10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

  May 13, 2022 blogging tips πŸ•‘ 6 minutes read
blogging for beginners

Imperial City, Hue, Vietnam.


(Published 12-11-2016 Updated 5-13-2022)


Blogging tips for beginners usually reveal how you have no idea what you sign up for.


Do you dream of circling the globe through blogging? Dreams can and do come true but blogging turns out to be a more uncomfortable journey than you previously imagined.


As a vivid example, I want to share an experience from living in the desolate jungles of Central America a few years ago…..


I once used a vile outhouse while an army of marauding army ants systematically butchered a menacing scorpion.


Bullet ants patrolled palm fronds not 5 feet from my head as I sat in a vulnerable spot, being in the middle of a remote Costa Rican jungle.


I was calmly perched 10 feet above a refuse pile (aka, human compost from the prior month).


During this episode I felt calm.


Blogging Tips for Beginners


1 month before, when I first attempted to use the outhouse I felt like a 4 year old who resisted using the potty. I felt too scared to make.


How did I go from feeling scared to step inside of the outhouse to using it with marauding bugs being a few feet away from me.


I developed the skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.


New bloggers need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable to get through difficult times.


Every new blogger struggles. However, only future pros do the uncomfortable work to wade through challenging new blogger periods.


Freedom awaits beginner bloggers willing to leave their comfort zone persistently.


Keep this idea in mind as you follow these steps.


A1: Blogging Is about Being Not Doing


How blogging works: be the person to become the person.


The energy behind your actions means everything.


Think, feel and act similar to a pro blogger before earning a penny. Set the blogging table for future success. Have posture. Be confident. Nudge outside of your comfort zone.


Important Reminder


Never fake it until you make it. Readers spot frauds from far away.


Simply visualize yourself being a pro blogger in the future to behave like a pro blogger now independent of your traffic and profits metrics.


1: Follow Your Fun/Love


Pick a topic you love to blog about.


Choose a niche that feels fun to explore.


Make sure that the niche solves a pressing problem.


Build a rock solid foundation for your campaign by blogging your fun and solving reader problems.


Lodtunduh, Bali


Fun-loving blogging helpers exude an attractive energy irresistible to readers who seek their advice. Even new bloggers with little experience can begin to grow sizeable tribes slowly but surely but only if your passion and service shine through your blog.


2: Invest Money in Your Blog


Trying to become a big time blogger with free hosting is like trying to build a thriving offline business from your parent’s basement.


Few people find free platform bloggers. Few customers find an offline business in your parent’s basement.


Invest in:


  • a domain and hosting through a reputable, dependable hosting company
  • a professional theme


Be an owner not a cyber squatter.


Build a professional-looking, eye-popping brand.


Investing in a domain and hosting buys you some trust. Buying a premium theme earns you some credibility.


Being a pro blogger involves making financial investments during your amateur blogging career.


3: Create Detailed Content


Create detailed content to gain credibility.


Identify common problems suffered by people interested in your niche. Solve those problems with rich blog posts.


Publish posts 1000 words or longer to please readers and Google. Create 600 word posts less frequently to offer readers a change up. Some topics seem best covered with short blog posts.


Add Practical Tips


Add as many practical tips as possible. Drill down to create in-depth content.


Offer readers thorough resources.


Establish a strong reputation in your blogging niche.


Post Frequency


Publish at least one post weekly.


Beware publishing daily as a new blogger. Burnout usually follows. Crawl before you can sprint.


BFP 503: Should You Publish Blog Posts Daily?


4: Comment on Related Blogs


Comment genuinely on top blogs related to your niche.


Gain exposure. Make friends with bloggers. Pop up on the radar screen of potential readers.


Blog commenting is a free way to leverage your beginner blogger presence fast. Plus, blog commenting has few barriers for new bloggers. Simply publish genuine, personalized comments to avoid spam queues. Address bloggers by name. Sign off with your name. Expand on some point made in the blog post.


Comment on at least 5-10 blogs from your niche daily. Be patient. Be persistent.


New bloggers gain traction quickly through a genuine blog commenting campaign.


Do you need a helpful blog commenting guide? Check out his blog commenting manual.


5: Promote Bloggers


Promote bloggers to build strong relationships.


Mention bloggers on your blog. Retweet bloggers. Mention bloggers on Facebook.


Ask for nothing in return.Β  Gain trust.


Gradually, blogging friends promote your new blog through their social media and blog. Being seen by their communities increases your blog traffic.


6: Align Your Blog Top Down


Give your new blog a glance.


Does everything align?


Do all elements match?


Malacca Strait, Penang, Malaysia.


Align your blog top down to ensure that every inch of cyber real estate remains congruent.


Give readers one clear message. Increase targeted traffic to your new blog by emitting a targeted message.


Avoid making the common new blogger mistake of trying to be everything to everyone. Never embed ads unrelated to your blogging niche.


Stay on topic. Begin to position yourself as a credible niche resource.


Align your blog to begin blogging intelligently.


7: Open Income Streams Every 3-6 Months


Add income channels to get comfortable with receiving money.


Be patient. Add one income stream every 3-6 months until you feel clear on your monetizing campaign.


Income Ideas


  • write and self-publish eBooks on Amazon through KDP Select
  • self-publish audio books through Audible
  • create blogging courses and sell through Selz, Teachable and Udemy
  • offer freelance services (freelance writing, freelance design, etc)
  • offer coaching services (blog coaching, personal development coaching)
  • engage in affiliate marketing


Important Point


Both sponsored post and advertising revenue require a high volume of targeted traffic.


Refrain from monetizing through these channels as a beginner blogger.


As your targeted traffic increases substantially over the years feel free to monetize through these streams when you become an advanced blogger.


8: Learn and Help through Groups


Visit groups.


Learn from bloggers.


Help bloggers.




  • Quora
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter hashtags
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Warrior Forum


Helping folks builds your authority, establishes your expertise and helps you build your following.


Learning from experienced bloggers who contribute through groups cuts your learning curve.


Learn. Then help.


9: Do Things From a Place of Love Not Loss


One of my biggest struggles rooted itself in doing things from a place of loss (fear driven acts).


My greatest victory rooted itself in doing things from a place of love.


Do things from a place of love. Put scarcity thinking behind you.


Green lizard, Manual Antonio National Park, Costa Rica.


Blog to have fun helping people. Let go poverty conscious motivators.


10: Study Pro Bloggers


Learning from pro bloggers like Darren Rowse, Zac JohnsonΒ and Donna Merrill is a simple way to ease your transition into blogging.


Cut your learning curve by capitalizing on professional blogger experience. Pros teach you about their mistakes for you to avoid making similar errors.


Professionals also convey this powerful message: “Do only this.”


Follow only success-promoting advice to accelerate your success and to establish peace of mind.


Interview with Ryan Biddulph Blogging From Paradise





Blogging tips for beginners hit the mark by being simple and actionable.


Follow each of these tips patiently.


Gracefully coast through new blogger struggles to lay a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.

  1. Ryan Biddulph says:
    at 2:45 pm

    Any of these tips really vibing with you?

    • Joanna Sanchez says:
      at 3:09 pm

      I love your straightforward, to-the-point style of writing. You always remind me what’s important.

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 9:15 pm

        Hi Joanna,

        Cool, much appreciated. Yep this stuff is uber key because if you follow the basics, and keep loving the ride, wow do things open up for all of us.


  2. Elissa Talley says:
    at 4:26 pm

    I love your tip on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable! So true! Love the outhouse intro….I was cracking up laughing (mostly because I share the same phobia). It will be interesting to see if I can ever get comfortable with that πŸ™‚

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:12 pm

      Hi Elissa,

      Who really is super comfy with the away toilet situation LOL?! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. All that sweetness unfolds beautifully outside of our comfort zone.


  3. Ash says:
    at 11:49 pm

    Here’s the biggest irony of all, Ryan.

    I ended up doing ghost blogging for a, wait for it, 12 years. I’d still do it since I manage a digital marketing agency and clients do need blog posts. However, everything you just listed out just hit me 2 months ago.

    Imagine how nice it’d have been if I actually blogged for myself too?

    Ever since, I’ve been on a hunt — for more wisdom, real people, and authentic relationships. I love the way you write buddy, and I’ll soon see you in one of those “paradise” destinations soon.

    Hint: I travel too (except that I didn’t, for the last few years).

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:17 pm

      Hi Ash,

      There is something so incredibly freeing and fun about blogging for yourself. Owning your cyber real estate. And blogging on it.

      I too did and still do some ghostwriting. I ghost wrote an entire Kindle, saw it become a best seller, and figured I may as well hop on that gravy train LOL. So I wrote 126 eBooks and never looked back. Ditto with blogging too. I do more paid guest posting than ghostwriting these days but still love to publish 2-3 posts weekly here.

      Oh wow, a fellow traveler. Where to next? Are you lining up another trip soon?


      • Ash says:
        at 4:10 am

        I am lining up for trips early next year — starting with Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, and a few other places in that belt. I’ll probably then make my way to Malaysia (my second home) and see if I can visit a few places that I happened to miss out on like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Laos, and a few others (this should complete South East Asia for me).

        As if blogging wasn’t crazy enough, traveling to all these places takes work too πŸ™‚


      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 1:52 pm

        Wow what a fab trip. Not scrimping much over there. Love it. We adored Savusavu, Fiji when we visited in 2014 and totally dug Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia too. SE Asia is our fave and yes, takes some energy to travel like that πŸ˜‰


  4. Amar kumar says:
    at 4:00 am

    Hey Ryan,

    You have shared amazing tips to convert newbie to a good blogger, from my opinion this tricks have potential for great result. Groups and communities are good source for enhancing our knowledge in blogosphere. Mostly i love your tips “comment on related blogs” – we should always try to go with our niche when it comes to commenting. If our niche is SEO and we go for commenting in food or health niche it not quite good for healthy blogging. Eventually, thanks for sharing your thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:13 pm

      Hi Amar,

      You are sensational at the related blog commenting bit. Super focused, super diligent, having a blast. This is how you begin to appear all over the place. This is how to spread the love, to add value to posts and to dive into networking full bore. Agreed on blog relevance too; you can comment anywhere but it helps to have a clean cut focus, not just from an SEO standpoint either.


  5. Vincent Desmond says:
    at 8:33 am

    your writing style is so amazing, straight to the point, and easy to understand…so am starting to let go of my shyster life and it’s really doing great for me, and am. also really learning not to focus on the stats but on what I enjoy doing, thanks slot Ryan

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:10 pm

      Hi Vincent,

      Making the shift from stats to fun/love is the most delicious, freeing, lovely move like…ever. So happy to see you’re moving from fear to love. It is the only way to go to really dive into this blogging journey.


  6. Ravi Chahar says:
    at 9:07 am

    Hey Ryan,

    You have nailed it with the starting tip. People really need to figure out whether are about to become something or they want to act like what they are.

    It’s always the love what is the winner of everything. Newbies should follow their passion so that they can always keep their interest in blogging.

    Glad to read the article.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:03 pm

      Hi Ravi,

      The love which wins is PERFECT bro. I love the way you put it. It wins. Always. You love writing about the tech side of blogging so that love resonates through all you do. It bleeds through all you do. Naturally, you rock it out. When newbies seize and follow this simple tip they can slay it as well. In a good way.


  7. Jeannie Hall says:
    at 1:28 pm

    Hi, Ryan!

    Love all your tips, as usual. I do have a question, though, which probably means I’m not doing this and should be. What’s a CDN? I use WordPress and pay for domain and hosting, but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of a CDN.

    The whole get comfy being uncomfy really resonates with me. I’ve been trying to be braver incrementally in my professional and personal life. It’s scary, but I know it’ll be worth it.

    Thanks so much,

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:58 pm

      Hi Jeannie,

      Sure, a CDN is a ummm….ummm….LOL….the term stands for content delivery network.


      Think of it as a server where you host all your images and pages and stuff, off site, so when you gain traffic and use images and videos, it won’t slow down your blog.

      My host – Krystal – offers a CDN service. Max CDN is a popular service. The cost should run from $5 to $10 a month. Guessing the cost rises as your storage/traffic/image usage rises. Really helps to use this service as your traffic and image usage builds, and especially if your blog is a bit slow now.

      Bravo to your bravery!!!


  8. Lionell says:
    at 1:58 am

    Hi Ryan, thanks for another great article! The fear factor plays such a huge role, as a starting blogger you think too much about results and what ifs… What if I don’t succeed, what if people don’t read my stuff. You fear the investment of time won’t be worth the effort. But heck blogging isn’t about results, it’s about doing what you like. Make up a plan, invest time, money and effort and eventually it will pay off. Always gotta be positive!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:04 pm

      Hi Lionell,

      Fear really crept its nasty little head into much of what I did online for eons. Or years. The waste of time limiter plagued me, really, it killed me for a LONG time online. Falling in love with creating and connecting and doing so from love helped me immensely in dissolving this fear. Partly dissolving it πŸ™‚


  9. Suze - Luxury Columnist says:
    at 11:01 am

    Those kittens look so sweet and innocent! But seriously, this is a great round up of how to succeed at blogging. I think the worst thing that people can do is to compare themselves to others in a “why are they getting that deal and I’m not” jealous way. They just need to relax, make contact with other bloggers and start learning from them

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:13 pm

      Hi Suze,

      I know right? They were so sweet, tiny and cute….until 2 AM when we heard them crunching on rat bones LOL. Your advice rings true. Learn from those who rock it out. Befriend them. Many of these generous bloggers are more than happy to help you through their blog, products and services.


  10. Rick F. Conners says:
    at 8:51 pm

    Wow Ryan, Love your style of writing. Your content and tips really were needed about now. I’m a young 66 year old who couldn’t get a job, so I guess that gets in the way sometimes. I’m not as sharp as I used to be, (don’t kid yourself) and I get overwhelmed. There is so much info out there. For me I think it’s going to be, stop being a sieve and get at it. Pinterest is my love, but I don’t have a brand or product to make it lucrative yet! Pretty proud though I get 55,000 viewers per month and in November I got 77,000, not bad for a newbie eh! Sorry I’m Canadian eh HA! HA!
    What pisses me off is I’m selling for everybody else, and not getting a piece of the pie. But in my mind that’s my way of giving. So that’s O.K till I figure something out. You should check me out on Pinterest there is lots of good stuff there. Conners Enterprises.
    Sorry to chew your ear off but thanks again.

    Take Care and enjoy Costa Rica


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:39 am

      Hi Rick,

      That is awesome. Diving in at 66 and rocking it out on Pinterest is something else. Fabulous.

      Your generous spirit opens the way to make money. Keep promoting others with love. Then think through income streams you would love to work, and slowly delve into 1 income stream at a time. Give freely, give with love, have loads of fun sharing your own content – both free, and premium/products – and you will rake it in over time.

      Getting at it is Step #1 πŸ˜‰ Really ponder what would feel amazing to you: blogging, or doing videos, or podcasting. Do those things for the joy of doing them, then monetizing ideas will follow.


  11. Sophie Burkhardt says:
    at 4:39 pm

    Thank you for the tips! Starting now with commenting on something.. this feels like a huge step but I’m determined to build myself up.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:45 pm

      Hi Sophie,

      Awesome. So happy you’re taking that step. It helps so much to improve your visibility through this simple connecting medium. Will check out your blog now πŸ˜‰


  12. Sathish Arumugam says:
    at 12:11 pm

    Thank you for the article, and I love the style of writing. Your article content and tips are awesome and very interested. All the newbie blogger need to follow this passion of writing so that they can develop their skills and make their blogging absorbing

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:36 pm

      Hi Sathish,

      The passion makes all POP. Or, makes things go. Having fun and loving the process of blogging put my career into overdrive.


  13. Matthew Kaboomis Loomis says:
    at 4:48 pm

    Ryan, your writing voice is so YOU. I love your posts. How you started this one was amazing. When it comes to the opening line of a blog post, that’s gotta be a first: “I shat…” LOL

    I really appreciate you mentioning me here with those other awesome bloggers. It is truly humbling and I am grateful for our online connection.

    Plus I learn things from your posts. I had no idea there was a species of ants that can take down a scorpion. Who knew?

    Looking forward to more of your stories,


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:26 am

      Hi Matthew,

      Hahaha I LOVE writing so much. So much fun. God is good, giving me these ideas and I just transcribe for Him.

      Always my pleasure. You rock tremendously and your presence on Google – Page 1 for multiple competitive blogging terms – is just what the blogging world needs. Perfect.

      Those army ants are savage. Unbelievable how they clean/clear the jungle in brutal but efficient fashion, taking down scorpions, centipedes, even bigger creatures like mice and such. Unreal.

      Thanks a bunch.


  14. janice wald says:
    at 7:09 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    I have a post planned on a similar topic in a few months. I also included self-hosting in my list. That’s when things fell together for me. Thanks for the other tips like every 3 to 6 months a new income stream. Your great influence on giving to others is helpful as always.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:31 pm

      Hi Janice,

      Excellent. This top is a pressing one and I know your audience will receive immense benefits when your post goes live. Do tag me when you publish it.

      Self-hosting was a huge one for me. I went with not too hot hosting for 5 years. Then realized paying 7 smackers a month probably meant the company was overloading the servers LOL….and of course they were. Site down a bunch and slow load times. I switched to a new, up and coming host, paid a premium and I sped things up on my blog.


  15. zaira afzal says:
    at 10:08 am

    Hi ryan,

    Thank you for all your information here it is certainly helping me on my blogging venture. Being true and following passion is a key element missed so many fail due to going straight for the cash.

    Looking forward to your future tips and tricks.



    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:33 am

      Hi Zaira,

      That paper chase is the ultimate blog killer. Follow your fun. Wow do inspired, surprising doors open up for the fun followers.

      Thanks much.


  16. ARKGlobal says:
    at 3:21 am

    Your writing is impressive and inspirational for beginners. Your trips and trick will really help people to do better as far as blogging is concerned.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:17 pm

      Thanks much πŸ™‚