Why Should You Travel? 10 Reasons

  January 16, 2022 travel posts 🕑 7 minutes read
reasons why you should travel

Hue Vietnam


Kelli and I have been circling the globe for the past 11 years.


Being a digital nomad, I have learned a thing or 2 about why you should travel.


Why should you travel?


Reasons Why You Should Travel


If you are on the fence about hopping on a plane and seeing the world these 10 reasons may inspire you to see and experience the world, outside of your tiny little corner of the Universe.


Whether you travel domestically or abroad, leaving your home town reveals a new world to you. Experience new worlds to frame the world through a different perspective.


I seemed to be a homebody before I took my first international trip in 2010. Even though I enjoyed living inside of my comfort zone I also spotted immense potential for freedom, happiness and growth the moment I decided to travel abroad. Kelli and I tapped into that potential by choosing to book a flight to Bali.


Imagine walking into your kitchen after waking up to enjoy a cup of coffee. Picture yourself deciding to sit in the kitchen for the remainder of the day. Perhaps the coffee experience feels good for a few moments. Maybe sitting in the kitchen for the remaining 24 hours feels somewhat good. But a part of you knows that fun, freedom and fulfillment exists by stepping outside of your kitchen.


Stepping outside of your kitchen is traveling the world. Kelli and I simply choose to step to Fiji versus outside of our kitchen. We step to Thailand versus into the next town.


Fun, freedom, fulfillment and liberation await for world travelers.


Check out these 10 reasons to circle the globe.


1: Spread Love


I spread love.


We enjoy every place we visit, we not only respect local cultures but see the beauty in each way of life and spread love.


In a world where dividing leaders, ignorance and fear seem to be more apparent, we need more travelers to spread love, to show us the rest of the story and to bring the world together.


We are all one. Separation is an illusion. Travel the world to experience our one-ness. Spot striking similarities.  Note patterns among all human beings no matter where you are on earth. I see similarities between all people from all cultures I have embraced during my 11 years of circling the globe. Seeing how similar we are helps me to spread love. Spreading love goads our community to spread love.


Dissolve the illusion of fear. Live the reality of love. Circle the globe.


2: Dissolve Prejudice



Circling the globe dissolves:


  • prejudice
  • racism
  • ignorance
  • blind country pride
  • wars
  • international bickering


and all forms of fear-based, horse-shit drivel that tends to fester and grow if you grow up only around folks who look like you, who speak like you, who subscribe to the same religious beliefs and who live in the same region.


When you see how virtually the entire world just wants to be your friend, and how almost every human being wants to grow up in a peaceful, harmonious earth, your prejudices and other fear-based, ignorant beliefs, quickly dissolve.


I largely do what I do at Blogging From Paradise to show you that by having fun and seeing the world that you don’t need to be afraid of people or lands outside of your home country; you can love your neighbor, be fascinated at your differences, swap stories and become friends with people from all over the globe.


3: Feast on Culture


I never thought that embracing foreign cultures would be a dream aspect of travel I’d forever cherish.


I have lived in Bali during Nyepi. Plus, I spent time in Thailand during a coup, and ditto for living in Istanbul for a month after the coup attempt.


Being in India during Diwali and Fiji during the Fiji 7’s World Rugby Championship and watching a nation cheer Costa Rica’s national soccer team or seeing Nicaragua cheer on their prized boxer, and being in Qatar as the world’s wealthiest nation prepared for the World Cup, all of these experiences helped me appreciate the beautiful sense of contrast that travelers enjoy.


I find it fascinating to watch in person how Balinese have ceremonies for everything from cell phones, to motorbikes, to papaya, being grounded in devout gratitude. Ditto for the jolly, easy going, take is eeeaaassssy nature of Fijians in Savusavu or all over the nation.


Traveling inspires you to embrace and enjoy a different way of living.


4: Enjoy Natural Beauty


Enjoy the natural beauty of places like Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica.


Marvel at the deserts of Qatar.


Step into the beautiful Mediterranean scenery of Cyprus.


I have spent some time in each of the aforementioned spots. Being amid pristine natural beauty feels inspiring.


Ke Bang Area Vietnam


Hop into nature. Appreciate different landscapes. See the contrast between your home country and foreign lands.


Get on a plane, to see the plains, or to experience heavy rains or to just avoid going insane.


5: Enjoy Wildlife


Although I have battled my fair share of wildlife around the globe, from spitting cobras in Bali to 8 inch long centipedes in Thailand, I have genuinely enjoyed all first person encounters with these critters. Even if said critters could kill me in a split second.


Get your ass out of your living room and see these creatures in person.


I have seen:


  • toucans, Amazon parrots, Howler monkeys and sloths in Central America
  • huge monitor lizards, pythons centipedes, scorpions and tarantulas in Thailand
  • cobras and monitor lizards in Bali
  • massive fruit bats in Fiji and Kathmandu


and a whole host of other creatures around the world, in their natural settings.


This may be the most enjoyable and thrilling aspect of globe trotting. When you see animals at home, in the wild, you feel a sense of joy and gratitude for seeing what so few folks in the world see, up close and in person.


6: Feast on Fine Foods


Traveling has introduced me to:


  • delightful Thai dishes like my beloved Thai mixed vegetable green curry
  • momo’s in Kathmandu
  • vegetarian buffets in Istanbul
  • nasi goreng in Bali
  • FBI fare in Sauvsavu, Fiji
  • delightful street food in Kuala Lumpur
  • casados in Costa Rica
  • chifta in Peru
  • Greek burgers in Cyprus


and the list goes on and on.


Hitting the road tickles your taste buds, introducing you to a whole new world of authentic, delightful cuisine, homemade in your country of choice.


7: Relax




Traveling allows you to relax from the day to day grind of your home town, or your home city.


Circling the globe for a wee bit can provide you with a respite from a busy, stressful job. Maybe you catch the travel bug, and decide to become a digital nomad? Or perhaps a 2 week trip to Fiji was enough for recharging your batteries.


If you get some R and R or decide to mold a new life for yourself, hitting the road alerts you to relaxing spots that can calm your nerves, recharge your battery and cultivate a sense of peace and tranquility within your being.


8: Grow Like a Stinking Weed


Grow like a stinking weed.




Traveling pushes you light years outside of your comfort zone.


7 years ago I felt awkward walking back into a store a few minutes or even hours after having been there. Weird self-conscious, zany stuff.


Traveling pushes you outside of your comfort zone so frequently that you either grow like a weed or cease traveling.


Growing accelerates the moment you exit your comfort zone. Travel to sprint outside of your comfort zone frequently.


Traveling edges you out of:


  • drone routines
  • rigid schedules
  • commonly held belief systems


Leave comfort. Face discomfort. Grow quickly.


All massive or even slight growth unfolds the moment you leave your comfort zone. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Grow as an individual. Inspire others to grow.


9: Run into Me


You will probably run into me somewhere on the road.




You will meet buddies you have known online for years in an offline setting.


You will also meet new buddies.


10: Tap into Creative Powers


I became stupid prolific on the road.


Traveling inspired me to create, to connect and to tap into reservoirs of talent I knew not existed when I was sitting in my comfort zone in the USA.


Me with Olivia in Nagigi Beach Fiji


Hit the road. You will see all types of inspiring things, meet inspiring people and in the process, amid bustling urban environments, gorgeous mountains, deep jungles and everything in between, creativity will become your best friend.


Travel to stoke your imagination. Creative people exercise their imagination frequently. World travelers become imaginative dynamos by observing new ways to think, feel and act.




Hit the road guys.


Life begins well outside of your comfort zone.


Travel to learn more about the world.


Travel to learn more about yourself.


Your Turn


Do you travel?


Or do you prefer to stay at home?


When is the last time you traveled outside of your country?


When is the last time you traveled domestically?

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