11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course (Plus a Bonus Audio Course)

November 16, 2015

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Big Smiley


“Thank you so, SO much for creating this audio – and the blog commenting book too!


Now I’m on the 6th audio recording and I feel like I’m getting to be a different person. Yeah, I still find my mind reverting “But, but, I need to pay bills and make money with my blog now!”


But I also know you’ve shortened my journey to success by years. I woke up at 4 AM the other day with a ton of ideas. Was super excited to write ’em down – writing is getting to be fun again! This hasn’t happened in a long while.


Tried the cold shower too; after gasping for breath it’s like WHOA! Energy!


Sharing this course with my people for sure!”


~ John Martin, Boost Your Audience Dot Com


“Grab Ryan’s 11 part series on the fundamentals of blogging! I felt like I was starting to dry up with my blogging efforts one day, and the next thing you know I was the owner of every book on Kindle Ryan wrote and his audio series. After that, I feel unstoppable when it comes to writing and just simple blogging, and with passion!”


~ David Boozer, David Boozer Dot Com


Blogging fundamentals. Even the best of us ignore ’em from time to time. But……


…..imagine the cool, calm breezes of Savusavu, Fiji kissing your face. For 4 months.


Visualize living at a spacious, luxury villa in Jimbaran, Bali for 6 months.


Feel the peaceful, placid wind flow off of the bay in Koh Lanta, Thailand for a month.


See yourself lazing on the black sand beaches of Seminyak, Bali for a month.


Picture the tranquility of the jungles in Quepos, Costa Rica for a month.


That’s my life (note; check out the images below to see what I’m talking ’bout).


I blog from paradise.


My life does not suck. My present day life, that is.


But let’s rewind nearly 8 years….


“What the Freak Is a Blog?”



I had just wasted $120 that I didn’t have.


I bought something called “a domain and hosting” for something called a “blog.” Alien stuff to me. I knew how to check espn.com. And my email. Never ran a business. Had zero entrepreneurial bones in my body. I was terrified to do anything other than working for someone and getting a check every Thursday.


So after I got the ax from my security guard job Kelli told me about the online money making bit. Seemed neat. I could get rich from home. It seemed easy too. But 24 hours after dropping the ducats to get started a wave of sheer panic overtook me. Who in the hell was I? A broke, fired security guard. I had no business starting a blog.


I deemed the online thing an impulse buy and asked Kelli – basically – for permission (in my mind) to get my money back. Refund time. She would give me the vote of confidence. Because I’d no clue in hell what internet marketing was, or how to learn the ins and outs of the entrepreneurial world, so it was a foolish mistake, my stupid buy, and Kelli would back me up.


You’re only reading these words today because Kelli walked me off of the ledge. She sat with me. She explained how feeling scared was normal and natural after doing something REALLY different in your life. I listened. I sifted through my terrors. I decided to stick it out.


My First Online Course



Guys, the same dude who has lived in Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Nicaragua and Peru, all through his pro blogging exploits, was the same exact, terrified, *piddling in his pants* clown who almost quit on myself 24 hours into my online career.


Kelli’s support and a coin toss (that’s a lie, but it sounds so dramatic, right?) put me on this path.


I wanted to encapsulate what I’ve learned along this interesting, exciting, humbling and fascinating journey into a blogging blueprint for you, my awesome sauce readers.


With that in mind, I feel thankful and grateful to offer you my first online course, an audio course titled:



Purchase the Course Here


Purchase the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging (Plus a Bonus Audio Course)


I had SO much fun creating the Fundamentals course that I went and recorded a bonus audio course, to help you with your most pressing blogging questions. So you’re gonna get 2 courses with this one, both created to inspire you to make your blogging dreams from true.


I am spilling the beans on how I went from clueless blogging dingbat to pro blogger island hopping, digital nomad, so you too can build your dream life – and blog – on these fundamentals.



Why I Created the Course



OK….transparency time.


This is where many awesome bloggers say they created a course just to address a pressing need.


I don’t do things that way. I don’t do the NEEDS thing. I do the FUN thing. Which is exactly why I’ve been blessed to blog from paradise. When your motivator is different than most other bloggers you will live a different, miraculous, truly wonderful life.


In Hua Hin, Thailand.
In Hua Hin, Thailand.


I created this course to HAVE FUN and to help you HAVE FUN with your blogging journey. Because when you have fun blogging you detach from outcomes. And when you detach from outcomes all that sweet blogging magic happens. And it’s not like Balinese Black Magic. Nope. No need to sell your soul, to succeed, when you’re having fun.


I want you to:


  • cut your blogging learning curve by 5 to 7 years (I struggled for 5 years because I ignored some of these fundamentals)
  • have fun blogging
  • leap frog common blogging mistakes
  • build your blog on a rock solid, granite-like foundation of proven fundamentals
  • live your dreams


Which brings us to….


The Question


Ryan, how in the HECK do you do it?”


I decided to finally cave, and created this course to answer that question.


When I say, “cave”, I mean I’m finally listening to the guys and gals who asked me to create a blogging course. I’ve written hundred plus eBooks and claimed ’em as my products but this audio course is different.


This is me, real, raw, being and speaking and feeling from my heart, chatting in Granada as Nicaraguan bombs go off in the background (only for 5 seconds of the course). This is me offering you the practical tips to get your blogging career off of the ground.


Top bloggers ask me the question (“How do you do it?”). New bloggers ask me the question. Struggling bloggers. Successful bloggers.


I created this audio course for fun, from a playful space, and I did it for you.


The Fundamentals and Blogging Success



I didn’t arrive here by chance or luck.


No Benevolent Blogging Fairy magically transported me from da docks of New Jersey to places like Fiji, Bali and Thailand.


I followed a few fundamentals to create this dream life. I also ignored a few of these fundamentals to struggle like mad during much of my journey. I’m intended to smooth out your journey. By sharing what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for me, so you can sift through my experiences, my techniques and my recounts, to make your blogging life easier.


This journey can be easy. Honest to goodness. BUT….and here’s the really big BUT…..you’ll likely need to be super uncomfortable to be free.


Don’t worry though. We go over rock solid fundamentals early in the course to help you face, embrace and release these uncomfortable feelings so you can glide through blogging obstacles and other uncomfortable feelings like a hot knife through butter.


I blog from paradise because I stuck to the basics. Over time, I figured out how working like a dog – from paradise – was totally not necessary. I drilled down even more. I made things even more simple. I set up a framework to follow, to manifest fun and readers and a community and income without all of the whack struggle and straining and striving that your ego seems to crave.


In truth, all the whack struggle and straining and striving energies are the direct result of straying from the blogging fundamentals. But I go a little bit beyond here.


I get into the Mental Fundamentals……….


….the stuff that most folks avoid. Goodness knows I avoided a few of these basics for much of my online career. When I decided to follow this course, damn did things get easy. I created freedom and success and fun and happiness with 1/10th to 1/30th less effort.


No lie. It’s almost like an entirely different person was sitting behind the computer, working from a care-free, largely detached, chill space.


The thing is guys, I have slowly fine tuned each of these 11 fundamentals but it wasn’t until a few months back where everything fit perfectly. Where I could even dream about creating a course based on these ideas.


Hell, I hadn’t even discovered a few of these basics until a few months back, but when I started adding 50 subscribers to my list with with almost no effort and when I saw my reach expand over a series of months to brand new levels, I felt it’d be fun for me and helpful for you to create this audio course.


How this Course Flows



I visualized myself struggling during the lean blogging years.


Then I visualized myself having sweet blogging success.


Then I listened to the blogging issues that you shared with me.


Melding the 3 elements was an enjoyable, fascinating look into where I screwed up, how I succeeded and how you can take your blogging game up 3 or 10 or 30 notches. Or how you can stop trying so damn hard, so you can blog for fun, and then watch delicious, delectable blogging success flow your way.


Step by step, piece by piece, I share the techniques, tips and strategies for aligning yourself mentally before you touch your computer, to how you can easily access your Infinite Power, to how you can move into detached, effective, fun actions to build your blog.


Seeing my muck ups, what’s worked really well for me and how the same tactics can work well for you inspired me to tailor this course for beginner, intermediate and experienced, veteran bloggers.


I have been at each level. I felt the pain of experiencing each level. I felt the joy of newbie victories, of JV failures and of experienced, veteran blogging apathy. As I let these emotions flow through my being I tuned into the comments you’ve left me. I read Facebook messages.


I mentally reviewed the emails you’ve sent me. I’ve been in some deep, dark places and I have experienced some blessed, wonderful successes, and I just want to take this journey with you so we together can help so many more folks become professional bloggers.


And island hopping bloggers too, if they wouldn’t mind living in Bali for a year (note; after living in Bali for a year I can say, you should think about it. Paradise.)


Feeling Scared



New bloggers, I know that terribly nervous/excited/completely overwhelmed feeling you’re experiencing in your gut, sometimes. I have been there. This course is for you.


Established bloggers, I know that feeling of “I have done pretty well online but I want to take it up 10 notches”, because…..I have been there. This course is for you.


A jungle. In the kitchen. In Nicaragua.


Struggling bloggers, if you’re banging your head against a wall, and if you’re throwing salt over your shoulders, hoping for an assist from demi-gods to get your blogging career on track, I have been there. Luckily enough, I channeled no demi-god so didn’t need to sell my soul to do the pro blogging bit.


5 Years of Continuous Struggle



I had a decent month. Then I had a terrible month. Then an average month. This went on for 5 years of my blogging career. Even when I lived in paradise. Peak. Valley. High. Low. My life was kinda like Charlie Sheen’s career. Living the high life, then the crash, then the Comeback, then the crash again (here’s to his next Comeback, of course).


My profound shift or Eureka Moment occurred when I trashed my old blog – and 3400 posts – to create Blogging from Paradise. I still have mucked things up on this blog here and there but have experienced an even greater shift towards detachment, creating for fun, and adding a heavy *inner world* element to my blogging campaign.


Why This Blogging Course Is Quite Different from Most on the Web



First off, I use potty mouth here and there. But I am kinda funny, somewhat entertaining (early bribed reviewers said so) and I share it all, blogging-wise.


The ultimate reason why this audio course is unlike most other blogging courses is because I devote 4 of the 11 fundamentals to the inner world of blogging.


Hell yeah I get into the nitty gritty and practical tips for boosting traffic and income and for making friends but I kinda have a thing for explaining the inner world of blogging, the clarity finding, the identifying and embracing of limiting beliefs and all that stuff that many bloggers gloss over when they create posts and courses and content.


In Koh Lanta, Thailand.
In Koh Lanta, Thailand.


After reading my recent blogging battles post, Kelli mentioned how I have a gift for breaking down the mental aspect of blogging. So thanks KC for the nod; I owe you a lifetime of dishes done.


The Jaw Dropping Stat (and Why You Want to Work on Your Blogging Mindset)



80% of bloggers never make more than $100 through their blogs.


Re-read that one please.


This includes bloggers who’ve been online for like 10 years.


Now, with that statistic firmly planted in mind, think about the COUNTLESS blog posts and eBooks and audio books and videos and online courses out there jam-packed with practical tips for driving traffic and sales.


So….most folks fail, blogging-wise….and most folks barely sniff a cent….but they have access to oodles of free and premium content which would help to solve their problems immediately if they used the advice.


I had access to phenomenal free and premium content during my 5 years of Silly Struggling.


Then, a few months after my most wicked blogging struggles ended, I:


  • had my biggest income month EVER through blogging
  • was endorsed 3 times by a NY Times Best Selling Author (without me bribing him….too much)
  • spoke at NYU about blogging
  • became an Amazon best selling author of multiple eBooks
  • co-wrote an Amazon best selling eBook with a highly successful blogger

What the hell was the difference?


Clearing my inner world.


Clearing the inner world is the missing link. The inner world is the source of your blogging struggles, or success.


Figuring out how to clear all of your stuff, your mental struggles, your limiting beliefs, your blogging terrors, you fears, all that crap, that is the key to blogging success.


As within. So without.


This is why 4 of the 11 fundamentals of successful blogging are inner world oriented. I explain how to get past all the blogging straining and struggling and striving pretty darn quickly, without working yourself to a bloody pulp in the process. And I do it in a fun-loving, caring, self-deprecating, simple fashion.


You’ll learn:


  • how to pick a blogging niche you feel passionate about
  • how to pick a lucrative blogging niche
  • how to become attractive to influential bloggers
  • how to add that *it* factor to your blog
  • how to leave your blogging struggles behind without even picking up your lap top


After chatting with clients and reading comments and sifting through emails I can literally feel the tension, the resistance and the force that prevents so many bloggers from enjoying their ride and from kicking ass, too.


That’s why I devoted so much time to the mental and spiritual aspects of blogging: guys, THIS is where your struggle is. This is why you ditch proven tips or ignore the proven tips all together. This is where your blogging bread is buttered.


My Style



Think Tony Robbins meets Gary Vaynerchuk meets the Blogging Buddha.


Only a less hyper version of this holy hybrid.


I am much more low key these days. Doing stuff for the fun of it. Detaching. Much less tension.


But I do keep it real – as the kids said 5 to 10 years ago – and I sometimes get a little raw and I have created an….ummmm…”unique” audio course for you, full of tidbits for getting clear, for centering yourself and for avoiding so many of the blogging problems that I faced for so long, and that most bloggers struggle with for most of their online careers.


No need to struggle for years. Or even months. It’s totally unnecessary guys, and I delve into my recent dramatic shift, adding a few neat elements to my inner blogging world clearing sessions which I discovered recently. I’ve just put some new, fascinating inner techniques into practice recently and have seen a stupidly dramatic shift in my life. Both online and offline. So I’m so happy and grateful to share my finds with you, to bring you along for this freeing ride.

How Is Your Blogging Home Built?



If you build your blogging home on a foundation of sand (poor or no fundamentals) that sucker will collapse quickly.


Blogging from a desperate, resistant space, picking the wrong niche, picking a niche for the wrong reasons, struggling like the dickens (am I 75?) to make enough to buy a pack of gum and publishing posts to a rip roaring, raving, crazy audience of…..crickets…..these are all signals that you built your blogging home on a crappy foundation.


You’re toast. Dead. Muerto, as they’d say here in Granada. Blogging-wise. Dream-wise.

Now if you build your blog on a strong foundation, damn you’re golden.


Earthquakes in Fiji and Costa Rica



We lived through 2 earthquakes and never knew it.


In Quepos, Costa Rica and Savusavu, Fiji, we found out from locals that quakes struck. Exactly where we were living. Light ones, but strong enough to shake homes a few blocks away. Why did we NOT experience the tremors? Because each home sat on a foundation of rock solid granite. Each home sat on a cliff. The instability couldn’t rattle the powerful foundation.


Kelli and I in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica.
Kelli and I in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica.


Imagine building your blog on granite-like fundamentals. You will feel settled, calm and peaceful, totally unaffected by the turmoil which roils the average blogger.


Building your blog on a rock solid foundation means you’ll grow your blogging traffic, blogging income and blogging community steadily. You’ll skip over common blogging mistakes. Most of all, you’ll enjoy the blogging journey.


Ain’t that the point?


OK, let’s break down what I cover.


Benefits of the Course


The 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging



1: Breathe Deeply and Relax (this is a fun chapter/section!)


  • learn how to blog stress free
  • follow practical techniques to help you spot your most annoying blogging limiting beliefs
  • b*tch slap your worst blogging fears in the face
  • skyrocket your creativity to unheard of levels
  • learn how to blog for the fun of blogging


2: Know Why and Make it Freeing


  • figure out how to identify your MFDL: Most Freeing Dream Life
  • kick those failure-producing and stress-creating motivators out of your mind….yeah, the money/fame/traffic/social shares garbage
  • learn one of my secrets for blogging from paradise for the past 54 months straight


3: Make Friends with Leaders


  • build bonds with influential leaders from your niche…yeah, the bloggers who will help to make your star shine brighter and brighter
  • discover why you want to make friends with the blogging biggies of the world
  • halve your blogging day, so you can spend more free time with your family and friends (blogging big dawgs will lighten your workload, believe you me)


4: Promote Leaders


  • take notes on my practical, simple, but oft ignored techniques for promoting blogging leaders
  • listen in as I share specifically how I got endorsed by a NY Times Best Selling Author and how I landed a speaking gig at NYU
  • learn how to stand out in the eyes of kinda well known, kinda famous and really famous people (spoiler alert; the same rules apply for each person)


5: Create Value…Big League Value


  • discover why your blogging career will take off stupid quickly when you create big league value
  • get practical tips for how to create valuable, helpful content
  • I share a few platforms for you to use to leverage your content
  • I explain what “big league value” means for beginner and experienced, veteran bloggers

6: Comment on Authority Blogs


  • get into the mind of a serial blog commentor (sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?)
  • uncover practical, proven techniques for standing out like a sore thumb in the blog comments field
  • learn how to grab the wandering eye of blogging influencers
  • discover how I built a bond with one of the world’s most brilliant business minds by simply sharing my opinion
  • find out the 1 word that is guaranteed to grab a power broker blogger’s attention, because it’s the best sounding word in your native tongue
  • see why it pays to be a polite blog commentor
  • figure out why it pays to personalize your blog comments


7: Promote Your Posts in 30 or 40 or 60 Spots….or More


  • learn from one of my truly idiotic mistakes
  • reap the benefits of being everywhere on social media and social bookmarking sites
  • increase your search engine visibility
  • see why it pays – literally – to promote your posts in a bunch of different spots
  • receive a list – audibly – of the gazillion spots where I promote each and every one of my blog posts


8: Engage Naturally on Social Media


  • get the 411 on why I’m FINALLY engaging naturally after 7 freaking years online
  • learn why detaching from social media outcomes is the fuel which drives natural engagement
  • soak up tips for building meaningful, lasting bonds on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • learn the mechanics behind driving strong blog traffic through social media sites
  • develop the mindset of someone with a huge, responsive network of loyal fans, followers and minions
  • get the secret to building your blog intelligently through social media marketing


9: Take a PISS


  • listen in as I explain how to make money through your blog with this colorful acronym (which has NOTHING to do with bodily functions)
  • see why so many bloggers struggle to make a dime blogging
  • enjoy your craft and maximize your blogging earnings by doing what you love to do
  • Access the secret of the super, uper duper wealthy bloggers out there
  • discover why you want to open income streams steadily to insulate yourself against fickle beasts like Google, Facebook, Twitter and the other online heavies
  • boost your online income through a simple, powerful principle which is lost on most bloggers


10: Clear the Inner World with Daily Practical Techniques


  • enjoy your blogging journey, hurdle over pressing blogging problems and sprint up the ladder of success by learning how to clear your inner world
  • listen to me chat about 2 distinct techniques for slaying your limiting beliefs quickly and lethally
  • figure out why most bloggers build their online business on a foundation of sand
  • boost your creativity
  • enhance your online clout
  • increase your blogging influence
  • listen to me spill the beans about my diligent daily personal development regimen
  • get inside the mind of a guy who teaches you how to get inside of your own mind


11: Surrender


  • get the drop down, flat out #1 secret to accelerating your blogging success at a dizzying rate
  • multiply your reach by learning about the concept of giving up
  • uncover the prime tactic for detaching from blogging outcomes
  • listen in as I share how I attract clever blog post ideas and wonderfully thorough, in-depth, helpful, entertaining, story telling blog posts here at Blogging from Paradise
  • find out why surrendering will take your blog from 0 to 60 really quickly


OK….now the phrase I always wanted to use on my blog. I’d been waiting. So…..


But That’s Not All….I’m Including a Bonus Audio Course (a Full Course that Is)



I always wanted to say that on my blog….


But that’s not all!”


I will now remove my 70’s era sports blazer.


In Bali, Indonesia.
In Bali, Indonesia.


I brainstormed bonuses to add to this course. Maybe an eBook. Or some other goodies. Then the idea slapped me upside my square-jawed noggin:


Dingbat, why don’t you create another audio course addressing common blogging questions which always seem to pop up in your inbox, through comments and through your social networks?”


Even though my intuition insulted me, I listened to it. Thank you, Universe.


So…..I added an audio course titled “10 Common Blogging Questions Answered by an Island Hopping Pro (that’d be me)” and I had so much freaking fun with it, that sucker is almost as long as the Fundamentals course. Which is good. Because it’s thorough, clear and my intent is to help you answer these questions once and for all.


Here ya go….


10 Common Blogging Questions Answered by an Island Hopping Pro Blogger



1: How do you make money blogging?


2: How do you pick a niche?


3: How do you get more blog traffic?


4: How do you get more readers?


5: How do you set up a blog?


6: How do you monetize your blog, like income streams and stuff?


7: How do you get more blog comments?


8: What turns readers into customers?


9: What’s the secret to successful blogging?


10: How do you avoid quitting?????


I’m big on spotting patterns these days. I’m asked these questions for blogger round ups and interviews too. A few days ago I fielded one or two of these during an interview for aspiring digital nomads; perfect timing.


If 5 or 10 or 50 people are asking me these questions regularly I understand that thousands of bloggers out there who fear speaking up have the same questions on the tip of their tongue.


You can sit and listen in to the candid, comprehensive, heartfelt answers at your leisure. I really drill down here to help you gain blogging confidence and to give you an inspirational boost if you need it.


Like I said, I went bananas with this because I had so much fun AND I see so much immense potential in all of you bloggers out there. No sense struggling with any of these questions.


I address each query in full to get you on the straight and narrow, pronto. I believe each of you has a super star story teller buried inside of them; uncovering the answers to these questions helps you get past the common stumbling blocks which handcuff so many bloggers.


Audio Courses and Learning



You need to be consciously engaged to read text.


You need to be visually engaged to watch videos.


I created these audio courses because I reaped the fab benefits of audio courses myself, recently. I listened to the courses in the background. I could fall asleep while the audio courses played, effectively impregnating my subconscious mind.


If you’ve taken courses before you may be familiar with the feeling of resisting advice. When I uncover a new idea sometimes I resist it, as my ego is wont to due. Stupid ego. When listening to courses you can go about your day while your subconscious mind readily accepts and acts on these ideas.


No ego fighting. No resisting. Just acceptance of successful, proven ideas. I enjoy that passive element of audio learning and I think you may have fun with it too.


What this Experience May Be Like for You



Imagine stepping into my living room in Granada, Nicaragua, sitting down across from me and hearing me chat about blogging. This is like a fire-side chat guys. Totally raw. Totally uncut.


Filled with tips for tackling the mental aspect of blogging. Packed with the practical tips I have used to manifest this neat, free life in the tropics.



Guys, this audio course is just me sharing how a loser, depressed security officer become a pro blogging island hopper. I share these tips for you to use, so you too may live your dreams. If I could do this, you can be anything you want to be in life.



You are brilliant. I believe that. I believe in you. This audio course can help you fine tune your blogging game. Maybe you’re struggling a bit. Or maybe you are eager to have more fun blogging. Maybe you lost the passion. Or maybe you feel downright lost.


Purchase the Course Here


I created this course for you, enjoying the stuffing out of the process. So you too can have fun blogging, and so you can increase your blog traffic, boost your sales and yes, so you too can live your dreams through blogging.


Purchase the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging (Plus the Bonus Course 10 Common Blogging Questions Answered by an Island Hopping Pro Blogger)


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    Digital Marketer

  21. Hi Sunil,

    Way cool brother 🙂 I am happy to help in any way I can. I just had so much fun creating it.

    Thanks so much for checking it out.


  22. Sunil Yadav Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    The course is amazing, and I hope it will help me.!

  23. Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks a bunch for checking it out!


  24. Hey, Ryan.

    This course sounds amazing, and I’m sure it will help many people! 🙂

  25. Andrew thanks SO much for those kind words 😉 I had fun doing it and figured, if I can save other bloggers years of struggle I may as well do the course. Blogging for profit takes a system, an inside-out approach, and it works just fine when you follow that blueprint or framework from the inside out. Seems tough to most bloggers because they do virtually no inner work and all outer work. Not good. Thanks much!

  26. If there is anybody who is qualified to teach about how to achieve success in blogging it is you Ryan. I wish you the very best with the course, and am sure that it will be a success. Blogging for profit is actually hard. It takes knowledge and a system. Most people don’t realise this, and that’s why they don’t have success with monetization and often give up, thinking “it doesn’t work”. It does work, you just need to know what to do, what not to do and the internal mindset to achieve it. All the best buddy.

  27. Jasper, it would be an entertaining Christmas present for sure buddy 😉 So happy you’re above that 80% mark and it makes perfect sense. I see you as a generous guy who genuinely loves to learn and who shares what he learns with others…freely….so sweetness will flow your way, for sure, because the more you give from a detached space the more you’ll get from a loving space. It really works wonderfully when we let the creative process take shape around us. I guess I’m somewhat similar to that Holy Trinity 😉 Granite DEFINITELY is! We didn’t feel those suckers in Fiji and CR and they were shaking below our tootsies, the rest of the town feeling the sensations. Only mini quake we felt was in Bali, and that was nothing. Jasper, thanks much for the comment, and likewise my man!

  28. Hi Ryan,

    You always write amazing stories and I feel like I get to share a bit of your current joy 🙂

    I’ve read plenty of your books and they all inspired me. I like Ryan in bookform. I like how you talk about creating things from a playful place, for fun, for us….

    The mental fundamentals are so important Ryan, it’s the ONLY thing that keeps me from progressing now and then and i’m not afraid to admit it. When life presses on you like a heavy weight, it’s hard to stay focused on those things you are striving toward. You need to clear it first to keep moving. At times like those, a comment and a share from an unexpected source like you does more for the spirit than you might think. I know what you mean with the peaks and the lows.. LOL, Charlie Sheens career. That made me chuckle 😉

    I’m glad to say I already made more than 80%, HA..but I have a long way to go before turning into a flourishing blog / business.

    When you mentioned blogging Buddha meets Gary meets Tony but less hyper I was like, yep..that’s Ryan 🙂

    By the way, granite seems like a fairly safe to be when dealing with an earthquake. Glad we don’t have those here in The Netherlands…but then again, we are living below sea level 😀

    I know plenty of people have been asking you to create an (audio) course, so congratulations Ryan! I don’t know if I will buy this one, but who knows… I might treat myself for christmas 😉

    Hope your week is going fantastic so far…enjoy what’s left of it!

    – Jasper

  29. It is nutz, right Suze? Why I wonder, but then the inner world work and general disregard for the basics makes most bloggers struggle like hell. Like they have no idea how to build a successful blog but still dive in and try to do it on their own. It will rarely if ever work, this approach, and it’s one reason why so many folks blame blogging or feel blogging is dead. Blogging is fine. Many blogger’s need a mindset tune up 😉 Thanks for commenting Suze.

  30. It’s pretty shocking that 80% of bloggers only ever make $100 from blogging. All the more reason to really study best practice as you suggest

  31. Haha, thanks Mark! I never thought of Clancy, he’s such a legend. I’d be lucky to write with 1/16,000 of his flair/style LOL….so much just comes down to having fun with the process, whatever you’re doing, and the words flow. Sure I practiced writing quite a bit; but mainly, it was about me getting clearer and clearer on writing how I spoke and on working my stories and humor and what happens offline into my blog. That journey grew easier the more I chose to just have fun, and not to sweat anything outcome-wise…at least, not to sweat it too much ;)….thanks again Mark, you rock!

  32. Thanks so much Chery…..and yep, I speak how I write….and write how I speak 😉 You are doing the same thing, which is neat. I see more of your personality come out each and every time you publish a blog post or send out a social media update. That’s how it’s done! More authenticity, more fun and more love. Thanks again Chery and have a fun week 🙂

  33. Don you’re so right about executing becoming simpler! Fabulous comment as always my friend. Enjoy your weekend!

  34. Mark Says:


    What a totally awesome post! This post read like a Tom Clancy spy novel!LOL!

    was i started reading it, I was literally hooked!LOL! Wow!

    There is just way too much jammed packed in here!

    I’m quite certain your course is a freaking grand slam!LOL!

    And big congrats on actually completing such an undertaking!

    Most would have gotten totally sidetracked! Several times!Great job! I’m definitely sharing this one!

  35. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    You used one of my favorite words in your article; “Simple”

    By learning and thinking through making your business simple you strip the complexity and it’s the complexity that scars the snot out of us. It’s so awesome that you had Kelli to strip away the stories that muddied up the water and created fear and uncertainty.

    That’s what complexity does.

    But when we learn how to get really clear it leads to simple. And through “simple” we discover our purpose, vision and the strategies to fulfill them. Executing becomes simpler because we have a simple guide to help us.

    We can see one problem/need/desire for one person with one solution, per piece of content. That’s what I define as “value” right there.

    I’m really enjoying watching you live the simple, clear life and getting extreme benefits from it.

    Have a great end to your week Ryan!

    ~ Don Purdum

  36. Hello Ryan,
    Congratulations My Friend! I just love the way you write so I just know your course is going to be a HUGE Success.

    YOU Are Awesome
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

  37. So the story telling wizard, blogging from paradise super star has released a course huh, Ryan mate you should be well proud. Reading your post visualising how far you’ve come from the moment you purchased your web hosting and domain after being let go, big well done.

    I’m not going to say I hope you do well with the course, because I know you’re going to crush this one. I’ll be sure to tell everyone about it too. Thank you for all the oozing inspiration you’ve provided us over the years, I can’t wait to see where you go next with it all.

    Best of luck and have an awesome rest of the week buddy.

  38. Kinda easy sometimes Kim, and other times, it was a nightmare to create anything LOL…..thanks so much for your comment and for your kind words.

  39. Wow thanks Naomi, so appreciated 🙂

  40. Kurt thanks so much. I was so happy to create it. A RT would be awesome but your comment alone and continual support means a ton to me. Thanks again!

  41. Definitely want to solve some problems too….and when you’re in that fun energy/space, it’s like fish in a barrel, to solve ’em 😉 Adrienne thanks so much for sharing and for your support. Have a fab week!

  42. That energy really makes it happen Chris, right? You can just feel it. Thanks for the kind words my friend.

  43. Yep Donna wow, have we all been there. Listening and solving is such a fun way to create products, eBooks, posts, everything. Thanks SO much.

  44. Hey Ryan,

    Congratulations!!! I know this course is going to Kick you know what lol. Besides your knowledge under your belt, you have a great way of connecting with people.

    You have listened to others and came up with many solutions to their problems. I know that pain of having a blog that staggers for a few years before we learn what the heck to do with it. I do believe all bloggers that come in without knowing what to do would have this problem.

    I am so glad you stepped up and created this course. It will be great for the newbie as well as the seasoned blogger that is “swimming upstream”


  45. Ryan,

    Congratulations on creating your first course. That is awesome! I know there are a lot of people out there who will benefit from going through this course. If I can help you in any way to spread the word let me know.

    Have a good one.


  46. Sounds Good Ryan,

    I hope the word gets out because I know you really do put your all into everything you do. Anyone who purchases this can only benefit and shorten the blogging struggle.

    Good luck


  47. Kim Willis Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Congratulations for the release of your first official course!

    It looks awesome.

    And what better person to learn from than you?

    And yes, you do have a gift for making the learning experience fun, exciting and dare I say it? EASY!!!!

    I know this course will help newbies turbo charge their progress. And for people (like me) who’ve been blogging for years I don’t doubt there will be gold nuggets in there. Heck – I may even get it for myself!

    So thanks for bringing this information to the starving crowd, Ryan. I’m sure people will love it.


  48. Dude, you have a great mentality! Creating a course because it is something you would enjoy, love it. I bet it is better because of this fact. When someone is creating something that is fun for them, the end result is much better.

    I notice this in my business as well. The clients I enjoy working with and who’s business I truly believe in, the work is easier and comes together quicker.

    Good luck with the course!


  49. Adrienne Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    First let me congratulate you on your first official course. I know you’ve written a ton of eBooks now but a course is different.

    Second I want to clarify something you said because I don’t want people to just start jumping in and creating courses because it’s “fun”. You said you don’t do the “needs” thing but if your 100% honest that’s exactly what you did. You said you created this course to have fun but then you turned right around and said, “I’m finally listening to the guys and gals who asked me to create a blogging course.” You gave your audience what they wanted and that’s what people need to understand.

    Creating a course because you think it would be fun is NOT fitting a need. When you don’t fit a need then you are going to fall flat on your face and that’s not something we want to see people do. IF you’re listening to your audience then they will tell you what they want and all you have to do is give it to them. So on the “needs” note, it’s all in fun because you love what you do. I just wanted to throw that in because it’s super important.

    I have no doubt though that anyone who would love to get to where you are can definitely learn from you. It’s going to take time, effort and commitment but it can be done. What I love about these types of courses is that they will help others cut out all the bull and get to the niddy griddy of what needs to be done.

    Bravo Ryan and I wish you the very best with this course. I know it will be a big hit.


  50. Thank you so much Renard. It was such fun to create. That’s kinda the reward for me.

  51. [ Smiles ] I hope you amass a fortune with that blogging course of yours, Ryan.

    You are now officially an authority on blogging!

  52. I had a blast creating the course. So much fun.