10 Shocking Blogger Wake Up Calls You and I Need

  March 3, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read

Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Blogging is tough.


Until blogging gets easier.


Blogging is actually simple. Anyone can write content and make friends. Anyone can open income channels. This is blogging, in a nutshell. But taking each step unearths fears in your mind, in some moments. Facing fear in your mind feels tough. Hence blogging appearing to be highly tough, at times.


Most bloggers slam into one or more wake up calls along the way. Reality checks litter most blogging journeys because virtually all believe this journey to be somewhat easy until truth reveals a different story.


Wake up calls are truths. Your mind believes a lie. Reality is truth. Your ego deludes you into falsehoods. Reality speaks a different story.


Do you need a wake up call? If you struggle or fail….yes!


Tune in, read, be honest, own any wake up calls and move in the opposite direction.


1: NOT Blogging Generously and Persistently Leads to Endless Failure


I know bloggers who blog 1-3 hours weekly. Blogging becomes a failure for this crowd. Giving a little energy and time to blogging produces little in terms of results.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Even if you have the loving compassion of Lord Buddha, if you sit on your blogging ass most of the day or most of the week, you fail. Give little. Get little.


Do you aspire to be a professional Netflix watcher or a professional blogger?


Give 2-4 or more hours to blogging daily, every single day. Whatever you give to blogging attention, energy and time-wise flows back to you.


2: Blogging for 14 Hours Daily with *Fear Energy* Leads to Failure


You cannot get over what’s in you. You cannot outfox your energy. Fear wins thru your blog if you vibe mainly fear while you work. You cannot outwork your fear. Feel your fear. Proceed from a loving, generous energy. Work diligently and with love versus slaving from fear and struggling forever.


Life is emotions. Experiences follow your predominant mindset. Feeling afraid – no matter how long and hard you blog – brings failure.


Face, feel and release fears to develop a peaceful, calm, abundant mindset. Proceed to blog peacefully, calmly and abundantly to position yourself to succeed.


3: Buying a Course Does Nothing for You


What you buy is useless until you use it.


Invest money in a blogging course. Complete the course. Take notes. Study the notes. Put your newfound blogging knowledge into action. Practically apply knowledge acquired through the course to slowly and steadily accelerate your blogging success.


4: Completing a Course Does Nothing for You


Listening to my blogging audio course, ultimately, does nothing for you.


What you listen to is useless until you use it.


Apply what you learned via the course to succeed.


5: Blogging Is 1000’s Of Work Hours Executed Over Years


Becoming a professional blogger involves creating and connecting for 1000’s of hours spanning years of your life.


Few know this until blogging for a bit to discover their delusions.


New bloggers often complain about gaining no profits after 3 weeks of blogging work. Reality rears its head via a loud and clear wake up call; profits arrive after years of blogging work versus 3 weeks of blogging work.


Blog generously, patiently and persistently for 1000s of hours to go pro. No human accesses blogging success through a time machine. All pros put in work for a long time to become successful.


6: Blogging Critics Reveal Your Fears to You


Every critic who attempts to skewer you or your blogging campaign unearths fears in your mind. Each fear needs to go for you to reach the next stage of blogging growth.


For example, most bloggers struggle by playing small for playing big would involve facing increasing criticism. Facing greater criticism would trigger deep fears buried in mind quite unpleasant to feel and release. Facing, feeling and releasing such fears frees you to become more successful. Burying such fears burdens you deeper into the realm of blogging failure and eventual criticism.


Do not fight critics. Never blame critics. Search your mind for fears triggered during encounters with critics. Face, feel and release these fears to be free of critics in order to rapidly accelerate your blogging success.


7: Blogging Lone Wolves Die


Trying to do everything solo leads to failure and quitting. You cannot do it all solo; you burn out or hit earnings and traffic ceilings. You can do so much in 24 hours as a human. 100 of your blogging friends can amplify your presence 1 million fold during the same 24 hour period. Generously promote other bloggers. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Make friends. Prosper. Grow a community of blogging buddies around you.


8: Numbers Mean Nothing


I have seen 2 million Fan Facebook Page Communities yield 3 Likes on a post.


Numbers mean nothing. Humans mean everything.


Numbers mean nothing. Humans mean everything. #blogging Click To Tweet


People mean everything. Bloggers chase numbers. Bloggers pat themselves on the back after attaining numbers. Other number chases congratulate number chasers. But a number cannot do anything. Humans can do plenty. Focus on serving humans 1 to 1. Be genuine. Be generous. Succeed.


9: Your Blogging Struggles Are 100% Your Energy and Your Creation


If you struggle to gain blogging clients you fear some aspect of what you need to BE to land clients. Maybe a coach advises you to network generously but big, bad, arrogant you knows networking is not for you, networking does not work, networking feels heavy to you, networking kills your inspired energy. 8 months down the road, after signing up zero clients, either you own your energy, humble yourself, and network generously, or you keep fighting networking like a deluded, insane, blogging loon, continuing your struggles forever…or until you wake the up.


Life is mind. How you live depends on your mindset. Blogging struggles begin and end in your mind. Blogging solutions begin and end in mind.


I believe this wake-up call to be about the toughest for the mind to own. The ego is a victim. The ego wants to be held captive by:


  • Google
  • Facebook
  • email lists
  • the world, in general


However, all blogging success or failure flows from your mind. Life reflects your mind back to you. Own this simple truth to be free. Hug this reality to be liberated.


For example, updating and re-publishing a high-ish volume of posts recently only unfolded because I faced, felt and released fear in my mind related to publishing or re-publishing too much content. I journeyed deep into my mind to root out this fear. You, too, need to journey inward, to find the cause for all of your blogging struggles.


10: Stinginess Precedes Failure


Every struggling blogger I know holds back. 1 post, then they coast. 1 podcast, then they chill. Check email. Check stats. Focus on THEM, THEM, THEM…..and, more and more failure follows them.


If you struggle, you are stingy. It is your fault for holding back. If you are patiently and persistently generous, you will succeed.


Be generous. Be patient. Be persistent. Help people. Assist people. Position yourself to succeed.




Heeding the alarm clock is worth the humbling.


Honor these blogging wake up calls to leave failure behind and to accelerate your blogging success.

  1. Donna Merrill says:
    at 8:17 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    What sage advice you have given here from your endless hours of blogging yourself. To me, blogging is a journey. We start out and might not have a good plan, but slowly fall into one. The main thing is that you have to love it. You have to have the incentive to write FOR others so that they may pick up a thing or two from your content.

    When you give freely, and have the mindset that you want to lend a hand to others, the thing called money will follow. It all comes down to energy. As you open the door and give for the sake of others, good things come back to you all the time.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:31 am

      Blogging is definitely a journey Donna because it tends to take quite a long time to let go what does not work in order to make room for what does work. This experience simply spans years and years of our lives because we have much to learn and give in order to thrive.

      I allowed the failing strategies to fade away in order to work the proven strategies that offered the most help, felt the most fun to execute and also recruited the greatest amount of blogging success. Like you said my friend, when you are generous and being truly helpful the money simply follows because money follows value. Blogging like life is a mindset or energy game. Once you develop your mental strength by facing fears you will organically be generous. From there, success surely follows slowly and steadily of course. Thanks so much for your comment Donna.

  2. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:
    at 9:12 pm

    Ryan, awesome as always.
    I especially like #3 & #4. It is amazing how many people think that if they buy “something” everything magically gets better, or all of their wishes will come true. They fail to realize that buying it or learning it, is only the first step. It’s also usually the easiest part.

    Take care,

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:45 am

      Sharla Ann those are good points all around my friend. I think the buying and automatically succeeding desire ties into the magic bullet mindset. Bloggers delude themselves into believing that one course or one ebook will make them succeed through the simple step of purchasing it. Greed and desperation fed by fear in the ego trick us into believing insane, totally mad ideas. Bloggers buy stuff or invest in knowledge to study, learn and apply over a long period of time until they become successful. This is always a long haul journey. There are no shortcuts here. Overnight success is impossible. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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