10 Tips to Be an All Over The Place Blogger

March 18, 2015


The terrorizing swarm would have made The Birds jealous.

Picture Kelli swinging for the fences with a broom handle.

I was swatting left and right like a drunken Grizzly bear who’d gotten into the wrong bee hive.

After 5 minutes, carnage. The sinister-looking Tokay geckos greedily feasted on the corpses. Ants carried out dead bodies, like those ants from cartoons on a picnic, stowing away their booty. No, not that booty. The other booty.

Who’d have thunk a little itty bitty low season rain would have precluded such horror? Who’d believe a bit of moisture could created a slew of Frankenstein Monsters, hellbent on freaking the living stuffing out of Kelli and I.

We were swarmed.

By critters who were all over the place.

Winged Termites


Winged Balinese termites were our foe (don’t worry, blogging tips on their way). Still our foe to this day. Our nemesis. Our rivals. The bane of our existence. We hate these bastards. No we don’t hate them. We hate having these suckas:

  • in our eyes
  • in our hair
  • in our mouths (they’ll try, believe you me)
  • anywhere

These winged hellions were ALL OVER THE PLACE, in a negative way. We were swarmed. It was our fault. We saw after heavy rains, the day following, HUGE crews of these guys swarming lights. Everywhere we’d been in Bali. KCB and I mistakenly left the door open after a big deluge. With the lights on. Ouch. Damn. Didn’t do that again.

Think of The Birds birds, except with things looking like mini Mothras. Minus the cute little Mothra twins standing by their wings.

Toss in the fact that we were by the jungle or, in the jungle, and you have the makings of a horrendous B horror movie playing on the Sci Fi network.

After much batting, a bit of murdering and a bunch of lizard and ant feasting, the assault subsided. Scary. Disgusting. Overwhelming. I’m still picking termite wings out of my hair

BUT…..if you think about it, you can create a similar yet highly positive effect of being “all over the place” as a professional blogger.

You’ll do it in a good way. Kelli and I won’t want to swat you to death, nor will we pray to the god of Tokay geckos, to end your horrifying reign in his jaws of death.

You’ll grow on us because:

  • we’ll see you all over the place
  • we can’t avoid seeing you all over the place
  • you’ll swarm the net; in a positive way
  • you’ll make a positive impact wherever you show up
  • we’ll see you on multiple channels, like through guest posting, blog commenting, twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and through forum marketing as well

Don’t Be this Guy


Ever seen that dude or dudette who’s everywhere, and nowhere? Yeah, I know you have.


You’ve seen those comments. On hundreds of blogs. That guy is everywhere but nowhere. Destroys their brand. Kills their rep. Also, annoys you to the point where you want to catch ’em before the minute man commentor moves into action, and you whack him upside the head with a frying pan, filled with scalding hot olive oil, and zeppolis too.(the zeppolis part would be torture, because he not only would suffer immensely through the whacking, and the horrific burning of the oil, he’d need to see delicious, delectable, sweet zeppolis falling by his noggin while being the recipient of the beating)

Make. An. Impact.

Proof…..or Why You Should Listen in Kiddies


Click and read my As Seen On Page.

Go ahead, do it. I promise, all images and links are as clean as a whistle.

I’ve was invited to speak at NYU. I was endorsed by a Best Seller, without asking for an endorsements. An ambassador for Oprah’s television network tweeted my eBooks library link. All these ridiculously neat opportunities flowed to me because I allowed the goodness to flow to me. I worked inspired and held a sweet intent.

Now, take a deep breath. Relax. Realize that 99.99% of these folks reached out to me. I reached out to one blogger from this list asking to write a guest post. I asked Nikki Woods to tweet my link. All the rest of these inspired bloggers asked me to write a guest post, or interviewed me, or included me on a featured bloggers list, or whatever.

Horn tooting aside, this feat speaks to the miraculous effect of setting a freeing intent for you and for your audience. (don’t be a selfish intent piggie; help yaself and ya readers, YA?…spending too much time in Indonesia with the YA bit)

Benefits of Being Seen All over the Place


This one’s easy.

  • Impact more lives
  • free more people
  • gain trust more quickly
  • make more money
  • island hop more frequently
  • live in Bali or Fiji or Thailand or wherever for months at a time (my fave benefit)

OK, on to the list!

1: Blog Commenting


Here I go again. I built an empire through blog commenting. I built a digital nomad business by sharing my opinion. I know of no better way to be all over the place – quickly – than by leaving impacting, thoughtful, caring comments on authority blogs.

If you comment drive-by, I pity you. You may just reserve a drive-by in return. Not Compton, Easy-E style (goodness I’m dating myself and sharing an intimate glance into high school Ryan and his taste for West Coast Gangsta Rap….gulp…..25 years ago!), but karma style. 

Kelli snapped this glorious sunset at Hidden Beach in Bali.
Kelli snapped this glorious sunset at Hidden Beach in Bali.

Case in point; ever notice those sillies who post 1 line comments? Nope. Just like I thought. Someone may drive-by your blog for a 2 second glance if that. The more likely scenario is this; blog readers will fly-by your comment without noting you or your wimpy take on the subject.

You may fool a person or 2 but ya can’t fool the Universe. Ya give, ya get. Some wise guy said that. Or a few wise guys did. But not mobsters. I’m talking enlightened beings. You give, you get.

To make an impact all over the place publish 2 or 3 or 4 paragraph, in-depth, personalized comments on authority blogs.

Chief Benefits of Blog Commenting


  • free way to build relationships online
  • free way to brand yourself
  • free way to make an impact
  • quick way to make an impact

Waiting around 1, 2 or 3 months for a quest post to go live is a drawback of doing the guest posting bit. Blog comments go live immediately or within a day or 2. Get to commenting ya little minions. Share your thoughts my kiddies.

Build bonds with fellow bloggers. Be on the radar. Get on the grid. Go mad with blog commenting, posting thorough, in-depth comments every time you publish and you can’t help but to be noticed.

2: Guest Posting


Guest post like a fool. Or like a prolific SOB.

Last week alone I guest posted on:

  • Live Life Made to Order
  • We Said Go Travel
  • Search Decoder
  • Blogging Tips

I’ve guest posted on Problogger, Daily Blog Tips and more than a few top shelf blogs in the blogging tips niche. Guest posting is more powerful than blog commenting in that you grab the mic – before you drop it, after dropping a sick set – and run with it. People see you. Visibility is to the max.

1 obvious downside is the waiting bit. On authority blogs you may be waiting for weeks or months before going live. That’s OK; well worth it. But, leverage your time and energy by doing the blog commenting bit while waiting for guest posts to go en vivo. Or live, for all non Spanish-speaking folks, or for all who aren’t named Rey Mysterio (one of my favorite lucha libre wrestlers of all time, hands down….had to work him in)

Here are a few basic rules to guest posting effectively, at least if you want to be all over the place:

  • publish your best work (duh, but you’d be shocked, surprised and befuddled by how many bloggers hold back)
  • follow the blogger’s guidelines
  • build a bond with said blogger or help ’em out before asking if you can guest post on their blog
  • personalize emails asking for guest posting opportunities
  • respond to as many comments as humanly possible on guest posts
  • guest post to build bonds with power broker bloggers from your niche
  • island hopping bloggers tend to see guest posting as a way to inspire an audience, and of course, some audience members will follow you to your community, become subscribers…we don’t really guest post to do link building, not in these parts, ya hear?

Where can you guest post? I heard that comment. Speak up guys! I’m all the way in Bali, 12 time zones ahead of New York City. Terima kasih!

Look down at the comments field. Of this post. Of my past 3 posts. Find ’em. Connect with them. Promote them. Start here. Of course, self-serving me just lowered my bounce rate through such advice. Guess I’m no altruistic, Jedi Knight, Buddhist monk after all. But it helps ya, lemme tell ya, because you won’t be rendered useless by analysis paralysis.

If you work a different niche than I you can Google your niche keyword(s) and add “guest posts.”

For example, Google: “travel blogger guest posts.”

I’m kind of a travel blogger but focus on blogging tips too. Network here, use Google, and get to guesting it up.

3: Gobbling Up Opportunities Quickly


Zac Johnson – the Wizard behind Blogging Tips and a top online earner and an inspiring as hell guy too, as well as a nice guy – asked me if I wanted to write a guest post explaining how I write and format eBooks. I read the Facebook message 21 hours after he sent it.

90 minutes later I;

  • wrote the post
  • formatted the post
  • re-read the post
  • sent Zac the post

I don’t play in Paradise. I mean, I did have Princess Sari to feed. Harvey, Arty, Jackie the Jackal and Roxy all needed to be taken care of too. I had to get Squeaky’s and Batman’s food ready. I did. On all accounts. I took care of my adopted babies here in beautiful Bali. Then I kicked butt. I got down to writing.

I gobbled up the opportunity immediately. I am an opportunity magnet; the more I seize the more I get. Check that As Seen On page guys. I have plenty more links to add. Why? I send a loud, clear message to the Universe: “Make this guy appear to be all over the place because he’s seizing virtually all high energy opportunities that come his way.”

Virtually all. Gotta add that piece. I care not if you guest post on a blog with a readership or 2. You can if you want to help someone pop up on the map. Honest. Go for it. But if you’re time-strapped you go to where the readers are. Meaning, you’re writing guest posts for Problogger.net, not for blogs with an audience of tumbleweeds.

In “How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting” I discuss the benefits of being a comment snob. Hanging with influential bloggers benefits both parties. Hang with the high profile bloggers and you’ll touch more lives.

This is why Seth Godin comments on Chris Brogan’s blog. He did. Saw it a few years back. Big Fish hanging with Big Fish, increasing each other’s visibility, leveraging each other’s presence so they can both touch more lives.

If I want to be discovered, musician-wise, I’m doing a collaboration with Taylor Swift, not the local karioke yahoo here in Bali. Whose voice shatters glass. Who out screams fighting tom cats.

Gobble up high energy opportunities. I’ve no doubts the first guest post I snagged out of the lot above – on We Said Go Travel – after Lisa asked me led to Matt, Kelli and Zac asking me for guest posts. I obliged. Was happy to do so. Not cause I’m a publicity Hoaa. (New York way to say…..well….you know) But because if I seize opportunities, opportunities multiply in my experience.

I’ve seen this happen over the past 9 months on Blogging from Paradise and I heard some Lao Tsu guy said it too. He was pretty smart.

4: Being Nice, Friendly and Engaging through Interactions


This is another intangible one. Practical blogging tips rock. No doubts there. But the inner work, the mindset work, the intangible stuff separates the Big Dawgs from the crowd. The inner game, the clearing, that sets all the opportunities into motion.

I genuinely believe that, in addition to having a square jaw, a 60/40 physique for modeling (agencies told me this; I’d no clue in hell what it meant), writing somewhat entertaining blog posts, networking kinda regularly and all that other stuff, that me being nice, friendly and engaging opened more doors for me than you’d ever believe.

If you’re not really a Big Fish yep – perhaps, a bitty little blogging guppy, gasping for air, looking for an audience – this tip will work wonders for you. I recall being a newbie on the block, a Young Turk in the blogging world, a greenhorn guy, a fresh, swaddling babe, and wouldn’t you know folks offered me guest post opportunities and interviewed me even when I’d no clue what in the hell I was doing. I really didn’t. I had more blogging mental blocks than Carter has little liver pills. (didn’t see that reference coming, thanks mom!) But I landed gigs and started being all over the place and was featured because I had an inkling of what it took to grow a successful blogging business and I was a nice little boy.

I didn’t piss people off. Better than that I actually helped people feel happier. Look at that smile; how long would it take for me to melt ya?

Practical Tips



  • address your blogging buddies by first name, makes ’em feel special and it’s a nice gesture
  • say “please” and “thank you” frequently
  • attend finishing school
  • hang out with me
  • smile more
  • laugh more

Smiling and laughing more raises your level of vibration. This means you’ll feel better. Better feeling folks treat folks nicely. Raise your vibe, raise your mood and in no time you’ll find yourself on the radar, being all over the place.

It never hurts to development strong bonds through being nice and it always hurts to break bonds by being mean, nasty of condescending. We all have bad moments, some of you, bad days…..but just be nice most of the time. Watch how quickly you become popular.

Watch how quickly those features and guest posts and interview opportunities flow your way.

5: Getting Clear on Your Intent


Kelli wanted to strangle me. But I knew I was OK. I was clear. I’d just told her – in Fiji – that I’d deleted 3400 posts from my old blog to start my new blog. 10 minutes later that new blog became Blogging from Paradise. KC came around right quick ya see but initially she wasn’t happy. Thought I may had been making a big mistake letting go that much work.

But I was clear.

So I worried not.

My intent changed; instead of trying to manipulate things to get money I simply wanted to free me and free you. The cyber phone rang off the hook. Almost from Day 1. I received an interview request after my first post. The day after my first post. I was all over the place before I even had a chance to get all over the place because my intent was to free me and to free you.

Tons of folks who felt bound looked me up fast.

Thanks Universe. You’re a doll I tell ya!

I wanted to free people along with freeing me. I got clear on that intent. I set that intent. So naturally, I started my campaign from the space of being an influential blogger. I was not burdened SOLELY by the sinister drive/motive of trying to make money. I tried not to get famous, or to gain clout.

I did not even try to be an influential blogger. Cue; watch eBook sales drop now. NOPE. I just wanted to free me and free you.

Chris Brogan; Good Example for Setting a Freeing Intent


The guy has nailed down speaking gigs from Middle Eastern Royalty through his blogging efforts. If that ain’t influence I’ve no clue what is. So that, combined with the fact that he’s such a nice guy, and a NY Times Best Selling Author, and twice tweet endorser of me and my Blogging from Paradise eBook series, well, he’s gonna get some burn through my eBooks. Here’s his link: Chris Brogan.

Maaf. Or, sorry, in Bahasa Indonesia. I did it again. Noting Chris.

But I note him because he gets it. He gets how you’re supposed to blog to help others. He promotes the living stuffing out of other bloggers. He promotes all types of up and coming and established entrepreneurs because he’s doing the entrepreneurial thing from a space of freedom, to free himself and to free other people.

Folks tend to like people who know their stuff and who promote other people freely. These folks become popular. These folks become influential bloggers.

It’s almost like Chris waves a magic wand each time he releases a book. But he doesn’t. He’s an influencer. So, people do what he says, or at least resonant folks do.

He became an influential blogger by blogging to free himself, and to free his audience. He’s generous, helpful, supportive, humble, and clever too. He creates value and share shares value through his social media streams.

I think the guy’s smart. I think he’s an influential blogger. Not just because he’s famous and he promoted me. Oh no. Although that doesn’t hurt his case.

It’s because he’s really good at helping folks out.

He’s super clear on his intent. Evidence of this? His actions.

How to Kill Your Influencer Status (or Undercut Your Influential Blogger Campaign)


That one’s easy to see; blog from a place of little clarity. Blog with no clarity.

Blog today to make money and to become famous. Blog tomorrow to manipulate folks. Blog the next day to grow your list. The next day, blog to make money. Then, after 4 months of struggling, you may blog to free you and to free your audience.

You won’t be clear on this though, because you’ll be too tied to money outcomes, and to outcomes in general, which will stifle your creative juices and kill your generous spirit.

So your influential blogger campaign dies. Dead. Gonzo.

This is why most bloggers follow like sheeple. Or blogging sheeple. No cajones, of course, but more than that they are 100% Unclear on why they’re blogging.

Then you have a guy who say, Blogs from Paradise (product placement: http://www.amazon.com/Ryan-Biddulph/e/B00MWC59RS/) and he, say, blogs to free himself, clearly, and to free his audience.

Sure he makes money blogging and doesn’t mind gaining some fame but in the end he’s blogging, clearly, to free him and to free his audience.

He had to get clear on his intent.

Word of Warning


You’ll get clear on your intent in 99 out of 100 cases by letting go some unclear venture. For me that was my old blog. I lacked clarity with it, as it always felt a bit awkward, forced, and more than anything, my energy around it sucked big time.

I felt a bit like a dweebish high school geek wearing high waters, a pocket protector and large, square-framed glasses, trying to ask a hot chick, the queen of the class, to the prom.


Yes, that’s a bit how my old blog felt because I was hellishly tied to all types of outcomes.

Fast forward a few months. I deleted that blog. To make way for clarity. What a relief! Instead of forcing an unclear venture, that felt like an energetic anchor, I let go 3400, unclear, not my best stuff, heavy posts, to make room for….CLARITY!

Enter Blogging from Paradise.

Enter influential blogger status, in like 3 months, or, under 6 months (to vibe with the title of my next eBook…coming soon).

I wasn’t trying to be famous. I wasn’t really trying to make money, even. I just got super, super clear on that intent to free me and you, and that warning I’m issuing you, that cautionary tale, is simply:

you need to let go something unclear and that letting go may be highly painful, or may cause great fear, or suffering, or terror, or worry, or anxiety, to get super clear on your blogging intent and to just destroy it online, gaining clout, influencing folks and all out become an influential, inspired blogger.

Trust me. You WANT to let go the unclear to make room for the clear.

Like, you may need to let go unclear: blogs, niches, jobs, people, anything.

You know deep down what needs to go. Get rid of it.

6: Use the Email Force


This section of the post is reserved for my all too frequent Star Wars references. Influencers use the email force.

You know the Force, don’t you? The one Force, the ultimate Force, that flows to and through all things. Obi Wan would slap you around – or not – if you never heard of the Force, or Obi Wan, or Sir Alec Guinness for that matter. Although Sir Alec may have been happy to hear you knew not he was Obi Wan because he felt perturbed that folks knew him for a Sci Fi movie instead of for his esteemed stage and *serious* movie career.

But I digress….

The Force is all powerful.

Not the droids you’re looking for.”

Move along.”

You can play Jedi mind tricks, just like Old Ben Kenobi, that crazy old wizard, if you use the email force.

Flipping out in Fiji


I saw flip outs in Fiji.

I just went live with Blogging from Paradise. Things took off quickly, even more quickly than I imagined. But I was clear, so I knew things would be A-OTay with BFP.

However, a few well known bloggers emailed me, flipping out. I wasn’t flipping out. But they were.

I felt their hearts pumping out of their chest, said bloggers doing a fine Roger Rabit impersonation, like when he saw Jessica. But they weren’t love struck; these guys and gals were having a coronary.

They could NOT believe I wasn’t building a list!

Ya know when you are clear on something and others aren’t clear?

I was clear on not building a list. My energies said, don’t do it RB, you have other stuff to focus on.

The maybe not totally clear lot felt the need to goad me to build a list.

Many months later I started list-building. At the right time for me. Not because the flipping emails in Fiji weighed on my mind. I could finally devote my attention and energy to list-building, doing it right, so I did so.

My point is this; I’d advise you to start list-building today based on the next few sentences, but in the same regard, you may need to get clear on other aspects of your blog before you start list-building. Your call.

Influencing Readers through Email


Aha! Back to the Force. The email force that is.

After I published my first post WITH my opt in forms all set up and with list-building under way, I noted comments, social shares and emails not even minutes after the post went live. I waved a magic wand. Social clout appeared. Engagement appeared. Sales appeared.


I used the email force, the lifeblood, the nectar of blogging….I built an email list.

Influential bloggers are good at connecting with their readers quickly. Since most people live in their email inbox it makes sense to build an email list.

Then, the influencing blogger thing happens more quickly because people can read, comment on and share your posts more quickly, they can form a more intimate bond with you – through email – and they can naturally, and easily spread your word, helping you become influential as they leverage your presence like a boss.

Practical Tip


Go to Mail Chimp – insert screaming chimp noise here – or Aweber, and sign up for a list.

Post an ugly green sign up bar up top, to nail down those mobile users, and a simple top in form on your blog’s right sidebar. Collect emails. Build that list!

Use the email force, to conjure blogging mind tricks, to reach people where they are….well….hanging.

Since going live with my list building campaign my clout has quadrupled. I’m simply reaching folks, who see what I’m about, then they get to spread the word for me.

Call to action: of course, sign up for my list for free weekly blogging tips. Find an inspired or funny travel story too. Sign up, enter your email address in that form to the top – or to the right on my sidebar – and you’ll conveniently receive these updates in your email inbox. I know you check it. A bunch. Make things easier on yourself, and never miss an update.

7: Promoting the Living Stuffing out of Your Fellow Blogger


This one sounds graphic. I promise, it doesn’t involve entrails or other forms of gore. Living stuffing. Simply means, in the context of that statement, to promote your friends aggressively. Promote new friends aggressively. Promote any good content aggressively to become an influencer.

Real World Example with Nikki Woods


Today I checked my email – yep, Monday, when I’m writing these words, is email day, although you’re reading this post on Wednesday – to see that Nikki Woods of the Tom Joyner Show tweeted my Blogging from Paradise Amazon library link.

If you haven’t picked up a book yet, please do. I think the $2.99 price is kinda right, especially for learning the secrets of living in paradise. Click the image below.

Click it. Click it
Click it. Click it

Anywho, Nikki, who’s an ambassador for the Oprah Winfrey network, who’s been endorsed by Maya Angelo, and Tom Joyner and who’s appeared on CNN, the Wall Street Journal and in O Magazine (that’s the billionaire lady’s magazine, that Oprah chick is kinda successful), well, she’s a major league influencer.

So you better believe when she asked me to share her webinar link I had to tweet it, 3 times, and I shared the link on G Plus as well. I’d have done it even if she didn’t ask me. Because promoting the stuffing out of others inspires others to promote the stuffing out of you. More than that though, promoting others just feels wonderful. Doesn’t it feel great to be generous? Doesn’t it feel great to be kind, and helpful, and to help other folk’s dreams come true?

Now I’m on her radar, and she’ll help me be even more all over the place, all through the cross promotion, helping people out, simple to follow routine.

Ya see, I may appear to be all over the place but in a large part, me being all over the place is just the result of me helping other people be all over the place.

Sowing and Reaping


I know it’s been at least 1 to 2 posts since I referred to sowing and reaping here. I apologize. Deprive me of selfie shots, or do something less damaging, but still, that will chill me to the core.

I figured a while back, when studying the best of the best, that the quickest and simplest way to promote myself was to both promote myself and to also promote others, SUPER aggressively and SUPER freely.

I have called this the tip of blogging tips because struggling newbs can become well known newbs can become household name pros by promoting other bloggers freely. You may not become famous by being promoted alone; you’ll need to work on your writing skills to make an impact on your current and new readers. But it sure don’t hurt to have a slew of inspired folks promote you, to their huge audiences. And it sure don’t hurt to simply – and hella easily I might add – promote other people, to inspire them to promote you.

This Ain’t Tit for Tat Though

If you wash my back I won’t wash yours unless your back needs washing. That means, unless your posts are share worthy I’m not promoting them. If though, you promote me freely to pop up on my radar and I love your stuff I’m sharing it. If we’re talking high rollers like Nikki Woods, their posts are golden, they got da Motz. I promote the pros of the world freely to form bonds with influencers, and then, as more influential folks promote me I am all over the place. BUT….I promote them freely before asking for anything of them – if I do – and even as I ask, I let ’em know, no probs if they can’t promote me, and yes or no, to please let me know how I can help them.

Practical Tips


Easy. Get familiar with the RT, Facebook Share and G Plus buttons. Link up to All Over the Place bloggers through your posts. Be generous. Observe how the Blogging Gods deal you some sweet karma, in the form of influence, clout, and milk and cookies, if you enjoy such fare. I prefer Balinese snacks but then again, I live in the tropics. Give me coconut crème banana shakes or give me death!

Note; as mentioned before, work on your content creation skills. Publish eBooks, blog posts and videos. Inspired bloggers promote inspired content. Be a creator. Be an inspiration. Hone your craft. This promotion technique works nicely for you, and everything in your life will be just ducky.

8: Making Sacrifices to Demi gods


I am kidding.

Or am I?

Black magic exists here in Bali. The grounds were visited way too frequently by a spirit a while back. All has been sorted out. But….if you’re desperate, this is a channel through which you can sell your soul for perhaps, a Tim Ferriss Interview. Trade still doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather help someone than be indebted to an Underworld Demi Deity for Eternity.

To each his/her own, though. No judgments. All depends on your brand’s focus. Like, if you’re appealing to the Nazgul, you have your target audience covered right there. Ditto on the Walking Dead. So this is more a question of who you want to reach, on what plane, and in which realm.

Food for thought……

9: Forum Marketing


I mean, Warrior Forum marketing. My forum of choice. I don’t live there. I’m bigger on blog commenting, to form bonds and to be all over the place, but it sure doesn’t hurt to be an active Warrior. On Warrior. It also doesn’t hurt to be an active warrior because people generally don’t mess with someone who has sick warrior skills.

Trying to picture myself dressed as Conan the Destroyer. Or James Earl Jones for that matter, as the cult leader. Sorry, digression into 80’s classic cinema…..back to paradise.

I give to get. Meaning, I create helpful posts and respond with helpful replies to posts to appear to be on 1,000 threads at once. Or, like 5 threads at once.

All Over the Place Bloggers on Forums…..


..are like the cute little kid in class who brings you an apple. If you’re a teacher. Ya gotta love them because they reward you with a sweet, high fiber treat that is looking out for your overall health and wellness. God Bless You, sweet child.

Influencing bloggers solve problems, share their knowledge freely and make an impact wherever they happen to pop up. Not a bad deal for all forum members, because guys and gals who appear all over the place are just making a seismic tremor, a positive impact, wherever they show up.

Practical Tips


Response to Warrior threads with 1 or 2 paragraph, thorough, well-thought-out, helpful responses.

Respond to at least 5 threads daily.

Be nice, courteous and pleasant, like that little kid giving their teacher an apple.

DO NOT give a teacher an apple with a worm in it by offering helpful advice, then creating a desperate call to action at the end of your post, or by popping in to promote yourself, shamelessly. Some maggot – haha, get the worm reference here? – did this to me last week, and although I had a chuckle out of it, the shameless, spammy plug helped to kill his rep on Warrior, and it’s kinda tough to be all over the place in a positive, inspired way if your rep finds itself being flushed down the toilet, by you.

10: Set a Channel Limit or Else….You’ll Go Mad


I promote other people – and myself – through these channels, actively:

  • twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Triberr
  • guest posting
  • blog commenting
  • Warrior Forum (forum marketing)

That’s it. I specialize in all things twitter. If I had to choose one channel. But I know the perils of spreading yourself too thin. I mean, Stretch Armstrong has a limit, right? Why do you feel you can work 13,452,498 channels – a day – effectively? You can’t. Unless you name is God. Or The Universe. If it is, please send me a guest posting opportunity. I could benefit your audience of approximately 6 billion non-Atheists. I have an important message to share. Skype me. Thanks God.

Being all over the place is about making an impact in a few different spots on a few different networks. I think like this; if I can make NOW count I will free more folks and make more friends versus just making a piddly little pitter patter now.

Imagine Godzilla stepping on you. Right now. It may hurt.

Now, imagine a cute little, infantile, Easter chickie, stepping on you with its delicate bird feet. So cute, right? But you can’t feel jack squat. A little tickle, nothing.

Being stepped on by Godzilla is the ultimate impact. Of course, we’re thinking of the positive application; not so much the pressure and death and your body being molded into a fine jam type of thing, but the idea that, you’re gonna freaking feel him!

Well, you’ll feel a blogger who makes an impact because they:

  • post 2, 3 or 4 paragraph comments on authority blogs
  • promote you aggressively
  • reach out to you via email, to build bonds
  • endorse you
  • support you
  • inspire you

These are the people who folks think are all over the place because they’re so busy helping other bloggers be all over the place that they can’t help but to be all over the place. It’s like a Universal Law Thingee, or something like that.

Wrap Up


Hey, you read the post, You know what you have to do, And you’re either wondering why I’m using comments in this sentence with intermittent capitalization – answer: because I can – or you’re figuring that hey, I may just delve into why some bloggers are nowhere, and STILL won’t follow the advice in this post.

You’re scared.

You may ignore these strategies – even though it’d mean boku success for you – because you’re:

  • afraid of criticism; all over the place bloggers may be criticized more than a blogger hiding in their cyber cave
  • afraid of succeeding; being all over means you’ll have more clout, success, cash and all those trimmings and wow, that means your friends and family – old friends at least – may look at you differently
  • afraid of being free; you’re so used to being bound, to making excuses and to being told what to do that being free will feel alien and highly uncomfortable to you

Here’s the drill; to be free and to live your dreams, make a ton of uncomfortable decisions. Kelli and I have made thousands and thousands of freeing, highly uncomfortable decisions to live a life few will ever experience. They puss out at their first objection; we’re at Objection 1,543, and counting. And we still challenge the excuses, the objections, and we’re even more all over the place, and we’re prospering and freeing others by the day, as our presence expands.

All your dreams lie on the other side of freeing, uncomfortable decisions.

Make the freeing, uncomfortable decisions. Be all over the place. Make seismic impacts. Kill it online. In a good way.

Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?

How are you an All Over the Place Blogger?

Did you think that I have a doppelganger?

Did I even spell that right?

Or are you having a difficult time expanding your presence?

Call to Action


OK guys, you probably had a sneaking suspicion what was next. I want my Blogging from Paradise eBooks – and books, I have 3 of them ya know, and they’re PUUURFECT (as Princess Sari, Squeaky and Batman would say) for beach reading – to be all over the place.

Here’s the deal; if I can inspire you, and your friends, to reach your blogging goals and to live your blogging dreams you can’t help but to do the same for others. It’ll happen, as a force of habit. That would make me really really happy and I’m already smiling like the Cheshire Cat as I write this….so damn, imagine how happy I’d be then!?!?

Here’s the Call to Action in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click the following link (it’s linked to the Blogging from Paradise Library on Amazon)
  2. Buy 1 eBook – or book if that tickles your tulips
  3. write me a review on Amazon for the eBook/book you bought and read

Doing these awesome things for me and you benefits everybody involved, and a whole slew of folks when you leave a nice little review for me. 

Frankly, I want these eBooks in the hands/devices of millions of folks. I genuinely believe that (although I’ll be able to buy a G4 after the first 50 million downloads of my eBooks, so I’ll be benefiting too ) I can inspire a whole new wave of folks to retire from their 9-5 job to live a life of freedom. I want it for you. I want to meet you in paradise.

For $2.99 an eBook, hell, that ain’t a bad deal. Affordable. Inspired. Freeing.

Click this link:

Blogging from Paradise Library on Amazon

Remember to share this post with all of your friends.

Until next time…..enjoy paradise!

I find Blogging from Paradise eBooks and books great reading for the bath. Pick 1 up from Amazon today. Signed, Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy.
I find Blogging from Paradise eBooks and books great reading for the bath. Pick 1 up from Amazon today. Signed, Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy.
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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. I am trying BJ 🙂

  2. BJ Henderson Says:

    Great post Ryan. I see you all over the place and now I know why lol. I guess that means I’m all over the place as well, just not as active. Love your drive and commitment. You are so inspiring. I look forward to reading more of your work and getting more tips. The first time I actually read a post from you was on bloggingtips.com. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Leslie, really, getting super clear on your reason why helps you make the time to get the stuff done 😉 Thanks!

  4. Hi Ryan. Great post, buddy, gotta run, see ya later.

    Just kidding. I enjoyed this post very much. I seem to hang out in a lot of spaces that you do, except for guest posting and Warrior Forum. I guess WF throws me a bit because it’s mostly young guys, and I’m a grandmother. After reading this, I’ll try to get myself going over there.

    I’ve been a member of Triberr for a long time, but I never went there. That’s on the list of daily to-dos.

    My biggest problem is the time it takes to do all this stuff. I probably need to make a list and set a timer, because it seems that I plan to do a certain number of things, and an hour later I’m only to No. 2. How do you get it all done? Is the secret in one of your books? I’ve enjoyed the two I have, BTW.

    All the best,

  5. Andrew it really is an abundance thing, right? You guest post like a boss, putting out your best stuff, so you’re on point 😉 Thanks much!

  6. Hey Ryan,

    Great post.

    It still shocks me how many people don’t want to publish their best work in a guest post. They must figure it’ll do better on their blog with a reach of 100 compared to a blog with a reach of 100,000 … but that’s their loss.

    I like all of the tips you provided here. And you’re so right too, influencers hang with influencers. And if you want to get to that level, you have to connect and associate yourself with influencers.

    – Andrew

  7. Naomi, super powerful practice. I need to give Drive By’s the smack down too 🙂

  8. Mustafa that blog commenting is just pure gold. Thanks!

  9. WoW … Ryan, you have shared great nuggets of blogging all over the world. Ofcourse, blog commenting is one of the best ways to build successful and long lasting relation with other bloggers. While guest posting is bit difficult way to build online reputation and relationship. Because, it takes alot of hard work and time to create a post that grabs attention of that blog readers.
    But, there are also many bonus advantages of Guest blogging as well.

    This post is a jam packed with lot of knowledge. Love to read your post.

    Keep it up!


  10. Hi Ryan,

    I really do enjoy your little stories at the start. I feel like I’m in Bali already 🙂

    I’t’s funny that you were talking about the ‘drive by’ commenter’s because before writing this comment I was checking out my comments on my blog. I always have the (likely copied and pasted) “Great blog, keep up the good work” ones.

    I never publish these types of comments and I normally check out the linked domain too. which is normally completely unrelated and affiliate sites selling something like steroid pills, hair miracle growth or male (cough) enhancements.

    Generally not anything that I want associated with me and my blog.


  11. Ben my pleasure, and hey thanks for laughing LOL 🙂

  12. Ben Drake Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Just love that You are making creating the relationships with others so easy by adding your own form of humor to such. Finding what You love is the best area as it really does help to overcome what gets thrown at You at times.

    Thanks for the good laugh,

  13. Lukas, thanks! Hey, you have about 20, 7,000 word posts to choose from and 100 overall 😉 Take your time, read each one and I’ll see ya next year lol….seriously though, enjoy em and stick around for a minute 😉

  14. Lukas Says:

    Thanks Ryan for the tips! I am also trying to become a blogger, i need do something with my site , and started following your blogging tips. More info please


  15. Ketan thanks! Keep up with blog commenting, you’re doing great 😉

  16. Nisha this really is a visibility game on so many levels. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Nisha Pandey Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Engaging, informative and as usual superbly witty; I just loved the post.

    Being more and more visible is really the only way to taste success as a blogger.

    Community building and establishing your brand can really take you a long way.

    Thanks for the tips and the awesome read. Have a nice day!

  18. Ketan Raval Says:

    Thanks for your tips! I am also trying to become a blogger just like you, and started following your blogging tips…

  19. Yeah the intent one is really telling, right Pooja? Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂

  20. Hi Barbara, yes I do coach 😉 I usually do online reports and also, email support, but I could set aside time to talk on Skype. Sometimes the connections aren’t great but I think we can make it work. As for you, pick your passion. Pick a niche that feels awesome to you by listing your passions, your fave things to do, and then drill down a bit. That is where your topic lies. Thanks for the awesome comment and chat with you soon!

  21. Sonam, thanks for reading!

  22. Sonam Gupta Says:


    Excellent post and detailed information with simple words from top to bottom about All Over The Place Blogger.I checked to out your all tips and I like so much.

    Thanks to share this tips with us.

  23. Hi Ryan,

    I love this post. I love the way your write. You speak the truth. You define a number of strategies that we might ignore and which hold us back from success, but I don’t find that to be the case with me.

    For me, I find it hard to find ‘what I want to blog about specifically.’ For instance, everyone says write to your niche. In my blogging journey I’ve tried to stay focused on my niche, but kept getting drawn into the ‘blogging’ niche as that’s where people seem to want the most information or where others have led me in terms of business.

    All you say above is great and powerful because you originally shut down your blog and started another to focus. That is my problem. I know where I want to go, but can’t seem to get there as there are many things that are confusing.

    I can’t get to the strategies that you say people ignore until I fine-tune and find my focus. Same problem you had. Anyway, your post gave me pause. I have started over a number of times. I think I’m a bit closer this time, but definitely not there yet. Do you coach? Would really like to talk to you about true focus. I *know* exactly what I want my niche to be and what my focus is but then I’m fearful of how to make it work and can I make it work. I also know I’m not addressing it directly and have too many other ‘inputs.’ Would love to talk to you about it and try to help me understand applying your principles above to my true focus. I think I am an “all over the place bloggers” and would love to fix that. But I’m confused by your ‘blogging all over.” This post has touched me as I know where I am, but not exactly how to fix it in terms of focus on ‘blogging.’

    Anyway, this may not be as clear typing in as talking. But let me know what you think. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Getting closer by the minute. Thanks for your insight.

  24. Pooja Says:


    You have actually spilled all the juice from your blogging experience. I wish to thank you for this great post. I liked specially the part “clear your intent”. I must say it’s difficult to be honest when the competition is rising even in blogging these days.


  25. Lewis I need to check that read out! Arnold is da man. Thanks again for your wisdom!

  26. “Cruisin’ down the street in my six-foe…” *enter the hook* dun-e-dun-dun-e-dun-dun-e-dun dun dun dun.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for 90’s west coast rap. While I liked Eazy, Dre, Cube, and others, I was far more impressed with northern California rappers. That trailer for the N.W.A. movie coming out was really well put together and piqued my interest in checking it out when it releases.

    “GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!” I also have a soft spot in my heart for 80’s classics like Conan and The Predator, along with all of Ahhh-nold’s other 80’s hits and many others.

    If you want an incredibly intriguing read, go get Arnold’s autobiography titled, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life”. I listening to it for a second time now and I’m just as fascinated with it now as I was the first time I listened to it.

    I imagine you’ll love hearing about the bodybuilding part of his story just as much as you’ll love hearing about how he started his entrepreneurial quest when he first arrived in America.

    In the book you get to hear story after story of him using marketing to get himself to the each next level of success . . . all the way to becoming the Governor of all the California rappers.

    This book is a must read for entrepreneurs who are raving fans of Ahhh-nold. If you click my name you can read an awesome example from the book that I used for one of my pieces and get a preview of the awesomeness that is waiting for you in this book.

    And oh yeah, I think Jackie’s endorsement is my favorite of all of your endorsements for there is truth in the quote, “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” 🙂

  27. My pleasure Lorraine, thanks so much for reading and sharing!

  28. Matija, I like those channels. I add Twitter too, and am picking up my LinkedIn game. Thanks!

  29. Don wow how exciting! I can’t wait to see who this NFLer is, and am so geeked to see how this develops. Congrats on that Don and on all of the amazing things you’re doing!!

  30. Ah an Ester Hicks reference, love it! Really fab add here Sylviane; when you get on those guest posts and features, your presence expands quickly. Keep up the great work!

  31. Hi Ryan,

    Fortunately, I don’ deal too much with those quick commenters on my blog. While people who comment on my blog are rarely my potential clients, when they do comment they leave nice juicy ones.

    Now there are a couple of popular bloggers I know that do come by my blogs at times, but I can tell that commenting is not their thing. But hey, whatever floats their boat.

    You’ve done great and I know what you mean, as these past couple of weeks I’ve been writing guest posts and participation bits one after the other (7 to be exact), so that’s a good sign for sure.

    I know you’ll do great, because when one knows the law of attraction and practice it as much as we do, there’s no stopping. As Ester Hicks says, that money is going to start pilling up on you!

    Have a great weekend!

  32. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I love this post!!! Spot on buddy!

    I have to say that blog commenting and engaging with influencers has been critical for my growth over the last eight months. I have been blessed to have an incredible community with amazing people like yourself.

    Your benefits are spot on but the truth is I can say that reciprocity and really having each others back has been an amazing experience.

    When I needed people to comment for SEMrush my community showed up to the tunes of over 80 comments. They have never seen that before.

    It didn’t happen once but twice.

    Then I got invited onto their webinar last week and now I’m in the process of signing a contract with an NFL player (who is a starter and will remain unnamed until it’s officially official, lol…). We’ve already talked about how he can help me… and a good friend of mine will be talking with the NFL Players Assoc on the East coast. So, who knows what will come of this.

    It’s all because of the community that has come around me. Without you guys it would never happen.

    So, as I grow I’m taking as many with me as I can. Paybacks will be sweet, it a great way of course.

    But clarity and focus got me to the point of preparation and I’m ready!!!!

    As you said, the clarity we need is the one that when opportunity comes we can step right into it.

    Great post Ryan.

    I hope you have an awesome weekend!

    ~ Don Purdum

  33. Matija Says:

    Far best tip ever not to promote on every channel possible. I am already admiring you to work on so many channels. I manage to work only on 4 standard ones (blog, linkedin, g+, fb). Regards, Matija, Slovenia

  34. Ryan, I don’t have any tips to add to your list but I do want to say that I am glad you mentioned Nikki in this post. I checked out her blog and like some of the posts I see! Thanks for introducing me to another influencer!

    I’m off to share more of her posts now. 🙂

    And yours, of course. 😉

  35. Woohoo Narendra! Thanks so much, and yep, we will do this together. I’ll leave a comment on your blog now 😉

  36. James, good point. Be on other blogs, give out the goodness and expand your reach. Warrior’s always been not too hot as far as high energy stuff but it truly is what it is, so we roll with it. Thanks, likewise!

  37. Hey Ryan!

    Great stuff here. Gotta go, talk soon!

    …. Just kidding.

    Great tips here. We’ve really got to be spending just as much time if not more on other sites than our own. How do you ever expect to meet people if you never leave your house, right?

    Btw, it’s great to see you over at the Warrior Forum. I hardly know any bloggers spending time over there. It’s my forum of choice also. I’m not too fond of the new owners and their decisions… but it is what it is.

    See you around Ryan!
    – James

  38. Just bought with order #D01-7***4**-9940263

    A step towards freeing up myself. Hoping we will do it together. If there is any advice for my blog & if you can look up onto that.


  39. KC, you need a dishwasher and meal preparer, so you’re here. I get it. 🙂 You’re persistent in my eyes and your readers – and self help bloggers out there – love you for it. Thanks WFe.

  40. Lisa Oh no! I am sorry to hear that. Hope you’re feeling better now, as I’ve been on rough bus rides in places like Laos; folks wretching left and right. Thanks so much for being a warrior and reading it!

  41. Gaurav, great add; social is really huge. Thanks!

  42. TG, thanks so much! I hear you on travel and commenting; It can be a chore at times but if we keep at it, just a bit, the rewards are beyond stunning. My silly commentors are loaded into the junk/spam bin, pronto 😉

  43. Tim, wow I hear you on commenting for traffic versus the in depth stuff. Massive difference. Thanks much dude!

  44. LOL Donna! That hair spray bit sounds smart and effective. Ditto on email; I see 9, 10 comments here in hours when it used to take days for this amount to pile up. Email rocks. THANKS Donna!

  45. Ebi, thanks!

  46. I’ve been doing it in fits and starts Renard, now we’re in a fit period….or start? LOL….

  47. Sherman congrats on your guest post! Awesome man, and let me know how the forum thing works for you OK?

  48. Hey Ryan,

    Building your Web of connections is the way to go when it comes to freeing yourself from bondage. You have given some excellent detailed tips here. I was surprised that you weren’t using as many resources than I thought. But this goes to show how powerful networking with the right people will do for you.

    For you and me also it starts out with leaving genuine engaging comments on blogs. Although tedious, it has helped my blog get the traffic that it deserves plus you get to engage with some great bloggers. When you build rapport with them, they tend to help, support, and promote you. But we all got to keep in mind the law of reciprocity when it comes to this!

    I also wrote my first guest post this year after all of these years. At first I didn’t see the value of this. Now I see how it can be a win/win/win for the blog, it’s audience, and me of course. That’s how it should be right?

    But anyways thanks for sharing these tips. Now I’m going to start making and effort to be more active in forums! It’ll be well worth it! Have a great rest of the week!

  49. [ Smiles ] Ryan, you are very lucky. You engage yourself in guest blogging and a lot of people on the internet know who you are.

  50. Hello Ryan,
    Great tips for a new and average blogger like me, who wants every thing from life nothing will happen right. these are are greats to be freedom blogger and all over the places.

  51. Hi Ryan,

    I always get so absorbed when I visit you. You make me laugh when you use certain worlds from “the old neighborhood” Also your analogies are so amusing.

    Now we go back a long way and I remember those old blog posts of yours. Thank God you changed it all up. And since you did, you are “All over the place”

    You mention commenting and that is one thing I state over and over again to others. Please don’t be a “drive by commenter” That annoys the crap out of me. I know some that are spam blocked from my blog because they are just there to be self serving and drop a link to a sales page! HA!

    Then there are others, my little newbies that I am teaching and I’ll let them slide once, then give them a shout out of how important commenting is. Heck, I’ve had more people come to my blog from a comment I’ve left. This is how we grow organically.

    As for Emails…you are spot on….it is the Nectar! Like the way you used that word! Once someone opts in, this is where that engagement starts. If they were kind enough to take a peek or even purchase something, they are our life blood. We want to be their BFF because here is where it gets up close and personal.

    Treasure your subscribers! Give them move value than we do on our blogs…like they are in our secret society lol. Then expose them to our products/services and it may take a while, but eventually, they will go down the sales funnel (if it’s good) and become loyal.

    OK…I’ll stop with the novella here, but this post got me so pumped up! Good luck with those crazy critters out there,


    P.S. When I lived in Brooklyn, I used to use hair spray to defend myself from little flying creatures. Their wings would get stuck and they fell to the floor….just say’n.

  52. That was a pretty intense post but I managed to read through all of it. Great article! When I was working on a different websites, one that I scrapped, I used to be the guy that’s everywhere and no-where. Besides, nobody really told me I was supposed to leave useful comments.

    Everyone just says comment on blogs for traffic and that’s what I did. But there’s a huge difference between a comment and a useful comment. I’m trying to write more in-depth comments now. Most of the traffic to my website comes from comments now. I don’t want to wait for the Google traffic to trickle in!

    Thanks for this awesome post, I’m heading over to Amazon to buy one of your books, I tried yesterday but something went wrong and I didn’t get it. I’ll do it now and leave a review!

    Sometimes I wonder how you manage to write so much, must be hella busy over there!

  53. The Guy Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Yet another article with lots of tried and trusted advice on what works and how you’ve established yourself.

    I remember your previous website and how you used to churn out article after article giving the good vibes.

    Now you have a more focused product in this site. You provide entertaining, personal updates as well as sharing what works for you.

    To be honest, I also think this site has a much better name than the last one. With all these it is little wonder you are seeing the rewards.

    It is true that guest blogging and commenting are strong strategies to employ. Commenting certainly opens doors to the later.

    When I first started I was a commenting demon and tried to build up connections, many of which I still have stronger than ever and it is now 2+ years later.

    In recent months life, work and travel have been a real drain on time and meant I wasn’t able to comment or read blogs anywhere near as much as I wanted. In all this time it felt as though I was missing out, not connecting with people, not moving forward. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can make amends for that. Building and maintaining these connections and support is so important.

    What really annoys me recently is another poor commenting tactic by amateurs. They leave an average, just above basic level comment, then they place a link to their blog home page in the comment! What the heck are they doing? Don’t they realise that when you leave comments there is a your url/website section to leave it there? When people click on your name beside your comment they can go direct to your website. Don’t spam my articles with your link in the comment when it is not relevant to the article you are commenting upon. It means more time lost by me to remove your link.

    Eventually I’ll lose my patience and these people’s comments may not appear again if they don’t add value. – That’s my advice anyway Ryan to add to your great tips above. (Someone is doing it quite a lot recently on my blog and I’m getting narked off with it.)

    I agree that guest blogging is a great tool. Like you, I’ve seen the invites come in via my inbox, always a pleasure.

    Sometimes you have to go looking for them too but it is nice to be asked. I even remember asking to interview your good self and you were more than happy to share your great story.

    Aweber and MailChimp come highly recommended by many. The competition is wide though so feel free to look around. I use Mad Mimi which has a fantastic free and paid version. Worth checking out if people can’t quite decide yet which one to use.

    Congrats on the release of yet another book. You are a true writing machine.

  54. Gaurav Kumar Says:

    Thanks for sharing really detailed post to be a power blogger. Blogging is a passion. It needs quality content, easy navigation, strong social media presence, best commenting system, easy subscription options and a well planned marketing strategy.

    I believe social media plays a great role as most of traffic and leads that my blogs generate are from social networks.

  55. Lisa Says:

    Read this on the bus and got totally travel sick about a third of the way in – but I persevered and it was completely worth it. FANTASTIC. Added to my reading list and I intend to refer back to this regularly. Thanks for your insight.

  56. kelli Says:

    Great read as always. I enjoy blog commenting, though I can be a bit inconsistent with my efforts. In my experience though, it is great. There is one blog I frequently comment on, and the content is very relevant to mine, and while I haven’t checked my stats in many, many months, when I did, there were some days where I got dozens of visits from that blog.

    Promoting others is also great advice and something we can overlook in our tunnel vision intent to just ‘get ours’ not realizing this is one of the most powerful tools.

  57. What tips can you add to this list?

    How are you becoming a more popular blogger?