1 Tip to Build Your Blog Part Time While Working Full Time

August 23, 2018
how to blog part time
Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand


Working full time offline while blogging part time feels challenging.


Toss in family life and it may seem impossible to become a successful blogger part time.


Not only is it possible, it is probable, then a certainty, if you do the right things with the right energy. But you need to get this fundamental tip down to figure out how to blog part time. Non-negotiable.


How to Blog Part Time


Believe it or not, even though I blogged full time for 10 years most of the time, I had to learn how to blog part time while traveling full time hours. Kelli and I began our 7 year world tour with a 23 hour odyssey to Bali, dealing with jet lag for a week, and jam-packing our day with tourist activities.


My blogging sweetlings; this around the world deal clearly showed me some days I only had 2-4 hours for blogging while the remaining hours were spent traveling, sleeping and doing tourist stuff. Full time travel, but part time blogging. Such events have occurred persistently in my life, with round the world trips and travel and tourist blitzes being relatively common.


I had to blog successfully part time to build a full time, successful, thriving venture.


Do you feel overwhelmed? Good. Even though the feelings suck – been there many times – this is your online tuition. Gotta follow this tip and simply be with the energies to better face, embrace and release the emotions.


This journey is so fun, and freeing and quite inspired guys. Just see it through. Be passionate, be patient and be persistent. You’ll get there.


I explain in the video.


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