11 Beautiful Pictures of Pong Noi Thailand

  April 12, 2019 travel posts 🕑 4 minutes read

Lizard in Pong Noi, Thailand.


Pong Noi has become the village of the double nap. Even if the lizard you see above is the polar opposite of the guy double napping; he sprints to and fro in the front yard.


I tend to chill as is.  This good old village outside of Chiang Mai is peaceful, sleep inducing and pretty much a dream spot.


Crickets call out loud now, deep in the night. A gentle, cool breeze overtakes the property.


I better finish this post. Before I fall to sleep. The hammock beckons.


I wanted to share a few photos from the property to take you along for the ride. Whether you wish to live vicariously through me or plan to visit Thailand, enjoy these photos.


1: Chewbacca



Up close and personal, Chewbacca is a real gentleman. He does not rip your arms off after losing to you in any endeavor, unlike the Star Wars Chewy. This guy is warm, friendly and always greeting you with a wagging tail whenever you roll up on a motorbike.


He enjoys this nap spot on the front porch.


2: Banana Flower



This is a banana flower. Have you ever seen one? I had not until I hit SE Asia.


I love the deep red coloring and the way the flower splits open after you harvest bananas. We have a few banana trees in the backyard. I am waiting for wet season to begin to accelerate growth. Not sure if we will be able to chop ’em down before we leave.


3: Banana Bushel



Move your eyes up a few feet from the flower and you have a banana bushel. Green as can be and hard as a rock, these guys are months from being ripe. These are not the Cavendish variety you Westerners commonly see in supermarkets, but a small type.


4: Me in the Backyard



I spend most of my day cool lamping here but grab the machete and level the backyard in portions. Snake country. Or snake friendly, high vegetation. I need to take it down some. But I do leave a healthy green base to promote evening cooling. Nature’s air conditioning makes for great sleeping if you live amid ample vegetation in Thailand.


5:  Bee Hive



I noted strange movements in the tree by the porch. On further inspection, this vibrating mass revealed itself to be a bee hive.


Per common sense; do not bother bees, and bees do not bother you. I have only seen 1 bee leave the hive. He buzzes around for a few moments before returning to the hive.


All the bees are small and non aggressive.


6: Mystery Fruit



I am stumped guys.


I smelled it; not sweet at all. Rules out the pomelo. But these suckers grow by the bushel in the front yard, littering the ground.


Mynah birds and lizards seem to enjoy hanging out on the fruit.


7: Passion Fruit



Flying blind again but I believe we see passion fruit here.


Said fruit grows in a small garden on the edge of the property.


8: Banana Tree



I give you the full Monty. You have seen the flower. You have seen the bushel. Now see the full power of the tree.


Banana leaves are often used as organic food wrappers. We enjoy fresh tempeh in Indonesia wrapped in banana leaves. Sweet snacks tend to be wrapped in these thin but coarse leaves.


9: Mulberries



Aha. I know these guys.


Red mulberries sit in a shady tree by the fence. We had a mulberry tree in New Jersey. Red means not ripe. Tart. But as the months progress you have a darker shade, sweet treat, guaranteed to stain anything and everything.


The mulberry tree keeps temperatures low in the backyard. Nature’s air conditioning.


10: Leia



Lady Leia is as sweet as pie.


She loves me. I know. I could not resist the 2 famous lines from Star Wars.


She squeezes beneath the fence for local walks but sticks around the property mostly. Cutie pie.


Pong Noi Thailand


As you can see, we have much going on here via the property. I snapped every image on the grounds.  But with all the plant life and animal life the neighborhood is serene and peaceful, we being situated at the end of a narrow street.


Day time is chill enough but once the sun sets you hear crickets and nothing else. Perfect sleeping environment.


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