10 Things I Love about our Chiang Mai House Sit

March 29, 2017
Me with head wear in Chiang Mai.




2 bathrooms. Chili-based-diet insurance.


Rent-free living.


Not a bad gig we have here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


House Sitting in Thailand


Kelli and I are doing a 2 month house sit in a large home bordered by Doi Suthep National Park, in the hills surrounding the city of Chiang Mai.


Cool nights, a quiet community and friendly Thai neighbors make for a fun, fascinating experience here.


Peep the 10 reasons.


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1: Tokay Gecko Living Below the Roof


Seems like an odd lead off but you know by now…..I am odd.


Tokay geckos are basically little crocodiles that sound like rampaging elephants as they sprint across the roof, eating everything that’s a wee bit smaller than them. Like:


  • roaches
  • scorpions
  • centipedes
  • little lizards
  • moths
  • anything


They are ferocious predators, laying waste to any sentient being within their size range. Kelli and I saw a Tokay chasing down and tearing up large moths in Bali a few years back.


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I have yet to see the guy here in CM, but have heard a Tokay under the roof.


The Call


Tokays are sometimes called the “F*ck You” lizard (because their song sounds like them saying…..eff you….eff you….eff you…..eff you), emitting a bizarre-sounding call I mistook for some night bird, for the first year of our SE Asian trip.


Combine this exotic, outright weird call with the fact that – as I read once online – the Tokay’s eyes look like that of Satan’s Little Helper, and toss in that these chaps can reach over a foot in length, and add in the tropical, spotted, eye-catching coloring of the guy and you have a fascinating roommate. And a kick ass, savage exterminator.


2: 2 Bathrooms


Heavy chili pepper usage in Thailand = 2 bathroom minimum for a couple with functioning digestive tracts.


3: 2 Bedrooms


2 bedrooms. 1 hard bed. 1 soft bed.


1 cool during the evening. 1 cool during the day.


If Kelli and I want some solo – because, ya know, YOLO – we head to our respective bedrooms. Me of course choosing the less comfortable room at the time.


4: Yoda




Yoda is the #1 reason why I love being here. Even if he pops up at #4.


Our little French Bulldog friend is, literally, the reason why we are here. House sitting to watch Yodes.


Cute, game, stout, adorable, ditzy, persistent, powerful, big ears, buggy eyes, and as good as gold….this guy LITERALLY looks like the 700 year old Jedi knight.


Whether we’re playing catch or rough housing, Yodey is a barrel of monkeys.


5: Living Beside a National Park


The backyard? Doi Suthep National Park. Not a bad view. Not a bad vibe.


Trees, mountains, exotic birds and blue skies as far as the eye can see.


Me clutching the shedded cobra skin of the dude who slid through the property recently here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


So what if a cobra sneaks onto the property once in a while? He was here first. I am the farang.


6: Fast WiFi


Facebook Live videos! 1080 p video uploads! Picture uploads. All uploads. Netflix. Fire Stick. Mad up time.


We are blessed with – by Thai standards – a lightning fast internet connection. By US standards this means pretty damn fast. Which explains why I am wrapping up the first season of Iron Fist now.


7: Thai Style House in a Thai Neighborhood


I have inhabited farang style and Thai style dwellings over the years. I dig both but tend toward Thai style cribs. Because it feels…right.


More open air. More images of monks. More altars. More offerings.


This ain’t da Old City, folks! Nor a hotel or apartment in town. Chilling in a sleepy, peaceful Thai village creates an authentic experience. A relaxed, genuine experience. I gaze upon an old Thai lady making dinner in a small lodging – in a non creepy way, I hope, hiding behind blinds – every day. Fun stuff.


8: 14 Minute Motorbike Ride from Buddhist Veggie Restaurant


14 minutes to mondo vegetarian.


Kelli and I are but a 14 minute moto ride from our favorite Buddhist vegetarian restaurant, which sits a few minutes outside of the old city. 1 highway, an extended ride up a popular road in town and we enjoy our vegetarian feast. 6 days a week.


9: We Are in Thailand


Thailand is a fun place to live. Mad culture. Monks on alms runs.  A revered royalty.


But you’ve conveniences too. In more populous spots, at least. Wonderful mix.


Huge bamboo plant in the yard and the national park in the background.


Fun people. Nice people. Face saving culture. Drop dead gorgeous beaches. Plus, I write in 2-4 word sentences – at times – when living in Thailand.


10: Blistering Heat


We hit 100 degrees every day as the summer/dry season slowly wraps up now.


Meaning we sweat like pigs. Meaning my water weight drops like a brick. Meaning sharper features on my meat suit. From jaw line to abs to delts, me is more chiseled these days.


Your Turn


Are you house sitting now?


What do you love about Thailand?


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  1. Hi Amar,

    Even though Chiang Mai affords us a low cost of living, rent does add up. House sits rock 😉

    We likely will soon. Good idea you have. Because we walked thru early evening and loved it. Peaceful spot. Until the snakes come out LOL.

    Thanks for your comment Amar 🙂


  2. Amar kumar Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Rent free living at Chiang Mai sounds great, because people pay lot of money to stay there. Yet I’ve not tried these two kind of bed in single day but I think you have enjoyed a lot with these kind of luxary.

    In morning time, visiting national park could be unique experience for anyone. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  3. Hi Tinu,

    Hahaha…..sorry to keep ya up 😉

    This was the day we arrived. The home owner brought out the skin. Explained we were dealing with a cobra. So rare to actually see one of these guys but it DOES enter my mind as I walk around the property at night.

    Thanks for the comment and hope you got some sleep 🙂


  4. Hi Carla,

    Oh OK; that is where you experienced the typhoon, right? Hope all is well. I saw she was a doozy. Yes, Yoda clouded my mind LOL.

    Sounds like a breath taking spot and hey, perfect for Blogging From Paradise too. We are by the airport and hear some flights take off but thank goodness not in the flight path of any planes. Maybe 5 or 10 take offs daily and at that, 20 seconds of the take off blast if anything.

    Matilda sounds like a beautiful young lady.

    Keep on enjoying those sits Carla.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Carla Ireton Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    Yip house sitting right now! How did you know? You’ve been spending time with Yoda, I get it. One bedroom Old Queenslander (special Aussie house built for the Queensland tropics) 5mins from Cairns International Airport )which also means directly under the flight path of all incoming planes), a swimming pool, (always appreciated) and a Siberian Husky called Matilda. Love Cairns, love house sitting and as mentioned in previous comments to another one of you entertaining posts, love Chiang Mai.

  6. Tinu Says:

    omg the cobra skin! I was supposed to be going to sleep and am now wide awake LOL

  7. I left a thought.