1 Way to Keep Your Blogging Integrity Intact

  February 25, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Savusavu, Fiji


Tell the truth.


Do not lie.


Follow this 1-2 blogging punch to keep your blogging integrity intact. Telling the truth lets people trust you. Why would readers not trust you if you tell the truth? Truth seems to vary a bit among most people. But overall, most bloggers meet at some general point in terms of what we deem to be truth. I tell the truth. I share how blogging is fun, freeing and challenges you tremendously sometimes. I share figures for the man-woman blogging hours required to succeed online.


Telling the truth demands you to be transparent. For example, perhaps I publish images of myself enjoying time spent in tropical paradises around the world. But in the same breath, I woke after 4 hours of sleep at 6 AM to get back to blogging work, to write this post. Now you know the truth. Now you know blogging from Fiji tastes sweet but waking at 6 AM to blog after blogging for 15,000 over 15 years tastes a bit sour sometimes. I love blogging. I have fun blogging. But blogging forces you to leave your comfort zone.


Bloggers need to work diligently for a long time in order to go pro. No one goes pro by taking blogging shortcuts. No one goes pro by hacking the system. Hacks fade away. Shortcut takers disappear. Generous, genuine, persistent bloggers go pro over the long haul. Do you see how I write? I temper blogging excitement with blogging truth. Feel free to fall in love with your blogging vision of fun, freedom and fulfillment. But prepare yourself to work long and generously to eventually go pro.


I do not lie. Lying is bad. Lying dissolves your integrity. Promising get rich quick schemes, claiming you can succeed quickly via blogging hacks and flat out deceiving readers with inflated claims all serve to be blogging lies. I share a spectacular dream through my blog. Bloggers can and will retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging if bloggers generously create and connect for a long time. I tell the truth. I do not lie. I keep my integrity intact by not getting caught up in hype, silliness and a general wave of piggishness afflicting bloggers who lose their reputation.


Bloggers often become greedy and/or desperate through their own intimately personal fears. Driving yourself through fear influences you to do dumb stuff damaging your reputation. Imagine being a new blogger who promises to have the biggest game-changing opportunity ever. That, my friends, is lying. Plus that is not telling the truth.


The biggest game changer does not exist because the game changing occurs within you, the blogger who commits to honing and owning their blogging skills over years of blogging practice. Claiming any opportunity changes the game is not being genuine, even for a pro. Amateur, beginner bloggers appear to be clownish shills by making such absurd claims.


How in the goodness would a new blogger be able to pull the wool over my eyes? I have blogged for 15,000 hours. I have blogged for 15 years. How in the heck could a newbie blogger with 40 hours and 2 weeks of experience spot some blogging game changer that eludes my eyes? Imagine how foolish you look as a new blogger hyping up your success or the success of some venture if you have no skills, no practice, no name, no reputation and no credibility. Do you see what I mean?


Tell the truth. Never lie. Keep your blogging integrity intact. New bloggers need to follow each tip diligently to build their integrity in the first place. No one trusts bloggers until bloggers practice creating and connecting for a long time. Newbie bloggers have not blogged for a long time, yet. Slowly but surely, success finds bloggers who share their honest progress in genuine, authentic fashion. People buy into you if you share your true blogging story, struggles, failures and doubts included. Every human being goes through tough blogging times; especially newbies.


Keep your integrity. Share wins, losses and all in between on your blogging journey to gain credibility and to lay the foundation for your professional blogging career.


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