Kelli and I in New York City

8 New York City Pictures from Harlem and Midtown


Kelli and I are on a house sit in New York City.


We are watching a cute kitty on the Upper West Side, right next door to the exclusive Central Park West, a street with someof the most expensive real estate on the face of the earth.


We also did an East Harlem house sit and a house sit on the Upper West Side by Lincoln Center.


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I dig walking around town for photo snapping and cardio sessions, and to explore new areas.


New York City is unlike anywhere on earth.


The texture of each neighborhood screams at you.


Toss in the fact that you will see stuff here that you never seen anywhere – like when Kelli and I saw a guy on a bicycle with 8 yapping tea cup little doggies, flying down West 57th Street last night – and you gotta have your camera handy whenever you cruise around Manhattan.


I wanted to share a few of our walk photos for your viewing pleasure.


1: Church Door


Church door in New York City.


Pretty sweet-looking door, eh?


This is the 1 cheat item on the list, as the church and doors were actually in Morningside Heights, not Harlem or Midtown. Morningside Heights is super duper close to Harlem so we will let it slide.


Just don’t tell anyone, OK?


2: The Apollo


The Apollo, New York City.


A NYC icon, The Apollo always sticks out in my mind for my obsession with Showtime at the Apollo.


This late Saturday night show aired on NBC after Saturday Night Live here in NYC.


I loved when the Sandman swept out crappy performers with a big old broom.


Many super stars either got their start at this historic Harlem theater or swept through after they made it big, including:


  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Martin Lawrence
  • Sinbad
  • Mark Curry
  • Steve Harvey
  • Anthony Anderson


3: More Apollo


The Apollo, NYC.


More Apollo.


Ok; the Sandman made his appearance during the Amateur Hour.


If someone stank up the job – or, who was not popular with the crowd – the audience began to point at the amateur hour entertainer, with both hands, then pointed off stage.


A siren wailed.


Then The Sandman quickly ran out – dressed like a bum – with a big old broom and swept the contestant off of the stage to the delight of the audience.


4: The Kenilworth


The Kenilworth, Central Park West, NYC


We are literally around the block from Central Park West on this house sit.


We are also literally around the block from the Kenilworth, a famous building that has been called home by actors like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones.


5: West 72nd Street


Street sign, NYC


I don’t know; it’s a street sign.


Why not?


6: CBS Studios


CBS Morning Show, NYC


I waltzed by CBS studios on West 57th Street during my evening constitution.


This spot is a wee bit outside of the busy throngs of humanity in Midtown, being situated closer to the Hudson River.


A little off of the beaten path.


7: BMW Dealership


BMW dealership, NYC


Being a former BMW owner I appreciate this German brand, big-time.


Truly one of the finest machines on earth.


This is the biased me, not the former BWM owning, 1/4 German, me.


This dealership on West 57th Street is massive.


8: Canine Retreat


Canine Retreat, NYC


You just know I have stayed in shit hole hostels during the lean traveling days that were about 500 steps down from this Canine Retreat in NYC.


You also just know you’re in Manhattan when you see a canine retreat.


This paradise for doggies was on West 57th Street.


I tried to check in, but they were booked.


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