10 Stupid Simple Fundamentals of Blogging (Amazon eBook)

September 28, 2017


Shake, rattle, roll.


But we didn’t feel a damn thing.


Kelli and I lived through mild earthquakes in both Savusavu, Fiji and Quepos, Costa Rica.


Except we had no idea the earth was a’quaking.


At least until a few hours after the fact, when locals told us of these mildly terrifying tremors.




In both cases, the apartments/homes were we lived sat on huge, massive slabs of granite.


This powerful foundation insulated us from the shakes, the shimmies, the rattling and the rolling, while in town, objects were falling off of people’s desks.


Imagine your blog sitting on a rock-solid, granite-like, massive foundation.


When you see profit dips, or traffic drying up, you won’t be shaken out, like all the panicking bloggers who build their blogs on a house of flimsy cards.




While the world is shaking, you’re sitting there totally unaware, at peace, chill, relaxed and poised.


How do you build a granite-like foundation for you blog?


By following proven, simple blogging fundamentals.


How do you follow proven, simple blogging fundamentals?


By buying my new eBook of course:


10 Stupid Simple Fundamentals of Blogging (Amazon eBook)



Why I Wrote the Ebook


I was bored.


No seriously; I want to help you build a successful blog. Sticking to the blogging fundamentals outlined in this read is a simple, powerful way to build a sustainable business through your blog.


Or if you have no business blogging aspirations, you can just drive more traffic, gain more readers and help more folks through your blog by sticking to the basics.


Sound good?


I thought so.


I had to write this eBook. Too many bloggers are feasting on blogging junk food, looking for get rich quick schemes, magic bullets and a litany of horseshit, fear-based, desperate strategies that are about as fundamentally sound as a Ponzi Scheme run by a caffeine-addled coke head with the attention span of an ADD guppy.


Stick to the basics. You will succeed over the long haul.


I mucked things up for years because I strayed from the fundamentals. No need for you to take that path.


I was your Blogging Guinea Pig (albeit, ripped, squared-jawed, and with a bizarre sense of humor, which makes for a really weird looking Blogging Guinea Pig).


I did the experimenting. Β On me. No need for you to take this same path of struggle, straining and striving for many years.


When I did make the turn and stuck to the blogging fundamentals shared in this eBook, blogging became more fun. Blogging became easier. Profits flowed in more easily. Much more easily.


Traffic found me with less effort. As did prospering partnerships, awesome friends, blog comments, social shares, new blogging income streams.


I turned on the light switch, moving from the Blogging Dark Ages to the Blogging Light Room, and I want you to experience this same level of happiness, fulfillment, joy, abundance, prosperity, and yes, if you want to draw weird analogies between blogging and….anything…..this power resides within sticking to the fundamentals too.


More than anything, I wrote this eBook to inspire you to have fun blogging and to live your dreams through blogging. Whatever those dreams may be to you.


If your dreams include living in Fiji for months like Kelli and I, awesome. Following these fundamentals will help you do that.


Or if you want to spend weeks in New York City doing house sits – as we are now – as a full time, pro blogger, sticking to the basics is the key.


Kelli and I in NYC.


Or if you want to just chill in your home town as a full time or part time blogger, blogging success sits in the 10 fundamentals I share in this eBook.




Imagine trying to catch a gnat with chopsticks.


Most bloggers find building a successful blog just as difficult a venture….because they stray from the fundamentals.


If you follow these 10 stupid simple blogging fundamentals in the eBook you will:


  • have fun blogging
  • enjoy the blogging ride
  • gradually increase your blog traffic and profits
  • avoid the stress, straining, striving, headaches, tension and worry associated with straying from the fundamentals
  • gain confidence and clarity in your blog
  • position yourself to build a full time, pro blogging career
  • cultivate the habit of being patient


The last bullet point bears mentioning.


When you follow successful blogging tips while maintaining a loving, fun energy, a month could pass without you making a penny through your blog and you will not give a rat’s fanny.


This is called knowing. As in, no matter your results, you know that you are doing proven things to build a successful blog so you won’t be shaken out after a month with no blogging profits or maybe 2 email subscribers signing up to your list.


Take this attitude – by buying, reading, studying and following the advice I offer in the eBook – and you will succeed with your blog as surely as the sun rises and sets every day.


Speaking of sunsets…..


Cover Image


I snapped the cover image in gorgeous Playa Potrero, Costa Rica.


Kelli and I spent 5 days in this tropical paradise located on the Pacific Ocean.


We lived 2 blocks from the beach. Meaning nightly trips to the tranquil, serene ocean front for dazzling pictures.


Like this sunset shot I snapped….


Playa Potrero, Costa Rica.





1: Know Why and Make it Overpoweringly Freeing

2: Create Multiple Forms of Content to Appeal to a Large Audience

3: Connect through Email

4: Target 1 Reader

5: Speak Your Story Every Single Freaking Blog Post

6: Monetize with Authenticity

7: Foster Relationships through List Building

8: Gab on Relevant, Authority Blogs

9: Promote the Stuffing out of Like Minded Bloggers

10: Pay Someone to Handle Stuff You Wish Not to Handle


10 Stupid Simple Fundamentals of Blogging


Buy 10 Stupid Simple Fundamentals of Blogging Here


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Cool deal Pravin thanks much.

  2. Hey Ryan,
    Thanks For Sharing Ebook and Awesome Post.
    I am sharing this post with my friends.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Enjoy the eBook Akhil.

  4. Akhil Raj Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for sharing. Found it to be a great read. Guess i should read the book

  5. Thank you for checking it out Liza.

  6. liza Says:

    Thanks for sharing this enlightening post and your awesome ebook! Keep up the great work, Ryan!

  7. Super comment Shantanu. Good visual too, as when we are really building our block on a granite like foundation, we cannot be shaken from it. Solid, strong, and we stay the blogging course. Thanks brother πŸ™‚

  8. Prince you rock buddy. Having those multiple content streams allows everything to flow more seamlessly. Like, when people listen to my podcasts and some watch my videos and some just read my posts and some find me through Amazon. Like a spider’s web of content, flowing back to BFP. Thanks brother, have a rocking week.

  9. Yep Lisa; that is the attitude we should take to keep that success flowing in over time. Knowing it is coming and then, celebrating when we see markers of success. Even if we aren’t seeing that chedda πŸ˜‰

    NYC is awesome. We are actually back in NJ now but it was nice change up. Although NYC is the concrete jungle πŸ˜‰ Thanks much and have a fun week Lisa.

  10. Sure thing Agness. Hey, great to see you here again.

  11. Thanks for sharing this enlightening post and your awesome ebook! Keep up the great work, Ryan!

  12. Lisa Sicard Says:

    Ryan, this looks like another amazing book. I loved how you mention you could go a month without making a dime but knowing the money will still flow. Your honesty about blogging is always in your books and posts. It really makes you REAL!
    Love the pictures too. How are you liking the city after being in the jungle?
    Thanks for sharing about your new book, I’ll be adding it soon to my collection πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Ryan,

    Creating multiple forms of content can be attributed to having different kinds of categories on the blog, maintaining the niche of that blog. Your writing is filled with power and influence. Never regretted the time I spend reading, studying and consuming the content you release.

    This book from the core foundation you’ve built, from struggling to succeeding I believe it’s ‘gonna’ change lives for good. Yes, I believe! Guys, I encourage you to invest in this great opportunity while it lasts, as I do mine.

    Thanks for being a blessing to the blogging community, Ryan

  14. Hello Ryan,

    Great tips over here πŸ™‚

    Indeed its very important that our blogging base should be built rock solid so that when the platform shakes, we are still
    standing out there tightly. I have seen many bloggers who falls terribly when there is a shaking, because there base is build
    up with common things like cards deck. In our blogging carrier there is a time when it comes that the stream of traffic
    and new ideas dry up, thats the very situation where we need to stand tall and face the consequences. We need to
    find different ways to dig in the new source of traffic.

    Following good foundation do really help us to set up a blog which can last long in the worse conditions. Its always good to
    hear from you, as you want to rescue as many as you can, from the effects you crossed paths with. You always act like a mentor
    for the fellow bloggers.

    Thanks for the share.


  15. Much love back to you Prosper. Agreed 100%; if you build a solid foundation for your blog, success is inevitable.

  16. Prosper Noah Says:

    Hey Ryan!

    Building a really successful blog for sure depends on how well you follow good foundations

    I so much believe you’re gonna help much folks on this one once more.

    Much Love

  17. KG that is awesome. Thanks so much. We all go through those/these clarity finding days methinks.

    As for formatting, this article should be helpful:


  18. Amen to this Donna. You know how it goes; sticking to the basics day after day builds success with our blogs and helps us live our dreams. Thanks for the shout out as always.

  19. Hi Ryan,

    The very best thing I like is that you tell it like it is. You went through the growing pains of blogging and you don’t want to see anyone else have to go through that. You are very healing when it comes to blogging. Your positive attitude towards growth is something people need to heed to.

    I like that in this book you have those the “10 stupid simple blogging fundamentals” that people need to know in order to have enjoy blogging and not see it as a chore.

    My personal advice to others is “Buy This Book”


  20. Khun Greg Says:

    Hey Ryan great blog. I read your book “Blogging from Paradise” Great inspirational book. I listen to it often on my Kindle. I saw myself in it as you talked about your early years. I own 6 different domain names covering many different topics. I see I need to narrow it down to one now.

    I have started writing an Ebook myself, but have no idea how to format a MS Word document for Kindle. Do you have any tips or advice on that?

    Thanks for all the great advice.

  21. Thanks a bunch Shivkumar. Do enjoy the eBook.

  22. Shivkumar Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Points covered in this e book is quite interesting and I am now excited to buy n read this book. I have added this book in my cart. Soon I will catch it up. It is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful book.

    Have a great time Ryan.

  23. Savas my pleasure. Have a great weekend.

  24. Savas Guven Says:

    Hey Ryan, I like these suggestions. i want to implement those ways into my blog. I have my blog but sometimes i write so bad that i don’t want to publish them. So now i will incorporate these hacks into my writing.
    Thanks a ton bro

  25. Actually Drewry, since we were on literal granite, we did not feel the quakes at all. We did feel a tiny tremor in Bali one time. Not much at all but still a little bit scary as the plate glass windows began shaking as the earth mildly rumbled. This was a weird feeling; unlike any I had experienced, but not too terrifying. If however we got a rocking and a rolling with a 6.0 or up I’d have been scared as hell LOL.

    As for your blog, you’re doing it bro. Keep on keeping on, doing what you are doing. Surround yourself with successful, established folks and you will keep succeeding yourself.

    Thanks as always for the rocking comment!

  26. DNN Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I’m glad to hear you and your wife made it through the earthquake in Costa Rica and the Fiji Islands and lived to blog the entire experience. That’s quite humbling. I’m curious what exactly was running through your mind when you and your wife experienced the earthquake. Did you think it was the end of the world coming at the time? I’m sure you weren’t worried about your blog going offline because it’s probably hosted in the United States.

    I’m quite confident you didn’t see your blogging profits dip or traffic drying up because of the earthquakes you and your wife experienced. That’s an off-line experience that has nothing to do with making money online, and confident you will very happy about your Internet profits being untouched. Am I right about that, Ryan?

    One thing I really like about the Internet is that when I make mistakes in my writing-blogging-online marketing practices and someone either calls me out about it or I don’t get sales, I don’t have to look it people off-line face-to-face. I guess it’s safe to say this is one of the things I really love about Internet marketing because I can make all the mistakes I want and not have to worry about looking at people. I’m a temporary hermit working on my business and learning along the way from professional blogging leaders such as yourself, John Chow, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Ryan Robinson, Neil Patel, Nick Loper, and other blogging millionaires.

    I really appreciate you taking time to stop by my site and leaving comments. You really keep me encouraged for this blogging and Internet marketing thing, Ryan. I’m very humbled to learn from you and others, because I’m humbled enough to say I don’t know everything and I still need someone to hold my hand online to show me what works and what doesn’t. Thank you for just being you. I’m looking forward to commenting on more of your amazing blogs! πŸ™‚

  27. Robin that is awesome. Do enjoy it and thanks much.

  28. Hi Ryan,
    It sounds like that I must read this book, and surely I will try. And best of luck with your book.
    Robin Khokar

  29. You got it Freddy. Dead on with your common too. This gig is simple but ya gotta be patient. If you are patient in applying simple fundamentals, success will find you. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Jarvee awesome-ness. Thanks for reading.

  31. Cool PK; thanks for reading and sharing.

  32. Jarvee Says:

    I feel like reading this book will be so much fun as well. I sincerely enjoy your blog and I believe this book will be a good read. Thanks Ryan!

  33. Sounds like a super informative and entertaining ebook man!

    I really like the way you explain things and write. I might take a look into it.

    I agree with you, “Stick to the basics. You will succeed over the long haul.”, we have to keep it simple and never forget the basics and fundamentals of building a successful blog online. It is not rocket science to make it happen, you just have to listen to the right people and put in the consistent work dammit!

    Blogging for a living is now a career, these days at least. So, take seriously!

    I like what you wrote here Ryan!

    Keep up the awesome work brotha!

    Cheers! πŸ˜€

  34. I have to confess that I felt awesome sensations going through your experiences. I agree that we must all build our brands on rock solid ideas and efficiency. Great Ebook!

  35. Awesome Patrick. Do enjoy it.

  36. Patrick Says:

    Looking forward to checking this one out, Ryan! Thanks for sharing.

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