat blogging like a serious business from day #1 of your career and blogging will treat you seriously. Devote substantial time and energy to learning this gig, generously helping people and trusting in yourself.


8: Hang Only with Successful Bloggers


Learn from the pros. Let everyone else go. Take these tip of tips for new bloggers and run with it because pros show you what works, condition you to do what works with their influence, and pros pick you up when you need a new blogger pick-me-up. Follow:



among other pros to learn from the best and to begin your blogging journey on the right foot.


9: Manage Your Energy


Spend 30 minutes or more engaging in one – or a few – of these practices: meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga, EFT tapping…or whatever helps you manage your energy. New blogger thoughts feel like a roaring rapids, right guys? Slow down your thoughts and feelings by managing your energy. Example; meditating grounds you, a beyond critical trait for new bloggers whose minds run like a cheetah on cocaine.


10: Slow Down and Calm Down…..


Slow down and calm down, my Young Blogging Padawans. Be chill. Abundance finds relaxed, chill, new bloggers who do things right from day #1 of their blogging careers. Everything aligns with a peace-filled blogger because your peaceful energy makes you attractive in a panicked, frenzied blogging world.


11: ….But Act Swiftly


Act swiftly. Seriously; never hesitate on ideas because here now, go 3 seconds from now. Ideas have a shelf life. Honor this great truth to understand how a few new bloggers hit the ground running.


During our trip to Mount Cook on the South Island of New Zealand, Kelli took this dazzling shot. The Southern Alps are the prettiest landmark I have seen during my 7 years of world travel. Doesn't this picture look like a painting? We used no filter. Zero editing. Pure, pristine, South Island nature at its peak.

During our trip to Mount Cook on the South Island of New Zealand, Kelli took this dazzling shot. The Southern Alps are the prettiest landmark I have seen during my 8 years of world travel. Doesn’t this picture look like a painting? We used no filter. Zero editing. Pure, pristine, South Island nature at its peak.


12: Monetize through Multiple Income Streams


Make money through multiple streams of income to feel the freedom of not attaching to any one stream. Plus, feel the freedom of boosting cash flow through 5 or more streams, during your first few years online. I suggest adding income streams every 3-6 months as a newbie. Ideas include engaging in affiliate marketing, writing and selling eBooks, converting eBooks to audio book and paperback, and freelancing.




Believe it or not guys, this new blogger journey does not need to be difficult. Sure it feels scary sometimes but if you do the right things you will experience success in the long run. Plus you realize that newbie bumps are mere blips on the radar screen because you know; you follow the right course by sticking to basic blogging fundamentals.

  1. Cori - Leigh says:
    at 2:39 pm

    Enjoyed this awesome post, Ryan! Donna, Enstine, Lisa, and Jan are all super pro bloggers to learn from. I will miss Jan but her content lives on with her! I learned early on my blogging journey the importance of #10 – Slow down and calm down. As you say here how our peacefulness makes us attractive in a panicked and frenzied blogging world… so true! To accomplish calming down and slowing down in those early blogging years – I had to listen to my life and practice dealing with my beginner blogging fears. Pays off to not blog out of a sense of panicked urgency!

    # 12 – Monetizing through Multiple Income Streams – is what freed me up later not only financially but in refusing to become attached to an income stream. Your suggestion is excellent on adding a new income stream every 3-6 months as a new blogger. It’s what I did too and it works!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:14 pm

      Cori thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. Agreed with all you said; Jan’s content will live on. I miss her too. She was a kind, engaging, passionate blogger. Make it a great day!

  2. William says:
    at 3:52 am

    I really enjoyed your first-hand experience of blogging and the tips for new bloggers. I felt like you were speaking to us and that you are someone who is not afraid to share the struggles of a newbie blogger. I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way and it’s reassuring to know that someone is listening to our struggles.

  3. Andreea Journey says:
    at 11:51 am

    Hey Ryan!
    I totally agree with your points! All are needed when starting out.
    I have tried blogging a few times in my life, but couldn’t keep it up.

    This year I started again and I realized that in order to keep motivated and keep writing l needed to see that people do visit my blog and they say it’s useful info. Which can be super hard when one is just starting.

    So my tip to any new blogger is to find a few Facebook groups on his exact niche and post their articles there. I always ask in my post what people think about it, if they have suggestions etc. So this way not only that l hope they will engage, but l really am looking for genuine feedback.

    This has worked for me very well and seeing hundreds of clicks to my new blog and reading their comments, really makes me keep going.
    At the moment l still can’t publish too often, but when l do l strive for value and quality.

    Good luck to everyone!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:06 pm

      Andrea this is a great tip to share. Thanks! Being part of an engaging, genuine community does wonders for all beginner and even veteran bloggers.

  4. Randall Magwood says:
    at 4:27 pm

    Great tips Ryan. I definitely treat my blog as a serious business, and have never heard of the “bloggers to follow” that you mentioned, but have definitely bookmarked their websites. You obviously know what you’re doing and it’s great that you update your blog on a daily basis.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:05 pm

      Randall much appreciated 🙂 Taking your blog seriously is a powerful step in the right direction. We really need to work at this.

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