10 Reasons Why I Love Costa Rica
10 Reasons Why I Love Costa Rica


10 Reasons Why I Love Costa Rica eBook


The cover story?


As you know I personally snap every cover for my 170 plus Blogging From Paradise products on Amazon.


Or Kelli snaps some covers too.


Between eBooks, audio books and paperbacks, that is a lotta covers.


This eBook cover represents why I adore the country so.


That is Playa Manuel Antonio. Or Manuel Antonio Beach.


We spent 1 month in neighboring Quepos and bused to the beach on a daily basis, just about.


Sweeping views of the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean, a lush jungle background and enough wildlife around to think you were in the actual preserve – on a public beach, folks – made this beach, and Costa Rica, near and dear to my heart.


I want to share my Costa Rica experiences with you to inspire you to visit this fun nation.


So I had to go and write an eBook:


10 Reasons Why I Love Costa Rica 


What Is in the eBook?


Before you buy the eBook – sending Jedi Mink Tricks now – you want to know what is inside the eBook. This I know.


I cheer lead for Costa Rica in this read. You likely knew that by now.


Sea sponges knew that by now. I love the place, after spending months in the Land of Ticos, living in spots like:


  • Buena Vista
  • Quepos
  • Playa Potrero
  • San Gerardo de Rivas
  • Nueva Arenal
  • Monteverde
  • Puerto Viejo
  • Atenas


Costa Rica is beautiful. The people are warm. The food sticks to your ribs.


The natural beauty is unlike anywhere we’ve been because the place is so green. SO green. Like no trash anywhere. Like garbage cans everywhere. Like the greenest land on earth I have ever visited. Like streams running crystal clear throughout the whole country save San Jose, and even the capital was not overrun with pollution like most capital cities I have visited during my world travels.


You will get 10 clear reasons why I enjoy Costa Rica in the eBook.


After reading this sucka you can decide if the country feels worth a visit for you. But even if you do not want to visit the place – preferring to live vicariously through Old Travel Guinea Pig Ryan – you can still enjoy the eBook as a fun read to step inside one of the most beautiful, green, delicious countries on the face of the earth.


Did I See Jesus?




I was raised Catholic. Love JC.


But instead of seeing The Man, I saw the lizard.


One reason why I love CR – and devote a chapter to this prehistoric encounter – is because of the beloved Jesus Christ lizards I spied by Manuel Antonio National Park, on the beach featured as the cover snap for the eBook.


Buena Vista Costa Rica


Said lizards moved at the speed of light it seemed. Turns out, the B movie stand ins are so light and move so quickly that they skip along the water. Or they walk along the water. Hence the Jesus Christ name.


Amazing sight and yet another gem you get by buying and enjoying the eBook.


This read can be fun for world travelers, digital nomads, or folks who want to step inside my travels without leaving their living rooms.


Perfect little read for loading onto your Kindle, kicking back and seeing why Costa Rica seems like a travel worthy destination for you.


If you are ready to dive into a fun eBook and beautiful country buy:


10 Reasons Why I Love Costa Rica