Kelli and Ryan at a Balinese wedding


10 Fun Photos from a Balinese Wedding


$8 USD wedding gifts?


Enjoying brownies and ice tea sipped from used soda bottles?


You must be at a Balinese wedding.


Kelli and I were delighted to be invited to a Balinese wedding in a village outside of Ubud a while back. We accepted the invite of course.


After asking about the customary wedding gift I chuckled at the figure; on doing the conversion between rupiah and USD, the suggested wedding gift was $8. Not bad. Also, not exactly what I’d gift at a wedding in the USA.


I wanted to share a few fun photos to bring you along for the ride.


Balinese women at wedding


These ladies chilled while soaking up the scene.


Balinese weddings are festive, laid back affairs. Folks gab throughout the entire ceremony, catching up on local gossip, remarking on the beautiful couple and no doubt weighing in on the wedding fare.


As you enter the wedding expect to be offered sweet treats – brownies and cookies – and old soda bottles (washed of course) filled with delicious iced tea. Grub and grog while enjoying the festivities. My type of wedding.


Figurine Balinese wedding


Western wedding ceremonies are generally serious, staid affairs compared to the delightful time I had at this Balinese get together.


A wedding reception in the West may be fun but as soon as you enter the temple at a wedding in Bali you are met with a colorful array of vibrant altars, figurines, flowers and folks dressed in their sartorial splendor.


I even got duded up in traditional Indonesian garb; see below.


Me at a Balinese wedding


Per custom, I dressed appropriately for the wedding.


I wore a traditional sarong (skirt) and blangkon to cover my head.


I felt a little off – new gear for me – on entering the temple but after a few warm smiles I felt right at home.


Our friend spent about 5 minutes dressing me, from positioning the skirt and headdress properly to ensure no wardrobe malfunctions during the event.


Flowers Balinese wedding




Lots of flowers.


The organizers of the Tournament of Roses Parade would have been jealous of the floral arrangements we saw at the temple.


Imagine the brightest, most vivid colors tickling your senses, with floral designs set up all around the temple.


Altar entrance Balinese wedding


This was the entrance to the altar where the ceremony occurred.


Note the 2 white seats for bride and groom.


Note the aforementioned brilliant floral arrangements too as well as the hanging palms that had been folded meticulously by the woman in our compound.


Kelli and I often saw these ladies spend hours creating intricate designs out of palm leaves for the many daily offerings served up on the Island of the Gods.


Bride and groom Balinese wedding


The bride and groom are being flanked by the high priest wearing all white.


I was impressed by the brilliant design on the large hats worn by both bride and groom.


The high priest alternated between bestowing blessings on the couple, chanting quietly and praying in silence during the event.


As I know only a bit of Indonesian I could not follow but rest assured he offering the couple his blessing.


Fare Balinese wedding


Keep the cold ice tea’s coming.


Peep those awesome refreshments. Ice tea served in a recycled soda bottle, carried around in a classic Coca Cola crate.


Love it.


I mean, I really loved it as the heat and humidity in Bali was best counteracted with a cool, crisp iced tea. I was sweating in my sarong and needed some relief.


Cookies, brownies and other sweet treats were passed around for wedding goers. I indulged. Of course. Because when do you have a chance to eat a brownie and drink iced tea from a reused Coke bottle during a wedding ceremony in Bali?


Bridge and groom Balinese wedding


This is a close up of the happy couple with women looking on.


Trust me; the couple was happy but kept on a stone face for the entirety of the ceremony, until they were officially hitched. Then the smiles flowed like Indonesian iced tea at a Balinese wedding.


Entrance to temple Balinese wedding


The temple entrance was all done up for the wedding ceremony.


Peep the woman on the left; this was where you were greeted with the refreshments.


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