10 Tips to Be a Smarter and Richer Blogger (Amazon eBook)

April 28, 2017

10 tips to be a smarter and richer blogger


The pain point: doing dumb stuff blogging-wise that makes you frustrated as hell.


Because if you do silly stuff – and we have all been there – you will not become a richer blogger. You may bleed money. Through blog investments. You will certainly leave money on the table.


You may feel entirely lost, overwhelmed and have no clue in hell where to look for smart blogging and blog monetizing tips.


I have sat in the same disgusted, crestfallen, devastated boat. That’s why I wrote:


10 Tips to Be a Smarter and Richer Blogger (Amazon eBook)



I want to help you avoid the common blogging mistakes that sandbag your pro blogging career. The silly stuff, the dingbatish stuff, the amateur hour stuff and the struggling veteran blogger stuff that derails your blogging journey on a daily basis.


The Pain Points


This eBook will help you if:


  • you are confused about which blogging advice to follow
  • you are confused about which blogging advice to use
  • you are struggling like hell to make money blogging
  • you have made some money blogging but are struggling like hell to reach the next level
  • you are a newbie blogger whose jambalaya of fear, excitement and terror emotions paralyze you, preventing you from moving into effective, prospering blogging actions
  • you have bills to pay and need to put food on the table and after months or years you are just about ready to quit blogging for good because you’ve made no real money through the platform


OK. That’s the pain you need to get rid of.


On to the pleasure…..


The Pleasure Points


  • take effective, traffic-building, profit-building actions every day
  • feel the elation of earning blogging income
  • feel the happiness of building your blog into a full time venture
  • avoid the anger, agitation and frustration of moving into failing, silly blogging activities
  • feel the joy of cutting your learning curve by months if not years


That’s a lotta pleasure. As much as Jabba the Hut enjoys on his Skiff, of similar name.


The Real Problem this eBook Solves


Bad information. Lots of bloggers pass bad information from one to the other.


Like talisman of silliness I see shared on various forums: if you want to drive traffic to your blog, just share your latest post on social media. What? Are you kidding me? This is the exact type of un-smart, failing advice that needs to be put out of commission for you to leave your annoying as Hades struggles behind.


“Just share your blog post on social media” is bad information. The opposite of a smart blogging tip. Because smart bloggers don’t just share their blog posts on social, because that is a recipe for disaster, believing your sharing on social will increase your traffic and I profits.


Now if you share other blogger’s post on social media, and you ask questions, and share answers, and Like friend’s updates and comment on your updates, then you’re onto something.


I wrote the eBook to solve the “bad information” problem so you can:


  • drive blog traffic easily
  • increase your blogging profits
  • form powerful friendships with successful bloggers
  • feel the exhilaration of living your wildest blogging dreams


You gotta follow smart blogging tips to boost your blogging profits. Doing stuff that is inefficient and ineffective only torpedoes your blogging campaign.


If you DO follow smart blogging tips the relationships, the network, the traffic and the profits follow. It’s that simple.


Many bloggers are getting bad information. Most bloggers act on bad information or ignore good information. I’m sharing these 10 tips to increase your blogging intelligence, to boost your blogging wealth (money, happiness, etc) and to give you a simple, powerful manual to refer to when you reach those points where you want to bang your head against the wall. Because if you bang your blogging head against the wall you’re apt to do some dingbatish things after said head-banging sessions.


This eBook can make you smarter. And richer. Blogging-wise. Hell, life-wise too. When you boost your blogging IQ.


The Cover Story


I snapped the eBook cover at Rawai Bay in Phuket, Thailand.



Kelli and I took our evening walks in this very spot where fisherman anchored their longtail boats.


The Podcast


Listen to this episode of the Blogging From Paradise Podcast to sink your blogging teeth into the juicy benefits of the eBook.


The eBook


If you’re sick and tired of taking ineffective blogging actions and need to boost your profits quickly buy:


10 Tips to Be a Smarter and Richer Blogger (Amazon eBook)


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Thanks Agness! Great to see you again πŸ˜‰


  2. This seems like an excellent idea, Ryan! I will definitely buy the book!

  3. I don’t dive into Adsense because I see it as a low income stream. Not in the eBook or on my blog πŸ˜‰


  4. swaloven Says:

    Hi Ryan
    i read your awesome post about your book, i am encourage by this post
    i must say thank you for sharing your great knowledge
    but Ryan i want to know you are define about traffic from search engine?
    if my website monetize to Google Adsense, then this book is beneficial for me or not
    i am waiting your reply

  5. Rahul that’s awesome. Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚


  6. Rahul Says:

    Hi Ryan, Nicely explained your thoughts about blogging and it will help for many new bloggers like me. The suggest book looks nice and will definitely buy one copy for sure. Thanks.

  7. Venu thanks a bunch πŸ™‚


  8. Venu Says:

    Ryan Biddulph is a genius blogger. Blogging is overwhelming, let’s admit it. Doing dumb stuff blogging can be overwhelming. Ten tips to be a smarter and richer blogger is a cool book you should definitely check out if you want to be a rich blogger. Top notch blogging advice, which to follow and which not to follow is clearly laid out here.

  9. Doing your own thing is the only way go to πŸ˜‰ Well done Mandy!


  10. Awesome Cori. Those rest periods help us gain clarity to move in a more prospering direction. Thanks for buying the eBook!


  11. Corina Ramos Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I have no doubt this one is going to rock!

    Being offline most of last year really hurt in the pocket but it was worth it of course. Now I’m ready to step up and hustle to get back to where I was and take it to the next level.

    I’m grabbing a copy because I’m sure you’re sharing great advice in it. πŸ™‚

    Wish you the best with this one!


  12. Mandy Allen Says:

    Hi Ryan, I love your take on the info being banded around! I have mostly just done my own thing through my blogging career, I don’t find listening to the hypey advice helps me much because I don’t usually understand quite how they intend me to implement what they are saying!

    Enjoy the journey!

  13. Ravi thanks a bunch for stopping by πŸ™‚


  14. Hey Ryan,

    Awesome tips to be a smart as well as deft blogger. It sounds good when someone motivate you to be a successful in blogging by sharing useful resources and stuff related to blogging, you are doing the same by sharing such great tips to be a smarter and richer blogger.

    I know are expert blogging and making eBook and selling too. Since your every eBook is full of informative things and comes relevant to people, everyone accept it always. Thanks for including a Podcast on the topic, so pleased to hear it.

    Thanks for useful share to become a smarter and richer blogger.
    With regards.
    – Ravi.

  15. You can grab this Anthony as a starting point:


    It’s my flagship eBook. I suggest all new BFP eBooks shoppers to buy it πŸ˜‰

    It’s so key to share the entire story with this blogging journey. The ups and downs, ins and outs, all of it. When you work intelligently and persistently and have fun, you really do make money while you sleep. But some bloggers like to leave out the first part aka the work πŸ˜‰ Thanks as always!


  16. Ryan, as always you bring really great tips. What I appreciate the most is that it comes from someone who has obviously risen above from out of the trenches. The other great thing I appreciate is that your approach hasn’t really wavered. Your bread and butter is to build a community around your blog. Not only that, you make every effort to practice what you preach. I see many-a-guru (not saying you call yourself that) preach from their armchair about how to make a killing with a website. If anyone has spent more than a minute on your site, it is evident you do nothing of the sort. Although one time I saw a picture you posted sleeping on a couch, but I’m pretty sure that was to emphasize the point of your post. In any event, thanks again for your tips! I will be sure to pick up one of your books in the near future. I just have to figure out which one of the 126 books you’ve written to start with! -Anthony

  17. Susan that’s awesome; thanks for picking up the blog commenting eBook. It is a challenge to figure out whose advice you should follow sometimes. So much rests on who resonates with you and I intend to just make learning…..fun ;)……so folks can see value in the tips I have to share. Have a fabulous Sunday πŸ™‚


  18. Susan Velez Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Another eBook, it’s amazing how fast you get those written. I am sure that it’s jam packed with tons of information that will help anyone become a smarter and richer blogger.

    I love your eBooks, I actually picked up your building your online empire through blog commenting. Definitely worth the read and taking action on it.

    There is so much information online about blogging, it can definitely be challenging to know who to listen to. I know you have some great nuggets and advice to share in your book, after all, you’ve created the paradise lifestyle for yourself.

    Good luck with your new eBook, I am sure that it will be a huge success just like you other ones. Who knows, I may have to pick it up to see what other nuggets I can learn from you.

    Have a great day πŸ™‚


  19. Thanks Clay πŸ™‚


  20. Clay Smith Says:

    Nice podcasts Ryan.

    Thanks for sharing.

  21. I left a thought. – Guy Standing in from of Yacht in Middle East