10 Blogging Lessons Learned from Meeting Maxwell Ivey of TheBlindBlogger.Net

January 1, 2017
Maxwell and I in New York City.


“For the night is dark, and full of terrors.” ~ Melisandre


I reached for moldy door, wondering what lethal predator awaited for me in the darkness.


Would it be a deadly fer de lanz?


Or an equally dangerous, demonic-looking, horror movie worthy eyelash viper?Β (seriously, Google “eyelash viper” to see what I mean)


1 year ago today Kelli and I were living deep in the remote jungles of Buena Vista, Costa Rica. Whenever I had to water the weeds or fertilize the soil anytime between 6:30 PM until 4 AM, I stepped out of the hut/home into pitch black darkness.


Sure we had a dinky little flashlight but before I could grab the light in my bed I had to reach out as an act of faith, praying that a bullet ant or scorpion wasn’t waiting for my tender fingers with gaping jaws or poised pincers and stingers, ready to punish the stunningly handsome (their words not mine) but equally foolish gringo.


Even when I used the flashlight during my “night time nature calls” sessions in the jungle, I had a roughly 3-5 foot radius of light around my really porta potty, aka, the circumference of dump-er-rence. Outside the light, pitch black, dead dark, Melisandre-worthy terrifying nothingness.




When I sat down with my friend Maxwell Ivey of TheBlindBlogger.Net I wondered how it would feel toΒ ride a train from Houston, Texas to New York City without having the ability to see? What would it feel like? How would I handle the experience? How would I blog if I could not live through my visual senses? What would it feel to walk around NYC?


I soon learned that Maxwell is the blogging version of the Marvel Daredevil, an online – and offline – dynamo who has hyper tuned all other senses (including humor) to become the inspired, bold, bright light we know and love.


1: Expect Nothing


Max called 10 minutes before our meeting time.


His Uber driver did not know where the Time Warner Building was located. Nor Trump Hotel International. Nor the Southwest Corner of Central Park.


Both Max and I found it staggering how the driver kept repeating “58th and 9th” like the coordinates to some Twilight Zone, some Upside Down World, some Vale of Shadows, versus one of the most recognizable tourist spots on earth.


Forget expecting the unexpected. Expect nothing.


Expect nothing with your blog. Focus on enjoying the ride, blogging. Focus on the process of spreading love, not the pain and suffering of tying to outcomes.


The confused driver could have spoiled our day, if we allowed our expectations of him knowing NYC like the back of his hand to color our experience negatively, when he seemed to know NYC as well as the jungles of Buena Vista, Costa Rica.


We let go. Laughed it off after some consternation. Enjoyed the day.


Expect nothing with your blog. Be in the moment. See the awe and wonder of it all.


2: Stories Sell


Max can weave a Texas-sized tale that is, in fact, 100% true.


He and his dad were carny folks a while back. MI reeled me in with colorful, folksy, comedic experiences from his days on the road. From frustrating encounters with non-existent WiFi in remote Texas outposts to crazy tales of monstrously sized snakes and cute, fluffy bunnies (I will let you work it out to avoid a PETA shit storm), he has a way with words that arrests your attention.


Max sold me. On his blog. Brand. Everything.


Kelli at work with a postcard worthy view over her shoulder.


This one goes beyond money, folks.


As a blogger, readers buy in to your blog. Or brand. Then, they may immediately buy your products or books or hire you for your services. Don’t matter though. If they buy in to your blog, they are *in*, lifelong, rabid blog and brand advocates.


Tell stories. Your stories. Any stories. Inspire folks to buy in.


3: Love Prospers


Max noted how the funds for his NYC trip came together a short time before the journey.


Those finances aligned beautifully based on a relationship his dad built through the carnival niche.


MI noted how his dad did the right thing, building a prospering business by listening to his moral compass. He did things from a place of love, not fear (even when fear-filled operators advised him to skim off the top because “everybody did it”).


The goodwill Max’s dad gained reflected back to his son in the form of love – disguised as money – when he connected with contacts who admired his father.


Love prospers.


Build your blog from a space of love. Not fear. Build your blog from a space of generosity. Not greediness.


You will have, when you give. You will lack, when you fear and cower to that fear, doing things from a fear-filled space.


Build your blog from a place of love, fun and passion. Don’t skim off the top, energetically. Don’t cheat yourself. Or your readers.




4: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Mr. Ivey built a large, loyal network of friends who helped him make his trip to NYC come true and he’s met individuals in NYC who have eased his transition to city living.


From the kindly landlord who does his laundry, at his Brooklyn rental, to the lantern-jawed, jovial, fun-loving island hopper who lent Max a shoulder as we walked from Columbus Circle to the tea shop, we all come together to make all of our dreams come true.


Blogging-wise, me meeting this inspired dynamo live and in the flesh:


  • strengthened our friendship
  • produced a rocking blog post
  • raised my vibe more towards love, and pulled me more and more away from fear


Max is helping me make my blogging dreams come true. I am helping Max make his dreams come true.


We are all helping each other make our blogging dreams come true…..when we make our lives about helping and service.


So….do you see how much you are serving YOURSELF when you:


  • share other blogger’s posts?
  • buy their products or services?
  • comment on their blogs?
  • feature other bloggers?


You literally help yourself by serving others from a loving, caring, detached place. Because we are all connected.


5: Don’t Mess with Texas


I had to add it. Max is from Houston.


6: Hang in the Right Spots


Max shared how his family had to move the carnival business from hot, humid, steamy Texas to more welcoming climes during the most brutal summer months, because most folks don’t wanna wait for a ride while standing in Dante’s Inferno.


On the flip side, the carnival business does not thrive in the Arctic North. Gotta find a comfortable, pleasant temperature in a somewhat populated region to make that carny scrilla.


Hang in the right spots to grow your blogging business, like:


  • Triberr
  • Quora
  • niche specific Facebook Groups
  • niche specific Google Plus Communities
  • niche specific, authority blog comment fields (and speak up!)


I don’t spend my day shooting the bullshit with animal husbandry bloggers (Look at the set of udders on that cow!). I connect with blogging tips bloggers. In blogging tips locales. Because I learn from these folks, help these folks and these folks tend to be a wee bit interested in what I have to offer at BFP.


7: Worry Repels, Patience Prospers


Max is a patient dude.


When you don’t primarily live through visual filters ya kinda gotta get past the idea of instant gratification.


Max called an Uber to pick him up outside the shop where we enjoyed tea and conversation. For most of us, when the car arrives, we see it and hop in within 3 to 7 seconds, depending on the strength/caffeine content in the tea.


The time between Max setting up the Uber ride and sitting down in the car would have appeared to be an Odyssey of Homer-esque proportions to the impatient. Thank the gods (ode to Greek mythology) I am a patient guy. As is Max.


Bous the cat. Chilling.


After a volume of phone calls that would have made Gordon Gecko jealous and a trek through puddles (sorry Max, but God *did* technically make us water-proof) and over high curbs, my blogging buddy got his ride back to Brooklyn.


Being patient got him what he wanted. A ride home. Worrying, or getting frustrated, or feeling anxious about the ride would have repelled the Uber driver because life, like blogging, is an energy game.


Build your blog on a foundation of patience. The energy behind your actions means EVERYTHING. The actions themselves, independent of energy, mean NOTHING.


Patiently have fun blogging. Do things with love. Your intent will manifest, you will enjoy the ride and you will learn one of life’s secrets: patience.


8: Humor Wins


Between Max’s mild Texas drawl, imposing physical presence and genuine, natural humor he cuts a charming, fun-loving character that anybody would love.


Meaning, anybody with a pulse and open heart would be won over by the Big Guy in a split second.


In a worldly life of seriousness, tension and sober individuals, marching to a funeral dirge of despair, knowing that when their heart stops beating, it’s a mere formality, the humorous, funny people shine as brightly as the Freedom Tower I’m staring at as I write these words from Downtown Manhattan.


Look up. Look down. At this post. Do I have to explain why you should blog with humor? The world needs more laughter. And levity. And bloggers who give the world laughter and levity – independent of niche – live movie-worthy lives.


9: You Won’t Stand out in a Place Where People Have Seen it All (it Takes Authenticity, Not *More*)


A 6-7, 300 pound plus, blind man with a walking stick as big as an NFL down lineman grasping the shoulder of a much shorter, smaller guy grinning like the Cheshire Cat.


In most places on earth *outside* of New York City people would gawk and think: “What the fuck is going on here?”


In NYC, nobody batted an eyelash. Just like the scene in Ghostbusters, at Tavern on the Green – a few block’s North from where we enjoyed tea – when Rick Moranis is possessed by a demon gargoyle god, New Yorkers were not phased by me and my much larger shadow.


New Yorkers have seen it all.


Most blog readers have seen it all, too, so if you try – through desperation – the manipulation route, making things bigger and grander and more spectacular, most people will turn a blind eye. If you TRY TO MAKE THINGS BIGGER or ??????? or !!!!!!!! your way to readers or profits, nobody will notice, because fear repels.


Be authentic. Be genuine. Be honest. This Holy Trinity of trusting energies will grab attention spans like a fer de lanz in your pants.


10: Promote Less More Prayer


Max’s friend offered sage advice to him when he seemed to hit a block; promote less, pray more.


I can’t agree more. Because blogging is an energy game.


Don’t get caught up in working your ass off.


Do devote yourself fully to managing your energy. Have fun. Do things with love. Feel, then let go, the fears associated with worry, desperation, losing it all, greed and jealousy, because these are the exact energies which goad you to promote/work like crazy, and to barely if ever pray.


Spend significant time away from your laptop. Enjoy life away from your blog. Then, when you are blogging, enjoy your blogging day as much as you enjoy your offline day.


You are connected to everything through the Universe. Just let it in.


You can check out Max’s blog here:


The Blind Blogger


Your Turn


Do you know Max?


What blogging lessons did you learn today?



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  1. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hey Ryan; You aint no slouch yourself my friend. I thought about all those people who you hear talk about how when they met a famous athlete, film star, or musician. They invariably say he or she was just like you and me just ordinary people. I’m glad that its only a rare handful of celebrities who come to see themselves as stars. You know what roland flower’s dummy madam said stars spelled backwards is rats. Loved meeting you. And I especially like that ghost busters reference just hope we were talking about the original and not the reboot. By the way one of my NYC photos was of me standing in front of a huge picture of slider. Thanks again for making my trip memorable. Meeting you was right up there with my first in studio TV interview. You rock, Max

  2. Hi Ahmad,

    Max is such a fantastic human being. So inspirational and just a great guy too. I had a blast chatting for those few hours in NYC almost a month ago.

    Thanks as always πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Ryan,
    Max is an inspiration for every blogger. You’ve learned great lessons from this awesome blogger πŸ™‚
    An interesting read indeed!
    Tweeting right now πŸ˜‰
    ~ Ahmad

  4. Hi Max,

    I’ve not been to Tahiti but have been to Fiji, which is kinda close and very similar in terms of exotic beauty, laid back people and the pristine nature of the place. As for airfare it depends. We flew to Fiji from Thailand so it was not expensive at all. But if you fly direct from Houston it could cost a bit more. Always good ways to get around that though, including flying to, say, Thailand for like $400 to $500 bucks, then taking flights from Bangkok to say Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and then, one to Tahiti.


  5. πŸ˜‰

  6. Sure! A tropical island is much better than Canada πŸ˜‰

  7. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi Alexandra; Glad you liked Ryan’s post and am looking forward to hearing your thoughts about my site. I need to get back to work writing for it now that I’m back home again. Good luck, Max

  8. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi Matthew; Thanks for the complement. Looking forward to our talk too. Please email me or message me on Skype to refresh my memory. I’m afraid I’ve let my schedule get out of order while traveling. thanks and talk monday, Max

  9. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hey Ryan; When my dad was alive, he always wanted to go to tahiti. Have you ever been there? How expensive is it to visit there? Given all your other travels, I would imagine you should have an idea at least. take care out there, Max

  10. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi Corey; Always great to meet a fellow texan as well as Houstonian. David Ralph once called me the blind terminator because I just keep moving forward taking on whatever obstacle or challenge happens to be in front of me. So the dare devil reference is natural. However, I’m afraid Ryan’s post may be stretching my legend to the point of Pecos Pete proportions. πŸ™‚ Good thing I’m a humble hero or this would all go to my head. I work hard and show up and am always honest even when others may think I shouldn’t be. Luckily this is the recipe for success in life and especially in anything online like blogging, podcasting, webinar creation, or ebook writing. I don’t know how to be anything else but who I am. I think the best example of this was when Laurie Lawson of the coaching game tv show asked me about how I send such detailed emails to so many people. I told her it was cut and paste. I just change the names and sometimes mention the show description. A lot of people wouldn’t have admitted that, but to me it was as natural as breathing. Glad to meet you. Hope to connect with you and maybe even collaborate with you. Blessings, Max

  11. Hi Matthew,

    Me too πŸ˜‰ It’ll be a blast I am sure. Max is candid, funny and chock full of blogging – and worldly – wisdom. His carny stories are a hoot, too. Make sure to ask him the one about the big snake and the furry rabbits. But make sure PETA ain’t listening LOL.


  12. Hi Aleksandra,

    Way cool. Max is a fascinating dude and our meet was so much fun.

    Thanks much.


  13. Interesting read. I learnt a lot more than I expected from that! And thanks for introducing me to Max’s blog too!

  14. Matthew Kaboomis Loomis Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I’m so looking forward to meeting Maxwell (via skype) this Monday for the first time. He sounds like such a fascinating personality, it should be a great interview!

    Another stellar piece of writing too! Enjoyed the read a lot.


  15. Or when you come to Fiji or Bali or Thailand Lorraine, I’ll meet ya there πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to our meeting!


  16. Hi Mahesh,

    Awesome. Gotta thank Cori for that very kind share. Look forward to seeing you soon on BFP.

    Thanks much.


  17. Mahesh Kumar Says:

    It’s really a good read. I, myself am a regular blogger and have learned few things that I am not paying attention to. I found this article from @NotNowMomsBusy Facebook page and am looking forward to your upcoming articles.

  18. It would be great to meet one day in person.
    If you ever come to Canada, be sure to let me know! πŸ˜‰

  19. Hi Cori,

    Neat! I forgot you were from H-Town.

    Max is a real life super hero and I feel grateful to meet Marvel Max live and in the flesh. Awesome lessons to learn from the guy.

    The Universe really lines up beautifully when we have the authenticity thing down pat.

    Thanks a bunch.


  20. Cori Ramos Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    This is the first time I meet Max and the way you described him – like a blogging version of the Marvel Daredevil sounds like a pretty good description. He sounds like a great guy – and I’m not just saying that because he’s from Houston like me ;).

    I really enjoyed reading this post and what you learned from him. I love his holy trinity – to be authentic, genuine and honest – and I agree we have to be all that in order for the universe to line up in our favor.

    You had me from start to finish, Ryan! Max, it was great to get to read about you. You’re very inspiring and I wish you all the best!

    Have a great day and rest of the week, guys.


  21. Hi Julie,

    You are doing a fine job with all these tips; especially the teamwork one πŸ˜‰ Because one look at your community reflects back to you, and your readers, all the wonderful bonds you’ve made and folks you’ve helped to have such an engaged, inspired group of people commenting on your blog and sharing your posts.

    What we give out freely, flows back to us freely.

    Thanks so much πŸ™‚


  22. Hi Lorraine,

    Really, that teamwork thing is so much fun and I’ve learned from awesome folks like you, Max, Donna Merrill and Adrienne Smith how if you’re willing to help other folks out the Universe will keep helping you out. Beautiful how well this concept works.

    As for your authenticity it is the way to be! Gotta be clear, genuine and honest so others can see you for who you really are. You got that down pat πŸ˜‰ As does Max, because sitting and talking with him was like reading one of his posts.

    Thanks so much for sharing as always Lorraine πŸ™‚


  23. LOL Max great stuff. I have heard that about Ric Flair from folks who met him, away from the ring. He was a little deep in his wrestling persona at times. Love ya back Max, thanks again and hope you’re having a peaceful trip back to Houston my friend.


  24. Hi Harleena,

    Likewise, Happy New Year πŸ™‚

    I hope all is OK with your family and absolutely no worries at all. Max is a dynamo. His energy is tremendous because he routinely dives into and conquers fears most of us never face. He shows how you can embrace and release one of the most difficult mental blocks; the appearance of a physical limit. That makes him irresistible.

    It has been so much fun seeing Max go from stage to stage and I’m so excited for whatever the next step is for him.

    Thanks much Harleena πŸ™‚


  25. Hi Ryan and Max,

    Wishing you both a very happy and prosperous new year πŸ™‚

    Let me start by apologizing for not being around much as I was away for a long time taking care of my ailing dad, and have recently returned, and back to the blogosphere! Yes, I did see your lovely picture on Facebook and was so happy that both of you met, and recently received an email from Max as well. I think those who don’t know Max, would do so now from your wonderful post, Ryan!

    Speaking of myself, I’ve known Max past few years now, ever since he became a part of our blogging community, the ABC, and of course, wrote a post for Aha!NOW – still a memorable one. His journey has been an inspiring one for so many of us, and he’s only risen from one phase of life to another – right from starting his blogging career to writing his book, and the podcasts and interviews, which so many of us only dream of doing- so hats off to him!

    It’s not easy living a life like his, yet one gets the courage and strength seeing inspirational people like him – how can we ever complain of anything, isn’t it? May God Bless him, and of course, you too for being a good friend πŸ™‚

    Loved the lessons you learned, and they are all spot on! Thanks for sharing all of this with us. πŸ™‚

  26. Thank you so much Lorraine.

  27. Thank you Ryan.

  28. maxwell ivey Says:

    yes i mean jet planes, limos, hotel suites, red carpet, autograph parties, groupies, five star restaurants and good neighborhood dives, tv interviews, book on the best seller list, all that good crap. Okay, I don’t need it, and probably wouldn’t enjoy most of it. But being offered it, being well known for my work that people want to do those kinds of things for me; that is important. After all, I can’t motivate if they don’t know who the heck I am. Rick flair is a master promoter who sometimes believed too many of his own headlines. So, see you in NYC next time. Will let you know if I need to have you come back to film the movie. Or if you don’t want to or can’t come back to new york then let me know who you want to play you in the movie. Just remember we’re talking documentary or film festival not summer block buster money. lol take care buddy. and since I trust you so much if you need me to follow you into the out back I’ll be there for you. Love you my friend, Max

  29. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi Lorraine; always good to know we have each other’s backs. after reading Ryan’s post maybe I should get measured again. πŸ˜‰ If I had been smart, I wouldn’t have disagreed with his estimate of 6 ft 7. Authenticity is critical and its something possessed by every one in our circle. Its also the kind of people we generally attract to our blogs. Thanks so much for getting us together. I don’t think it would have happened without your help. bless you, Max

  30. WHHHHEEEWWWWW The Nature Boy!!!!!

  31. Max is awesome. As are you.

    I am so pleased that I was able to help the two of you get together during BOTH of your times in New York.

    I wish I could’ve been there with “y’all.” πŸ˜‰

    I particularly liked your Point #4, Ryan. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Then again, I’m been emotionally invested in Max’s journey for a long time, and I’ve known you for quite a while, too… and what you’ve said is so true.

    That is why people started loving me so much when I started online. I’m genuine. I tell it like it is. I hide nothing. And I’m a giving person… even when others treat me like shit.

    So yeah, my eyes teared up a bit.

    But honest to God, did I ever smile when I saw that pic of you and Max together.
    @maxwellivey:disqus is and always has been and always will be a source of inspiration to me.

    Rock on guys!
    And don’t mess with Texas. Or Texans. Especially those that are 6 foot 4. πŸ˜‰

    Or Canadians named Lorraine Reguly. πŸ˜‰ LOL

  32. Max, I would give my right arm to see you in the jungles trying to get away from the cobras. LOL

  33. I loved your post, too, Sumair.

  34. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi Julie; Thanks for the complement. I just try to do the right things and treat people the way I’d want them to treat me. And perhaps we can meet. Where do you live? I’m already planning a book/speaking tour. take care, Max

  35. What a fun, inspiring and also learning post Ryan! πŸ™‚ You did get me started on my FIRST blog to comment on 2017. I kwo its a huge sign tat its a post about trust, love, letting go, team work all he awesome good juju one must allow to flow freely i to our lives as humans let alone humans who have made it our mission to help others see some light with our posts and blogs.

    Max sounds like an amazing human, and I am so glad you met him. Now I wish I could meet him too! Thanks for sharing and for the fun factor today Ryan! πŸ™‚

    ~Julie Syl

  36. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hey Ryan; I didn’t watch any of the day games. I did fall asleep listening to packers verses lions. We just have different definitions of thrilling. My friend and visually impaired film maker Michael Schwartz however would be right at home with you. He just came back from a couple weeks in the is israli desert. But we can’t compare. That’s dangerous. I need to work on my next book, do some packing, buy some snacks for the train ride, and get some sleep. Had a great time here and would definitely come back. But next time I want them to call me not the other way around. I’m a wrestling fan of 80’s to early 2000’s and the next time I come here I want to do it rick flair style. πŸ˜€ I am also hopeful the next time I leave town there will be a few more people to say good bye. Couldn’t have done this without the family and wouldn’t even try. thanks so much, Max

  37. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hey Ryan; That’s awesome. Can’t wait to hear you live. was hoping for some of that love because of my trip, but have decided this is god’s way of telling me I’m not ready yet. I’m sure he has great things in store for me. I just have to remember the old w. c. fields line “the only way you can lose is to die or quit playing and you look pretty healthy to me kid.” thanks, Max

  38. Hi Max,

    Sounds like a full day to me. And no, I’d not ask you to follow me on my thrilling and sometimes, nutball dangerous adventures πŸ™‚

    As for today it has almost past but know you found awesome things to do. And I know you will be back. No doubts at all on that one.

    The Giants won which was neat but I spent roughly 2 minutes checking scores. Enjoying NYC and this apartment too much.


  39. Hi Ash,

    I only started being patient a few months ago after nearly a decade online. What a wise guy LOL!

    I was kinda patient, and saw some success, but really feel now that much of what I am doing online comes from a patient, calm, loving, fun space, and as noted, this surely hasn’t been my experience for most of my online career.

    Better late than never.

    Thanks as always πŸ™‚


  40. Amen to that Max; literally πŸ˜‰

    I just got asked to appear on a radio show hosted by a former Howard Stern Show cast member. Sweet opportunity and I am actually a fan of the guy too. Pulling back, relaxing and feeling more in the moment has slowly and steadily brought in more opportunities my way, through both lesser known outlets and mainstream too.


  41. You are doing awesome Sumair. Loved your latest post and happy to see you being so transparent. Well done πŸ™‚


  42. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi sunnier; I have had many who have encouraged me along the way. I share my experiences to help others as a way of repaying all the people who have helped me along the way. So, now you have a responsibility to encourage others. Looking forward to your posts, Max

  43. Thank you so much, Ryan, for your motivational comments. I will surely need your help to getting success in Blogging. I am 100% sure that you will help me out whenever I needed you help.
    Thank you again for sharing such an inspirational post with us. Bes of luck. Stay Blessed and YEAH, Happy New Year.

  44. Thank you so much, Maxwell, I will surely share some links of my work through your contact form.
    Thank you so much for giving hope to us.

  45. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi; I have trouble with patience too; For example even while having an amazing time in New York City I have been disappointed by not coming to the attention of “main stream media”. I have continued to push for interviews. But spending time with people like Ryan reminds you to push less and pray more. Thanks for the comment, Max

  46. fetchprofits Says:

    Gotta love Max. Gotta love you.

    That energy you talk about pulsates, reverberates, and it’s all good for us because we invariable get that vibe. I can’t agree more with you on “patience, humour, and this ….Be authentic. Be genuine. Be honest. This Holy Trinity of trusting energies,…” part.

    Patience, for me, is seriously lacking. Humor? I thought I forgot how that’d be like. I can’t believe we all have to work off on so many fronts. If this wasn’t fun, it’d be punishing


  47. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hey Ryan; I like the thought of that. If I am bound to someone in this life I could do lots worse. Just don’t expect me to follow you to the jungles and help you care for pythons or spitting cobras. I feel pretty good. It took me ten whole days to be told no I couldn’t do something because I was blind and didn’t have a guide with me. Got any suggestions for tomorrow. Its my last full day in new york city. Well its my last one for now as I fully expect to be back here for a book/speaking gig. I did have a great morning at trump tower and tiffany’s before getting turned away at the empire state building. And afterwards I had great talks with my host’s roommate kurt, my mom, and my aunt Paula. And I got to miss hearing the texans lose, the cowboys win, and the patriots clinch home field. glad I wasn’t listening to football like I would have been most any other sunday. Hoping to meet and connect with lots of new friends after being featured on your site. Take care my friend, Max

  48. Hi Sumair,

    Thanks so much for sharing with us; I never knew. Neat how you can vibe with Max on that level. And I find it inspiring that you’re rocking it out with your blog too. Keep on keeping on my friend.


  49. Hi Max,

    You are an inspiration to me and all of our community. Whether you are 6-4 or 6-7 LOL. Had me fooled. You are a big guy πŸ˜‰

    I am learning a patience lesson with blogging the right way, doing stuff for fun, making friends and just enjoying the ride without getting caught up in checking the signposts/outcomes during the journey.

    I swear, we are like bound to each other or something Max. Because I read your Facebook update a few hours ago about the Empire State Building and I literally walked right by it not an hour before you were there. Just missed you. Like I just missed you at Battery Park. Crazy. Sorry you couldn’t travel up and tour the building but I’m happy you have enjoyed so much of NYC.

    Thank you!


  50. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi Ryan; Just getting in from the city. I am truly touched by your post. I especially love some of the phrasing you used to describe me and my adventure. Patience is something that blindness teaches you over and over again. I’m glad you found me personable likable and funny in real life. And after reading all the great stuff you said about me I’m wondering where the women are? and oh yes I’m only 6 ft 4 not 7. πŸ™‚ Trying to decide what I want to do on my last full day in New work tomorrow. Its important to think about what you want rather than what you are supposed to want and then do it. Thanks again for the great post, Max

  51. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi sunair I’m always happy to hear I have inspired someone to take action like you did. I’m looking forward to reading some of your work. Be sure and email me the links through my contact form or through face book. Wishing you all the best, Max

  52. Max is a true inspiration for guy like me who have gone through two laser treatments for my eyesight.

    I quit Blogging or you can say journey to Blogging for few months in my life because of physical issues related to my eyes.

    I am now much more inspired and 100% focused to Blogging on my new and first ever blog BloggingB.com.

    Thank you Ryan for sharing such an awesome post of Max. It’s really motivating.

    Best Regards:

  53. Isn’t Max wonderful?