11 Reasons Why Your Blog Ain’t Making Money (and 11 Solutions)

January 14, 2015

Ryan Biddulph Blogging from Paradise

I may be wrestling pythons soon.

Kelli and I are all set to take our next journey.

This time it’ll be Jimbaran, Bali.

We attracted a 4 month house sitting gig in a tropical paradise.

Yeah I know…..again. Ho hum.

Picture a peaceful, quiet, pristine little beach town located on the southern end of Bali.

Jimbaran is a fishing village known for its seafood. Since Kelli is a vegetarian and I’m kinda pukey when it comes to food from the sea we’ll be passing on that.

We’ve visited Jimbaran in the past so this’ll be an exciting return trip.

Maybe more exciting than we’d wish for.


Pythons in Paradise


We’re house sitting in a dang sweet spot. Jimbaran offers boolies – and Balinese – a mix of beach, sand, scrub, farm land and creature comforts too.

Our gig involves tending to a house and the house pets on farmland.

Since Jimbie is relatively undeveloped compared to overrun towns like Kuta (bleh) and Ubud you may see:

  • Spitting cobras
  • Pythons
  • Monstrously large monitor lizards

…or other critters in this area.

As a matter of fact the crib owners relayed a tale involving a not too responsible house sitter, an open chicken coop, missing chickens and a frighteningly large python to us not too long ago.

The specifics: party girl, forgetfulness, 10 foot python, brave Balinese, capture, return to jungle.

Kelli and I are excited. We love wildlife. I mean, we REALLY love wildlife.

Even though I’m a bit terrified to come face to face with a sinister-looking spitting cobra and I’m kinda petrified to come face to face with a python I AM excited to make my return to my Island of the Gods soon.

Maybe seeing a python will inspire me to work on my pythons (insert Gun Show jokes here).

Maybe seeing a primitive, Paleolithic monitor lizard will inspire me to watch Jurassic Park. The first one because the 2nd was terrible and the 3rd was absolute garbage (Jurassic Park movies not monitor lizards).

You best believe RB will have his shades handy if I encounter a spitting cobra.

I’ve seen enough Steve Irwin-spitting cobra encounters. These devilish snakes can spew blinding venom from 10 feet away.

And my kiddies, they are Deadeye Dicks! (too much Justified)


2 Years Ago in Jimbaran


Our Indonesian friend Agram relayed a somewhat terrifying story to us 2 years ago on the Island of the Gods (that’d be Bali).

Picture this; you’re in paradise, in Jimbaran, Bali.

This is a sleepy fishing village by the sea where locals are usually checking their fishing calendar for the day.

Palm trees sway lazily in the breeze. You hear the squawking of chickens. The buzz of insects.

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Papaya trees dot your yard, providing you with sweet breakfast fare not 15 feet away from the crib.

Agram stressed that living in paradise includes the full, authentic, Balinese experience.

Which in this section of Bali includes encounters with venomous snakes.

One day he strolled into his bathroom, without a care in the world, other than, well, you know……

2 seconds later he found himself staring face to face with a spitting cobra.

The 2 meter long cobra reared up and stared him in the eye.

His heart skipped about 30 beats.

After some quick thinking and even quicker moving Agram shut the door.

He later dispatched of said snake but both the story and image remained seared on my mind.

Just about anywhere in Bali I carry a flashlight with me for night trips to the throne.

No need to meet up with Spitting Cobra Sam at 3 in the morning when it’s time to empty myself of the day’s supply of banana shakes.


Reptiles with Legs too


I vividly recall observing a baby monitor lizard cautiously wandering around our front lawn in Jimbie-town.

We also made best buddies with an 8 inch long Tokay gecko. “Friends” meaning this little chap ate the 2 inch long cockroaches, scorpions, centipedes and other little nasties which tend to keep me up at night, unless the guardian of the home is around.

Paradise rocked. We had a 5 minute motorbike ride to the beach. Breakfast was papaya and passion fruit picked fresh from da hood.

We even had a taste of the West; 2 kick ass Italian restaurants weren’t but 5 to 10 minutes away.

How could things go South?

Well, they did, and in a horrific way.

Jimbaran was the spot where I almost died.


Motorbiking and Mortality


I recall the scene vividly.

Kelli and I had just shopped at Nirmala. We picked up our customary tempeh, rice, produce, Balinese sweets (you know me by now!) and we were cruising home.

I noted a street dog limping on the side of the road. Mangled, injured front right paw. She was suffering after being hit. It disgusted me.

“Why in the frick do these morons drive so damn fast? Why? Hitting poor little poochies. Idiots!”

I shook my head in judgment. Which moved my attention from the road. Which moved my attention from the box truck ahead which spun out suddenly due to an oil slick. The oil slick sneakily coating a fair chunk of the road. On a sharp curve. Some 10 meters ahead of me.

You need not be a savant or Nostradamus to figure out what happens next.

I spin out, lose control of the bike, land on my chest, can’t get my breath for like 30 seconds, catch my breath after believing that I’m dying, wonder if my ribs have pierced my lungs, wonder if my lungs had collapsed (good God it felt like this was the case), drive home and sit in a bed – in paradise – for 4 days before I can move without experiencing *excruciating* pain in my back and lungs.

That one little moment of mindlessness could have cost me my life. I was quite fortunate not to have suffered life-ending internal injuries as I….

….hit the pavement Superman style after I was ejected from the motorbike.

I landed on my chest. Not good REALLY not good. But here I am.

Being a fit, buff dude no doubt helped me. Being aligned? Well, say what you want, but I feel that I have a purpose here on Mother Earth and Mr. and Mrs. Universe wished to keep me around in bodily form for a minute to inspire my minions.

Now I can hear you thinking……

“What in the HELL does any of this stuff have to do with why your blog ain’t making ugatz, money-wise?”

“Why in the Sam Hill doesn’t Ryan get to the POINT already?!’

Now you’re a smart cookie. You know my posts span some 7,000 words or more these days. So you know old RB is up to something in paradise.

These 1,110 prior words – and their equivalent in other posts – have helped me make a nice chunk of change.

I have been blessed financially because of these 1,125 prior words.

I have:

  • Lived in paradise for the past 45 months as a professional, full-time blogger
  • Boosted my savings
  • Lived in places like Bali, Fiji, Phuket, Koh Lanta, Quepos, Kathmandu, Kovalam Beach, Hue, Kampot, Penang, Vientienne, and a bunch of other exotic spots
  • Changed time zones like most folks change their minds


I shared my experience.

I shared My Story.

Money is found in stories.

YOUR story.

Your story is pure gold because nobody in human history can tell your story like you can tell your story.

Money-making blogs tell stories. Like, all the time. Like, through every post.

Money-making bloggers relay their experiences. Like, all the time. Like, through every post.

Nobody on earth has lived this Ryan Biddulph’s life story and nobody on earth can tell this Ryan Biddulph’s story like RB.

So I live my life and tell my story to free me and to free you.

Bloggers who free themselves and who free their audiences have no problems making money through blogging because everybody loves a good story.

Some folks may not vibe with my story but if I stay true to me, and my story, and if I blog passionately, you best believe I’ll attract a bunch of readers who’ll eat up my stories with relish.

Said readers/relishers/rabid fans grow my community. Communities inspire, promote and prosper bloggers.

My kiddies, I have prospered through blogging. I have struggled through blogging. The moment I started regularly telling stories the whole online business bit changed for me.


  • Created Blogging from Paradise the Blog
  • Created 10 Blogging from Paradise eBooks
  • Created a blog coaching business
  • Saw an influx in freelance clients/work/cash flow
  • Am currently publishing paperbacks of each eBook (easy there cowboys and cowgals this takes a bit!)

If you’re struggling like hell to make money blogging or if you want to jump like 2 or 4 or 6 tax brackets come in closer, listen in soak up these reasons.

Please be honest with yourself.

The average blogger tells stories about as frequently as pigs fly.

Since I haven’t seen any airborne bacon recently – and trust me I’d love to so I can snatch it out of the air for a salty , albeit artery-clogging treat – it’s safe to say that a fair share of bloggers could  tell more stories to rake in that sweet, sweet blogging money.

On to the reasons my Blogging from Paradise buddies.


1: No Story Telling (or not Telling Your Story)


This reason’s been covered above but just in case you don’t get it….


Horrifying Cockroaches


I figured he had to be over 3 inches length.

Kelli was fast asleep. Thank God.

I saw a 3 inch long, prehistoric-looking, hovering cockroach cruising in from the kitchen.

The Penang, Malaysia air traffic control must have issued the command to head back to the kitchen because money turned tail.

Curtis the Malaysian Cockroach went into a holding pattern. He was slowly circling our kitchen, looking for the right spot to land.

The buzz of his Mothra-sized wings terrified me.

Imagine if this SOB landed on my face? Oh….the horror!

I didn’t mind the crawlers. Even though the cockroaches in Malaysia – the most bio-diverse country on earth – are the size of small children I never was much bothered with critters working the floor.

The airborne suckers are the ones that make me bite my fingernails to the point that I’d create a bloody pulp of my fingers.

And to think that this helicopter-sized cockroach taught me a blogging lesson……



Stories Sell


OK guys, that was 2 stories already – or more, really –and I haven’t reached tip #2 yet.

Struggling bloggers rarely make money because they rarely tell stories. Struggling bloggers routinely tell other people’s stories.

Are you having a difficult time making scratch?

You’re probably not telling your story.

You’re sharing practical tips and all that good stuff but you’re missing that emotional bond building, brilliant strategy that the prospering, blogging in paradise guys and gals use: they tell their story because your story is where the money’s at.

Re-read that line:

Your story is where the money’s at.

Stories sell. Some smart guy or gal said that. Or 1 million smart guys or gals said it at some time.

Movies sell. TV shows sell. Books sell.

Story telling bloggers make money blogging.


The Solution


Tell your story. Every post.

Recount stories from your day. Recount stories from your life.

Here’s the kicker; link your story to your niche.

I link my stories to blogging tips. You link to your travel blogging, or blogging tips, or heck any niche you’re covering.

Draw parallels. Prosper.

I don’t care if you’re a:

  • College student
  • Working mom
  • Stay at home dad
  • Retiree

…you have 15,000 stories to tell.

You don’t have to have been:

  • Bitten by wild man in Kathmandu
  • Stricken by a stomach alien in Muhamma
  • Coked out in Cusco
  • Stalked by whores in Bangkok (post coming soon)

…to tell a mean story.

Yes of course, each prior bullet point was a tiny little boring chapter of my life.

So ho hum I know.

Tell your story!

I needed to add this after reading my friend Don Purdum‘s comment below because it was so darn good (read it after reading this post) that not only do you want to tie your story into your niche you’ll want to tie your story into how it’s beneficial to your audience.

Explain how you, the storyteller, can help your audience.

This was just an excellent addition that I had to include, post-publish date. Thanks Don 😉


2: Being a Doctor and a Lawyer at the Same Time


Doesn’t that sound insane?

Imagine being a doctor and lawyer at the same time?

Even Frank Abagnale – the Catch Me if You Can Guy – gave himself a breather between each profession.

Yet I’ve seen bloggers attempt to blog about:

  • Personal development
  • Travel
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Freelance writing
  • Astronomy
  • Astrology
  • Gossip
  • Godzilla
  • Gamera
  • Minor League Baseball

….ok the gag is up.

If I ever saw such a blogger he or she would be my hero, if only because they have a working knowledge of Gamera, the great guardian of Japanese monster lore.

If I have 24 hours to work with today and a set amount of energy I couldn’t become a successful doctor and lawyer at the same time.

Asinine idea, really….because……

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Here’s the deal: people who make money blogging or who make money offline or who make money doing ANYTHING become REALLY good at 1 thing.

Where their attention and energy goes, grows.


  • Tony Robbins is Mr. Why Guy
  • Richard Branson is Mr. Business Builder
  • Bill Gates is Mr. Software (or was during his active days)
  • Warren Buffet is Mr. Investor

Richard Branson didn’t try to become Mr. Why Guy while building the Virgin Empire and Tony Robbins didn’t try to become Mr. Business Builder while becoming the most recognizable coach on the face of God’s Green Earth.

Ryan Biddulph – Mr. Blogging from Paradise – used to try to be:

  • Personal Development
  • Network Marketing
  • Law of Attraction
  • Make Money Online
  • Inspirational Quotes (I’ve written 1000 of them ya know?)
  • Home Business Coach

….and add about 10 more hats. I attempted to wear all on my old blog which is why my old blog only started making money in the past few years.

Even then I had to work like a dog to make that scrilla.

Now I’m Mr. Blogging from Paradise. Where my attention and energy went, has grow, and it’s grown in a glorious way.

If your blog ain’t making that dough you may be trying to be a doctor and lawyer at the same time. Online-wise.

You may be trying to run a multi-topic blog. All cool, if you feel passionate about multi-topics, but what makes you think you can know travel better than Nomadic Matt and then blogging tips better than Darren Rowse?

You can’t. Because Nomadic Matt spends his working time daily mastering travel blogging and Darren Rowse spends his working time daily mastering blogging tips.

You can’t master multiple topics like a skilled, experienced pro who chooses to master one topic.

So Nomadic Matt and Darren Rowse will rake in that blogging dough while you’ll struggle like hell to gain the trust of your audience because few readers will trust someone enough to hire them or to buy their products if they claim to master 2 or more niches.


The Solution


Blog about 1 thing/topic. Do it well enough to rake in that chedda.

Be known for doing 1 thing to gain your audience’s trust.

That’s enough for this one.

Do 1 thing. Do it well.

A jack of all trades usually makes a pittance with each trade.

How could you find the time to master multiple blogging niches?

Pick your niche. Stick to it. Learn it inside out. Become a pro’s pro in that niche.


3: No Mental Homework


How you choose to think, feel and act dictates how much money you make.

Most bloggers think, feel and act on autopilot.

This means that this crowd reacts to what happens in their blogging lives.

Not good.

Example; if you check your Paypal weekly and see a big fat old goose egg – this means you’re making no dough – you’ll think, feel and act like a broke blogger.

This is called reactive blogging.

Reactive bloggers generally make, maybe, 2 pennies to scratch together and not much more.

Then you have the second crowd.

The masses of bloggers call this crowd:

  • Lucky
  • Talented
  • Blessed
  • A whole host of curse words reserved for folks whom are the objects of struggling cyber folk envy

This second crowd of bloggers makes money blogging on the regular.

Or they’re simply full-time, professional bloggers who’ve engineered freeing lifestyles through their WP backoffice thingee.

The second, prospering crowd usually spends 20 or 40 or maybe 60 minutes a day working on their mindset. Maybe even before they touch their laptops.

This mental work helps the prospering crowd from being reactive bloggers.

Some look at the money making, pro blogging crowd and figures that they are superhuman. Who in the HECK could ignore outcomes – empty Paypal accounts, like 2 opt ins a week, etc – for weeks or months?

I’ll tell you who: people who work on their mindsets!

The abundant mindset crowd feels:

  • Grateful
  • Prospering
  • Rich
  • Successful
  • Inspired

Despite appearances this full-time income blogging crowd feels rich and naturally the rich feelings create rich ideas which move bloggers into rich actions…..even if Paypal comes up as goose eggs and opt ins are kinda low.

If your blog ain’t making money you’re likely reacting to outcomes instead of vibing high despite outcomes.


As Within As Without


Let me introduce you to a man named Richard Weinberg.

I met Richard in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Picture a mix between a Buddhist monk and a salty-mouthed, unabashed New Englander.

Richard was shot through the head in Saigon during the Vietnam War.

He was given days to live, then weeks. Beat those odds.

Then he was told he’d never leave his hospital bed. Beat those odds.

Then he was told he’d be paralyzed, living in a wheelchair.

Yep he beat those odds too.

Richard has made it a habit to say a big old “Bump You” to everybody who doubts him, to the point that current day Richard, in his 60’s can achieve physiologically impossible yoga poses.

Physiologically impossible poses.

That means doctors have observed his movements and can attest that physiologically, based on how his spine has developed over the years, there is no way he should be able to achieve the Lotus position.

Yet he does.


Mindset, mindset, mindset training.

Every appearance/suggestion around him led to death after he was shot, then it led to him never leaving the bed and then him being paralyzed.

In his late 60’s this joker turned around and became an accomplished yoga teacher in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you step inside Richard’s  sometimes highly disheveled apartment you may find him naked save for wearing a cape (I did once) without a care in the world or if you’re not that lucky you’ll notice the endless positive affirmations and images on his walls.

OK….here’s his apartment….and here’s Richard….and yes he’s losing his pants and that’s the reason I cropped this image.



He did the impossible by going within, through:

  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Exercise
  • Prayer
  • Practicing loving kindness

My point is kiddies that if you think, feel and act in a wealthy, prospering way – by working on your mindset for 30 to 60 minutes daily – then you will begin to reap the benefits of your mindset work, by seeing blogging cash flow.

If Richard could not only walk but achieve physiologically impossible poses as a yoga instructor through mental science I know you can get over the mental block of not making money.

My Suggestion

I love this guy’s audio hypnosis files.

His name is Steve G. Jones.

I listen to his hypnosis recordings for 30 minutes in the morning and for 60 minutes before I go to bed to expand my prosperity consciousness.

So far, so good.

Check him out:

Steve G. Jones

As within so without guys.


The Solution


Before you touch your laptop each day realize this: money responds to your thoughts, feelings and actions.

If you are having a helluva time making money through blogging the culprit is within……you!

No worries! That is a most freeing truth because clearing out those inner, little, itty-bitty, nasty, critterish money demons is the way to start raking in that scrilla.


Practical Tips


Ok for starters:

  • Spend 30 to 60 minutes on mindset training on waking
  • Meditate, visualize, affirm, pray or listen to hypnosis audio files….or do all of these things
  • Take short, frequent breaks through the day to stay light, calm and inspired

If you’re looking for an in-depth study guide for developing the mindset of a successful blogger…drum roll please…look no further than my eBook

Download it for an inspired, fun read of what it takes to blog from paradise…from the inside-out. Click this link:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


Bonus Reading


Kelli Cooper – my soon to be wifey – published a brilliant post explaining how she manifested our 4 month house sit in Bali.

Awesome practical tips and experiences here.

Click it. Read it.

5 Law of Attraction Lessons from My Landing a 4 Month House Sit in Bali


4: Attachment to Readers with Money Problems


I remember the days crystal clearly.

A fine reader would comment on my old blog. Said reader supported the living stuffing out of me.

Said reader would promote me and go to bat for me, alight.

They’d follow me into battle…..or even into the depths of hell, should I need to recruit new blogging readers from Hades (leave no stones unturned right?).

But damn, if they didn’t explain away why they couldn’t join my team (in those days) or why they couldn’t hire me to write articles for them because they couldn’t afford it.

Naturally, like a guy who needed to do some mental clearing I attached like mad to these readers.

I tried to force broke people to pay me money.

This is like trying to sell ice cream sundaes with all the trimmings outside of an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.

Sure you’ll catch a few folks who fell off the wagon once every month but that’s about it.

Ditto with financially struggling readers who’ll buy your books or who’ll hire you.

Bloggers who have a hellish time trying to make money are generally looking for money in all the wrong places.

If virtually all of your readers can’t afford your:

  • eBooks
  • services
  • products

….try networking with a different breed of reader.

A more prospering reader.


The Solution


Mental science will help you attract a more prospering, ready to buy reader but just plain network with rich, successful leaders in your blogging niche by:

  • posting in-depth comments on winning blogs
  • emailing prospering bloggers to build bonds
  • promoting prospering bloggers aggressively

Just hang with bloggers who have dough.

More of these bloggers will become readers of your blog and subsequent customers and/or clients.

Any blogger who’s living their dreams is generally a safe bet in the “they are a prospering blogger who won’t make the money excuse” department.

Hang with these folks.

Release the tire kickers.


5: You’re Blogging to Make Money


I wanted to spit on his money.

The dirt bag took Kelli and I for a ride.

I wanted to clam on his colones.

This weasel was lower than low. He even looked the part. I thought I walked into Central Casting of Scarface circa 1985.

The slimy piece of poop work charged us like 30 dollars (did the exchange rate in my head) for a 10 minute taxi cab ride.

By Costa Rican standards this was highway robbery.

After he charged the price I remember the feeling so well.

We were warned about the sleazy characters in Puntarenas….after our harrowing tale, of course.

Turns out many drivers in the area like to party. Partying requires money. Tourists carry money. Tourists can be grossly overcharged if tourists are new to areas and if tourists don’t know the lay of the land.

Tourists are also at driver’s mercy if it’s Sunday in Costa and about 4 buses are running in the entire region. Sunday is God’s day in the Land of the Ticos folks.

So he charges us $30 for a 10 minute ride. Wasn’t but a few miles.

I felt used and abused.

Puntnrenas Pablo saw dollar signs. He sure as hell didn’t see people.

I called him a “mentirosa” and handed over the colones with an angry look on my face.

After Puntarenas Pablo sped off to spend the money on blow and booze I seethed.

I know of few worse feelings – traveling or otherwise – than being treated as a human ATM machine. The desperation and greediness of folks disgusts me and even though I get the desperation of a fiend I still felt like popping Puntarenas Pablo in the grille because he was just so sucio….ya know what I mean?


Blogging to Make Money


Are you blogging to make money?

If you are WOW are you in for a surprise.

Money does not send you money.

People send you money.

Which is why bloggers who blog to make money find themselves terribly disappointed.

You can’t appeal to an inanimate object. You can’t force money to give you money. Which is why blogging for money is like blogging for trees; trees can’t really respond to your calls to action, just like money can’t respond to your calls to action.

Blog for PEOPLE. Not for money.

Start with yourself.

Find your motivator. Tie your blogging motivator to some form of being free. Doing so will inspire you to do freeing things even if the freeing things feel uncomfortable at times.

Blog to free your audience.

You know my drill: I free you by helping you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

You, my loyal supporters, my loving readers, send me money by:

  • buying my eBooks
  • hiring me to write your eBooks/articles/newsletters
  • hiring me to coach you
  • buying my affiliate products

It’s a nice gig. I blog to free me and to free you and you free me.

Bloggers, if you’re wondering where all the blogging money is try looking eye to eye with…..you! You may be blogging for money. Money can’t send you money. Money is inanimate. Money can’t promote you or can’t endorse you or can’t send payments to your Paypal account.

People send you money. Blog for you. Blog for people.


The Solution


Choose the reason(s) why you’re blogging. Tie it/them to being free.

For example, Ryan Biddulph blogs to travel all over the world. Ryan Biddulph also blogs to inspire folks to travel all over the world so folks can:

  • appreciate the beauty of the world
  • introduce themselves to new cultures
  • practice tolerance and acceptance of all cultures
  • see that we are all much more alike than we seem
  • make some nice scratch in the process as a full time, professional blogger

Blog to free you and to free your audience. Move your attention from an inanimate object toward a living, breathing person who’s hungry for your blogging tips.

When you blog to free you and to free your readers money will make a beeline for your bank account.


6: You’re Not Having Fun


“Content is kind. But promotion is queen.

Create value to help your audience.

Watch paint dry while reading these words.

I hope to hell you guys are still awake because I just dozed off.”

~ Blogger Not Having Fun at All

If you have ever penned the above words on your blog, I am making fun of me and my old writing style. Lash me with a wet noodle (this phrase will be included in every post going forward).

I was boring. Old school RB was not having fun blogging.

My writing reflected my boredom/seriousness/blandness.

Then something happened. I lightened up. I played. I wrote.

Imagine a bowl of boiled pasta. No seasoning. Just da pasta. Yuck.

Now visualize a bowl of Thai mixed vegetable curry. My fave dish.

We’d eat this like every other day in Chiang Mai or in Phuket. Or every day at some vegetarian haunts.

The dish is brimming with flavor. Quite the opposite of bland, boring, unseasoned pasta.

My point is this: I went from bland pasta to mixed vegetable curry by deciding to write for fun.

By having fun with blogging I boosted my blogging income.


Having fun detaches you from blogging outcomes. Detached bloggers find that money sneaks in the back door.

For example, I’m writing these words at about 5:43 AM on a Friday morning.

7,000 word posts DO take you a few days to write ya know?

I am writing for the sheer joy of writing. I am not *trying* to make money off of this post but I know that I will because if I have fun writing I detach from outcomes and if I detach from outcomes I always seem to attract prospering opportunities through my blog.


Solution: How Do You Have Fun Blogging?



Subscribe to my blog. Scroll up to find the opt-in form. Yes check out the ugly yellow bar at the top of Blogging from Paradise.

Get drunk off of the fun I have each week.

Let my fun brand infect you.

Blog for fun as I do.

Other practical tips include: blog your passion, write from an inspired space, surround yourself with fun bloggers (to learn from them) and write daily to find your writing voice.

Bland bloggers make little money – in most cases – because bland is boring and boring isn’t exactly prospering.

Fun-loving bloggers attract all types of fun situations, and generating cash through your blogging efforts sounds pretty fun to me.


7: Ad Frenzy


If you’re a world traveler you’ll likely have seen 43,435,786 shops/restaurants/places of business billing themselves as “The Best.”

I walked by 3,987 of The Best Super Pollos in Cusco, Peru. I have seen The Best restaurant in every location I’ve visited on earth pretty much. And each location was dotted with 3 to 54,645 of The Best restaurants/shops/places of business.

Ad after ad. Boast after boast. Ad after ad. Fliers. Ads. Fliers. “The Best” claims.

After a while I was ready to pick “The Worst” restaurant just to reward a somewhat savvy entrepreneur for their willingness to deviate from the mindless lemmings following one another off of the advertising cliff.

I tuned out “The Best” restaurants and paid no attention to fliers after my 13th day on the road. Or maybe after my 333rd day on the road.

I was blinded by ads and boasts. Naturally, I turned away from the blinding light. I ♥ creativity. I ♥  ad laziness.


Some Bloggers Get Away with this


Some top bloggers get away with the ad frenzy method of marketing because hey; the big boys and gals generate so much volume that folks click on ads and net their pockets through the sheer force of numbers.

Now that this is out of the way, unless your name happens to be “John Chow” (whom I deeply admire or who I flat out believe rocks!) beware ad frenzy.

Your blog ain’t making money because desperation *scares* you into over monetization.

If I see a teeny bit of value on a blog; like a few thin, weak posts….complemented by 745 screaming, tacky, gaudy advertisements, I am out.


Blogging from Paradise went to Koh Lanta, Thailand in May 2014. Sunrise at low tide.
Blogging from Paradise went to Koh Lanta, Thailand in May 2014. Sunrise at low tide.

This would be like Dairy Queen offering a full menu of a crappy, cheap Sundae yet placing 2,312 ads trumping how this is the: “Best Sundae on Earth!!!!!” all over stores, newspapers and online.

Take it easy on the ads kiddies. Go heavy on value. Go light on ads.

Once you reel in some serious traffic and scratch you can add, ads (hahaha I made a funny) or more ads but at that point, if you’re already rolling in it, why add more ads?

Your choice.


The Solution


Devote virtually all of your creative energies to creating inspired, valuable, in-depth content if you’re struggling to make money blogging.

Add your second or third ads gradually, after you rake in some dough and develop a name.

Ads don’t make you money. Trust makes you money. People trust you based on the value you bring to the table – the in-depth posts, videos, helpful newsletters and free giveaways – and then they click on your ads.

Go light on ads. Go heavy on creating something that’ll knock my socks off.

Then I’ll click on your ads and then you’ll make some scratch and then, if you feel a genuine pull in that direction add an ad, or 2.


8: 1 Income Stream


I once read that Bob Proctor has over 200 income streams.

That’s some serious coin!

I’ve no idea of his net worth. I do know the man won’t be found on breadlines any time soon.

The thing is guys we’re working with Source. Or 1 Source. Or God, or the Universe.

As atheists rocket up my bounce rate – don’t let the cyber door hit your derriere on the way out…joking still love ya! – I had to tackle this topic because I believe my detachment from channels and focus on Source has helped me craft a freeing, fun, inspired life.

I am no ultra spiritual guy but I do feel we all come from one thing.

One substance.

Call it God or the Universe of whatever, just know that money flows from that same source.

So if money flows from Source then it makes perfect sense to open as many channels to that source as possible.

The flow is unending; no money problems exist because money is in consciousness and a “lack of ideas” is an impossibility.

Of course, people choose to cling to ideas like:

  • money problems
  • scarcity
  • lack
  • limitation
  • poverty

….and naturally these beliefs and feelings manifest poverty-like conditions.

But if you fall in love with the idea of multiple sources of income – MSI – you’ll never have a tough time making money through blogging again.

The thing is though a few folks like putting all their eggs in 1 basket. Which leads to problems, like a heavy attachment to those eggs and that one basket.

When you drop the basket and the eggs break – because humans drop things – then you’re crestfallen.

But if you’re an abundant-feeling cat or kitten you’ll carry a handful of baskets. Or if you’re really prospering you’ll hire an army of folks to carry baskets to the market for you.

Wow I love where this analogy has gone!

1 basket = 1 channel of income.

Channels of income open and close. Source is eternal, and unlimited.

So  open a handful of income streams – but not too quickly, as you’ll want to improve your skill set as you add those streams and make money through each channel – to tap into Source and to immunize yourself against any one channel closing for whatever reason.

I currently have opened these income channels through my blog:

  • ebook sales
  • paperback sales
  • freelance writing
  • blog coaching
  • affiliate marketing
  • sponsored posts

….and I have a few other streams in the works.


The Solution


1 stream closes for whatever reason and if you have 3, 5 or 10 streams you can rest easy.

Slowly and steadily open 1 income stream after another stream.

Here’s how it works; say you enjoy writing like nobody’s business. Write, write and write some more daily to improve your writing skills.

Then you chance upon Blogging from Paradise.

You see a moderately handsome man who ‘s obsessed with shooting selfies in every possible tropical location on earth.

He tells funny travel stories. He makes vague references throughout his work. He seems like a kinda cool guy. Or a whack job.

Anyway, this guy makes money through freelance writing, blog coaching, affiliate marketing and by selling his eBooks on Amazon Kindle.

He lights a spark in your mind.

“Hmmm….maybe I should be a freelance writer and blog coach and maybe I should write eBooks and sell affiliate stuff?”

At this point you want to do 2 things: keep writing each day. Aim for 2,000 words minimum. The money is in the writing.

Source IS the source of money of course but improving your writing skills makes your content valuable. Valuable content inspires people to pay the guy or gal who created the content, to coach them or to write their articles, or they pay these value providing bloggers by buying their eBooks or affiliate products.

So that’s A1: keep writing.

A2 is this: add 1 income stream at a time to learn the nuances of the stream. Over the course of weeks and months you’ll learn how to run a successful freelance writing business.

Next up; learning how to write and publish a successful eBook (click the link. Buy what’s inside).

Then you’ll learn how to convert through your email newsletters.

You know the drill. Hone your skills and add income streams patiently.


9: Crappy Driver


Sometimes people look at Kelli and I like we’re aliens.

Like, as if I wasn’t a broke ass pier guard 7 years ago.

I struggled because I was happy being comfortable versus being free.

I made comfortable decisions which kept me bound.

Fast forward 7 years.

I make freeing but sometimes uncomfortable decisions which free me more daily.

Financially suffering bloggers who feel it’s impossible to make money blogging may deem me lucky, or blessed, or talented.

Bullshit, I say!

I found the right driver. That’s all.

I blogged to free me and to free you.

Naturally, I regularly move into inspired actions to free me and to free you.

Even if the actions are uncomfortable at times.

The thing is though I am enjoying these freeing actions more daily. Life’s becoming a big old playground in the tropics.

I enjoy writing one 7,000 word blog post weekly.

I enjoy emailing my list. (scroll up to sign up for my list already!)

I don’t need to push myself much; if you’re hungry to be free more than you fear doing uncomfortable stuff, you don’t need a motivator really.

You’ll do freeing stuff. Automatically. And you’ll love doing that freeing stuff.


The Problem


A striking majority of bloggers blog to:

  • make some money
  • make a ton of money
  • make 13 cents
  • make just enough money to pay the bills
  • get readers
  • get social shares
  • get more subscribers
  • grow their email lists

When is the last time you dreamed at night about growing an email list?

Like, does dreaming about your Aweber account and seeing those numbers skyrocket make you feel alive?

Unless you have a bizarre email list fetish, I think not.

This is why bloggers struggle to make that sweet online money.

Their driver is weak, their inspired actions are feeble – or non-existent – and another blogger bites the dust.


What Helped Me Create a Spectacular Life


If God wanted to create the perfect-looking beach he would create Nagigi, Fiji.

I had to pick my jaw off of the ground after Kelli, Olivia and I cruised by on the bus.

After soaking up the beach view *through a filthy, dirty bus window* I figured this is pretty much what people think about when they think, “paradise.”

What a stunningly, stupidly, mind-numbingly pristine location.

The *feeling* I experienced visiting Nagigi in person was the *feeling* I experienced well before I visited the beach in person.

I felt free. For a while. Well before I blogged from paradise.

My driver was to free me and to free you.

I held that intent: to free us both.

The intent inspired me to create my blog posts and to connect with leaders and…..voila! As a force of luck, and good fortune, and because I threw salt over my shoulder thrice daily for 4 months I wound up in Nagigi.

Joking my kiddies.

I visited one of the most beautiful beaches on earth because I did the things that one does to align with one of the most beautiful beaches on earth.

I did the things that one does to align with one of the most beautiful beaches on earth because I DID NOT blog to:

  • make money
  • get subscribers
  • get social shares

….I blogged to free me and to free you.

Purify your driver.

Find your freeing driver.

Make sure your driver doesn’t relate to leaving your old life because doing so will focus your attention and energy on your old life. Where your energy goes grows.

Focus your driver on being free.

Maybe your freeing driver is:

  • to retire to a life of island hopping (this life doesn’t suck let me tell ya)
  • to retire to your home office in your home town (also not sucky)
  • to build a blogging business which inspires others to free themselves

Whatever your reason for blogging make it all powerful.

I blog to free me. And to free you.

Does it get any more powerful than that?

Does it make sense why I’d be living in and blogging from paradise?


10: Non Aligned Ads


Imagine seeing advertising for a vacuum cleaner on a travel blog site.

Do travelers need vacuum cleaners? Maybe. Maybe not.

A vacuum cleaner ad would do perfectly on a vacuum cleaner blog.

Imagine how silly an advertisement for Gremlins cereal would look on Blogging from Paradise?

Hell I’d grab a freaking bowl right now. I adored the cereal. Had an unhealthy obsession with the disgustingly sweet, highly processed gremlin figures floating in a bowl of ice cold milk.

If I had my druthers I’d hop in a time machine, press the wayback button to the mid to late 80’s and I’d enjoy a bowl now while I watched He Man.

But advertising such a cereal on a blog billed to help you:

Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

…..probably isn’t the smartest way to inspire folks to click the ad.

Disconnect time.

Readers click relevant ads.

Relevant ads are aligned with the blog title and tagline.

The problem is non relevance. Readers don’t click non-relevant ads. At least not regularly. Which means you find yourself suffering from EPS: Empty Pocket Syndrome.

Relevant ads intrigue readers. Readers click relevant ads.


The Solution


Look at my sidebar. You see…..MY sidebar.

Or a Blogging from Paradise sidebar.

Ryan Biddulph smiling in tropical locales. His trademark tight T-shirts. The same mustard yellow T-shirt which has not failed him since Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Snazzy glasses. Paradise.

Me and my friend Olivia in Nagigi, Fiji. July 2014.
Me and my friend Olivia in Nagigi, Fiji. July 2014.

You will see one ad. Uno. That’s it. Blogging from Paradise: How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging the eBook.

Paperback’s out too; find it on Amazon and CreateSpace.

1 ad. Relevant to Blogging from Paradise, the blog, the tagline and the brand.

People may just click on it. And they have. Because it’s relevant.


11:  You Don’t Trust Yourself


There it is.

I said it.

As a guy who has not and has trusted himself (at least some of the time) I can assure you; if you ain’t making that sweet, sweet scratch through blogging you don’t trust yourself.

Have you ever wanted to whack one of those uber successful, inspired, blogging demigods in the face?

Jealousy is a factor. Envy? Check.

But at an energetic level you are resisting a successful blogger who trusts themselves because you don’t trust yourself.

Think of it this way; if you haven’t made $3.12 blogging – after blogging for 3 months – you either have god-like trust in yourself and ignore your results or you have absolutely zero trust in your money-making ability.

Or, if you’ve made thousands of dollars blogging but want to take this game to the next level, to the hella successful blogging level, you haven’t made the leap because you don’t trust:


The Solution


Trust yourself by doing an absolutely, positively kick-ass job writing in-depth, pillar style content.

Enjoy the living stuffing out of the process.

Vibe high.

Then……here it comes……give away a bunch of stuff for free.

You are always good enough to make money blogging because money is in consciousness and no lack of consciousness exists.

This is why people who do apparently nothing much of note in life win lotteries.

BUT….since you’re blogging, and likely have some limiting beliefs about money and blogging, you may struggle to make money blogging because you have some mental blocks concerning money.

Theoretically you can attract the dough but you don’t trust yourself enough to do it.

Give away free stuff.

Long, valuable, insightful blog posts.

Free eBooks.

Free webinars.

Free videos.

Free newsletters.

Then, you’ll move into the spirit of opulence.

You’ll be like: “Damn I’m generous. Damn I’m rich. Damn all these folks love me and what I have to offer.”

You’ll feel rich, successful and pretty opulent. Rich feeling, successful feeling and opulent feeling people trust that they will make money blogging.

Mental blocks dissolve.

Here money, money, money!

It’s so much easier to trust yourself when you give away your best work for free.

I know I’m always worthy yet, in my human moments, I may doubt meself here and there.

Enter the free content – my best work – that I give away regularly.

I trust me again; hell the evidence is right in front of my grille.

I feel opulent.

Cha-ching…..or, another Bali house sit in the future. Or, another prospering partnership forms.





Tell your story. Do one thing well. Do your mental homework.

Your story is a fortune waiting to happen.

Your story can make you famous, prospering and rich. If you want that stuff. Or it’ll help you make a good living through your blog.

Doing one thing well inspires folks to see you as an authority. Authorities get paid.

As within, so without. Money finds rich feeling bloggers. Rich feeling bloggers do their mental homework.

Lose the tire kickers. It’s kinda tough to build a blogging empire on a solid foundation of people who have no money. Or who’re experiencing problems expanding their prosperity consciousness. Inspire these folks by hobnobbing with cyber high rollers.

Blog to make yourself and your audience free. Don’t be like a cyber version of that scumbag in Costa Rica.  Just joking. Te amo Pablo.

Blog for fun too. People having fun get paid. Or, blogging for fun makes you attractive to freeing people and things. Money’s a freeing thing.

Less ads. More content.

Establish multiple streams of blogging income. Think abundance.

Blogging for money ain’t the only crappy driver. Rid your mind of all low energy drivers. Focus on that blogging for freedom thing again.

Align your ads. Be relevant.

Trust yourself by giving away a bunch of free stuff. Do your absolute bestest job too. It never hurts.


Your Turn


Do you vibe with these reasons?

And with these tips?

Can you add any more reasons below?

Are you having a helluva time taking your blogging game to the next level?

Let me know in the comments section below.


Call to Action


The emails are coming the emails are coming! (imagine the Paul Revere line here)

I am building a list and checking it twice.

From paradise.

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I appreciate you!

Until next time…..enjoy paradise.

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  4. Lara Sein Says:

    Hello Ryan,

    Your way of presenting those realistic problems together with their solutions is a golden source of inspiration. I especially like when you mentioned the practical tips as my readers are basically looking for those all day long.

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    Lara Sein

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  8. Jesse Says:

    Nice case studies and I really love your idea of comparing common things with blogging issues,

  9. Amanda that’s so the way to go. Get specific and you can drill down, and target your ideal reader easily. Thanks for commenting!

  10. Amanda Says:

    Hey Ryan, great tips! I especially agree with find 1 thing and do it well. For the past year we’ve been trying to write for a broad audience but in the end it really turns people off. They click on the site and don’t know where they fit in. This year we are really trying to narrow down and focus on what we do do well.

  11. Hi Sarah, yep I figure, if you’re posting, may as well make it an eBook, right? 😉 Ditto on those errors. We really can learn from our mess ups. Hey, congrats on prospering through blogging. Keep up the great work!

  12. Long read, but definitely, definitely worth it. As someone who has just recently stumbled on to the tip of the iceberg of making money through blogs and other passive income streams and also loves to travel, consider me blown away. I have done so many of these dumb mistakes in the past with my other blog and now I see it.

  13. Sayantan, appreciate you sharing with us!

  14. AR, that sounds great. Your blog will take off even more when you monetize. So many good products and services you’ll be able to create. Thanks for reading!

  15. We haven’t monetized our blog yet, but we’re planning to do it sometime this year. Your advice will surely help us. 🙂

  16. Hey Ryan,

    What an amazing post! You are literally the greatest story teller I have ever came to know. Your blog is an source of inspiration for me, and never fails to deliver. Perhaps your ability to get content from every thing of your life attracts me to your blog.


  17. David thanks so much for stopping by and buying an eBook! Much appreciate your support and hey, Spain is paradise to me. Can’t wait to visit one day. Thanks again!

  18. Hey Ryan,

    Just popping over from Richard’s recommended post.

    Thought it was about time to say hello!

    Its not my first time here. I’ve read a few of your ‘epic’ posts and I also bought your book “How To Create and Publish a Successful eBook”. I’ve not travelled in your part of paradise, but I do love spending time in Spain at our apartment – its hot and dry, compared to wet and damp UK! So for me, that’s paradise!!

    There are some great tips here about setting your focus on the correct things and plenty for me to practise on.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring.
    – David

  19. Thomas great points! And oh yes, Delray Beach is beautiful from what I’ve heard; added to the list. Thanks much!

  20. Thomas Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    First I want to commend you and a great job on what you have and are doing with this site. I don’t want to dare say its a blog because it is doing so much more and you are helping so many people and are making money doing it. Its a blessing, a business, a project, hobby, and life changer. I have read so many of your posts in the past 24 hours. Just found the site yesterday so I have be catching up on what you are doing and have to offer. I have taken so much of your input and advance and have already put it into action. I removed those stupid adsense ads from my site – it wasnt inline with what I am trying to do. I created my first 3k word post, and I feel like for the first time I told my own story about what I am doing and not what people want to hear.

    Some of my biggest failures came in building sites where the first goal was to make money. How can you make money happy? How can you make money trust you? You need to write for the readers and in the end those who want to follow you and know more about your journey will support you. I really need to start commenting more. I use to do that for some of my other successful sites and I have dropped the ball a lot lately. Thanks for getting me to FOCUS. I think that there is a movie called “Focus” coming out soon. Imagine that.

    Fear seems to suck so many people in and they never get a grip or hold on their lives. I refused to be one of those people and coming to your site as with many others I have followed you need to find people that have your vision. It may not be the same business idea, or whatever but the believe in themselves and what they can do. Thanks again for the kick in the rear and speaking on how things are. I know you are island hopping but if you ever get the chance stop by Delray Beach its a great little place to visit.

  21. Sheman I will keep away from those suckers lol….and thanks for reading!

  22. Hey Ryan,

    If I had 11 hats I will tip them off to you for each point that you made here. I definitely vibe with this as you mentioned here.

    I have to admit, when i started reading at the beginning, I was becoming impatient and want you to go into the topic. But I’m glad that I read it, and saw that you were creating the plot! That was clever of you.

    Stories is the ultimate when it comes to blogging. For me i have fun telling my salsa/IT/School district stories. It loosens me up and makes it easier for me to relate it to the topic of choice. Fun is what it’s all about and people are attracted to people who are having fun with what they do right?

    Thanks for the share Ryan! I hope you have a great rest of the week! Stay away from those Spitting Cobras by the way 😉

  23. Gabor appreciate it! Do come back soon ok?

  24. Gabor Kovacs Says:

    Very inspiring and fun read, I am glad that I came to your site, Ryan! I will soon read your other pieces also, when I have some more time, as some of the post titles already intrigue me!

  25. You too!

  26. Ryan,


    Enjoy your weekend!

  27. Deborah I LOVE the entire comment and gotta say, your bold text paragraph is…..IT! Brilliant, and 100% my experience in life. Thanks so much!

  28. Hey Ryan!!

    Congratulations again! I might start every comment off with that for the next few months, as getting married is really cool…even though you can do everything not married as you can married …making that full on, in the eyes of the law commitment thing to another wonderful human being is still so very very special.

    I often save reading your blog posts Ryan until I can seriously sit back and savor every word. I’m a get to the point kind of person, so initially I got a bit bored with the travel stuff and skimmed to some meat. But now that I know you better, I literally read every word because you are funny and real and hide valuable nuggets within verbal images of poisonous snakes in the toilet.

    By the way… if even highly acclaimed bloggers don’t tell me a story within their information, I’m out of there!! – my attention is better served elsewhere if I am not being engaged and educated at the same time. I have two Master’s Degrees and in retrospect, since most of it was educational but not particularly entertaining, I”m not sure now how I read through all those text books and stayed focused. I was a bit of a goody two shoes back then – though I did structure my second Master’s Degree so I went to school 3 days per week and skied 4 days per week!

    Just yesterday I was on a private coaching call with a client. We were speaking about his latest blog post and all the great information contained therein. But then I said, “The only thing missing from that post is you.” . Silence.

    In my years online I have found that people make the jump in success, prosperity, abundance mindset and the like when they can let go of their fear of being truly seen and release the shackles of doing it in a way that someone told them they were supposed to, whatever IT is.

    Isn’t that really what this beautiful post had shared at it’s core? Withing the 11 things is the message to BE WHO YOU ARE and let it out in your writing. Live without fear and trust in abundance. Take the road less traveled with your head held high, if it’s what brings you joy and allows you to bring joy to others.

    The details of each point were awesome. But my big takeaway is that!

    Thank you Ryan.


  29. Thanks much!

  30. So many great tips in here, especially for someone just starting out. Good luck with all that you do, not that you’ll need it!

  31. That About Page tidbit is great, great advice. Thanks Naomi!

  32. Jacob really appreciate that!

  33. Jacob Says:

    Ryan, what a doozy! There are so many tidbits to take away for me. I write about money, which is often difficult to make exciting. You’ve reminded me that I absolutely have to be entertaining or I’ll fade.
    Great stuff.

  34. Hi Ryan,

    Another amazing post!

    Great advice about telling your story. It totally helps readers to get to know you better which builds trust between you both.

    I think one of the biggest mistakes bloggers can make is not having an about page


  35. Thanks Craig for reading it and for the power comment!

  36. Craig Says:

    Hi Ryan – Been by your blog a few times, but this is my first time commenting.

    You mean I read this entire post (ok, well I skimmed some of it), only to find that you summarized it at the end for me.

    So I’m reading and reading and thinking to myself, what in the world does this have to do with your blog not making money. Now normally if I come across a post on a another blog that isn’t hitting the mark with me, I’m gone. But you sucked me in Ryan. Spitting cobra’s, pythons, rogue taxi drivers. I just kept reading and reading.

    I was fully expecting to see some of the same stuff I’ve read over and over. You know, have different income streams, grow your email list, network, blah, blah, blah… What a pleasant change of pace and great read.

    Your story is where the money is at. Missing the emotional bond with your readers. Ok, that’s brilliant. I get it. There are so many blogs out there, and a ton that provide really useful information. But really we’re all the same aren’t we? That’s what really sets your blog apart from others. It’s telling the story. Definitely something that I need to work on, and it could easily fit into the scope of my blog. Now you’ve got me motivated.

    Great post Ryan, and pretty sure I’ll be back for more. 🙂

  37. Gauruv thanks so much!

  38. Love the idea of raising your prices to build a premium experience. Awesome comment James thanks so much!

  39. Hi Ryan!

    I honestly feel like I could write a 1000 word response to everything you post because there’s SO much great information.

    Instead I’ll just comment on the points I have the most personal experience in.

    #1 Stories. I love hearing them, so I knew early on that it would be good to integrate them into my content. I feel they really help the reader connect with the author on a more personal level, because like you said – everyone’s story is unique. Feeling like you know somebody goes a long way when it comes to promotion. I’d be far more likely to buy something from a good friend than a door-to-door salesman, that’s for sure.

    #2 This is still an issue for me. I used to work on a ton of different sites at the same time as well as an eBay business. These days I’ve narrowed it down a ton but still do a lot of extra stuff as well. I suppose it’s time to narrow it down further and focus more on whatever is giving me the best value for my time.

    #3 Mindset. I’m glad you talk about this because it’s SO important. I also meditate regularly and it’s one of my most beneficial practices. Glad to see it’s growing in popularity here in the US.

    #4 Another problem I had for a while. I’ve realized in most of the niches I work in, it’s a better use of my time to raise prices and build a premium brand image than to focus on doubling my number of buyers.

    #8 I still don’t understand the people that rely on one income stream. It’s a horrible idea for a ton of reasons. It would sure suck after all, if that income stream was wiped out and you were left with nothing. Diversification of income was a huge focus of mine in 2014 and I’m looking to offer even more this year.

    I’ll keep it to that. Thanks again Ryan for the awesome post, and congratulations on your marriage!

    – James

  40. Gaurav Says:

    Hello, Ryan,

    I enjoyed reading your article. The way how you write and explain is outstanding.


  41. Carol thanks so much!!! For your congrats, for your comment and for your support. Oh yes, we zero in on that part of the world because of the exchange rate and also we love warmth year round 😉

  42. Derek, your blog SCREAMS you!!! And even though you may get in a bit o’ trouble sometimes I swear, the blog fits you to a T. You have the “real” travel blogger niche down pat. Thanks for the awesome comment AND for reading every word!

  43. Paul much appreciated!

  44. Paul Manning Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for another of your excellent articles. I think it’s your chatty relaxed style that fits so well with your lifestory and your brand.

    Story. You are so right – again!

    Telling one’s own story really is the key, and it’s long been the way people who have no past experience of public speaking are coaxed into the terrifying “first-time” that they have to stand up and talk…

    By telling your story, even if its just who you are and what you do – you own it. You are the authority – and you can speak with confidence.

    If you own it, then it’s natural, it’s genuine – it’s your brand!

    Thanks again, and congratulations to you and Kelli on your wedding plans!


  45. Andy Willis Says:

    Hey Ryan
    I’m really enjoying reading your blogs and trying my best to take in all the useful tips and insights.
    There is a lot for me to take in as a relative newcomer to blogging world but I’ve succeeded in other parts of my life by persistence and I will be striving to do the same here, it’s just a matter of watching, listening, learning and building it into practice.
    I have bought 2 of your ebooks whilst reading this post so I guess that’s testament that what you talk about in the post and what you practice does actually work.
    I’m off to Bali for a month in late March and would love to catch up with yourself and Kelli in person, hopefully you guys are still there then, I’ll email you.
    Keep up the great work and thanks again for the inspiration.

  46. Derek Freal Says:

    Sheesh and I thought some of my 3,000 word articles were too long hahaha. Nah I kid. But on a more serious note I take pride in being one of the minority in that I read every single word. Thank you for everything but now let me ramble on my thoughts:

    #1 I’ve been attending TBEX for years and they always stress how your blog is a brand, you are a brand. Me, personally, it was hard for me to accept at first. “Who the fuck am. I? Why should anyone care about me?” But that’s just my own disdain for celebrities and all those people obsessed with themselves, as opposed to my own self-loathing. Nowadays some or my posts are all about me but most others, including the bulk of my top posts (in terms of traffic and email inquiries but not always comments). I’m trying to mesh together both in a way that all readers can enjoy. Here’s some info, here’s me doing crazy shit, here’s some info, there’s a video, here’s more info, there’s oh shit look at me I’m partying with Yakuza.

    #2 This is a hard one for me, although my subjects are not as varied as the ones you listed. I cover off-the-beaten path adventures and locations (unfortunately the very phrase of which has become too mainstream for my taste, but it guess that’s better for organic traffic) and motorcycle travel, but I bounce between budget travel and luxury, and yes do write about both as well. Get sick of either when I do it for too long and have to switch. Then I throw in my crazy rants, rambles, adventures and mishaps, just to spruce it up. I know I need better site organization to make it easier for readers to find what they want, but that’s something I started on over xmas just didn’t finish because I’ve been putting my clients first with my leak cell signal — with which I am using my iPad to type all this novel. However I do believe we’ll get to that 😉

    #8 Yup, it wasn’t until I developed multiple streams that I started actually making enough to fund my travels entirely. For anyone else reading all the comments in addition to this article (get a life — no, I kid…you damn well better comment before you decide to suddenly get a life) definitely DO start developing multiple revenue streams…instead of reading comments like this 😉

    #9 I free myself on my blog, perhaps to much. I speak about things I’ve done that are illegal, namely my habit of smoking something besides tobacco in every single country I’ve visited — all 25 — except for one (it’s the UAE, since I know you’re curious); things that I’ve done are immoral, or at the very least controversial, such as my annual culinary achievements best of (with photos); and I do it all while dropping the f bomb which did in one case get me locked up and deported — which as you recently read (I do believe). This is also why I don’t take any guest posts on my blog or let my VA handle my Twitter — people would no it wasn’t my voice, it wasn’t me. However I do have the other half of my site (just theHoliDaze.com, no “blog” instead of “www” where I have over 100 authors — but the complication of those two separate sites trying to be one has lost many potential regular readers (and subscribers) and also complicated the navigation issues.

  47. Carol Amato Says:

    Hello, Ryan,

    Congrats on getting another house sitting gig, and again in Bali, that’s wonderful!! Hey, was wondering…Do you only house sit in that part of the world because of the exchange rate? Would you ever want to house sit in Europe or does the Euro Dollar prevent that? Just curious.

    Uhmmm, with all those critters running around, do you sleep behind a barred door and underneath netting every night? I would! LOL

    I’m a Christian, so I believe in God, but I absolutely believe it was not your time to go and that there is an awesome purpose for your life here on Earth. Wow, you went through a lot and lived to tell about it! Just about made me re-live my experience of being hit by a car in New York.

    You’ve certainly accomplished a lot of cool things, which are valuable to others, so I’m sure you have found that to be fulfilling.

    You’re absolutely right, stories are powerful and the solution. No one relates to another human being like when they’re engrossed in a personal story being told with passion.

    I couldn’t agree more, mindset is everything. I’ve really been focusing on this in the last few years, but didn’t in the beginning of my online business. What a huge improvement when I did. Amazing lift in the standards of thought and action. Wow!

    Enjoyed your stories, but for me, I’d prefer them to be broken up in a series of blog posts…That’s just my preference in consuming content. 🙂

    Congratulations to you and Kelli – so happy for you!!

    Have a great weekend.

  48. David thanks for sticking around and reading!

  49. Thanks so much Frank and enjoy Croatia!

  50. Frank Says:

    Holy shit, you like to write! I have to admit I skipped a few sections…
    But always entertaining and I picked up a few tips as well.

    Costa Rica taxi drivers. Can’t stand Costa Rica and you’re not the only one who’s paid $30 for a 10 minute taxi ride. Too many gringos and not enough enterprising Ticos – result are the prices for anything touristy you want to do there. I’ve vacationed in Switzerland; but have never paid the kind of prices I’ve paid for sub-par attractions like some of the places in Costa Rica. La Fortuna was the worst…I get upset whenever I hear Costa Rica or “Pura Vida”. Got real sick of people telling me Pura Vida all the goddamn time while ripping me off.

    You’re right about stories; like almost hitting a water buffalo crossing the road, having a cobra coming into the house in Zambia. I’ve had a few of those but haven’t included them in my posts. Here in Thailand there was a recent story about a huge python (or cobra?) coming out of a woman’s toilet and attacking her. Spanky always tells me to kid the lid on. But imagine being on the throne downloading the brown file when a snake decides to say hi? Scary.

    Got it, more stories 🙂 And I agree, nothing turns me off like too many ads or sponsored posts. I know a few bloggers who’s blogs I enjoyed reading…but then every 2nd post became a sponsored post and I stopped reading. Bloggers start losing their voice when they do that.

    Fun post and congratulations on Bali! We’ll be off to Croatia in early spring.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  51. David Says:

    Hi Riyan.., Very nice post. I visited your blog for the first time and I’m busy since an hour reading all your island style blogs 🙂 and the only thing I wonder is how you manage to do this.. Great blog buddy

  52. Haha Tat things get kinda nuts on the road 😉 Thanks for reading!

  53. Aha the Butterfly Effect! Well said Dave and thank you 🙂

  54. Haha Drewry NJ all the way but I guess Cali’s creeping in 😉 I found my 7K posts get a ton more burn and all that good stuff. Thanks dude!

  55. DNN Says:

    So I hear you’re from California in your vernacular, Ryan? You said “scrilla.” Haha! (smile)

    Do you normally write 1,000+ word blogs when you post? How did that work out for you from the beginning vs writing short blogs?

  56. Dave Cole Says:

    Fantastic post, Ryan! I’m going to incorporate the mental homework to my daily routine. That really does make a difference and its butterfly effects are unbeatable.

  57. Tat Says:

    Loved your stories in the post, they’re the kind that makes me happy that I’m just reading about your travels and not doing the actual travelling 😉 Your solution to not trusting oneself is an unusual one, but I can definitely see how it can work.

  58. George much appreciated! 5000 words? Bravo!

  59. As usual, I really like the depth of your post. It is always nice to know when someone put a great deal of work into a post. It is something most are not willing to do.
    I am actually finishing up a nearly 5000 word post about startups. It was a lot of work, but I am very proud of it too.

  60. Thanks so much Neamat and great to see you again!!

  61. Hi Ryan,

    Long time I didn’t visit here since last year!! Happy New Year and hope you are doing well!!!

    Great tips and reasons Ryan!! Story telling is a great way to grab people’s attention and I need to work on incorporating more stories into my blog posts.

    I totally agree and what I like most of your tips is to master one thing and become the go to person in that one thing. I hate to go to a blog and every time, it is a subject totally different than the last and sometimes it is never in relevance with their tagline and the same goes with the ads.

    I am not in your email list yet, I will sign up right now but I want to say congratulations on your marriage to Kelli which I knew from the comments above. Wish you a happy and blessed life together.

    Thanks Ryan for a great share as always. Enjoy your weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,


  62. Sachin I appreciate that my friend! Keep on keeping on and you’ll reach your dreams!

  63. Mar sounds good and mosquito repellent ready 😉 Thanks!

  64. LOL yep I cover a few topics 😉

  65. Wow TG not obscure at all; loved it because it’s telling and powerful. Thanks so much for reading and sharing and yep, plenty of Bali images coming soon 🙂

  66. No Heidi thank YOU for the awesome comment! Appreciate it and I hope to see ya I mean I know I’ll meet the Wagoners one day 😉

  67. Mi hey I appreciate that 😉 I do intend to make the images stand out and couldn’t pass on me being in a robe issuing hood-like edicts. Thanks dude!

  68. Mi Muba Says:

    Hi Ryan

    First of all hats of your choice of image selection. I can say for sure nowhere in blogosphere one can find this type of images that have no imaginary approach and directly reflecting the way of living you are enjoying nowadays.

    All the reasons are damn good and one can’t differ with any one of them. The best part is that you also mentioned the solution of each and never let the readers think what to do for solving these problems.

    I like most the one you mentioned as “becoming doctor and lawyer at a time”. It is so common that one plays multiple roles jut to be jack of all trades but eventually he comes to know this is an age of specialization and one needs to be focused in his each blogging chore.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful tutorial.

  69. You are too funny! Okay, where do I begin. First of all you need a comment box after each section. I kept wanting to converse with you along the way, but had to wait until the end! 🙂

    Love the personal stories and sometimes we may share a bit too much. I laugh when we meet some of our readers and they know more about us than we do. They remember that little something from a blog post, which they related to, when we just rambled on about and vented. It is wonderful.

    I can relate to the too many hats problem for sure. That is what I am trying to do! Be a typical Libra and keep balance and peace for all. Stop it Heidi! Okay message taken.

    Yoga, meditaion and the like…I know it is good for me. I know it works! Why don’t I do it regularly? Get off the rear and get it in gear! Okay another message received.

    As far as the housesit, we love house sitting! You never know we may end up in Bali in the next few months and come over for a visit. After we finish in Cambodia, it is back to Thailand, Malaysia and then somewhere else. Possible Bali or the Philippenes. Who knows. Once I take off some of my hats and do my meditation a bigger world will present itself. Thanks for the reminders Ryan! Phew, sorry for the 700 word comment.

  70. The Guy Says:

    Hey Mr B,

    Anther highly informative and detailed analysis from your good self.

    I think if as you say people can stay focused in a niche and answer peoples problems by providing solutions they will gain trust. This whole idea of story telling is often advised since it provides a personal nature which engages people. A personal story which explains what emotions and experiences you go through will find a reader going through a similar situation. Once they hear what worked for you then they will consider if it works for them.

    Multiple income streams is very good advice. No one should ever depend on one stream for their living. If the plug is pulled then the walls come crashing down. Obscure example I know but look at the news in the last 24 hours. The Swiss Franc was released from being pegged to a fixed exchange rate with the Euro. It sent currency markets into turmoil and some financial institutions have gone broke overnight – why? – because they had too much exposure to the Swiss franc.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and enjoy the new house sitting assignment 🙂

  71. Cool, thanks for the link, I didn’t know you wrote a book about that, but at this point, I would be surprised if there was a subject you didn’t write a book about. I’ll check it out, maybe grab a copy when I have a bit more cash.

  72. Mar Says:

    Hey! Good suggestions and solutions, will do my best to include them in this year;s resolutions and hope to catch you somewhere in Asia soon. I go to bali often so I will make sure to stop by if we don’t meet in SG

    Safe travels! And careful with the snakes, lizards and most important of all, the mosquitoes! they always eat me alive…!

  73. Sachin Says:

    Today I get my problem solution about why site not make Money…… After getting thus awesome article I read with fully attention and get solution …. All things clear define …..
    Now I really impressed to the article point
    Thanks for sharing with us …
    Good job
    Keep it up
    Have good day

  74. Love it Lorraine, keep on story telling!

  75. I totally agree with you, Ryan. Telling stories is important, and this tactic offers MANY benefits, including allowing your audience to learn about you and connect with you on another level.

    When I first began blogging, people loved my stories and my honesty. I used to blog on True Tales Tuesdays. Something got lost, though, when Wording Well was created. I began to focus more on my business. When I began my author site, I got back what I was lacking with Wording Well. I now blog on True Tales Tuesdays on Lorraine Reguly: Laying It Out There. 🙂

  76. Aha, East Australia is lovely! Keep on preparing mentally and in comes the goodness. Thanks Andy!

  77. Link worthy as always Kelli, thanks so much for sharing!

  78. Thanks Jane! I’d meditate on your direction/niche and let the Universe answer you loud and clear 😉

  79. LOL me too, LOLing, as I wrote it Neena. Thanks so much!

  80. Constance I enjoyed that about your blog; it has FLAVOR! Thanks so much and see you soon!

  81. Irish thanks much and likewise on the spitting cobra lol!

  82. Thanks Guys!! Actually it’s an NJ wedding but still we’re happy for it lol……appreciate it and enjoy Mexico!

  83. Tim so happy you let go dude! You’re on your way and hey, blog topics follow your passion. Vibe high, do your personal development – I’ve an eBook covering how to rock out blogging through mindset training here: https://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/ebook-mindset-blogger/ – and most of all, keep looking at positives in your life, from waking, to breathing, to all your blogging victories. Thanks dude for supporting me!

  84. Thanks Agness great to see you here!

  85. Agness Says:

    Great tips! I am not blogging for money, but it’s good to know what tactics you can use to make money from blogging.

  86. I see a whole bunch of these reasons on my blog, haha.

    I’m starting to write longer posts (thanks for the tip), include more stories, call to action, and pictures from my random trips. So I guess that’s not bad.

    But I have a problem. I can’t seem to find a topic to write about. I’m not really an expert on anything so I’m not sure if blogging is right for me. Still, I like writing, so I figured I would just write – and write – about whatever thoughts are floating around in my head until something happens. Worse scenario, I practice writing articles.

    Oh, and I took your advice, deleted the website, all the posts, but for some reason decided to keep the domain name. But I’m starting again, doing some things better, but still haven’t quite got it down yet. Guess it’s more like an experiment.

    Anyways, I’m rambling, I really liked this article and I’m learning a lot from you!

  87. Hey Ryan,

    Great and long article. Very in depth. Congrats to you and Kelly on your Bali wedding! How awesome will that be?!

    Can’t wait to see some photos. Keep up the amazing success and prosper in 2015 and beyond (as a married couple)


  88. Irish Carter Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Great lesson and article here you have written. Do you know why I like your site? You have story. You have knowledge. You tell it like it is. You make sense. You entertain. I can keep going but you get my drift. I love that it really is about telling the story and blog for people. Money will get to you if you are putting the right action behind it.

    I am back and forth on the audience part. I have a wide group of followers. Some are highly successful and others are just starting out. I’m not sure I would want to not follow the ones who don’t have the same level of success because they cant afford what I have. I suppose I have a balance.

    I am going to pray you don’t see a cobra. It scares me just the thought of it. LOL

    I have taken so much from your lesson. You are a great teacher. Thanks for all you do.


  89. I completely agree with #1 – tell your story. I find my blog posts with a more personal side are the ones are the most popular. Whenever I write a travel post, I try to create a story. If it is just dry information, the reader can just go and read Wikipedia.

    However, there is so much great information in this post that I could be applying to my blog but I am not. I have bookmarked your site and I will be back to re-read this article so I can put you advice into action!

  90. Neena Says:

    Storytelling definitely makes a blog post more interesting.

    And I laughed when I read “I tried to get broke people to pay me money.” Such is the truth in blogging and any service related business.

    Really good points – but the best is not being a jack of all trades. It is so hard to narrow down a concept and write about that one thing day in and day out – even if you love the topic.

    The thing is that once you own the smaller niche it is far easier to branch out.

  91. Jane Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Congrats on your wedding, it`s in few days. Wow! I can imagine how super excited you must be. I think that you should consider having something like wedding party at the beach in Bali afterwards. That would be awesome.
    Congratulation on the paperbacks too. It`s wonderful how you grow and prosper. Fingers crossed for you to the future.
    Telling stories is a tip I find very useful for my blog. I don`t do that and I probably should; will think about it more.
    Having just one niche is what I heard a lot, and I still struggle to pick one. My blog is about healthy eating, safe traveling and positive thinking and I want these 3 topics to form a lifestyle. A lifestyle of a modern man mindful of this stuff. I`ll see how it goes. It`s hard for me to give up two of them.
    Thank you for making me think about it deeply. Have an awesome wedding. 🙂

  92. kelli Says:

    Amazing as always. I loved the part about only getting excited about your autoresponder if you have an email fetish. I really liked your point about the driver…we all want to make money with our blog, that is all fine and good. But, you are right..when we make that the sole driver, we are doomed from the start. Like you said, money doesn’t give us over to itself..it comes through people. I also liked the part about telling your story. Unless you are blogging about something super-serious or information oriented, like giving tax tips, the average blogger would be well served by getting a bit personal to spice up their content. Great stuff as always and thanks for linking up to my post!

  93. Andy Says:

    Thanks for this Ryan, it took me a while to get to the bottom of this, but it was worth it. I will make more time for more mental preparation and focus even more on my own story. I’m struggling a bit to make some moolah off my blog right now but then again I think it also needs a little more time (and positive thinking). I do enjoy the journey though.

    Glad you are having fun with writing and congrats on the wedding!

    Yours, in a garage/office on the east coast of Australia,


  94. Anna you read it all? Good for you lol…..seriously I appreciate it and you are right; the entertainment aspect of travel blogging can be so prospering if we tell those stories. Thanks so much!

  95. Leigh really appreciate that!

  96. Bob your story pulled me to your blog 😉 Well done and thanks!

  97. Don Amen to that! Love your comment, your take and yes, we’ll do a podcast for sure. Thanks so much on both counts and I’ll Facebook message you in a few 😉

  98. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    WOW! You said a lot in here my friend and it’s all fantastic stuff.

    In your first point you talked about sharing stories and I agree that it’s important 90% of the time. However, it’s also important to know your audience and what they are going to be attracted to.

    For example, if you niche to accountants or law then you better get to the point. Stories ought to be short and concise in order to make the point and inspire a reason to take action.

    I really love that you mentioned focus on one thing and do it well!!!! So many are trying to find all these creative ways to talk with everyone about every way they can help them in order to make money.

    I get it. I’ve done it. However, I have also worked hard at figuring it out and you can really see what business I’m “really” in when you land on my home page now.

    I’ll close with “Make Friends”!!!!

    It’s because of the amazing friends I made that Adam Connell referred me to growthhackers.com and then I was discovered by SEMrush.com and was published yesterday.

    Just by having a blog community around me my article is blowing away most of the articles on the site in terms of comments and shares.

    That’s incredible!!!! Without friends like you it wouldn’t be possible to write about Google and Community and then see it backed up on an influential blog.

    It’s really mind numbing and amazing all that the same time!!!

    Thanks for everything Ryan and this is another classic article!!!

    FYI – I just launched my new weekly podcast. We ought to record a 30 minute show before you leave the states. Let me know!!!!

    Have a great one Ryan!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

  99. Great article Ryan and great ideas. I agree totally with telling your story and not blogging for money. In fact I may be doing the second part too well.

  100. Leigh Says:

    Congratulations Ryan & Kelli! Your blog is unique and very useful. Thanks for sharing! Keep blogging! Keep inspiring!

  101. Anna Says:

    Ryan, great post as always!

    As much as I love all your reasons, I like #1 the best: tell your story. I actually find a lot of travel blogs REALLY boring because they all sound like guidebooks that anyone can write with a little bit of research (Top 10 Things to do in Chiang Mai!). Blergh. I don’t read any of those blogs anymore. Yeah yeah I know some of them are probably super successful blogs that make a ton of money, but still.. boring. That’s why I find your posts entertaining and actually read all 7000 words. You’re you and you tell your story while giving out valuable information.

    The one that hit home for me the most is not trusting yourself. I have realized that that is my entire problem. I am currently blogging for fun (#6), but hey maybe someday it’ll be for a living too. My new year’s resolution is to gain more confidence. Maybe I won’t make any money this year either, but believing in yourself is the first step, right? 🙂

    And lastly, your email notification also mentioned that you and Kelli are getting married. Congratulations!! Wishing the two of you all the best. 🙂

  102. Richard much appreciated my man and I dig the limping pooch analogy, so vivid and so telling!

  103. Thanks Rajesh!

  104. rajesh Says:

    It’s really nice blog and i can learn many things by seeing your blog and i am looking to learn many things from experienced bloggers and all your posts so long and worthy one’s.

  105. Richard Says:

    Ryan dude.

    A seriously credible list of 11 reasons why most people will not make a banana blogging.

    Main things I took from this:

    1. Blogging for money. It’s ok to blog for money, as long as it’s not the sole reason. Blogs that do this stand out like a limping pooch that’s just been in someones headlights. They are limping to a goal, and one which they will never reach. I do it for the writing. I do it because I enjoy it. I love this whole online thing. If I didn’t make a dime next month, do you think I’d be gone? Absolutely not. But it happens. I stumble across interesting people *who have a story to tell*. But they can’t see past the dough. And because of that, I return a few months later to see some awful GoDaddy holding page.

    2. Income streams. I have a few, but nowhere near 200. It’s the only way to build and prosper. It’s awesome to wake to Paypal notifications, and payments from things you even forgot about. Spread the net and prosper.

    Sharing now.

    Oh and congratulations. On the whole wedding thing. I just saw it on an email now. Congrats, and all my best to yourself and Kelli.

  106. So do you spot any of these reasons on your blog?

    What solutions are you using?

    How do you prosper through blogging?