12 Things I Love about Chiang Mai Thailand
12 Things I Love about Chiang Mai Thailand


12 Things I Love about Chiang Mai Thailand eBook


In under 2 weeks from this page publish date we will be heading to Chiang Mai Thailand.


I admit it; Chiang Mai is my favorite place on earth.


If you want to learn more about this fascinating place – and maybe add it to your travel list – buy my eBook:


12 Things I Love about Chiang Mai Thailand eBook



What’s in the eBook?


Soak up 12 reasons why Chiang Mai is a travel worthy spot for any digital nomad or casual, part time traveler.


Dive into the amazing natural beauty surrounding the city, in addition to the tremendous eats, delightful shake stands and hundreds of temples within city limits.


More than anything, reading this eBook gives you a guide of fun things to do in CM. Maybe you want to hit a few tourist spots in town but crave a little change up too. Goodness knows; I love the center of town like the next traveler but tourist spots can be a bit much at times.


Filtering through my reasons gives you a framework for perhaps diving into off the beaten path activities you may have been unaware of before I dropped the 411 on the town.


Surrounding Areas


Chiang Mai town center is lovely. I dig the place.


But many tourists who rarely venture outside of the Gate miss the rich experiences in villages outside of town.


Although I did not add the vignette to this eBook – maybe the next one? – Kelli and I discovered a brilliant little village called Pong Noi via a house sit last year. Said house sit brings us back to the region later next week.


The eBook offers you ideas for building your Chiang Mai itinerary; especially if you are new to the area or simply planned on seeing the heavily touristed areas within the walls of the city.


Some Reasons Why I Love Chiang Mai


The Grub


The food in CM is tasty, wholesome and available it seems on every street corner.


We enjoy lunch from a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant every day. Quiet Thai ‘hood. No farang. We point and smile and speak a few words of Thai. Fun experience and delicious, healthy fare.


But you find street stalls, restaurants and all manner of eateries almost everywhere once 5 PM rolls around and people head home from work.


The Culture


Hundreds of temples located within the city walls. Monks on alms runs at 5 AM. Songkran. Lanterns alit floating above the Ping River during ceremonies.


Chiang Mai is rich with culture, so much so that you marvel at the mix of authentic Thai living amid a bed of convenience.


The Convenience


I cannot fib; I love convenience too, especially if I live somewhere beyond a few weeks.


Chiang Mai gives you creatures comforts like movie theaters, grocery stores, Western restaurants and your favorite football team – soccer folks, soccer – playing on the telly at local bars.


Thai love football/soccer too, as does the huge expat community in the Chiang Mai complex.


The People


Heavily traveled spots like Bangkok and Phuket can jade locals a bit.


Understandably so, as sometimes trying to get tourists from Point A to Point B feels like a big old farang cattle call.


Chiang Mai locals are friendly overall, adopting a slower place of living and not being as jaded by tourists. Especially when you walk outside of popular tourist spots in town.


Northern Thailand – where CM hangs its hat – is a laid back, chill, relaxed region. Chiang Mai mirrors this predominant vibe beautifully.


The eBook


Ready for the 12 reasons?


Buy my eBook here:


12 Things I Love about Chiang Mai Thailand eBook