10 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Living in Fiji eBook


10 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Living in Fiji eBook








I lived in Savusavu, Fiji for 4 months in 2014.


Lovely place.


The Paradise of Fiji. Or so called by locals.


I learned 10 successful blogging lessons in Fiji and jam-packed each into an eBook to promote your success:


10 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Living in Fiji eBook



What’s in the eBook?


Let’s dive into the chapters guys.


Chapter 1: Do Not Worry
Chapter 2: Take a Break
Chapter 3: Be Generous
Chapter 4: Be Happy
Chapter 5: Take Care of Your Body
Chapter 6: Over Deliver
Chapter 7: You Better Be Social
Chapter 8: Slow It Down
Chapter 9: Don’t Panic When the Black Out Hits
Chapter 10: Admire Beauty


The intro…..is the intro.


I lay the foundation for the eBook, explaining how living in a pristine, stunning paradise inspired me to write this eBook for you. Or something like that.


Chapter 1 is about taking is eeeaaassssyyyy. Fun local saying: “Easy.” Not even a saying. Just a word. Easy does it. Fijians are island folks working on Fiji Time – meaning nice and slowly – and they are never in a hurry. No rushing. Naturally, these folks worry little if at all and I explain why you should not worry about your blog when most bloggers fret themselves into a frenzy.


Chapter 2 underscores the importance of breaks. Fijians take plenty of breaks, often chilling quite a bit during the day. Ditto for you, fellow bloggers. I flesh out this idea so you embrace the benefits of breaking frequently and why doing so promotes your blogging success.


The Fijians live by this core idea: “What’s mine is yours.” Get insights into why being as generous as kind Fijians helps grow your blog traffic and profits like the dickens.


4 is about learning from the predominant happy vibe in Fiji and why being happy benefits your blog.


5 is alive with a powerful tip; take care of your body. I saw fit Fijian rugby players and whipped myself into shape too in this exotic land. Taking care of your body plays a chief role in how you feel and how you feel dictates your blogging success.


Chapter 6 stresses the importance of over delivering. If you give freely and detach some from outcomes the getting aka traffic and profit building increase exponentially over the long haul.


7 underscores the need to be social if you want to build a thriving blog. I struck up conversations with Fijians on a wide range of topics. Everybody is ready with a smile and chat wherever you turn in this friendly, warm, social land. Social bloggers become connected bloggers and connected bloggers succeed wildly in their niche of choice.


Chapter 8 revisits the Fijian theme; slow down, calm down and take it easy. As I write these words from a chill, relaxed, calm and clear space I see why I’ve become prolific. Nothing feels forced, hurried or rushed on my end, so fear ain’t calling the shots. I explain why taking things slowly, patiently and calmly lays the foundation for a rocking blogging career.


Chapter 9 recounts a few pitch dark blackouts we experienced in Savusavu. I could not see my hand in front of my face during blackouts in this remote area. I share why you need to keep calm, cool and collected when the inevitable blogging blackouts hit.


Chapter 10 explains why admiring the stunning beauty of Fiji teaches you how to appreciate the beauty of your blogging career, and how what you appreciate, appreciates.


The eBook


If you’re stoked to gobble up these blogging lessons along with some colorful Fiji tales buy:


10 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Living in Fiji eBook



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