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  April 30, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand


As a beginner blogger you may believe that you have no impact.


Perhaps you fear no one will read your blog.


You are just a blogger, right?




After creating and connecting generously for a long time I once outranked a billion dollar company twice on page 1 of Google.


How can one human being gain as much exposure through various channels than a billion dollar company with 10,000 plus employees?




Or more accurately, by running a self-hosted WordPress blog the right way for a long time, a single blogger can gain more exposure than an iconic brand through specific channels.


Before you get too excited about rubbing shoulders with billion dollar brands understand that it takes years of smart work to run with world famous companies.  Blogging in and of itself is just a channel through which you may be seen. But blogging generously, patiently and persistently may allow you to gain as much exposure as a huge company through various streams.


Think about this concept for one moment. One entrepreneur can be seen by more people through certain channels than a company with billions in market cap and 10,000 employees. Does any online – or offline – medium offer this staggering return on investment? Can any channel compete with blogging in terms of scale? Can you leverage your business presence as effectively through any other means?


This is one reason for blogging. Bloggers can help many people without investing millions of dollars in a marketing budget. Bloggers can help many people without hiring 10, 1000 or 10,000 employees to help them reach many people.


I blog in my T-shirt and shorts while circling the globe. Writing and publishing content in gym clothes has allowed me to gain more exposure than billion dollar brands through specific online channels.


New Bloggers Ignore this Earth-Shattering Potential


New bloggers tend to see blogging as:


  • unimportant
  • inconsequential
  • limited in potential


versus a way to gain more exposure than billion dollar companies through sites like Google.


Re-frame blogging. Instead of seeing blogging as a way to be seen by 5 people consider blogging as a way to outrank billion dollar companies in terms of potential. Shifting blogging potential from nothing to something epic instantly energizes you to blog:


  • generously
  • patiently
  • persistently
  • knowingly


for a long time.


Blogging in this fashion for 1000’s of hours spanning years makes the platform incredibly powerful for you and your following. Blogging in this fashion allows blogging to offer you greater exposure than world famous brands through a channel like Google.


Everything changes when you trade your limited view of blogging for a spectacular view of what blogging can do for you and fellow human beings.


Everything changes when you trade your limited view of blogging for a spectacular view of what blogging can do for you and fellow human beings. #bloggingClick To Tweet


I used “earth-shattering” above because one guy in gym clothes tapping a “publish” button being seen by more people than a $1 billion USD market cap company through Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn shocks you. The ego believes 10,000 employees, a $5 million marketing budget and main stream brand recognition would easily obliterate the efforts of a guy sitting in the tropics, dressed like a 5 year old.


However, the guy dressed like a kid, publishing posts from Fiji, Bali and New Zealand who blogged the right way for 1000’s of hours spanning years gained more exposure through Google than the billion dollar brand for various keywords. I saw the potential of blogging. I clung to a freeing blogging intent, put in work and persisted because I never perceived blogging as a stupid, silly, ridiculous way to talk about my breakfast choice for 3 people and my then pet cats.


I perceived the incredible potential of blogging to:


  • help people
  • free myself
  • have fun
  • scale substantially


Organically, understanding this potential goaded me to blog through ups and downs.


Blogging through ups and downs increased my exposure. Increasing my exposure gave me the opportunity to help more people.


1 Important Note


I am not claiming that the efforts of a single blogger will cumulatively net billions of dollars and exposure in front of billions of human beings as billion dollar brands boast.


But through specific individual channels like Google, an individual blogger who blogs the right way for a long time can gain more exposure and income than a billion dollar company, either through a few keywords or a larger collection of key phrases.


If you do things from a loving, generous energy quite patiently and persistently, you will outperform monstrously titanic companies that spend $300 million to get 10,000 subscribers.


See the immense potential in blogging.


Realize that potential by blogging generously, patiently and persistently.

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