5th Avenue New York City


11 Eye Popping Christmas Photos of 5th Avenue in New York City


The store fronts.


The throngs of tourists.


The chill in the air.


No place on earth shines like 5th Avenue in New York City during the Christmas season.


I strolled down old 5th Ave. last night – around 9 PM so as not to be crushed by the mobs of tourists – to capture a few images for you.


The journey began on the sleepy side of 5th Avenue, on the north end of Central Park. My Harlem NYC house sit – watching Baby Gambino – positions me well. I can be Uptown or Downtown quickly, as this area of East Harlem almost halves the city.


5th Avenue is a freaking ghost town for much of the route, being dominated by residences., all towering, impressive and ritzy in nature..


Make your way to the southern end of Central Park to see a different story.


Lights. Traffic. Action.


Tourists begin milling around and congregating, and if you hate crowds, this communal action is not unlike lemmings prepping to leap off of a cliff.


I appreciate the crowds and Christmas season more than ever these days. Being in NYC is a blessing because no city on earth does the holiday season quite like the City That Never Sleeps, especially on 5th Avenue.


Enjoy the photos!


The Pierre NYC


A few hours after President Trump’s fundraiser at this swanky hotel I walked by the Pierre.


Oozing sophistication, this spot sits well north of the hustle and bustle of 5th Ave Christmas displays.


The Ritz Carlton


I think I saw Scrooge McDuck checking in as I walked by (that is not a Donald Trump reference).


Christmas Balls 5th Avenue


The lighting on 5th Avenue is a site to behold.


Most buildings are adorned with intricate lighting patterns or show off eye-catching displays.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral


St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the most famous church in NYC.


Another 5th Avenue iconic landmark.


This seemed to be the meeting point for most Christmas display gawkers.


5th Avenue NYC


Wrapped up in a bow, eh?


Saks 5h Avenue NYC


The Saks 5th Avenue Christmas show is the star attraction of 5th Avenue.


Hours of entertainment await tourists and locals alike, with stunning imagery, music and pageantry.


Brilliant display!


A little jaunt brings you from the Saks show to the Christmas tree at 30 Rockefeller Center.



The Christmas Tree (capitalized now to show even greater importance) is one of the stars of the Christmas season in NYC.


In terms of scale, the tree would be appropriate for King Kong. This thing is huge.


I’d like to meet the decorators. To worship them. I recall the painstaking effort and near family fights (ok some were real) that broke out at the Biddulph Ranch during tree decoration sessions.


Saks 5 Ave


The Saks display deserves another shot.


The Peninsula NYC


Peering into the windows of The Peninsula on 5th Avenue made me want to don a smoking jacket, grab a brandy snifter and hobnob with NYC elite about our summer homes in the Hamptons.


This place is the real deal as far as the upper crust is concerned.


I loved the trail of steam spreading across the building; unavoidable, with construction in New York City being omnipresent.


Dolce and Gabbana 5th Ave NYC


Dolce and Gabbana displayed a delectable and delightful dinner which challenged the limits of my alliteration.


I deem it one of the more eye-popping displays on all of 5th Avenue for the Christmas holidays.


The D&G display was also most ready to eat.


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