How to Write 10,000 Words in a Single Day

June 3, 2015
Writing 10 K words a day (sometimes)  had a little bit to do with me living here, in the jungles of Jimbaran, Bali. Just a lil' bit.
Writing 10 K words a day (sometimes) had a little bit to do with me living here, in the jungles of Jimbaran, Bali. Just a lil’ bit.

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This quick, practical-tip-laden read complements this post perfectly because you’ll need to address blogging mistakes (yes blogging veterans you may be making some of these mistakes too) to make room for writing 10,000 words in a single day.

Now, full disclosure time: I do not write 10,000 words every day.

This post is a guideline, a foundation, for writing 10,000 words a day.

I do write 10,000 words more than a few times weekly but am aggressively promoting my eBooks these days. Since I am cyborg-like but haven’t made the much awaited quantum leap yet – to being a robot with a fully functioning, human exoskeleton – I do the 10 K word bit not as often. I have however put together some sick, sick writing stretches in the past.

Benefits of Reading this Post

  • get inside the mind of a mad man
  • get practical, usable tips for writing a ton of words each day
  • publish more eBooks
  • publish more blog posts
  • create more in-depth, pillar-style content for your blog
  • devote more time to filming videos and recording podcasts and all that good stuff
  • retire to paradise (if ya want to)
  • increase your online income (more good, targeted content = more income potential)

OK, the benefits are down. So is the 10 K a day disclosure. Now….on to…..the rest of the story.

Cryin’ Ryan

I cried. I whined. I crashed. I burned. The tan, square-jawed, All American, island-hopping, full time income earning sucker penning these words could NOT write 300 words in a single sitting 7 years ago. Hell, 4 years ago, I struggled mightily to churn out 600 word posts. Now, I write 600 word intro-intro-intro to introduction paragraphs. Like, I’m just getting started son! Anywhooo……before you deem me lucky, blessed, talented or gifted, or, you do in fact believe I am a Biddulph Cyborg, a creation from a future we haven’t yet lived, well, that shoots your silly theory to bits.

Talented, gifted, blessed folks stepped into their talents, their gifts, and their blessings, by freaking busting their ass – in a smart BUT persistent way – for many, many years.

Example; I always had a ham in me. No, not a real ham. Although I did once eat a ham with the pineapple thing on it. Suka babi. That means, I like ham, in bahasa Indonesian. Back to the post…..I have always been a ham but it took some work for me to get comfortable being a ham for the world. I could be silly in front of my 4 closest friends but struggled to the tune of 2,700 videos before I felt that same level of comfort in front of the cyber world. See how it works? Naturals usually practice more than folks who aren’t naturals. You may have talents, but they are taxed my friends, wow are they taxed, and the tax is practice, practice, practice.

Writing Style

I have written 2,000 to 10,000 words every day for….I’ve lost count. For a long, long time. Naturally, if I sit down to write an eBook chapter it takes me some 30 minutes if that. Ditto for a blog post chunk. Why? I am a natural. After year’s worth of writing at least thousands of words daily.

On days when I am really cooking I write 10,000 words daily.

10,000 words are devoted to:

  • my eBooks (I publish 1 weekly)
  • my blog posts
  • my freelance writing articles
  • joint eBooks (like my Solopreneur Ronin, an eBook being published with Matthew Capala)
  • blog comments

I add in blog comments because even though this makes up a small part of my daily word totals it does put me over 10 K, and yes, every word counts.

The bulk of what I do is writing eBooks, blog posts and freelance writing articles. Again, as I have aggressively engaged in an outreach campaign the word count has lowered a bit, to the pathetic, measly, disgustingly lazy, embarrassing, mortifying, shameful, facing losing total of……3,000 to 6000 words daily.

That is a joke. 3 to 6 K words a day, is OK. Haha. Made a funny.

The deal is guys, writing 10,000 words a day – on any day – frees me and it frees you. Or it frees you, and frees your audience. Folks who’re struggling to write 500 words daily will look at your mammoth achievement, and said folks will figure they can churn out at least 500, and they’ll have blasted through a mental block. That’s how this post works.

Blogging and Writing and Making Money

Goodness gracious, through all of the connecting, and all those forms of content you create, to rake in that scrilla, my number one blogging money making tip is to: write. Write regularly. Write, write and write some more, to gain confidence in your writing, to land freelance writing jobs, to churn out helpful, inspired blog content and to rake in that cheese.

Travel Story Time

Yesterday in Bali the villa gardener – I call him Fab 5 Freddy, aka, Freddy from Flores (one island where Komodo Dragons live, close to Bali) – asked me if I liked coconut water, after we chatted for some 30 minutes. I said….uhh….YEAH….like, who DOES NOT like coconut water. He casually walked outside of the studio area, climbed 30 feet straight up one of the many coconut trees in the jungle, on the villa grounds – without a freaking harness or ANYTHING to prevent him from dying, should he mess up – and plucked 2 suckers…..then he calmly climbed back down to the ground, hacked ’em both, and we enjoyed fresh coconut juice together.

At this point you’re probably noticing 2 things: someone from Flores has probably never shared the same nickname as an old school rap icon, and, Fab 5 Freddy must have climbed coconut trees HUNDREDS of times to gain that level of confidence, where he just scales that thing like a monkey, in seconds.

It was a work of beauty, that scaling, and it showed a level of fearlessness, and full confidence, that can only be achieved through crazy amounts of practice.

Well my kiddies, if you put in crazy amounts of writing practice, you’ll do the fearless, fully confident things that one must do, that helps you make some nice coin online, and that awes, and mystifies, and inspires folks.

I am not comparing writing 10,000 words in a day to scaling a 30 foot high coconut tree without a harness. I am saying, if you want to achieve stuff that makes folks shake their head in awe, you better damn practice.

Here’s how to write 10,000 words a day.

1: Make Your Reasons Freeing

You won’t grow in your comfort zone. Ain’t gonna happen. Impossible. Your awesome achievements, blogging-wise, happen outside of your comfort zone. And you better make your drivers so darn freeing that you’ll regularly sprint outside of your comfort zone to make your dreams come true.

Tipping Point: When your love of freedom overcomes your fear of doing uncomfortable stuff you’ll do the uncomfortable, freeing stuff, like, writing 10,000 words in a single day.

Example; last night I went to bed at 2:30 AM. I had been awake at 3 AM from the prior day. Yep, up 24 hours in a row just about, on a day trip to Malaysia to activate our visas for another month’s stay in Bali. Our life does not suck. It is freeing…..BUT….I was up at 8:30 today, after 6 hour’s of sleep, after being up for 24 hours, networking, writing, and killing it online. I love being free more than I fear doing most uncomfortable things so you better believe I’ll have written 2 to 3 K words at least, to be devoted to my blog posts and eBook for this week.

Re-read. My eBook for THIS Week.

That my friends happens – the weekly eBook publishing bit – because I am more obsessed aka focused on being free, on being my boss, on writing from Bali, on living in tropical paradises the world over, than I fear feeling a bit tired or worn out, after getting my writing in.

For you, the freeing driver may be leaving your 9-5 job or being free to make as much money as you want to, or perhaps you want to keep freeing other people as you free yourself in the process. This reason MUST be overpowering if you want to write 10 K words in a day because your ego, your limiting beliefs, and all types of resistance will likely pop up when you try this exercise for the first time. Trust me. It did in my little, grape-sized brain. Pea-sized. OK, cantaloupe-sized. But since I love being free more than I wish to honor my excuses, here I am in Jimbaran, Bali. Note again, this life, it does not suck.

Don’t even bother reading the rest of this post if you haven’t taken this tip to heart. It’s a waste, because you’ll be blind to each other tip unless you choose to do the freeing thing over the comfortable thing. Most bloggers scratch their heads and wonder how I do it; they just skipped this step, or, if they do have a freeing driver, it’s way too weak, and these bloggers just schedule their day around lower energy tasks and back burner the freeing activities such as writing a bunch of words daily.

2: Spend Extended Time Daily in Silence

Writer’s block is a lame azz idea that a bunch of little itty bitty waves in your mind, arrest your creativity. Sounds like a wussy thing, right?

I once held to writer’s block. Miserable blogger. I could not write 300 words in one sitting. Now I can write 10,000 words in a day. I have on a few occasions. OK I have hit 10 K a day a BUNCH because I spend at least 30 to 60 minutes daily in silence. Silence is the great healer. Basically, meditating, or just chilling in silence exposes the weak you to the powerful you. The lower self dissolves and the higher self emerges in silence because you will see all that wicked self talk, that you cling to, that holds you back. You’ll also learn to let go the chatter so you can go on to be an epic blogger. You’ll also develop peace in your life (yes, 25 tips to develop peace for you if you click the link!). 

This epic blogger will likely write 3,000 or more words daily to hone their blogging skills.

Me: I get a ton of emails, comments and social chats pointing to the fact that no way, no way in hell, that most bloggers can write 1,000 words or more, daily. Let alone 3 K or oh my goodness!! 10 K!!!!

OK guys, b*tch smack time. The emails, the comments and social chats are limiting beliefs that you cling to. You are choosing to imprison yourself, with these ideas, and if you sit regularly in silence you will face, embrace and release these limiters, to create a pretty epic life.

I feel like I have tossed out a poor-fitting jacket each time I conquer a new limiting belief.

Take for example my weekly eBook publishing bit. I found the task impossible until I sat with it, in silence. Turned the idea over in my mind a few times. After sitting in quiet each day, I eventually decided to embrace the idea fully. I felt kind of weak, like a blogging bobo, and then, I let it go, this limiting idea, to the ethers.

Next day, I started the 1 weekly eBook bit and I haven’t turned back. Sitting in silence let me release yet another damaging, wicked idea, so that I could get to writing a ton more words daily and yes, on some of those days I write 10,000 words.

3: Write in Silence

Right now I am writing in silence.

The scene: the studio apartment on a villa in Jimbaran, Bali.

I know, it’s pretty sweet. Kind of ideal. Hearing the sounds of nature – along with some loud ass roosters – and feeling serene, and at ease, I will likely write 3,000 words or more in this little jam session. Because when you are not distracted at all you won’t stop writing and if you don’t stop writing you will easily write 1,000 to 2,000 words an hour. EASY! If you practice writing in silence daily.

You need not live in a Bali villa to find a quiet, silent spot. Write early in the morning or late in the evening. Shut the door. Tell everybody it’s writing time. Moms, dads, kids, whatever, all must obey that you are going to work for 1-2 hours every day, or longer, to write.

Remember to get your networking in too, to keep writing those words, and to keep honing your writing skills and yes, you should network in silence if you want to optimize that aspect of your blogging campaign too.

Some writers dig writing with music playing in the background. More power to you! I just find that being in silence helps me do the stream of consciousness thing which inspires me to write at least 4,000 words daily and also, it helps me reach 10,000 words – or more – on some days. Silence is a fertile ground for some seriously prolific bloggers. Again, if you’re wondering how I:

  • publish 1 eBook weekly
  • publish one, 5,000 word post weekly
  • publish 3 shorter-sized posts weekly
  • write for my clients
  • comment so freely on so many blogs

…well, this is one of my secrets.

Many writers surround themselves with all types of distractions. Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, these folks naturally do a poor job cranking out words, because they are focusing on so many things instead of just focusing on 1 thing…..that thing being writing words at a sick clip.

Bonus tip: invest in Boes Noise Cancelling Headphones. Kelli bought a pair a while back, and loves them.

4: Never Let a Day Pass without Writing (or, Write 6 days Weekly if You Take off a Day)

Again, let’s return to the deal here; I was up for virtually 24 hours, spending 6 of those hours on a plane, yesterday, and I will get in my 3 K or more words daily today.

No questions, no excuses.

I recall a dude I met before I knew what in the HELL I was doing online some 8 years ago.

I had just been fired from my security guard job. I was collecting unemployment, taking to twitter, starting my online exploits, paying my tuition.

I followed some dude on twitter. He was a Dutch finance guy who lived on some exotic, tropical, fabulous island called “Phuket” in Thailand. I told him I would love to go to Phuket some day. He said to me: “You either do, or you don’t.” As in, get off your ass and make it happen. That quote stuck with me and although it took me years to get off of my ass, I eventually made it to Phuket, and have only traveled there for like 8 months, and yes, I’ve *only* taken 5 trips to the place!

Never let a day pass without writing. I once read John Grisham (Feb 8 Birthday like me), he of selling like a gazillion novels, wrote for at least 5 minutes every day, even when he was putting in mad hours as a lawyer. He noted how writing daily formed a habit in him which led to some fairly popular novels which turned into some fairly popular movies.

Write daily. Form the habit.

5: Take Care of Your Body and Mind

I write because my body and mind are vibing at a high enough level to write. Some days I hit 10 K words. Other days, 3 or 5 K. Either way, my prolific nature is largely due to me taking care of my mind and my body.

How can you expect to churn out some serious writing volume from an inspired space unless you take care of your mind and bod? As within so without. I exercise for 1 hour or more daily. I spend 30 minutes or more working on my mindset, and, stretching. The deal is, I find reservoirs of talent, and major league energy, and that extra gear that so many folks are desperately grabbing for by working on my mind and body regularly.

On the flip side I have seen legions of bloggers and authors run into all types of problems when they sit down to write. Excuses abound. Lame excuses.

I noted a disturbing trend among said bloggers and authors; many do little mental homework and even less exercise.

Some exercise about as frequently as Haley’s Comet moves into the earth’s orbit. Yeah, just about as frequently as I go a day without exercise…just about, never. Not good, not good. Because you will lack the energy to move into inspired action when you’re feeling a bit down, or a bit dismayed. Hey, I am human; not a cyborg, I promise…..but when I have human moments, when I feel a bit lagging, or depressed, or tired, I put it into that higher gear to get the job done and to do that job in an uber inspired way.

This one has EVERYTHING to do with blogging and writing for that matter. Some folks may feel otherwise but if you study prolific writers more than a few will point to a diligent workout routine as a chief cause for their writing prowess, because you need to high vibe it to churn out words at a sick pace….at least, you need to high vibe it through a variety of ways and means. Exercise is my means of choice for high vibing it.

As for exercise, run, jog or walk. Just get in touch with your doctor if you haven’t exercised on the regular for a minute.

Mental science: meditate, do subliminal hypnotherapy, and just commit to spending time in quiet to face, embrace and release thoughts and feelings. The inner clearing leads to some really cool outside accomplishments. You’ll appear to be unstoppable but in truth, you’re just clearing out the mental garbage that most writers never take the time to clear out.

Bonus Tip: Trim the Fat

OK, we are down to the nitty gritty.

In one moment, you may shake your head in awe, wondering how I could write 10,000 words in a single day. Some bloggers may even be jealous, wanting more than anything to be as prolific.

Then, you spend most of your day commenting on blogs, responding to every comment on your blog, emailing folks, and Bsing on social media.

Hell, you may be doing all those things right! Good on you….but if you want to raise your brand awareness, and if you want to become better known, to inspire more people, and if you want to simply crush it online, you want to spend more and more time writing by trimming the fat.

Have you noticed something recently here on Blogging from Paradise? I respond to some comments 3 to 4 days after the fact. Other comments I let go. Why? Time. I have a set amount of time each day to publish an eBook weekly, to populate this blog with content and to do some networking. Since I am a blogger, I spend much of my day writing. I am not a professional networker, nor networking coach, so I spend little time responding to comments. If I was a networking coach, I’d do that.

I am an author. I am a blogger. So I spend most of my time writing. The above mentioned John Grishman does not run around responding to all blog comments. Not because he’s famous, but because he’s an author, meaning, he’ll spend much of his time writing.

I do get that you need to network. I do quite a bit of networking. In the end though, if you’re struggling to gain traction as a blogger or author you probably need to practice writing, to find your voice, and to make an impact. Practice writing by scaling down ANY activity online that’s not related directly to writing.

Note; although I do count me commenting on other blogs as part of my daily word count this word count tab drops by the day, compared to the increasing number of words I devote to my eBooks. I’ve even cut back on the words I publish per post. About 600 words on Monday, 4,000 to 5,000 words on Wednesday, and super short Friday and Sunday posts because most of my writing is being done on Amazon these days. Or, in a Word Doc, which I format for Amazon, and which I upload to Kindle.

Trimming the fat may be painful but it is freeing. The question to ask is: does this action, as I work it, promote my growth as a blogger or author? For me, responding to all comments felt like a HUGE energy sap. I read all comments. But responding was not something I enjoyed. So I still respond to a bunch but it’s only a sentence or 2, and I let others go.

I enjoy writing eBooks. I spend more time daily devoted to writing books. I have pretty much abandoned Google Plus save an update here and there. That fat needed to be trimmed. Ditto on LinkedIn. Ditto on 7,000 word posts. Ditto on about 20 other things, because I had to make room for the time and energy required to write 10,000 words daily and to publish at least 1 eBook weekly.

Your Turn

How many words do you write daily?

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  1. Not hitting those numbers these days Nikita as I’m deep in the jungle. No electricity. No charging laptops. I do know that 3 K rocks for keeping the writing habit going. Make sure you fall in love with the process though; hating it or feeling super stressed makes your job much tougher. Ease into those deadlines and you’ll hit em way early, the stress free me. Most of the time 😉

  2. Hey Ryan, 10K sounds like more than thrice the amount I write in a day.
    Being a full time writer – I have those painstaking deadlines to work on and even when I spare a few minutes for myself I see to it that I write at the most 3K words a day.
    This Article is a plus. I’d love to read more of your work 🙂

    Be blessed ^_^

  3. Elen Hou Says:

    I really wonder how many ideas you need to have to write such a great article, I’m just starting to conduct financial blog and writing articles takes sometimes more than 2-3 hours, and the paper up to 3-5 thousand characters.

  4. It’s very nice to meet you, Ryan (darn you, now i’m addicted to your blog).

    The quote found below really resonates with me, and it’s something that would truly make everyone much more successful in life:

    “You won’t grow in your comfort zone. Ain’t gonna happen. Impossible. Your awesome achievements, blogging-wise, happen outside of your comfort zone.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    See you around!
    Elvis Michael

  5. Rhonda Albom Says:

    It’s number 3 above that generally stops me. I have teens, homeschooled teens. Writing in silence would be a real treat. I do have a writing hat, with a clear rule, don’t bother mum if the writing hat is down, but sometimes that just doesn’t work – they stand there behind me and wait. So music sometimes is my distraction from distraction. After reading this, I think I will make a bigger effort to get some time in silence. As for trimming the fat, I am still trying to figure out what is fat, and what stays.

  6. Dale that’s a timely comment! Just loading my blog post for tomorrow – Sunday, Bali time – explaining that my epic posts are no more and I’ll be doing the eBook thing exclusively 😉 Thanks and keep on snapping those AWESOME photos!

  7. You see it first hand, the body and mind bit 😉 And you adopt it yourself you writing machine you.

  8. No not much Jens 😉

  9. Music words too Renard 😉

  10. BJ that is spot on. Me too; the more I write, the more words flow easily. Thanks much!

  11. You seem to be doing awesome Saqib. Keep up the great work!

  12. Congrats on those guest posts Kimsea!

  13. Tauseef that’s really good.

  14. Thank you Samir 🙂

  15. Thanks for the heads up George!

  16. Thanks Enock!

  17. Yog sounds good!

  18. Me too, at least today Elly 😉

  19. Oh yes it is Sarah, as it about strikes midnight here 😉

  20. Dale Hampton Says:

    Great article Ryan,

    Question – where do I fit reading your eBooks and epic blog posts! Time is definitely the most valuable asset we have and using it wisely is imperative.

    You concentrate on writing – and 10,000 words per day is an impressive feat – but I think the most important thing to take from your lesson is to be consistent in what you do and create. For example, I concentrate more on photography and video at this point. I mean, a picture is worth a 1000 words right? (and a quality one takes about the same amount of time) It is necessary to work every day to polish your craft.

    Always a pleasure reading your thoughts Ryan – I look forward to seeing new posts in my feed.

    Dale Hampton

  21. Sarah Beeson Says:

    Nice post Ryan!
    Tbh I’ve never measured how much I write daily in words, I’ve been focussing on complete tasks instead, as in write one post or write two chapters. Definitely going to start using word count to help me measure my productivity thanks!
    Love your comment about keeping your mind and body healthy. It’s so easy to sit at your computer all day writing and it’s midnight before you know it! =)

  22. I think I can speak 10,000 words or more per day LOL

  23. Yogiraj Says:

    Well all I can say is, it’s gonna help me a lot for next 3 days because I am running behind few deadlines.
    Keep writing.

  24. Hi Ryan,

    This is a great post that not only explains the idea behind consistent blogging, but also bring to light the secret to writing new ideas daily. Blogging is quite demanding and you can only stay relevant if your readers are able to grab new informative content once in a while. This does not mean you have to publish a blog post every other day because doing this in itself has been proven to negatively affect your blog in a way. I will be writing on this topic in the next couple of days to emphasize why I think such practice hurts your blog.

    Keep up the good work Ryan.

  25. Solid advice here, Ryan. I am inspired by your drive to write. I am not at 10K per day yet, but I write every day about 1000+ words.
    As a sidenote, I have noticed that your site loaded unusually slowly. Perhaps it’s just a temporary issue, but I wanted to bring it to my attention.
    Keep up the good work.

  26. Samir Says:

    Its been a long time to read a comprehensive post at your blog and I guess this time you nailed it with wonderful tips and strategies for writing.


  27. Tauseef Alam Says:


    Wow that is massive, 10,000 words in a day. I’m not even close to it. I remember the most I’ve written in a day was 4500 and it was for two “How to” tutorials.


  28. Kimsea Sok Says:

    Ryan, How awesome you did with writing…!

    Actually, I will never expect to follow you but possible. You know..? I’m none native English and bad write.

    Whenever, I’m trying to wrote longer article, I always feel like lacking of confident. I scrolled up and down for reviewing my article…, yeah, I lacked of self confident.

    However, after I read you previous article (How to Write 7k+ Weekly Post). I tried to follow it, and published more long article on my blog.

    I’d admit that my first long post is really mess, and I found that I got a lot of complaint from other bloggers about misspelling and grammar errors.

    Opened up and edit my post, and continue my writing. I found that it was improved by the way I wrote my blog post.

    Sure, the practice make me more confident in writing. Last month, I have published 2 guest post on other bloggers, each of those article is around 3k+ words.

    Also, could please check this guest post ( I’ve mentioned about your post other there. I really want to see your comment and I need your advice about my writing.

    Thanks for sharing, after reading this article. I’ve got a plan for go bigger…

    Have nice day..

  29. Saqib Ahmad Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    My case is different! I write mostly 500 words per day and sometimes 2000+ words for my guides and reports. I write daily new article for my blog! Dont know about weekly but, I guess I easily pass the 6000+ words per week! I dont know if its good or bad but really going well for the new blog.

    Nice post! Keep brining more like these!

    Thank You 🙂

  30. BJ Henderson Says:

    Hey Ryan…love the tips. 10k words in a day is beast!!! You are definitely right that practice makes it easier. I try to write daily, but some days it gets tough coming up with content I think people want to read.

    Anywhoo I will get after writing daily. One thing I can say is that I have found myself able to write more and more words the more I write. I highly enjoy your blog and the value you provide. Your story has been an inspiration and I hope to become cyborg-like. lol


  31. [ Smiles ] My goodness, Ryan. You have raised the bar; 10,000 words are a lot to write.

    I have noticed that you recommended writing in silence; I usually do my writing when I am listening to music on my headphones.

    Anyway, nicely done, my friend.

  32. Hey Ryan,

    I’m not close to 10k a day, but I do write every single day. I probably should count the numbers to see how many words I write, but so far I just set aside enough time to write (and I listen to Focus@Will while writing).

    Practicing writing every day makes it a lot easier.

    Btw. do you spend much time on editing?

  33. Nikhil singh Says:

    Hello Ryan !

    Man , writing 5k words in a day is something very difficult for me or even if i write then it will take me whole day . Reaching some efficiency requires too much hard work and dedication.

    Yup , writing in silence affects our writing speed ! When there is silence around , we people do not think about anything else and our mind stays focused.

    Thanks for this amazing piece of content ..

    Thank you !

  34. kelli Says:

    Hey Ryan
    Great post here that I think will really help people overcome their writing difficulties no matter how much content they are looking to produce for their blog and other pursuits.

    I like the idea of taking care of your body and mind and the silence.All of that can contribute so much to our creativity and clarity of mind.