10 Tips for Blogging through Stressful Situations

February 11, 2017
Towers at the Corniche in Doha, Qatar.


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Life in paradise ain’t always peaches and cream.


Things can get stressful on the road. Or at home.


From losing pets on house sits, burying pets on house sits, losing all our money and dealing with a dying parent I know how it feels to go through some shit while running a blog.


Terror seems to form a vice-grip on your mind when poopy appears to hit the fan.


You can do 2 things:


  • go into a shell, either pulling back from blogging for months or quitting all together
  • learn how to deal with stressors so you can keep blogging despite anything that happens


I’m sharing these tips to help you get through some deep stuff because life, as you know, WILL intervene from time to time. Running a blog is easy peasy during times of prosperity but can be hard as hell when stresses arise.


Follow these tips to knife through those feelings so you can keep blogging when things get tough.


1: Blog with Love


Blog with love. Even when you feel pain and suffering. You can do it.


Blogging with love moves your energy from what feels difficult to how you can help others. That shift cuts your stressors off at the knees, making it easier to create and connect even if you still feel pretty stressed.


You can do anything in the world during any circumstances when you genuinely want to help others from a loving space.


2: Surround Yourself with Only Loving People


Hang with loving, caring, high energy folks.


Feed on their energy.


Leave your stresses behind.


If you only hang with folks who are Pity Party Planners you will get nothing done when all appears to turn to custard.


But surrounding yourself with loving, empowering bloggers helps you blog despite any tough stuff you’re going through.


3: Blog for Cathartic Purposes


Blogging is cathartic for me.


I envision myself being cleansed when I sit down to write. Since I blog predominantly from a space of love I am releasing on deeper fears with each post.


Arabic lemonade. Tasty fare. Arabic peaches. Yummy fare. All fruits covered.


I even step into a little fun zone while blogging. Even if life appears to go haywire around me.


Blog for therapy. Blog to express yourself. Blog to gain courage and clarity.


Blog through stress by seeing your WordPress Shrink (buying a domain and hosting costs less than $150 an hour).


4: Allow the Stress to Purify You


FER your stresses.


Face. Embrace. Release.


Feel your feelings. Experience stressors. Could mean crying into a pillow. Or punching a pillow. Whatev’s floats your boat.


Feeling stress is the easiest way to clear stress. When cleared, you can feel happier and more at peace, which helps you sit down and get back to your blogging tasks.


5: Break when You Need to


I am human. Even if I appear to be a blogging cyborg (wearing my Skynet Cyberdine Systems T Shirt as I write).


I take off extra hours or days when I need to put out a fire (metaphorically, or, literally, in some off the beaten path locales) or when a particularly difficult situation in life arises.


Blogging through stress means writing and publishing posts, blog commenting, guest posting and social media marketing despite going through some isht over the long haul.


If you stub your toe, maybe you take off a few minutes to address the pain.



If you bury a parent, you will be taking off a few days or weeks to deal with the grief and logistics of the event.  But because you’re following these tips you have a long term approach to blogging and get back in the blogging saddle after a few days or weeks versus the months or years long tail spin that some bloggers suffer from after encountering tremendous stress.


Note; no judgments here. We all respond or react differently to trauma and maybe you will be pulled in a different direction after facing a tremendously trying situation. This post is for those who have a love and passion for blogging and wish to persist over the long haul despite facing some rough spots.


6: Recount the Stressful Situation to Sap its Strength


Resisting stress creates stress.


But telling stories about your stresses – through blog posts – literally saps the lower energies of their powers.


I’ve shared wacky travel tales from the road – like the best and worst house sit in Costa Rica – to entertain, inform and inspire. And to also lessen the stresses associated with certain events.


That CR sit was bat shit stressful at times. Unless wading through a wickedly hazardous remote jungle stream teeming with fer de lanzes during biblically torrential downpours to free up your only water source – for 3 miles – that turned brown with silt and you’re also dehydrated having not drunk for hours after sweating your balls off in one of the world’s most humid spots sounds like a breeze (I did embellish the “balls off” part).


Convert your nightmare into a blog post. Render helpful service. Take the wind out of the stress’ sails.


7: Observe How Inspirational Bloggers Handle Stress


My friend Maxwell Ivey is a fabulous blogger who happens to be blind.


After meeting him in NYC I saw the potentially super stressful situations he could encounter on leaving his bed every daily. Max takes life in stride. What seems impossible to most is very possible to him.


Mosque by the crib


Seeing how MI handles stressful situations inspired me to embrace my stressors with more grace and balance.


I’ve blogged through hairy situations by watching how dynamos handle difficult moments.


Observe how inspirational bloggers handle stress. If they can do it you can too.


8: Double Down on Sleep


Sleep is the great stress killer.


When I feel stressed or run down I make sure to get 8-10 hours daily. Even if I feel good I stay bed bound 8 hours or longer.


Getting ample sleep rests your mind, recharges your body and allows stress to dissolve into peace.


Perfect space for blogging.


9: Release Lower Energy Folks from Your Life


Surrounding yourself with loving people is one thing.


Letting go negative nellies is quite another.


Some stressed out bloggers feast on inspirational people (sometimes literally) and videos and quotes, yet turn around and spend much of their time with stressed out, unhappy, panicked people.


Could be a dyed in the wool negative nellie. Or could be a normally loving person who’s going through stuff.


Go into hiding for a bit. Get away from stress as you learn to face, embrace and release stress on your own.


Trying to run a blog while dealing with your stress and the stresses of unclear folks around you is virtually impossible.


Go off the grid. Let go the lower energies.


10: Return to Spirit


Spirit knows not stress. Only minds know stress.


Pray. Forgive yourself. See love around you. Feel cared for. Feel like Spirit is in your corner.


124 blogging and travel eBooks to shop from.


The world and its people create stress.


Spirit is love, peace and harmony.


Recommended Resource: A Course in Miracles


Your Turn


How do you handle stress?


Are you regularly blogging through stressful situations?


eBook for Stressed Bloggers


I wrote an eBook to help you better deal with stress.


Dissolve your stresses by downloading:


How to Overcome Obstacles Easily




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  1. Hi PS,

    Ditto on that. Life intervenes sometimes. Then we find out what we’re capable of.

    Thanks much.


  2. Patchesoft Says:

    Very good tips; I have found my blogging to be really cathartic this year due to having some serious issues happen with my own life. Thanks for the great read!

  3. Hi Rajat,

    My pleasure my friend.


  4. rajat pandit Says:

    Sir very very thank to you for sharing this informative post to us.

  5. Hi Robert,

    Fabulous my friend.

    Here’s a secret; being emotional is a gift. I learned of this gift through the release of crying. Because by being present, breathing deeply and crying you release the root of the overwhelmed, struggling what to write, is it well-written? and engagement worries feelings. Like magic. Crying is the ultimate cathartic experience. Let the flood gates go. Just find a quiet spot and grab a pillow if you prefer to muffle things.

    Wow….I need to get to know Louis better! Magic of the internet at it again 😉

    Thanks a bunch and keep at it Robert.


  6. Hi Sherman,

    Me too on the sleep bit bro.

    We arrived to Qatar over 2 weeks ago. Jet lag. Sleep sked way off. I was 8-10 for months back in NJ. Then 5 – 7 for a while here.

    Last night could be a turning point. 12 hours in bed. 11 sleeping. Sleep Warrior Time LOL!

    Thanks as always and enjoy your weekend.


  7. Hey Ryan,

    Sometimes when you get to the point where you’re about to break, it would be a good time to crawl in your own personal whole and take a break.

    I definitely agree with #8 and #9!

    Sometimes you have to let some people go while you’re going through it. Especially the negative nellies and the one’s who aren’t really concern with you well being. At that moment they’re just a waste of time to be around.

    Also getting those 8-10 hours of sleep help a lot. It helps you to regenerate yourself for the next day and helps to relieve those stressful moments. I was doing good for while, but now I’ve been getting 6-8 hours of sleep. I gotta get back into the swing of things

    Thanks for sharing Ryan! Have a good one!

  8. Robert Reece Says:

    I needed this. I just started blogging and internet marketing and I feel so overwhelmed even to the point where I feel like I want to cry right now. I am a very emotional person and this was extremely helpful. I struggle with what to write, whether it is written well, and getting people to engage on my posts. Thank you Ryan. I was given your blog as a suggestion from Louis Doughty. I am glad he did.

  9. Hi Hana,

    Thanks much for reading.

    I too push things writing-wise sometimes. I may even be breaking this rule now LOL. But mostly I work/play when well-rested.


  10. Thanks for great arcicle. I try to follow all the rules except this: Break when You Need to..
    I try to write even though I am pretty tired. It’s a mistake I’d say…

  11. Hi Muhammad,

    Awesome dude. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  12. Hi Donna,

    Hehehe bonus points for any Terminator reference 🙂

    I see more benefits from the supportive aspect of blogging than I’d have believed. Awesome people like you surround me, lift me up and keep me persisting through it all.

    We really do help each other stay on the straight and narrow despite anything that happens.

    Thanks much for your BSS 😉


  13. Hi Cori,

    I hope mom is feeling better now. Sending my healing energies your way.

    I felt kinda stressed the day I wrote this post. Idea seed hit my mind. Write. Publish.

    We all deal with stressors but sometimes let tough circumstances fully dictate our blogging day.

    Hear hear on the treadmill! They’ve one here so I use it almost daily to dissipate stressed energies. Exercise does wonders for dissolving stressed energy blocks.

    So happy you found this at the right time Cori. Thanks for reading 🙂


  14. Cori Ramos Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I watched your video on Facebook while I was waiting for my grandson to get out of school. I so needed to hear your message. It’s been a stressful day for me and I have had little time to blog today (my mom had to be rushed to the hospital – her glucose level dropped to 20 but thankfully she’s stable).

    What helps me relieve stress is getting on the treadmill and walking until I tire out but I never thought of blogging as a form of destressing. There are days I can blog through it and days like today when it’s hard.

    When you mentioned how blogging can be cathartic, that really sunk in and it inspired a post – love when that happens. 🙂

    You post came at the perfect time for me. Thank you! Have great day!


  15. Hi Ryan,

    Boy, this really touches on so many points that bloggers must always deal with, even if they’re fully integrated with the latest release version of the Skynet Cyberdine Systems 🙂

    This entire article was an cathartic experience for me.

    It reminded me of many reasons why I blog, why I network with other bloggers and why it’s especially supportive during times of stress.

    Besides the extra sleep I gift to myself during those times of stress, I also am really careful to steer clear of the low energy (and yes, negative energy) folks in my life.

    Turning to other positive and forward thinking bloggers like you, help me stay on course.

    It’s not BS, it’s the BSS … Blogging Support System, haha


  16. Oh Wow, Ryan Sir,
    This is Very Interesting Post: Thank’s For Sharing Blogging Stress Info!
    Well Written, Keep Sharing!

    Have a Nice Day

  17. Hi Robin,

    Thanks a bunch brother.

    You rock 🙂


  18. Hi Ryan,
    Yesterday I read your post on Enstine’s blog and today I found this amazing post. You are simply doing a great job.
    I really appreciate that.
    Thanks for sharing these articles.

  19. Hi Adeel,

    Hmmmm….adding more exercise will help you tire out and sleep more.

    Do you drink coffee or tea at all? If you are drinking caffeine during or around sleeping hours it can throw you off a bit. Also, exercising earlier in the day can ensure your metabolism slows down before bed-time, helping you get your Zzzzz’s.

    Super point on the effort. Easy does it. I learned this lesson….the hard way 😉 Now I comments and write posts and create videos from that easy going space and everything flows super smoothly.

    Thanks as always 🙂


  20. Adeel Sami Says:

    Hey, buddy!

    You know what?

    I am so deprived of the sleep… And I don’t know why…

    Have been wide-awake right at 6 am no matter I sleep at 10 pm or 2 am.

    Been absolutely months since this started to happen with me.

    And when I see the people sleeping soundly and for long hours, I feel so different and amazed as to why can’t I take a good sound sleep?

    I have a hunch or probably a clue as to why I am into such a situation but my body does not get tired.

    I am all-home sitting for hours in front of the laptops and not moving for an inch.

    That means I am not getting tired and my brain is always ON WORK that it does not sleep.

    If I can add, during my sleep time I have not slept soundly. I am awake most of the time.

    I gotta change my routine.

    I surely need to and to add exercises so the body gets tired.

    Stress is the killer… for everyone.

    We cannot really move into the right direction when stuck with stress…

    This has to be dealt accordingly and right.

    Don’t put in so much effort in correcting the work during the stressing time or else the things won’t really work well.

    And the addition of FUN is so important to bring a change, right? 🙂

    Thanks for the great one, buddy! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  21. I left a thought.