10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali eBook


10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali eBook




The Island of the Gods.


Or the Island of the Dogs when you see the street dog population there.


We have spent over a year on Bali between multiple trips.


Although my current travel location of Chiang Mai, Thailand is my fave place on earth, Bali comes in a close second.


During my trips I learned 10 clear, powerful blogging lessons to promote your success


So I decided to write an eBook to accelerate your online success:


10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali (to Accelerate Your Online Success)



How Reading the eBook Benefits You


You want to be a successful blogger.


Sugar plum fairy inspired dreams of big blog traffic and steady blogging profits dance around in your dome.


Reading the eBook, studying these lessons and using these lessons helps you live your dreams through blogging.


I share said lessons in a fun, entertaining way.


Folks tend to pick up lessons quickly through analogies.


I could tell you to create and connect to become a successful blogger.


But if I explain how naked Balinese women are branding gold (this is an actual chapter in the eBook, guys) you’re hella likely to seize, remember and use the tips I share.


Boring learning versus Biddulph learning.


Or boring learning versus Bali learning.


At the end of the day your blogging success rests on doing a few simple, powerful things persistently. This eBook stresses the fundamentals one wants to follow to build a successful blog.


What’s in the eBook?




Plenty of helpful blogging lessons.


Chapter 1: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan Think Slowly

Chapter 2: Naked Balinese Women Are Branding Gold

Chapter 3: Go Hard Because Your Time Will Be Up One Day

Chapter 4: Herding Chickens Is Just Like Riding the Blogging Wave

Chapter 5: Desperate Tour Operators Teach You How NOT to Make Money Blogging

Chapter 6: Nyepi Is the Best Holiday for Struggling Bloggers

Chapter 7: Paying a Few Extra Cents Is Well Worth the Blogging View

Chapter 8: Your Environment Makes or Breaks You

Chapter 9: Stories Sell Features Suck

Chapter 10: Get Creative to Speak Your Reader’s Language


Chapter 1 is about learning how to overcome blogging obstacles.


Chapter 2 is a fun read for branding yourself effectively as a blogger.


Chapter 3 is about following your fun and diving into your fears based on my experiences in Bali.


4 explains how my chicken herding skills learned on the Island of the Gods promote your blogging success.


5 teaches you how not to be a desperate, needy blogger, using fearful tour operators as prime examples of what not to do when building your business.


Chapter 6 explores a fascinating holiday on Bali and why it benefits struggling bloggers.


7 is all about dropping extra chedda to promote your blogging success.


Chapter 8 stresses the power of establishing a positive environment around yourself.


Chapter 9 increases your blogging profits through the power of story telling.


10 delves into the power of increasing your creativity to connect with your readers, using one of my experiences in Bali.


Guys, this read is fun, filled with practical tips and a fine guide for either getting started with blogging or upping your blogging game a few levels.


If you want to live vicariously through me and get some sweet blogging tips:


Buy 10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali (to Accelerate Your Online Success)