10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Doha Qatar

  February 26, 2017 blogging tips 🕑 8 minutes read

Me. Chilling by the Corniche in Doha, Qatar.

Tick tock.


Tick tock.


As I write these words the internet has been out for the past 3 hours. I have a client call in 50 minutes.


Of course, over the past month we spent here the internet went down for 1 hour total.


This is not Murphy’s Law. Or bad luck.


This is the first blogging lesson I learned in Qatar.


Before Kelli and I leave for Myanmar on Sunday I want to help you build your blog traffic and income with these 10 lessons.


1: Expect the Unexpected


Right now I am experiencing the unexpected. Internet up for 30 days in a row. 1 day before we leave it craps out. Before a client call.


I may be able to do said call through my phone but this sums up a fun, fascinating and neat journey in Qatar; expect the unexpected.


We arrived to a dust storm and chilly temps. Dropped into the upper 40’s – Fahrenheit – at night. From a place reaching 120 degrees during summer months. We knew it’d be cool but not in the 40’s. Nor did I think we’d visit during the wettest month in Qatar in 50 years. 10 days straight of clouds and some rain.


Not expecting much at all kept me in the moment. Helping me go with the Qatar flow.


The white screen of death. Internet crashing before client calls. Life intervenes with your blog. Expect the unexpected to be nimble, to keep spreading love, to accept what you cannot change and to let go deep fears.


Instead of rueing a downed internet I am writing this post. Travel taught me to expect the unexpected so I keep agile, prolific and pretty dang happy no matter what happens.


2: Surrounding Yourself with Wealth Makes You Feel Wealthy


Lamborghini Aventadors. Porsche GT 3’s. Rolls Royce Phantoms. 160 foot yachts.


When Kelli and I visited The Pearl I felt incredibly wealthy. Like if Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark invited me into their exclusive VIP club, on the island they obviously designed in their own private prosperity pissing contest.


Being amid lavish worldly riches in the wealthiest country on earth lifted my prosperity consciousness because your energetic environment molds you. This wealthy, opulent energy can make you super prolific, creative, helpful and of course, will help you let in more money, money making ideas, cool, successful people and various neat things…..and opportunities.


Hang with successful, experienced, professional bloggers. Feed off of their energy. Allow these folks to help lift you up.


Chill with free blogging dudes and dudettes. And you shall free yourself through blogging too.


3: Play by a Few Set Rules (No Knees)


In keeping with Muslim culture – in a Muslim country – when we left the compound we covered our shoulders and knees. And mid riffs. Which bummed me out. With my collection of belly shirts.


Qatar is the first place where I really kept the conservative clothing thing in mind. To play by a few set rules. Because we respected local customs.


No hand holding with Kelli. No PDA’s in public. Not archane devices, I mean no public displays of affection. Or kissing. Just respect, just da rules. No biggie.


As bloggers you will follow 2 set rules; create and connect. Create helpful content. Connect with other bloggers by promoting them. Publish. Make friends. Prosper.


4: Keep Calm to Avoid a Cat-astrophie


Archie exited stage left.


Hilly Beans flew the coop.


Jackie tested his limits by almost breaching the compound wall.


Despite our best efforts, 3 of the cats we’re watching escaped the home grounds. I snatched Jack within seconds. Archie returned like the Prodigal Son 3 hours post exit. Kelli found Hilly Beans high in a bushy tree next door.


We only found – or allowed the return of – each cat by keeping calm during the ordeals. Minus an initial flip out after Archie vanished we took a deep breath, relaxed, and let love and openess guide our decisions, versus allowing fear, panic and terror to influence our choices.


Take the next step from lesson #1. The unexpected happens. OK. Do you flip out? Or calmly find a solution to the circumstance?


Take a deep breath when your blog crashes. When the internet goes down, relax. Calmly accept the fact your blog has been hacked after an initial freak out.


Blogging solutions await nestled in a calm, relaxed, chill space because it’s virtually impossible to remedy any situation from a panicked, frenzied space.


Bonus tip: meditate for 5 to 30 minutes daily.


5: Team Work Helps the Dream Work (Colossal Cranes)


Towering cranes. Hoardes of workers. Drilling. Backhoes. Trucks. Dirt. Dust. Construction.


Qatar is experiencing a sonic boom. From the recent immense wealth flowing through nat gas reserves and because of all the building for the 2022 World Cup. Mad activity. Mad infrastructure building.


The 250,000 Qatari citizens could not achieve this. But the millions of migrant workers who flock to Qatar are making the dream work through team work, in addition to a steady flow of ex-pats who work for multinational companies, keeping the economy humming.


All your blogging dreams work because you grow a thriving, loyal community of readers.


A team.


Comment on other blogs. Promote other bloggers through social media. Feature bloggers on your blog. Guest post on other blogs. Open your blog to guest posting.


Bring your blogging team together to make ALL of your dreams work.


6: Ya Can’t Imitate Authentic (No Souq for You!)


The falcon bobbed its head left and right, grasping at the man’s heavy leather gloves with a vice grip-like talons.


Camels stared vacantly toward the Persian Gulf.


Spice dealers and prospective customers haggled over prices.


My visit to the Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar was an authentic step into a Middle Eastern market. No way in hell I could compare this experience to any I’ve had. Because it was genuine. 1 of a kind. I mean….an ENTIRE market devoted to falcons, including a falcon hospital, camels, the Persian Gulf in the distance, narrow alleys, spice dealers, Qatari coffee houses and prayer rooms?


1 of a kind experience.


Make your blog a 1 of kind experience, so nobody can mimic you. Tell your story. In your voice. By writing 1,000 words daily for practice. Brand your blog. Buy a premium theme. Create your own products. Write eBooks.


Nobody can come close to imitating Blogging From Paradise. And it shall be so, for you, and your blog.


7: You’re Sitting on a Gold Mine


Qatar is the wealthiest nation on earth.


The country sits on rich natural gas reserves.


Naturally, the money earned through this vast natural resource nets the country immense wealth.


Your self-hosted WordPress blog is your goldmine, sitting on a rich store of content, a wealth of strong friendships, a varied mix of income streams, all resting on a foundation of spreading love and having fun.


Dizzying building by The Pearl in Doha, Qatar.


You too will become wealthy because your readers – both established, and new – seek to mine your content value and are ready to freely pay for whatever products and services you have to offer.


8: Take the Path Less Traveled


Most days, Kelli and I walked to the mall. 35 minute walk.


One evening we Ubered to the mall on a rainy night during rush hour. The ride length: almost 60 minutes.


Traffic here is murderous. Everybody drives. No mass transit. So walking to places is both the path less traveled and at some times of day, a quicker way to get around.


If we walked on that rainy evening we may have got a little wet but we’d have arrived 25 minutes earlier with a solid cardiovascular workout under our belts.


Take the blogging path less traveled. Most want to make quick and easy money, seeking convenience over substance. Some chase stats over following their fun.


The few who take the less traversed path, blogging mainly to have fun and spread love, reach their goals more quickly and enjoy the journey more immensely.


9: Every Human Journey is Different (Not Better or Worse)


Qatar is a welfare state.


Meaning the 250,000 Qatari nationals receive checks from the government. Because of the massive natural gas deposits and oil in Qatar, the government cuts checks, provides families with a home, pays for utilities and no income tax exists.


The average household income here is $400,000 but with the sheer wealth of local tribes many families amass much larger wealth.


One of our Uber drivers noted how many Qatari families own 15 to 20 cars. Or more.


You may think being born here would be a dream. In many ways, it is, with the massive wealth flowing around. But on the flip side, there is less to do here versus other countries we’ve visited, temperatures reach a brutal 125 degrees or higher during summer months and the wind and dust storms can be really rough.


This ain’t a positive or negative thing. It merely shows how every human experience is different and should not be judged as anything but a human experience.


Think about your readers. All their journeys are different.


No newbies themed post contains information “that’s been covered a gazillion times already” to those very newbie eyes.


Recently a 78 year old man emailed me, excited to start his blog.


I have 15 year old blogger readers.


We all take a different journey. Blog in your voice, tell your story and connect with all those delicious folks who are following their path. In their own way. At their own pace.


10: Amplify Your Message


At 4:48 AM on the day we arrived I heard the melodic, harmonious, peaceful salah blaring from loudspeakers.


This Muslim prayer is emitted from local mosques multiple times daily. Only the dead would miss the salah message.


Amplify your blogging message. Readers won’t be able to miss it.


Guest post on well-read blogs related to your niche. Comment on well-read blogs related to your niche. Share your posts across multiple platforms. Share other blogger’s posts across multiple platforms.


Like the salah shared through loudspeakers in Muslim countries, folks *will* notice your peaceful, helpful, loving blogging message.


Your Turn


Have you been to Qatar?


What blogging lessons have you learned today?

  1. Mi Muba says:
    at 11:47 am

    Hi Ryan

    I have never been to Qatar but live in a country (Pakistan) culturally quite similar to it.

    I couldn’t have stopped laughing while reading the lesson 3 that actually means “think globally but act locally”. It becomes must when you are in a conservative country. Lolz

    How about Qatari food. Arabs are more foodie than other nations and don’t worry about fitness. You must have watched there chubby people walking slowly around the streets.

    Many thanks for sharing these very important blogging lessons.

    PS: Are you now in Myanmar? Do try their cultural cuisine “Khousa”.

    Have a safe and pleasant journey mate.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:04 am

      Hi Mi,

      LOL on that quote! Love it man and having experienced it I dig the idea behind it.

      We thought globally but adhered to local customs; many of which are similar in your beautiful country of Pakistan.

      Wow we saw so many folks who could have lost a few pounds for sure. The food was wonderful the folks were foodies and yep, the locals drove everywhere and we rarely saw folks walking on the sidewalk. The government is pushing an exercise campaign to combat the growing obesity and diabetes epidemic in Qatar.

      Thanks for the recommendation! We arrived in Myanmar a few hours ago. Khousa is on the list.


  2. Linda Aksomitis says:
    at 12:19 pm

    Great tips, Ryan! I especially liked “You’re Sitting on a Gold Mine.” So many bloggers find awhile to develop their brand and audience, and feel they’ve wasted their time without thousands of readers. But they’re not. 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:01 am

      Hi Linda,

      We all are in a major league way. But some bloggers totally lack vision and throw in the towel just when things are lining up.

      The gold mine rests beneath every blog on earth. You add the fun, the love, the content and connections, water with persistence and look out when it comes time to mine the fortune.


  3. Jeannie Hall says:
    at 1:46 pm

    Qatar sounds like a fascinating place, Ryan. All that opulence and a completely unique way of living most Americans can’t even imagine. I love how you find nuggets of wisdom even in a place so materially wealthy. I never thought about how being around such riches could help to put us in a more wealthy mindset, but it makes sense in a way. Maybe giving our senses examples helps increase such things coming to fruition. Thanks for sharing!


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:58 am

      Hi Jeannie,

      Qatar is fascinating because you see worldly wealth extremes rarely seen on earth, save Dubai and a few other select spots. Amazing opulence. Inspired imagery. Fun vibe overall because you really do feast on the images and feeling, stepping into the spirit of opulence.

      Thanks much 🙂


  4. Matthew Kaboomis Loomis says:
    at 6:43 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    These ten lessons are gold.

    #4 really resonated with me today…I’ve been working on that for a couple of years. Not going to quickly to frustration and fear when things “unexpected” occur, like you lose a blog post for some unknown reason. That’s only happened once…but there are all sorts of little things that happen in life that we can either freak out about or stay in a calm, relaxed place, where we think clearly.

    So often when we stay in the chill zone, we find the solution much quicker an we realize how foolish panicking is…thanks for these lessons.

    Qatar is such a fascinating country. Only 250K citizens? Wow. No wonder they can afford such lavish gov. subsidies.

    Enjoyed this post, man.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:55 am

      Hi Matthew,

      That’s the thing; when you see how keeping calm lets the solution in there is no other way to be.

      I’m getting a good lesson in the “totally change your workday” department now as Kelli and I are doing the rare tourist/travel bit here in Myanmar. 12 days. 3 towns. Quick travel versus our normal slow travel. Lots of neat energies arising but I am keeping calm, relaxed and just am being a chill blogger as I pull back more from online stuff and enjoy even more offline stuff.

      Thanks for the comment!


  5. Praveen Rajarao says:
    at 4:45 pm

    Hey Ryan,
    No, I havent been to Qatar, but it was my stop-over while travelling to India from USA. From the flight I could see how beautiful it looked althought most of the land was a dessert sort of. I think if given a chance, I would like to visit the place to explore the “wealth” and be surrounded by the same 🙂

    Today I learn some new methodologies on Instagram, got a white paper on how to use it effectively, lot of mistakes in my existing profile and posts, gotta check them out and modify.

    Good read. Keep on exploring my friend.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:03 am

      Hi Praveen,

      I like your Instagram lessons. I can use 1 or 2 myself because I’m new to IGing and want to sponge up helpful tips.

      Cool. We laid over in UAE once and Kuwait once too. Same deal with the desert; everywhere you looked by each airport you saw vast expanses of sand. Doha is an urban capital as far as the decent-sized downtown areas but very suburban when you head out to the compounds and malls in town.

      Will do bro 😉 Thanks for reading.


  6. Robin Khokhar says:
    at 1:20 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    Amazing post. And I must thank for sharing your experience of Qatar with us in the form of a post.
    Keep traveling and keep posting.
    Have wonderful trips.

  7. Cori Ramos says:
    at 12:21 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Expect the unexpected – that’s been my motto lately. At first I used to get so stressed out if my schedule was screwed up. I guess it’s the corporate mindset in me because I’m thinking “if I made the commitment to be online at this time, then I should be”. I have to remind myself that I call the shots, hehe.

    Now, like you said, I just go with the flow and adjust my schedule. If it means I work some evening hours, then so be it. My goal is to tackle my to-do list for the day without any carry over to the next.

    Today is a good example. My son has to take his driver’s test this afternoon and I have to go with him. I’ll admit I stressed for a minute but I’m hustling now doing what I can before we leave and just pick up when I get home. I will confess that I’ll be thinking about my traffic and who’s blog I haven’t visited while I’m there so I might have my laptop in tow. I wonder if the government has a good internet connection. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your lessons with us. Always great to read your post, Ryan. You truly rock!

    Have a great time in Myanmar!


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:12 pm

      Hi Cori,

      Wow do I know that feeling.

      I too had the corporate mindset/micromanagement/controlling tendency/employee mindset for a long time. Same deal; beat myself up for not slaving in my cyber cubicle, appearing to miss opportunities because I wasn’t plugged in 15 hours a day.

      Right now I’m writing these words from a hotel in Bagan, Myanmar. 5:40 AM, after a 9 hour overnight bus ride from Yangon. Waiting to check into our room. Travel literally forced me to be flexible. I have no other option. So you are definitely doing things from a high energy space, going with the flow these days.

      Did your son pass? I hope so 😉 I also hope the government had solid WiFi 🙂

      Thanks a bunch.


  8. Ernie says:
    at 8:04 am

    Thank you Ryan for sharing your thoughts on Blogging while you were in Doha Qatar. I was also in Doha recently February 2017 for 3days only and yes they are on a construction boom and setting their subway transport. There are lots of migrant workers in the construction and hotel sector and all these are in preparation for the FIFA Worldcup in 2022.i also visited Souq Wagif and also their Education City and tried the local Turkish ice cream. Also they have an excellent airport facilities at the Hamad International Airport. Thank you for sharing some blogging tips and lessons.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:05 pm

      Hi Ernie,

      Oh wow; way cool we were there simultaneously. How about that weather? Rainy and chilly at night, too. Pretty rare for Doha. Rain-wise at least.

      Big time airport! We were impressed as heck at Hamad. Stunning. One of a few 5 – or 6? – star airports on earth.

      That boom is impressive too. Building all over the place, all the time.

      Turkish ice cream rocks 😉 We love the show the vendor puts on, clowning people with the sticky, seemingly magical ice cream.

      Thanks for the comment.


  9. Amar kumar says:
    at 5:45 am

    Hey Ryan,

    Once again I’ve found very interesting post on your website. You always comes with some innovative tips regarding blogging – If we open our eyes in open environment, many things we can learn from it. Thanks for sharing your experience pertaning of Qatar.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:06 am

      Hi Amar,

      That eye opening part is so key bro. Be present, open then peepers and blogging lessons will flow out da ying yang.

      Thanks a bunch 🙂


  10. Amina kausar says:
    at 3:49 am

    Hey Ryan,
    Loved the way you described Qatar and incited so much
    Of interest I had to question myself literally Do I live in the same place? Yes I do and have lived here for decades. I guess you get used to the opulence around
    The sights and sounds get very familiar . Lovely to experience it through once again through ur post . 😊

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