1 Thing for Ethical Travelers to Keep in Mind to Spread their Message More Effectively

  January 8, 2022 travel posts 🕑 5 minutes read

Opotiki, New Zealand.


The #1 quickest, most effective, HARMONIOUS way to be an ethical traveler is to not financially support any businesses you deem unethical. Toss in spreading the word on YOUR blogging platform and you have done the right thing, the smart thing and the seamless thing to spread the word.


Easy peasy. Stop going. As more like-minded ethical travel bloggers stop going, the business closes. As more ethical travelers find your on brand message via your blog, the movement grows. Good on you.


The worst, ineffective, non-harmonious way to be an ethical traveler is to judge/fight/question fellow travel bloggers or travelers who engaged businesses which you deem unethical. Why? On a more compassionate level, you vibe:


  • fear
  • fight
  • anger
  • weakness
  • victim mentality


all of which repel people who vibe love, harmony, peace, power and the winner mentality.


I block every ethical warrior who:


  • comments on my posts
  • Messages me
  • DMs me


from an angry, heavy, judgmental energy. If you earned my trust over the years through your generosity, you get one pass. One 🙂 But if you are a stranger who I do not trust, or value, since you have not earned the right to my attention and energy, I block you immediately. I do us both the favor of respecting my time and your time. You can fume for a little bit and rail or do whatever you want to do, then, you can be judge, jury and social media executioner of the ethical travel blogger circuit after you find another person you need to question, judge and take to the cleaners 🙂


I kid because I care. 99.99% of people I block seem awesome to me. I know they are trying to do the right thing. Please; publishing ethical travel tips on your blog is awesome. Go for it.


BUT the split second you take your ethical message to other blogs, and other folk’s profiles on social media, your message goes from vibing with your audience to fighting with my audience. Do you see why that is the emotionally unintelligent way of getting your message out to the masses? You are trying to sell meat to vegetarians. My readers trust me. My readers know I do everything from the heart. The split second you show up and question whether or not I do things from the heart, them’s not only blocking words, but it proves how much you do not know me, trust my intent or respect how mindful and compassionate I am to sentient beings.


I do consume meat rarely because I go anemic and weak if do not, for months, but I do deeply respect the animal souls passed on. I do not kill flies, mosquitoes or cockroaches, the latter, much to my wife Kelli’s dismay 🙂 I do find it amusing and a tad bit ironic when all of these ethical bloggers – who judge me for sitting with a tiger – blog about killing mosquitoes, roaches and no-see ‘ums with different methods. Same Life Force, different bodily form guys 🙂


Guys; I love ya’s. I really do. But do your best to educate the public of ethical travel through YOUR blog, YOUR platform and to YOUR tribe, because the split second you take the right to compassionate, mindful fellow travel bloggers and their communities, you are the black sheep, the odd one out and you are wasting time and energy.


Do you REALLY want to be ethical? Solve your inner fight, project less, fight less and live in harmony with like-minded people.


The Demon Is Within


One incredibly painful lesson awaits well-meaning travel bloggers who seem to project onto people, places, animals and things: the demon is not in the appearance of unethical travel but in the ego of the ethical travel blogger.


Every thing is connected. Every one mirrors your mind back to you. Someone you judge as being wrong, unethical or immoral mirrors fear in your mind back to you. Do you want to slay the demon? Stop blaming people in developing nations desperate to survive. Stop blaming ignorant or perhaps aware but less discerning travelers who support various businesses you claim to be unethical.


Do a deep mental dive. Wade into fear. Feel the demon sitting in your mind which you choose to project on the person, place, thing or animal.


Everyone best helps the world by owning their fears to emit love in all they do. People appear to hurt the world by dis-owning their inner demons through the art of projecting fear onto things, people, animals and places outside of themselves.


Making this realization instills a live and let live mentality into your being.


I do not particularly enjoy visiting zoos in developing nations. Most of these zoos sport less than optimal living conditions for animals. However, I know that the problem is:


  • my fear
  • my judgment
  • me feeling imprisoned in my mind
  • my guilt
  • my sadness


projected onto the zoos and the animals and actually has zero to do with the zoos, animals or developing nations. I live my life. I allow people and animals in these lands to live their lives.


Everything works itself out in its own time if you allow everything to evolve organically versus heaping:


  • fear
  • judgement
  • projection
  • guilt


onto the world.


The most irresponsible, unethical thing you can do as a traveler is to NOT face your fears and to project your fears onto others because judging creates conflict. Conflict allows unpleasant situations to persist. However, facing, feeling and releasing your intimately personal fears promotes a harmonious solution to any situation.


Forgive fear in your mind.


Allow loving, harmonious solutions to manifest through your caring suggestions, peaceful observations and by cultivating a sense of detachment about it all.


No being needs saving because we all travel our own journey exactly how the journey intends to be.


Master your mind to allow the world to evolve toward greater peace and love in its own way, at its own pace.

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