10 Tips to Detach from Anchor Like Blogging Outcomes

December 18, 2016
Does this clown look worried about blogging outcomes? In Savusavu, Fiji.


We made a pit stop for Phi Phi (pronounced, “Pee Pee”).


Kelli and I ferried from gorgeous Koh Lanta, Thailand to equally beautiful Phuket a while back.


The party haven known as the Phi Phi Islands marked the only stop of the trip.


The beautiful, picture-perfect, albeit, a bit rowdy, little strip of land sitting in the Andaman Sea houses a collection of bars, restaurants and places of lodging. A quick stopover on the way to Phuket.


Anyway, when we anchored offshore to pick up drunk, half-dressed kids from the other boat, the ferry didn’t move but 2 inches. Amazing. The deft skill of the captain combined with the leaden anchor tied us down.


Which works awesomely when blitzed, sometimes boorish, always entertaining party kids/farang are stepping from boat to boat (no ladder or easy pathway of course; hey, it’s Thailand)…..but which works terribly when you’re attempting to build a successful blog while anchoring yourself heavily to blogging outcomes.


I’ve had wicked experiences with tying myself to blogging outcomes. I’m sure you have a terrible tale or 2 to tell of such traumatic circumstances (Or maybe, you just like allieration).


When you attach to blogging outcomes like:


  • blog traffic
  • blogging profits
  • list subscribers
  • social media shares
  • any bullshit vanity metrics


you are either doomed to fail at worst, or at best, live a blogging life of suffering success.


You will experience the appearances of success but will fear losing it all. Which isn’t really success.


Not only that; you can’t REALLY enjoy the ride when you’re outcomes driven because living outside-in bases your mood/feeling on numbers, on a screen. Since illusions/appearances/numbers change constantly, so will your feelings. Enter the emotional rollercoaster most bloggers ride during their entire careers. Which is totally not necessary.


Yesterday I mistakenly checked my list subscriber count. Hadn’t checked in months. I added a few hundred subscribers. Who gives a shit? When I’m worm food/taking a dirt nap, what will “He added subscribers to his email list” on my tombstone mean? Nothing.


But attaching to such outcomes makes you The Outcome’s Bitch.


Instead of doing things with love and having a crap load of fun, you will anchor yourself to stats and base your feelings, your vibe, your intent and your entire blogging career on numbers, on a screen.


You will become a Bitch to Outcomes, perhaps the greatest tragedy of humanity and a mental illness we seem to have cornered the market on. You look outside to decide how to feel. Or you live outside-in. Not a good look if you want to be happy, spread love and have fun FIRST, or BEFORE you open your eyes in the morning….because then, you will color all circumstances with fun and love, and the outcomes/illusions/circumstances carry no sway on you.


Instead of being pimp-slapped by blogging outcomes you 2 can form a harmonious love fest. And yes, it gets a ton easier to publish creative, provocative, helpful, funny, entertaining blog posts when you can give – largely – a rat’s fanny about the outcomes of such a post.


I did say “largely”. If you want to detach 100% from blogging outcomes spend 4-6 years or longer in a Northern Thailand wat.


1: Do Things with/for Love


Do what you do, blogging-wise, for the love of doing it.


And do blogging activities with love.


Doing with love instantly detaches you from outcomes. Because when you act from a space of love, fear cannot be present.


And if fear cannot be present you cannot fear if any outcome has manifest. Or not.


I love (wink wink) this book for cultivating your own Love Fest:


A Course in Miracles


2: Blog for Fun


Blog predominantly for fun.


I get it; you may want to build a full-time income earning blog. Understood.


But if you can devote 90% to 95% of your energies to blogging for fun:


  • you have little energy left to even think about outcomes
  • those outcomes will manifest nicely, of their own accord
  • the creativity of your work will expand in brilliant ways, leading to all sorts of sweetness


Example; look at the way I write. How in the frick could I create my zany blogging-travel analogies if I was burdened by outcomes? If I was in Survival Mode, worrying frantically about driving blog traffic or generating profits or snagging list subscribers?


I have a poop load of fun.


God/Universe supplies me with ideas.


Here’s my blogging ‘tude, dude (and dudettes): the fun of creating blog posts IS my reward.


All else is extra/trimmings/icing on the cake (traffic, profits, social shares, appearances on world famous sites, songs that serfs and minstrels sing of me and the hallowed Blogging From Paradise brand).


3: See Yourself Surrounded by Love


Instead of judging everything through your monkey mind, labeling it, and stuffing it in a box, see yourself being surrounded by love.


Example; right now, I see my blog as love. I see it as a glowing love, burning like embers.


Maybe that’s the lack of sleep talking but I genuinely feel the love around me.


From you awesome readers, who consume my posts, to you awesome commentors, who share your thoughts.


To you loving harsh critics, who only criticize because you feel fear in your life, and move away from love. I see love in you too. Honest.


Seeing love in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is a Herculean task, but, start today….process your judgments, laugh at yourself more, and see yourself surrounded by love.


Seeing more things and people as love – including outcomes – takes all the tension away from observing outcomes. Which helps detach you from outcomes. Partially, at least.


4: Get Lost in Others


Promote the hell out of others (Don’t take the post’s tone as an excuse to exorcise your fellow bloggers).


Promote bloggers through:


  • twitter
  • Facebook
  • G Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Triberr
  • featuring them on your blog, through references or interviews or guest posts


Getting lost in others helps dissolve your problems.


Including any problems you suffer through by clinging to outcomes.


5: Toss Salt over Your Shoulders 3 Times Daily


Preferably sea salt.


Lowers blood pressure.


6: Take 1 Dose of Truth Serum


I recall a collection of Titanic Melt Downs I had over:


  • list subscribers
  • blogging profits
  • email volume


over the years.


I flipped out like a Cirque de Soleil performer on Crystal Meth because I took a dose of thy Truth Serum.


Mesmerizing beauty of Rivas, Costa Rica.


Or, I felt my true, genuine, honest emotions around certain outcomes.


To clear the fear, consume a shit sandwich here and there.


Meaning, if you feel an intuitive nudge to do so, stare at the numbers on a screen (funny when ya think about it, right?) for a few seconds or minutes and feel what comes up.


Maybe you feel a little pissed. Maybe you feel enraged. Maybe you howl out, crying.


Whatever happens, be with it. Clear it. Dissolve your attachment more.


7: Create on All Dates


Again, I understand the love fest feel to this post.


But I am not endorsing wanton promiscuity.


I am endorsing creating something every day for other folks.




  • a blog post
  • a video
  • a podcast
  • a thoughtful Facebook update
  • a guest post


Just create something every day. For your fun. With love. For someone else.


Creating regularly moves you from a competitive to creative plane of energy, which moves you from a fear-based, outcomes-driven energy to an energy of Love, clarity and peace, which helps you let go outcomes.


8: Create, Don’t Hate


Find a point of agreement with everybody and everything in life, and give your energy to that.


Love it the way it is. Even if it appears to be terrible.


Then, follow tip #7.


Fighting or debating folks displays your lack of clarity, which always pulls you down to lower energy fields….the exact spots where you worry about outcomes.


Adopting a common energetic ground moves you toward love. Which helps you think less about getting stuff or challenging others, and more about giving.


9: Stop Blogging


This is probably the easiest way to detach yourself from blogging outcomes.


Foolproof. Works every time.


10: Atheists, Please Skip


To my Muslim friends, look to Allah.


Christian buds? Look to Jesus.


Buddhist buddies? Look to Buddha.


Just look to God/Universe/The Voice. Go to Love.


When you are bathed in God, you can toss out the worldly soap. Meaning, all fears dissolve in those moments, including attachments to outcomes.


Stop looking at your email as a god, checking it endlessly every day. Ditto for your blogging profits.


Big trees little lady. Kelli under the coconuts in Playa Dominicalito, Costa Rica.


It’s all bullshit anyway. Really. Just extra. No big deal at all.


One Truth exists: Love/God.


All else is monkey mind bookkeeping.


Focus on God, have a shit load of fun, do things with Love, and all those outcomes you fretted over will manifest with ease.


Note; atheists can just fall in love with the process…of…living and loving.


Bonus Tip


Don’t include a business/profits related call to action on your posts.




Watch how bat shit crazy your mind goes, on a reason/common sense/outcomes attached bender.


It’s OK to include calls to action; I’m just tossing in a tip that can show you how heavily attached you are to certain calls to action or products or services or…..outcomes 🙂


Your Turn


Are you a Buddhist monk entirely attached from blogging outcomes? Why are you reading this post? Shouldn’t you be meditating? How did you afford a domain and hosting?


How are you detaching yourself from blogging outcomes?

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  1. Hi Mark,

    #4 is definitely a biggie and hey, when you detach more from blogging outcomes all those sweet outcomes manifest like magic 😉


  2. Mark Newsome Says:

    Now this is some sound advice which is definitely
    worth following Ryan!

    As usual, I love and totally agree with your take on things bud!
    Especially tips # 7-9!

    And BTW, I think tip # four totally rocks as well! Great stuff as usual!

    And definitely some extremely sound advice, worth applying right now!

  3. Hi Ryan,Wonderful article! Been blogging for quite some time now, although on and off is though time .

  4. Hehehe Ash 😉 Fun stuff. Some things we can detach from largely. Completely? I will refer to Jesus or Buddha on that one LOL.

    As we need, we prove attachment. So yep, we can do our best, let go a lot and be at peace with our sometimes neediness while we detach a bit more each day from the illusions we create through the mind. Or at least, that’s the intent 🙂


  5. Ash Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    lol…I had to laugh at the P.S bit.

    It’s harder than we think is to detach ourselves from outcomes. Asking for detachment is asking for detachment from money, time, effort, heart, passion, and the very human need for “need” 🙂

    But then, I am enlightened 10 seconds each year too 🙂


  6. Hi Jeannie,

    Those weaker moments are the fun ones, right 😉 Awesome moments though because the Universe efficiently, and specifically, and beautifully shows us specifically what we are attached too. Works like magic. Thanks for your comments!


  7. Hi Grant,

    Ditto dude; same exact depression here. Leading to anger. Sadness. Grief. All types of delicious energies LOL. I too feel invigorated by focusing on my fun, enjoying the process and slowly releasing outcomes. More prospering too.


  8. Hi Ash,

    Ah, perfect 😉 Doing the call to action but feeling largely detached from the outcome is the way to go. Letting go expectations is a sign of enlightenment. So I am enlightened for 10 seconds of every year LOL. Seriously though, I am learning to be with my fears, to feel my clinging and to slowly detach from blogging outcomes, mainly money and subscriber related, one little energetic link at a time.

    Thanks for all of your fabulous comments Ash.


    PS….Tropical, exotic, 16 degree Fahrenheit New Jersey LOL 🙂

  9. Hi Sathish,

    Awesome bro 🙂 Having these in your arsenal helps ya enjoy this journey SO much more.


  10. It’s fascinating for me to read your post. I love this ten tips, and I totally agree with all your points. Thanks, Ryan.

  11. Ash Says:

    Phew, that’s a lot of things to detach from Ryan 🙂

    I get it. I know what you mean and god knows I trying to do that now. I still can’t get away from not adding a call to action at the end of my blog posts though (an incorrigible marketer than I am) but I still have no expectations though.

    Not having expectations always helps, with everything. Relationships, career growth, blogging, business, or blogging as a business. I totally agree with you when you say “Whatever happens, be with it. Clear it. Dissolve your attachment more”.

    You should know that I am letting that single line guide me through the rest of these days for 2016, and give me a nice foundation for 2017 and beyond.

    BTW, where on earth are you now?


  12. Ha ha. I enjoyed reading your post Ryan. I was once an outcome bitch, checking everyday how many email subscribers I’ve got, then I get totally depressed when I’ve got none. Then I started forgetting about it, not checking it everyday. God, I feel so refreshed.

  13. Jeannie Hall Says:

    Agreed so much, Ryan, love is the end all be all. Always. Now if I can just remember that in my weaker moments, I’ll be all set. ?

    Thanks as always for sharing!


  14. I left a thought.