Kelli and I in New York City.


12 Pretty Pictures of New York City


Break time.


I’m pulling back from my 27 Netflix worthy wild travel experiences to share photos from our recent house sit in NYC.


This sit is in East Harlem. Harlem World, baby! We have been on this specific sit about 80 times. No, more like 10 or so.


Really fun neighborhood.


Kelli and I tend to walk both Uptown and Downtown from this spot. Recently, we walked downtown to enjoy 5th Avenue.



The Pierre is the type of place you would expect to see Scrooge McDuck walk out of. Definitely an Old Money spot. Even though it looks new. Or renovated.


I did not note the Bentley shoehorning into the shot pre-snap. The things folks will do to work themselves into the Blogging From Paradise brand.



The Frick Mansion aka Museum. Frick was a robber baron from days past. No he wasn’t. I just wanted to say “Robber Baron.”


What the frick, right? Didn’t you expect a factual bio on the guy?


OK, this place is the Frick Collection, founded by Pittsburgh Industrialist Henry Clay Frick, who was a rich as sh*t. I snapped the shot while wandering down 5th Avenue, sun slowly setting in the distance.



This is the William Tecumseh Sherman statue by the corner of Central Park East. In today’s nomenclature, it is known as the Wi Tec Sherm statue (aka Jay Low or BenIfer).


We share the same birthday – February 8th – but I did not burn down Atlanta.



This is a building in New York City. When you look up, this is what it looks like.



We did the cruise down Madison Avenue and came across some ritzy shops. Among those, old BG.


I could feel the opulence flowing through the store, the brand and the well-heeled customers inside.



I don’t know how to pronounce this. But apparently, the kids love it.


Off my radar. Meaning, guys who dress Dirtbag Chic don’t tend to be up to speed on such matters.



Radio City Music Hall. An NYC tradition.


Many world renowned events take place within this hallowed spot, including both the Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes and the time Ryan Biddulph threw up in the Radio City Hall bathroom as a 4 year old in 1979. True story.



The iconic NBC Studios Tonight Show entrance.


I have not watched the show in 20 years. When I first followed the late night NBC offering I became obsessed with David Letterman, often staying up late on school nights to watch the Top 10 List or to see if he’d throw watermelons off of a roof.


Later on I became equally obsessed with Conan O’Brien. I subsequently purchased a Conan T-shirt in the NBC studios gift shop.



Me in front of the Met wearing a Cats in Space T-shirt.


Now that’s art.



More Pierre.


For some reason me and my high school friends formed a bizarre habit called “Pierre-ing.” We would link up, side to side, forming an impenetratable front, then we’d flair out our elbows, akin to a chicken prepping for take off….and if folks were unfortunate enough to cross our path, we would either gently or symbolically “Pierre” them with our elbows, dispatching them from our United Front.


One of my grandest ambitions right now is to see “Pierr-ing” take off on a global scale.



Fountain in front of the Met.


In case you’re thirsty or feel bogged down by all those pennies you are carrying.


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