12 Annoying Strategies That Torpedo Your Blogging Success (Amazon eBook)

August 18, 2017


“You little buggers!”








I lay under a mosquito net, the canopy providing little protection as skeeters, jiggers and God knows what else invaded the net. My own little Heart of Darkness.


Kelli and I were 3 miles – and hours, hiking-wise – into deep, remote jungle in Costa Rica. We enjoyed the nature immensely. The peace and quiet were breathtaking. Paradise on earth in many ways.


Until the sun began to set. Then the mosquitoes began their nightly dive-bombing raids, their gringo assault missions, their seek and destroy forays.


I relegated myself to either dressing up in long sleeves and sweats (sweating my cajones off in a jungle with like 400% relative humidity) or finding some refuge under a less than secure, kinda hole-y mosquito net.




Even though I loved the overall experience, nothing felt more annoying than hearing the buzz of skeeters, or feeling the bites of these prehistoric piss ants, as they furiously feasted on my delightful blood supply.


You may be pissing off your blog visitors in similar fashion. No no, I am not suggesting you have gone all Nosferatu on me, gorging on the blood of your most treasured readers. I am a 1/4 Romanian and my grandfather was actually from Transylvania – no joke! – and I advise not taking the route of Vlad the Impaler. Who, coincidentally, was not my grandfather.


I mean you may be annoying your readers by doing silly things with your blog. If you annoy readers, you tend to repel readers. If however you cease annoying readers and create a seamless, pleasant, enjoyable experience you will grow a successful blog on a rock solid foundation.


Which is why I wrote an eBook for you titled:


12 Annoying Strategies That Torpedo Your Blogging Success (Amazon eBook)





What benefits will you receive by buying the eBook, you ask? (Calling on my Transylvanian ancestor talent of reading minds, just like vampires.)


Here ya go:


  • immediately pinpoint any silly/annoying/blog-destroying stuff you may be doing so you can stop doing it
  • cut through any confusion around why you are struggling with your blog
  • learn why these 12 strategies tend to be highly annoying and may just turn off your readers for good
  • figure out why these tactics are destroying your chances at being a successful blogger
  • get higher energy, seamless, harmonious alternatives to each of these Deadly Dozen Blogger Boo Boo’s
  • accelerate your blogging success by getting rid of the tactics that are accelerating your blogging failure
  • boost your traffic and profits by building your blog from a more fun, relaxed, peaceful, loving and chill space


That 4 Letter F Word






Not the other one.


Although you may be screwed if you try to become a full time, pro blogger with these 12 agitating mistakes.


Fear is at the cornerstone, the root, the foundation of any annoying blogging strategy. Feeling fear, and cowering to it, and allowing fear to dictate your blogging campaign makes you blind to the truth and totally ignorant of silly, blog-busting, business-killing stuff you may be doing.


This eBook can be a slap in the face. Or like when I dive into an icy cold shower on waking. A wake up call! A jolt.


I wrote it to help you see where fear may be crippling your blogging campaign because unless you are 100% clear on using these strategies, your lack of clarity – due to feeling a deep fear of loss, or a desperate energy – will result in some tough, terrible, deflating blogging results.


BUT….when you read this list, take a deep breath, and decide to analyze your blog and your strategies in the light of truth, you can feel the sting of admitting you were doing annoying things from the energy of fear. Then you can shed the silly strategy – like an ill-fitting jacket – and feel the relief, peace, joy and happiness of building a successful blog on harmonious, profitable, sound, fun strategies.


It feels *really* good to let go the fear-based, annoying tactics to make room for the fun-based, loving, harmonious, seamless techniques which help you build a successful blog. As you may reckon, it helps you gain a steadily increasing amount of traffic and profits too, when you persistently let go the annoying tactics to make room for the seamless tactics.


Cover Story


I snapped the cover image of this eBook at the beach in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches I have ever visited.


Iguanas, sloths, monkeys, ibis and Jesus Christ lizards (not a stunned response to seeing a lizard, but an actual species of lizard) often graced the sand.






1: Making it Difficult to Contact You….Anywhere


2: Double Pop Ups (or Pop Ups on Every Single Page Visit)


3: Checking the Opt In Box by Default (ie….Spamming Your Readers)


4: Changing Blogging Topics with the Winds


5: Never Ever Ever Ever Acknowledging Your Commentators/Readers/Fans


6: Ad Frenzy


7: Quadruple Play Slider/Pop In Forms


8: Generic Email Pitching (the Bane of the Professional Blogger)


9: Persistent Pseudo Spammers


10: Too Many Calls to Action


11: Promoting Too Many Ground Breaking Opportunities Too Quickly


12: Not Showing Your Face


Doing one silly, annoying thing can kill your reader’s experience. Like me being so annoyed by those mosquitoes that I wanted to reach for a flamethrower versus enjoying the stillness, peace and pristine beauty in a remote, gorgeous jungle.


Let go the blogging no-no’s. Build a rocking blog on solid, prospering, seamless fundamentals.


Get clear on using fun, harmonious, higher energy blogging strategies and enjoy the blogging ride.


The eBook


Buy 12 Annoying Strategies That Torpedo Your Blogging Success (Amazon eBook)


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  1. Enjoy it Prosperity!

  2. This is a potentially fantastic ebook. I look forward to reading it.

    Best regards!

  3. Excellent Sue. So glad you enjoyed it. I for one cannot get why people resist meeting people when all businesses are built on meeting people LOL.

  4. Sue Slaght Says:

    Great list Ryan. Oh my freaking nerves with those pop ups. Stop the madness people. It screams desperate to me that’s for sure. As to people who don’t answer comments I wonder if these are the people who stare blankly at people they meet at business meetings. You are trying to build a network right?
    Thought provoking as always Ryan but I do love this one especially.

  5. That seems to be how it works with me too Lisa. When I have no choice, I am forced to dive into my fears. Take flying. 6 years ago I had never flown. Scary experience for me. But my first flight was 23 hours long so either I never get on the plane and we don’t have Traveling Me or Blogging From Paradise, or I hop on, deal with my fear, knowing I cannot disembark until Osaka, and then, see what happens. So happy I went with the latter choice 🙂

  6. Lisa Sicard Says:

    Hi Ryan, I think choosing where you lived with the bugs and mosquitoes would make me overcome some fears pretty quick. On my last trip I didn’t know to get to Prince Edward Island we would have to cross the longest bridge in the world. I did not like driving over bridges or being on a motorcycle over them. I had no choice – I had to cross it twice and I believe I got over that fear.
    I think you make a great point that many of us have fears in our blogging, fear of doing this or that. We just have to do to get over it. I hope to make any video today 🙂
    I have to check my contact info again and see if I can be found easily – thanks for the tips. I also need more CTR’s on my site. I’ve been a little shy with them and maybe fearful?
    You got me thinking again Ryan, thank you! Have an awesome Sunday.

  7. This is true Shantanu. Those skeeters are pesky in Asian lands. Thanks a bunch for sharing 🙂

  8. Hello Ryan,

    Awesome list of ‘NOT’ to do things on our blogs 🙂

    I know the feelings when the mosquitoes and skeeter’s buzz around, it happens a lot here in Asian countries.

    I have never ever got your e-book, I wonder I would be getting it soon, as my pocket do not allow, hope you can understand
    how it goes.

    But yeah I would surely be sharing this around, so that many fellow bloggers would get the ideas, to enchant their blogging

    Thanks for the share.

    Have a great weekend ahead.


  9. The upside always wins out Monna as this was a special place. The scenery was breath taking. Seeing sloths and monkeys and toucans from the porch area was also insane. So much fun. The trade off of some nasty skeeters and of course, hefty predators who could do some damage. Head on a swivel in this place. I have become a more aware person since traveling through the tropics 🙂

  10. The ad thing is a killer Benjamin because when I want to read a blog post and comment on some sites with dynamic ads, everything gets buggy and I am interrupted 5 or 6 times. It kills the user experience. As for the mosquitoes that sounds intense! I have been in a few similar spots in the tropics. After heavy rains especially, you get eaten alive.

  11. Man, I get the mosquitoes for sure. The last campground we were at was set back in the woods in Wisconsin and due to the heavy rains they have had, as soon as you stepped out of the Travel Trailer it was like the mosquitoes picked you up and took you on a nasty journey.

    We were afraid to open the door without putting on spray first.

    I have to say the Ads on some sites are by far the most annoying. Nothing worse than getting into a good article only to have 5 ads pop up and the article has to reload on your phone or it’s impossible to find the X to close the ad.

    My wife actually stopped going to one of her favorite blogger’s sites when he joined another site and it was full of viruses. She’d go and every single time, some ad would pop up and start installing something on her computer.

  12. Hi Ryan,

    I’m still just totally blown away that you and Kelli make the choices to stay in such a remote area, fending off skeeters, bugs, snakes and whatever else comes around but hey if you enjoy it, I enjoy reading about it.

    Awesome list of things “Not” to do on your blog. I know what irritates me on a blog, so I try not to subject my readers to what annoys me.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  13. Thanks Patrick!

  14. Patrick Says:

    Thanks for this, I will be picking it up soon. Looking forward to your future posts, Ryan!!

  15. Cool Sylvester, thanks much 🙂 Do share it with your buddies if they can use a good blogging eBook.

  16. Sylvester Chidi Says:

    hello Ryan,

    Looking at the discriptions, i can see that the ebook is going to be a vaiuable and helpful one but i am not in the right position to get it at the moment.

    Nice one. You’re really doing a great job here at BloggingFromParadise.com

    ~Sylvester Chidi

  17. I left a thought.