1 Way to Overcome Blogging Problems

  February 15, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Buena Vista, Costa Rica

Buena Vista, Costa Rica


Blogging problems seem to arise with ego thinking.


Thinking about your blogging problems then trying to solve your blogging problems always leads to more blogging problems.


Think outward about other people versus thinking inward about yourself. Consider ways to solve their blogging problems. Shine the spotlight on them. Give them the gift of your attention and energy. Focus outward.


Dissolve blogging problems by helping people versus only trying to help yourself.


Blogging feels easier for generous servants. Blogging feels tougher for self servants. Blogging success flows through other human beings to you. Helping people is the way to encourage the flow of blogging success through others to you. However, most bloggers suffer problems for being self servants. If you find traffic hard to come by, rest assured that an inner focus on solely wanting to help self causes the problem.


Observe bloggers who check stats 5-10 times daily or more often. Anytime you check stats you want to see how YOU are doing. But how can you be truly help for other people when you focus your attention and energy on how YOU are doing? What about how THEY are doing? What about listening to THEIR needs instead of checking YOUR blogging metrics for the 10th time today? How about writing and publishing a blog post to meet THEIR needs versus focusing on YOUR statistics?


I capitalized the words above to underscore the root of blogging problems: the ego. The ego thinks only about itself. Thinking of yourself and your needs starves other people of the opportunity for you to help them. Think outward about helping people. Succeed. Think inward about helping self. Fail. The process is actually easy to understand once you see all problems are focused on self-service while all solutions are grounded in serving others.


Blog Traffic Problems


For example, imagine if you struggle to drive traffic to your blog. Perhaps you appear to have a serious blog traffic problem.


100% of the time, blog traffic problems occur because a blogger does not generously, patiently and persistently:


  • think about their readers
  • listen to their reader’s needs
  • solve their reader’s problems by creating and publishing helpful blog content


The traffic problem is the blogger:


  • thinking about self
  • thinking about their needs
  • focusing on their blogging stats
  • trying to avoid their fears


Face, feel and release fears fueling desires to serve yourself. Get busy serving other human beings to dissolve all blogging problems.


Traffic problems dissolve as you think about fellow human beings, listen to their problems and solve their problems with your blog content. Profits problems dissolve in similar fashion. Be generous patiently, persistently and consistently. Traffic grows. Profits grow.


Practical steps to follow for publishing helpful blog content and for monetizing effectively are fairly easy to follow if you focus outward on helping others. But if you focus inward on solely helping yourself, traffic tips and profits tips become impossible to follow. How can you help others if you only want to help yourself?


Admittedly, shifting from self-service to serving others as a predominant mindset feels uncomfortable. Facing, feeling and releasing survival mode level fears feels about as pleasant as receiving an examination from a proctologist who uses a spiked mace. But clearing self-service fears goads you to help other people’s problems. Solving other people’s problems gradually increases your blog traffic and profits.




I discussed this concept in a video:


1 Way to Overcome Blogging Problems


Pay close attention to successful bloggers to understand how to succeed online. Generous folks become pros by thinking about how to help folks then they follow up on helping folks. The process seems simple but fear arises in the mind as:


  • the fear of not getting anything in return for your help offered
  • the fear of not getting enough in return for your help offered
  • the fear of losing business because you help people with free content
  • the fear that you gave too much content away for free


and about 1,001 other fears rested in:


  • illusions
  • appearances
  • poverty
  • scarcity


What can you do? Face, feel and release the fears. Proceed to blog by helping others versus solely trying to help yourself.


Stop thinking upside-down. Stop fearing loss by giving. Know that helping people actually helps you because the:


  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility


you gain by helping others allows your traffic and profits to rise.


For example, generous, thriving pro blogging buddy of mine Enstine Muki invited me to guest post on his blog:


Ryan Biddulph on Enstine Muki Dot Com


He helped me by inviting me to guest blog on his platform. I helped him by writing and placing 100 plus guest posts on his platform. As we both help each other we accelerate the other’s blogging success. Selfishness, greediness and self-serving ways played zero part in our co-creation. We both want to be truly helpful.


I found this old blog post a few moments ago because I want to help you by beefing up and re-publishing old content. Intending to solve your blogging problems energized me to add 400 helpful words, update the post, re-publish the post and share it through my social media. If I thought inward about any imagined self-problems I would not have re-published the post. Thinking about helping other human beings gave me the idea and creative momentum to take these steps today.


Blogging seems easier if you help people. Blogging seems tougher if you only try to help yourself through blogging.


Success flow to generous bloggers. Blogging problems dissolve in being generous.


Be generous.


Be helpful.



  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 12:14 pm

    Hi Ryan, great point. When you focus on what you are doing for others it gives you more to write about it too. I’ve been very creative today and now have something to write about to help others along the way. It’s amazing how that can happen – you are so right about it.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:04 pm

      Happens so fast, right Lisa? One thinks outward about others and the ideas for help flow in. Amazing.

  2. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 4:54 pm

    Great article, Ryan. If you focus first on helping others, your audience will willingly share your content, as they’ll see the value in it and want to pass it along. Instead of focusing 5-10 times per day on checking your traffic stats, look at how often people reach out and thank you for your insight and advice or how often they share your content. These are signs that you’re helping others, and as this happens, your stats will start to rise along with it.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:01 pm

      Boom. Well said Anthony. As you replace stat checking with serving others, you will see how many folks reach out to you, thanking you for helping them. This is the perfect starting point for building a thriving blogging business.

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